FSX/P3D Mitsubishi F-2A/B

PreviewMitsubishi F-2A/B for FSX and P3Dv4 V1.2. Thank you for downloading.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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Mitsubishi F-2A/B for FSX and P3Dv4 V1.2. Thank you for downloading.

F-2A/B in flight logo.About the model

This model has been created to conform to FSX and P3Dv4. For P3D we have not tested with V1 V2 V3. As for P3D use, there are also sides that we have not yet managed to grasp P3D, Please note that it may not be the best model.

Current VC is F-2A and F-2B are both single-seat VC. In short, F-2A's VC is used for F-2B. Also, we can not do the engine start operation at VC. Please use Ctrl + E to start the engine.

If you have a release-test version we recommend deletion.

About the Effect

It is possible to use P3D for FSX and FSX for P3D, but in this case, the light related setting will not be optimal. Also, if there is a deficiency in the file of the light effect used in the P3D model by any chance, the default effect file Please allocate in [Aircraft.cfg [LIGHTS]].
(Since it is not necessary for the current model, it is disabled by using double slash. Please change that place to the matching file name you have, delete the double slash and activate it. )

Afterburner Effect

Currently, the effect file specification is "fx_iris_f16_aniburner.fx", but if the effect does not appear, please rewrite the afterburner effect you already have in the following way.

Example 1
light.0 = 9, -19.500, 0.000, 0.000, fx_f16c_afterburner

Example 2
light.0 = 9, -9.500, 0.000, -0.500, fx_F14_BurnerFlame

About the V1.2

"Armed from VC" was one type, but increased types.

Please see the enclosed JPG file for the main explanation.

