FSX/P3D Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister

PreviewA highly detailed Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister model compatible with all versions of FSX and all versions of Prepar3D including v4.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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A highly detailed Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister model compatible with all versions of FSX and all versions of Prepar3D including v4.

Bu 133 Jungmeister in P3Dv4.Comes with a complete 3D virtual cockpit (VC) and many advanced animations such as smoke effects and wing vortex.

The Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister had a pretty interesting history, and people might want to experiment with a few different flight simulation fantasies when they take it out for a spin.

Luise Hoffman was the first German works pilot that was female. She tried out the first Jungmeister model in 1935 and found that it was slightly smaller than the original Bucker Bu 131 trainer that it was based on. However, it was incredibly agile and that agility alone was enough to astonish the public.


  • Unzip " Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister" into a temporary file and move the "Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister" folder into the main Aircraft directory.
  • Read instructions carefully when installing the gauges, say YES... when asked if the gauges sources should be trusted. If you say no... most of the gauges are not going to work!
  • Leave the gauges cab in your panel folder.


This model is native FSX and P3Dv4 and doesn't work in FS2004.


  • On startup, there is automatic engine smoke.
  • Then follow the exhaust flames with smoke.
  • Wing vortex effect appears by default at 2.5g or quick roll rate.


Special thanks to

  • GMAX for the drawing program and Microsoft for their makmdls.sdk .
  • Pureflight simulation for the original plane serving as a source and for most of the textures.
  • Rodolf Valery and Juan Vilamor for more textures.

Developer: A.F. Scrub.

