X-Plane 11 Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation 1.0

PreviewX-Plane 11 Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation 1.0. This is David Starling's Super Constellation, converted for X-Plane 11. The Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation is an American aircraft, a member of the Lockheed Constellation aircraft line. The L1049 was Lockheed's response to the successful D...

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X-Plane 11 Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation 1.0. This is David Starling's Super Constellation, converted for X-Plane 11. The Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation is an American aircraft, a member of the Lockheed Constellation aircraft line. The L1049 was Lockheed's response to the successful Douglas DC-6 airliner, first flying in 1950.

​Please see the included 'Documentation' folder for David's original credits and information. Thank you to David Starling for creating this aircraft for X-Plane.

Original Acknowledgments

This project really was a group effort and I'd like to thank all that helped out.

First, we need to thank raymondbonilla, for getting the ball rolling. Thanks to Radiohead, for his great prop, cowl flap and nacelle textures. East Clintwood for his work on the rest of the textures. Special thanks to Todd Callicoat for the new panel and interior views. Voynik for his magnificent Cyclone sound files and invaluable flight testing. Schufly for his instrument suggestion and observations during flight tests. Scooter for finding the 3-view. pbfloyd for the airfoil data. Bill Stine for his great Airfoils Design Package. Thanks to everyone who's made comments and suggestions! If I've left you out, I'm terribly sorry, there have been so many who helped bring this great lady to life, and it been tough to keep track of who contributed what

Thanks again to everyone and enjoy!

Author: Sean McLeod (Aerostarsim).