Author: Team FS KBT.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34

The archive f-2a_f-2b_native_fsx_v1_2.zip has 315 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
fx_F-2_vapour.fx12.03.0733.37 kB
f-2a_fsx.jpg03.08.1899.88 kB
f2_03_T_alpha_____For editing f2_03_T.dds.bmp01.21.1812.00 MB
misawa_chock_____For editing f2_03_T.dds..bmp03.08.18732.32 kB
Thumbs.db03.15.188.00 kB
f-2b_fsx.jpg03.08.18100.91 kB
f-2_for_fsx.jpg03.13.18112.17 kB
f2ab.gif01.02.186.42 kB
f2_vc.jpg03.08.18113.90 kB
readme.txt03.25.183.03 kB
readme_J.txt03.25.182.92 kB
aircraft.cfg03.18.1838.64 kB
F-2.air02.26.189.81 kB
f-2a_adtw_asm.MDL01.28.185.53 MB
f-2a_asm_type_interior.MDL03.21.187.92 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1865 B
f-2a_adtw_ferry.MDL01.28.185.69 MB
Model.cfg03.21.18108 B
f-2a_adtw_full.MDL03.21.185.44 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1885 B
f-2a_adtw_full_asm.MDL01.28.185.70 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1894 B
f-2a_adtw_pylons.MDL01.28.185.23 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1887 B
f-2a_asm.MDL01.28.185.40 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1884 B
f-2a_clean.MDL01.28.185.01 MB
f-2a_clean_type_interior.MDL03.21.187.35 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1862 B
f-2a_c_tank.MDL01.28.185.04 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1880 B
f-2a_ferry.MDL03.06.185.34 MB
f-2a_ferry_type_interior.MDL03.21.187.76 MB
f-2a_fsx_interior.MDL03.16.187.99 MB
f-2a_fsx_p3d_interior.MDL03.21.187.99 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1881 B
f-2a_ferry_2tanks.MDL01.28.185.47 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1889 B
f-2a_full.MDL03.21.185.64 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1878 B
f-2a_full_asm.MDL01.28.185.58 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1882 B
f-2a_pylons.MDL01.28.185.12 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1880 B
737-400_mini.dll06.26.172.33 MB
dsd_xml_sound3.gau05.23.1092.80 kB
F16.gau06.26.021.53 MB
f2.cab05.02.08406.72 kB
Chock_and_ladder.bmp01.25.1850.96 kB
chock_and_ladder.xml01.25.18770 B
F-2 wing Vapour.xml01.29.18395 B
F-2_abfx.xml03.09.18361 B
switch_on.bmp01.25.183.72 kB
F2_sound.ini05.23.10642 B
gaku.wav05.23.10337.53 kB
HUDViper.cab06.30.0670.28 kB
KbtAtt.xml02.03.081.61 kB
KbtCanopy.xml04.26.08255 B
KbtGeffect.xml04.26.08281 B
KbtLEControl.xml11.23.07622 B
KbtShootControl.xml12.16.17474 B
kbt_auto_light_off.xml01.18.181.22 kB
KBT_FLAP.xml11.24.071.26 kB
KBT_FLAP2.xml11.24.17483 B
switch_nav_gps.xml01.01.001.69 kB
switch_nav_gps_gps.bmp01.01.002.83 kB
switch_nav_gps_gps_night.bmp01.01.002.83 kB
switch_nav_gps_nav.bmp01.01.002.83 kB
switch_nav_gps_nav_night.bmp01.01.002.83 kB
Thumbs.db03.09.188.50 kB
Noz.wav05.23.1022.67 kB
panel.cfg03.09.186.92 kB
restore.cfg05.23.104.91 kB
Thumbs.db05.23.1030.00 kB
Toggle.wav05.23.106.89 kB
vzero.cab05.23.1012.70 kB
F-16C GE shutdown 2.wav05.23.10452.04 kB
F-16C GE shutdown.wav05.23.10255.04 kB
F-16C h 2 in.wav05.23.10694.48 kB
F-16C h 2.wav05.23.10480.00 kB
F-16C h 3 in.wav05.23.10650.69 kB
F-16C h 3.wav05.23.10650.69 kB
F-16C h 4 in.wav05.23.10550.59 kB
F-16C h 4.wav05.23.10550.59 kB
F-16C h 5 in.wav05.23.10700.74 kB
F-16C h 5.wav05.23.10700.74 kB
F-16C h 6 in.wav05.23.10550.59 kB
F-16C h 6.wav05.23.10550.59 kB
F-16C h in.wav05.23.10838.38 kB
F-16C h.wav05.23.10838.38 kB
F-16C landing 2 in.wav05.23.10844.64 kB
F-16C landing 2.wav05.23.10844.64 kB
F-16C landing in.wav05.23.101.06 MB
F-16C landing.wav05.23.10576.00 kB
F-16C m 2 in.wav05.23.10600.64 kB
F-16C m 2.wav05.23.10600.64 kB
F-16C m in.wav05.23.10775.82 kB
F-16C m.wav05.23.10775.82 kB
F-16C mil.wav05.23.101.09 MB
F-2B ES 2 in.wav05.23.10750.79 kB
F-2B ES 2.wav05.23.10750.79 kB
F-2B ES in.wav05.23.104.83 MB
F-2B ES.wav05.23.104.83 MB
F-2B l.wav05.23.10606.90 kB
F-2B m 2.wav05.23.10400.44 kB
F-2B m.wav05.23.10475.52 kB
F-2B mil 2 in.wav05.23.10594.39 kB
F-2B mil 2.wav05.23.10594.39 kB
F-2B mil 3 in.wav05.23.10719.51 kB
F-2B mil 3.wav05.23.10719.51 kB
F-2B mil in.wav05.23.10669.46 kB
F-2B mil.wav05.23.10669.46 kB
F-2B shutdown 2.wav05.23.10957.25 kB
F-2B shutdown 3.wav05.23.101.09 MB