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The archive bucker_jungmeister.zip has 124 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Bucker_Jungmeister06.12.190 B
aircraft.cfg06.12.197.84 kB
both.jpg06.12.1962.69 kB
BU-133 restored.jpg06.12.19101.50 kB
BU-133.jpg06.12.1977.59 kB
Bucker.air06.30.049.00 kB
FileID.txt06.12.19380 B
model06.12.190 B
Bu133a_Int.mdl06.11.191.44 MB
Bu133_FSX.mdl06.11.192.02 MB
model.cfg06.12.1951 B
panel.106.12.190 B
$pan1.bmp06.12.1965.05 kB
AuxPanel.bmp03.09.01127.19 kB
bestpanel.cfg06.11.193.37 kB
EXTRA.cab05.13.19609.18 kB
germanradio.cab05.13.09493.10 kB
Panel.bmp06.11.192.25 MB
panel.cfg06.12.193.10 kB
panel.cfg.txt06.11.193.40 kB
switches.cab03.19.127.83 kB
Thumbs.db11.27.0822.50 kB
readme.txt06.12.193.96 kB
sound06.11.190 B
soundai06.11.190 B
AIdeBev_RPMf01.wav01.02.15308.15 kB
AIdeBev_RPMf03.wav01.02.15192.12 kB
AIdeBev_RPMr01.wav01.02.15308.05 kB
AIdeBev_RPMr03.wav01.02.15191.70 kB
AIdeBev_Shutdown.wav01.02.15399.30 kB
AIdeBev_Starter.wav01.02.1565.59 kB
AIdeBev_Startup.wav01.02.15166.23 kB
soundai.cfg01.02.154.02 kB
xAIdeBev_RPMf01.wav01.02.15308.15 kB
xAIdeBev_RPMf03.wav01.02.15192.12 kB
xAIdeBev_RPMr01.wav01.02.15308.15 kB
xAIdeBev_RPMr03.wav01.02.15191.70 kB
c4wind4.wav01.02.15274.56 kB
cagear.wav01.02.1531.23 kB
cmgeardn.wav01.02.1553.24 kB
cmgearup.wav01.02.1557.24 kB
deBev_apdisconnect.wav01.02.15169.80 kB
deBev_Flaps.wav01.02.15504.80 kB
deBev_FuelPump.wav01.02.15125.83 kB
deBev_gyro.wav01.02.154.48 MB
deBev_NonCombust1.wav01.02.1530.37 kB
deBev_NonCombust2.wav01.02.1516.06 kB
deBev_RPM01.wav01.02.15327.12 kB
deBev_RPM02.wav01.02.15254.28 kB
deBev_RPM03.wav01.02.15406.70 kB
deBev_RPM04.wav01.02.15204.69 kB
deBev_Shutdown.wav01.02.15805.35 kB
deBev_Starter.wav01.02.15113.19 kB
deBev_Startup.wav01.02.15395.02 kB
door_small_close.wav01.02.1555.99 kB
door_small_open.wav01.02.1559.98 kB
sound.cfg01.02.1511.18 kB
wind_general.wav01.02.15269.64 kB
xdeBev_NonCombust1.wav01.02.1530.37 kB
xdeBev_NonCombust2.wav01.02.1515.60 kB
xdeBev_Prop.wav01.02.15133.06 kB
xdeBev_PropFeath.wav01.02.1570.66 kB
xdeBev_RPMf01.wav01.02.15176.13 kB
xdeBev_RPMf02.wav01.02.15216.04 kB
xdeBev_RPMf03.wav01.02.15192.12 kB
xdeBev_RPMf04.wav01.02.15172.39 kB
xdeBev_RPMr01.wav01.02.15158.86 kB
xdeBev_RPMr02.wav01.02.15216.04 kB
xdeBev_RPMr03.wav01.02.15191.70 kB
xdeBev_RPMr04.wav01.02.15130.34 kB
xdeBev_Shutdown.wav01.02.15399.30 kB
xdeBev_Starter.wav01.02.1565.59 kB
xdeBev_Startup.wav01.02.15166.23 kB
texture06.11.190 B
texture.Luftwaffe 206.12.190 B
$pan1.bmp05.17.04768.05 kB
$radio.bmp11.14.18341.40 kB
ac001414545.jpg11.10.18286.53 kB
ac001417549.jpg11.10.1895.37 kB
aircraft.cfg11.14.1814.29 kB
bu133.bmp11.14.18171.36 kB
Bucker_jungmeister_T0.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1b.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1c.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1d.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T2.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T3.bmp11.14.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T4.bmp11.12.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T5.bmp06.11.195.33 MB
chrome_T.bmp07.12.04341.43 kB
color.bmp03.03.161.00 MB
cuir.bmp11.14.18341.40 kB
cuir2.bmp06.03.0442.75 kB
metal.bmp06.11.1942.75 kB
Propturning.bmp06.11.19341.40 kB
tape.bmp06.11.19170.75 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.14.1857.25 kB
toile.bmp06.03.04170.75 kB
wood.bmp06.03.0442.75 kB
$pan1.bmp06.11.19341.43 kB
$radio.bmp05.28.04192.05 kB
Bucker_jungmeister_T0.bmp11.12.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1.bmp06.11.195.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1b.bmp11.12.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1c.bmp11.12.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T1d.bmp11.12.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T2.bmp06.11.195.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T3.bmp06.11.195.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T4.bmp11.12.185.33 MB
Bucker_jungmeister_T5.bmp06.11.195.33 MB
chrome_T.bmp06.11.191.33 MB
color.bmp03.03.161.00 MB
cuir.bmp06.11.1942.75 kB
cuir2.bmp06.11.1942.75 kB
metal.bmp06.11.1942.75 kB
Propturning.bmp06.11.19341.40 kB
tape.bmp06.11.19170.75 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.13.1897.57 kB
toile.bmp06.11.191.33 MB
wood.bmp06.11.1942.75 kB
VCockpit.jpg06.12.19110.72 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Esral Sat, 30 Jan 2021 16:44:45 GMT

Wooow!! This thing is spectacular as AI. It does Tough and Go's perfectly and it is extremely fast.

David IsraelTue, 30 Jun 2020 20:19:41 GMT

high-quality freeware here! works perfectly in FSX Steam and is great to fly. very nice VC.

David IsraelThu, 25 Jun 2020 21:09:58 GMT

Very well done! This is what I look for and rarely find, an easy install of a classic and beautiful plane with a nice VC!

Ivan KolarikMon, 10 Feb 2020 20:07:17 GMT

Hi, I have enjoyed this download. When I was about 14 years old, I set on it. It was for the acrobatic very good plane.

Manuel PeralesSun, 01 Sep 2019 20:17:31 GMT

Impressive and excellent work!

Really realistic cockpit instruments, and a delight to fly... Thank you...

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