Images & Screenshots

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The archive lockheed_l-1049g_super_constellation_xp1105.zip has 219 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation XP110509.04.170 B
3.jpg09.04.1772.59 kB
4.jpg09.04.1738.04 kB
airfoils09.04.170 B
NACA 23018.afl09.04.1724.49 kB
NACA 4412.afl09.04.1724.49 kB
Stine HS1-404 Re1,4M.afl09.04.1724.49 kB
Stine HS1-404 Re4,9M.afl09.04.1724.49 kB
Stine HS1-620 Re2,0M.afl09.04.1724.49 kB
Stine HS1-620 Re500K.afl09.04.1724.49 kB
cockpit09.04.170 B
-PANELS-09.04.170 B
panel-1.png09.04.1774.87 kB
panel.png09.04.17856.08 kB
panel_lit.png09.04.17757.07 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1714.00 kB
annunciators09.04.170 B
ann_engine_fire-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_engine_fire.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_fuel_press-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_fuel_press.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_fuel_quantity-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_fuel_quantity.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_generator-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_generator.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_low_voltage-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_low_voltage.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_master_accept-1.png09.04.172.12 kB
ann_master_accept.png09.04.172.11 kB
ann_master_caution-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_master_caution.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_master_warning-1.png09.04.172.13 kB
ann_master_warning.png09.04.172.06 kB
ann_oil_press-1.png09.04.172.91 kB
ann_oil_press.png09.04.173.29 kB
ann_oil_temp-1.png09.04.172.91 kB
ann_oil_temp.png09.04.173.29 kB
ann_pitot_heat-1.png09.04.172.12 kB
ann_pitot_heat.png09.04.172.11 kB
ann_reverse-1.png09.04.17618 B
ann_reverse.png09.04.173.11 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1739.50 kB
buttons09.04.170 B
but_avionics-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_avionics.png09.04.17695 B
but_battery-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_battery.png09.04.17688 B
engine09.04.170 B
but_fire_extinguisher-1.png09.04.174.21 kB
but_fire_extinguisher.png09.04.173.94 kB
but_generator-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_generator.png09.04.17717 B
but_magneto_lft-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_magneto_lft.png09.04.17810 B
but_magneto_rgt-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_magneto_rgt.png09.04.17824 B
Thumbs.db09.04.1718.50 kB
fuel09.04.170 B
but_fuelpump-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_fuelpump.png09.04.17655 B
but_primer-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_primer.png09.04.17685 B
Thumbs.db09.04.1711.50 kB
landing gear09.04.170 B
but_gear_handle_HM-1.png09.04.1712.08 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.177.50 kB
lights09.04.170 B
but_beacon-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_beacon.png09.04.17669 B
but_land_light-1.png09.04.176.44 kB
but_land_light.png09.04.17688 B
but_nav_light-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_nav_light.png09.04.17686 B
but_strobe_light-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
but_strobe_light.png09.04.17739 B
Thumbs.db09.04.1717.00 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1711.50 kB
de-ice09.04.170 B
all_systems-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
all_systems.png09.04.17665 B
pitot_heat-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
pitot_heat.png09.04.17661 B
prop_heat-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
prop_heat.png09.04.17686 B
surface_pneumatic-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
surface_pneumatic.png09.04.17733 B
Thumbs.db09.04.1720.00 kB
windshield_heat-1.png09.04.176.37 kB
windshield_heat.png09.04.17685 B
EFIS09.04.170 B
EFIS panels09.04.170 B
blank_small_BC.png09.04.177.60 kB
blank_small_GA.png09.04.171.28 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.176.00 kB
flaps09.04.170 B
han_flap_HM-1.png09.04.174.32 kB
indicate_flap_round.png09.04.179.09 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.176.50 kB
handles09.04.170 B
han_mixture_linear-1.png09.04.171.83 kB
han_prop_linear-1.png09.04.172.17 kB
han_thro_linear-1.png09.04.172.48 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1710.50 kB
nav displays09.04.170 B
DMEs09.04.170 B
DME1_disp-1.png09.04.173.43 kB
DME1_disp-3.png09.04.17518 B
DME1_disp.png09.04.173.72 kB
DME2_disp-1.png09.04.173.43 kB
DME2_disp-3.png09.04.17518 B
DME2_disp.png09.04.173.74 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.179.00 kB
radios09.04.170 B
audiopanel_GA-1.png09.04.176.18 kB
audiopanel_GA.png09.04.177.63 kB
GPS FMS09.04.170 B
Garmin_430.png09.04.1711.68 kB
GPS_HM.png09.04.177.36 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1711.50 kB
NAV COM09.04.170 B
rad_NAVCOMADF_HMs copy.png09.04.174.94 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HMs-2.png09.04.17335 B
rad_NAVCOMADF_HMs-4.png09.04.171.10 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HMs.png09.04.174.63 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1718.50 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.178.00 kB
transponder09.04.170 B
Thumbs.db09.04.1718.00 kB
transponder_HMs copy.png09.04.175.54 kB
transponder_HMs-1.png09.04.171.01 kB
transponder_HMs-4.png09.04.171.00 kB
transponder_HMs.png09.04.175.58 kB
standard six09.04.170 B
altimeters09.04.170 B
alt_GA-1.png09.04.171.38 kB
alt_GA_dig-2.png09.04.173.50 kB
alt_GA_dig-3.png09.04.171.09 kB
alt_GA_dig.png09.04.1720.70 kB
alt_GA_dig.txt09.04.17713 B
Thumbs.db09.04.1711.00 kB
supplement09.04.170 B
def_AILN_lin-1.png09.04.17482 B
def_AILN_lin.png09.04.171.82 kB
def_ELEV_lin-1.png09.04.17442 B
def_ELEV_lin.png09.04.171.82 kB
tailnum.png09.04.172.87 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.1713.00 kB
Documentation09.04.170 B
1049G Specs.pdf09.04.1736.93 kB
Acknowledgments.pdf09.04.1716.40 kB
Acknowledgments.txt09.04.17571 B
Garmin Manual.webloc09.04.170 B
L-1049G Check List 2006.pdf09.04.1752.42 kB
L-1049G Check List.pdf09.04.1739.04 kB
TCDS 6a5 (L-1049).pdf09.04.17125.30 kB
image1.jpg09.04.1745.17 kB
image2.jpg09.04.1734.90 kB
L-1049G_TWA.acf09.04.173.35 MB
L-1049G_TWA.acf~ MB
L-1049G_TWA_cockpit_out.obj09.04.173.13 MB
L-1049G_TWA_cockpit_paint.png09.04.17647.88 kB
L-1049G_TWA_cockpit_paint_lit.png09.04.17440.46 kB
L-1049G_TWA_icon.png09.04.17190.53 kB
L-1049G_TWA_icon11.png09.04.17174.34 kB
L-1049G_TWA_icon11_thumb.png09.04.1714.75 kB
L-1049G_TWA_paint.png09.04.17899.15 kB
L-1049G_TWA_paint2.png09.04.17481.16 kB
L-1049G_TWA_paint2_LIT.png09.04.17172.53 kB
L-1049G_TWA_paint_LIT.png09.04.17175.37 kB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_B.png09.04.171.39 MB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_L.png09.04.171.13 MB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_LB.png09.04.171.02 MB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_LF.png09.04.171.01 MB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_R.png09.04.171.15 MB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_RB.png09.04.171.61 MB
L-1049G_TWA_panel_RF.png09.04.171.49 MB
L-1049G_TWA_prefs.txt09.04.17195 B
L-1049G_TWA_prop.png09.04.1751.97 kB
objects09.04.170 B
antenna1.obj09.04.1737.26 kB
antenna1.png09.04.172.76 kB
antenna2.obj09.04.175.70 kB
antenna2.png09.04.172.77 kB
Gear_Bays_paint.png09.04.1759.68 kB
Nacelle_Doors_v8.obj09.04.1745.63 kB
nacellwell.obj09.04.174.67 kB
nacellwell.png09.04.17187.87 kB
nosewell.obj09.04.173.48 kB
nosewell.png09.04.17139.88 kB
Nose_Doors_v8.obj09.04.1728.64 kB
Nose_Doors_v81.obj09.04.1736.25 kB
pipe.obj09.04.175.19 kB
pipe.png09.04.172.76 kB
probe1.obj09.04.1719.75 kB
probe1.png09.04.172.75 kB
probe2.obj09.04.175.87 kB
probe2.png09.04.172.75 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.175.50 kB
untitled.obj09.04.1735.40 kB
Wing.obj09.04.174.87 kB
Wing.png09.04.1737.05 kB
plane.jpg09.04.17143.19 kB
PLANE.TXT09.04.171.06 kB
POH.txt09.04.176.57 kB
weapons09.04.170 B
dome.BMP09.04.173.05 kB
dome.wpn09.04.1712.75 kB
inletpipe.BMP09.04.173.05 kB
inletpipe.wpn09.04.1712.75 kB
LandingLightBar.bmp09.04.17192.05 kB
LandingLightBar.wpn09.04.1712.75 kB
navlight.png09.04.172.78 kB
navlight.wpn09.04.1712.75 kB
Thumbs.db09.04.175.50 kB
winglet.BMP09.04.173.05 kB
winglet.wpn09.04.1712.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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TomSun, 09 Dec 2018 01:05:04 GMT

Hi Any way you could make an obj file for WED. I would like to add the Connie to my home field 4N1. The airport just doesn't look right with out her.

Thanks Tom

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