F-2B shutdown.wav05.23.101.01 MB
F-2B taxi 2 in.wav05.23.10957.25 kB
F-2B taxi 2.wav05.23.10957.25 kB
F-2B taxi in.wav05.23.101.01 MB
F-2B taxi.wav05.23.101.01 MB
F-2B TO 2.wav05.23.10725.77 kB
F-2B TO 3.wav05.23.10588.13 kB
F-2B TO 4.wav05.23.101.09 MB
F-2B TO 5.wav05.23.101019.81 kB
F-2B TO 6.wav05.23.10982.27 kB
F-2B TO.wav05.23.10825.87 kB
fjs 2 in.wav05.23.10850.89 kB
fjs 2.wav05.23.10850.89 kB
fjs in.wav05.23.101.03 MB
fjs.wav05.23.101.03 MB
IBSound.cfg05.23.104.99 kB
oxygen.wav05.23.101.19 MB
rolling.wav05.23.10813.36 kB
sound.cfg05.23.1012.06 kB
sound_june12.cfg05.23.109.76 kB
sound_nov1.cfg05.23.1010.81 kB
sound_x.cfg05.23.1010.81 kB
stall_warning.wav05.23.102.01 MB
touch.wav05.23.10212.75 kB
wind.wav05.23.10813.36 kB
sound.cfg10.22.1727 B
f2_01_T.dds01.28.184.00 MB
f2_02_T.bmp01.22.1816.00 MB
f2_03_T.dds01.28.184.00 MB
f2_05_T.dds10.24.171.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.1868 B
f2_01_t_bump.dds01.03.184.00 MB
f2_021_T_bump.dds10.10.171.00 MB
f2_02_T_bump.dds01.22.184.00 MB
f2_03_T_bump.dds01.06.184.00 MB
f2_04_T_bump.bmp10.21.074.00 MB
f2_05_T_bump.dds10.21.171.00 MB
f2_06_T_bump.bmp10.21.074.00 MB
f2_07_T_bump.bmp10.21.074.00 MB
f2_pto01_T_bump.dds10.17.171.00 MB
f2_vc01_T_bump.dds10.17.17256.12 kB
1f2_01_T.dds01.08.184.00 MB
f2_01_T.dds01.13.184.00 MB
f2_02_T.dds01.22.1816.00 MB
f2_03_T.dds03.08.184.00 MB
f2_05_T.dds10.24.171.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.1868 B
Thumbs.db03.08.1817.00 kB
1f2_01_T_spec.dds11.02.071.00 MB
f2_01_LM.dds10.24.17256.12 kB
f2_01_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_021_LM.dds10.20.171.00 MB
f2_02_LM.dds11.05.0764.12 kB
f2_02_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_03_LM.dds11.05.0764.12 kB
f2_03_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_04_LM.dds01.06.1864.12 kB
f2_04_spec.dds01.06.1864.12 kB
f2_04_T.dds12.14.17256.12 kB
f2_05_LM.dds10.18.171.00 MB
f2_05_spec.dds10.21.171.00 MB
f2_06_lm.dds10.24.17256.12 kB
f2_06_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_06_T.dds01.06.184.00 MB
f2_07_T.dds01.26.18256.12 kB
f2_pto01_L.dds01.06.181.00 MB
f2_pto01_LM.dds01.06.181.00 MB
f2_pto01_T.dds01.22.181.00 MB
f2_pto01_T_spec.dds01.06.181.00 MB
f2_vc01_L.dds01.06.18256.12 kB
f2_vc01_LM.dds01.06.18256.12 kB
f2_vc01_spec.bmp10.13.07256.07 kB
f2_vc01_T.dds01.06.18256.12 kB
f2_vc02_L.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc02_LM.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc02_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_vc02_T.bmp04.28.081.00 MB
f2_vc03_L.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc03_LM.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc03_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_vc03_T.bmp04.19.084.00 MB
f2_vc04_L.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc04_LM.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc04_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_vc04_T.dds03.16.181.00 MB
f2_vc05_L.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc05_LM.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_vc05_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_vc05_T.dds03.04.181.00 MB
f2_vc06_spec.dds11.05.071.00 MB
f2_vc06_T.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
f2_VCglass.bmp10.07.071.00 MB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds06.10.06640 B
Gauge_irumi_01.bmp08.18.071.00 MB
Gauge_irumi_02.bmp08.18.071.00 MB
Gauge_irumi_03.bmp08.18.071.00 MB
Gauge_irumi_04.bmp01.30.081.00 MB
Gauge_irumi_05.bmp01.27.081.00 MB
g_ref.dds09.30.17256.12 kB
T4_PTO02_T.dds02.14.114.00 MB
T4_VC02_T.dds01.28.1864.12 kB
Thumbs.db03.16.18230.00 kB
_f2_pto01_ref.dds01.06.18256.12 kB
501_asm_s.jpg11.12.1727.62 kB
501_ferry_3tanks_s.jpg11.17.1729.69 kB
501_full_s.jpg11.12.1731.57 kB
501_pylon_s.jpg11.12.1726.34 kB
506_asm_s.jpg11.11.1728.90 kB
506_clean_s.jpg11.11.1729.62 kB
506_c_tank_s.jpg11.11.1727.97 kB
506_ferry_2tanks_s.jpg11.11.1728.43 kB
506_ferry_s.jpg11.11.1729.13 kB
506_full_s.jpg11.11.1731.18 kB
506_pylon_s.jpg11.11.1729.64 kB
aircraft.cfg03.18.1841.90 kB
F-2.air02.26.189.81 kB
f-2b.MDL01.28.184.55 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1869 B
f-2a_clean_type_interior.MDL03.21.187.35 MB
f-2b_clean.MDL01.28.184.51 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1862 B
f-2a_ferry_type_interior.MDL03.21.187.76 MB
f-2a_fsx_interior.MDL03.16.187.99 MB
f-2a_fsx_p3d_interior.MDL03.21.187.99 MB
f-2b_ferry.MDL03.06.184.98 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1864 B
f-2b_ferry_2tanks.MDL01.28.184.92 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1891 B
f-2b_full.MDL01.28.185.15 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1874 B
f-2b_pylons.MDL01.28.184.63 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1876 B
f-2b_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.37 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1886 B
f-2b_pylons_c_tank_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.45 MB
Model.cfg01.10.18100 B
f-2b_clean_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.32 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1887 B
f-2b_ferry_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.75 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1887 B
f-2b_ferry_3tanks_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.83 MB
Model.cfg03.21.1894 B
f-2b_full_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.99 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1891 B
f-2b_full_asm_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.89 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1895 B
f-2b_pylons_hidden_rear_seat.MDL01.28.184.40 MB
Model.cfg01.10.1893 B
panel.cfg03.18.1846 B
sound.cfg03.07.1827 B
f2_01_T.dds01.08.184.00 MB
f2_021_LM.dds10.21.171.00 MB
f2_02_T.dds01.22.1816.00 MB
f2_03_T.dds01.23.184.00 MB
f2_05_T.dds10.24.171.00 MB
texture.cfg03.18.1891 B
Thumbs.db03.18.1871.00 kB
f2_01_t_bump.dds01.04.184.00 MB
f2_021_T_bump.dds10.08.171.00 MB
f2_02_T_bump.dds01.22.184.00 MB
f2_03_T_bump.dds01.06.184.00 MB
f2_04_T_bump.bmp10.21.074.00 MB
f2_05_T_bump.dds10.21.171.00 MB
f2_06_T_bump.bmp10.21.074.00 MB
f2_07_T_bump.bmp10.21.074.00 MB
f2_pto01_T_bump.dds10.17.171.00 MB
f2_vc01_T_bump.dds10.17.17256.12 kB
f2_01_T.dds01.13.184.00 MB
f2_02_T.dds01.22.1816.00 MB
f2_03_T.dds01.21.184.00 MB
f2_05_T.dds10.24.171.00 MB
texture.cfg03.18.1891 B
Thumbs.db03.18.1855.50 kB
f2_01_T.dds01.13.184.00 MB
f2_02_T.dds01.22.1816.00 MB
f2_03_T.dds01.21.184.00 MB
f2_05_T.dds10.24.171.00 MB
texture.cfg01.09.1896 B
b_102_clean_s.jpg11.17.1727.92 kB
b_102_c_tank_pylon_s.jpg11.17.1727.95 kB
b_102_c_tank_s.jpg11.18.1726.85 kB
b_102_ferry3_s.jpg11.17.1727.50 kB
b_102_ferry_s.jpg11.17.1727.52 kB
b_102_full_asm_s.jpg11.17.1730.14 kB
b_102_full_s.jpg11.17.1729.70 kB
b_102_pylon_s.jpg11.17.1726.51 kB
b_106_clean_s.jpg11.17.1727.98 kB
b_106_c_tank_pylon_s.jpg11.17.1728.02 kB
b_106_c_tank_s.jpg11.18.1727.17 kB
b_106_ferry2_s.jpg11.17.1727.82 kB
b_106_ferry3_s.jpg11.17.1727.24 kB
b_106_full_s.jpg11.17.1729.49 kB
Thumbs.db03.15.18106.50 kB
choice of weapons.jpg11.29.17185.57 kB
Description of main points 1.jpg03.16.18197.17 kB
Description of main points 2.jpg03.16.1880.42 kB
Description of main points_mini_panel.jpg03.08.18178.31 kB
dragchute.jpg03.15.18129.80 kB
Thumbs.db03.18.1819.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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Knight GamingFri, 16 Oct 2020 12:36:50 GMT

Hello - nice plane it works properly and it's so fast!

David IsraelTue, 02 Jun 2020 23:30:12 GMT

It's a very nice model and does near payware quality, but ultimately falls a little short. Not saying that's bad at all, no. This is still way better than the majority of freeware options. The afterburner flames do not animate and the instructions to correct them are written for programmers, not the average user. This is all based on FSX SE.

CHSSEUR JOSEPHSun, 02 Feb 2020 22:53:13 GMT


EdmeisterWed, 27 Feb 2019 05:05:50 GMT

One of the best freeware planes I have ever downloaded! This should be payware. Thanks guys!

EdmeisterSun, 24 Feb 2019 00:43:32 GMT

I totally agree. It is better than some of the payware planes I have in my hangar. Thanks!

jpop8807Mon, 11 Feb 2019 03:54:54 GMT

Gorgeous planes fly and look amazing. I highly recommend this download.

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