X-Plane California Complete Photoreal Scenery

PreviewThe complete state of California in high-resolution photoreal detail with elevation data, and overlays (roads, autogen, etc.) for X-Plane 12 and 11. Version 5.

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Image showing the coastline upgrade after installing in XP11.The complete state of California in high-resolution photoreal detail with elevation data, and overlays (roads, autogen, etc.) for X-Plane 12 and 11. Version 5.

This is a complete package of photoreal scenery containing the entire state of California for X-Plane 11 - no additional downloads are needed. The scenery is sourced from satellite data and imagery and compiled into X-Plane format using Ortho4XP.

The package is large - it may take a long while to download on most Internet connections - you will also need lots of disk space to install the scenery.

The scenery provided really brings the entire state of CA to life. Gone are the default ground textures. You can find real-to-life scenery and notice landmarks, terrain, farmland, and national parks all as they would be if flying over the landscape physically.

Some great airports to start from to see the scenery:

  • Agua Caliente Airport (San Diego County)
  • Oceano County Airport (Oceano)
  • Lee Vining Airport (Mono County)
  • Trinity Center (Trinity Center)
  • Catalina (Avalon, Catalina Island)
  • Kern Valley Airport (Kernville)
  • Half Moon Bay Airport (Half Moon Bay)

Version 5 updates include:

  • ZL17 radius increased from 4km to 15km near airports
  • Now blends seamlessly with my Mexico Orthophoto package.
  • Curve Tolerance lowered from 1.0 to 0.7
  • Improved color correction
  • Better blending with adjacent states
  • Water Mask Width increased from 8 to 25
  • Water Mask fixes
  • Vandenberg area replaced with ZL14 Sentinal-2 imagery. Unfortunately, the USGS server used previously has been taken offline.
  • HD Mesh Scenery v4 enabled by default. HD Mesh V3 also included for XP10 users (rename yOrtho4XP_Overlays_v3 folder to yOrtho4XP_Overlays)

The entire package has been "pre-compiled" or "built" - so there is no need to run any lengthy conversion before using - simply download and install. We found that users were willing to suffer longer download times instead of running lengthy batch conversions (JPG to DDS) themselves.

If you find this useful, please consider donating to the original author - details can be found in the readme file inside the ZIP package.

This package works best with a high-quality mesh scenery add-on to really bring the scenery to life. We recommend the HD Mesh v4 from AlpilotX which can be downloaded here.

Developer: The original package was compiled by Forkboy2 and built/converted and repackaged by Fly Away Simulation.

Please post your comments below - we love to hear feedback from users.

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The archive california-complete-photoreal-xp11.zip has 39120 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Scenery09.06.190 B
yOrtho4XP_Overlays09.01.190 B
Earth nav data09.01.190 B
+30-12009.01.190 B
+32-116.dsf01.02.182.51 MB
+32-117.dsf01.02.186.97 MB
+32-118.dsf01.02.188.21 MB
+32-119.dsf12.31.1770.29 kB
+33-116.dsf01.01.181.03 MB
+33-117.dsf01.01.187.16 MB
+33-118.dsf12.31.1725.96 MB
+33-119.dsf12.31.177.30 MB
+33-120.dsf12.31.1748.86 kB
+34-116.dsf01.01.18888.24 kB
+34-117.dsf12.31.172.44 MB
+34-118.dsf12.31.1712.44 MB
+34-119.dsf12.31.1720.14 MB
+34-120.dsf12.31.178.32 MB
+35-117.dsf12.31.17804.82 kB
+35-118.dsf12.31.171.38 MB
+35-119.dsf12.31.178.05 MB
+35-120.dsf12.31.174.82 MB
+36-118.dsf12.31.171.16 MB
+36-119.dsf12.31.176.83 MB
+36-120.dsf12.31.177.01 MB
+37-119.dsf12.30.173.45 MB
+37-120.dsf12.30.1711.72 MB
+38-120.dsf12.30.174.96 MB
+30-13009.01.190 B
+33-121.dsf12.31.1739.54 kB
+34-121.dsf12.31.175.12 MB
+35-121.dsf12.31.178.20 MB
+35-122.dsf12.31.171.66 MB
+36-121.dsf12.31.172.88 MB
+36-122.dsf12.31.179.95 MB
+36-123.dsf12.31.17297.73 kB
+37-121.dsf12.30.178.15 MB
+37-122.dsf12.31.1717.92 MB
+37-123.dsf12.31.1718.45 MB
+38-121.dsf12.30.1717.86 MB
+38-122.dsf12.31.1717.55 MB
+38-123.dsf12.31.1718.72 MB
+38-124.dsf12.30.174.85 MB
+39-121.dsf12.30.1713.37 MB
+39-122.dsf12.30.1712.74 MB
+39-123.dsf12.30.178.76 MB
+39-124.dsf12.30.1715.17 MB
+39-125.dsf12.30.172.30 kB
+40-13009.01.190 B
+40-121.dsf12.30.177.40 MB
+40-122.dsf12.30.1712.89 MB
+40-123.dsf12.30.1714.18 MB
+40-124.dsf12.30.1714.86 MB
+40-125.dsf12.30.174.00 MB
+41-121.dsf12.30.176.92 MB
+41-122.dsf12.30.179.52 MB
+41-123.dsf12.30.1713.81 MB
+41-124.dsf12.30.1713.12 MB
+41-125.dsf12.30.171.84 MB
yOrtho4XP_Overlays_v309.01.190 B
Earth nav data09.01.190 B
+30-12009.01.190 B
+32-116.dsf09.14.171.83 MB
+32-117.dsf09.14.175.70 MB
+32-118.dsf09.14.177.22 MB
+32-119.dsf04.11.1756.72 kB
+33-116.dsf05.18.17718.44 kB
+33-117.dsf08.08.176.13 MB
+33-118.dsf08.08.1721.39 MB
+33-119.dsf08.08.176.39 MB
+33-120.dsf04.11.1738.41 kB
+34-116.dsf05.18.17417.15 kB
+34-117.dsf05.18.171.96 MB
+34-118.dsf08.08.1710.23 MB
+34-119.dsf08.08.1718.35 MB
+34-120.dsf08.08.177.62 MB
+35-117.dsf05.18.17421.22 kB
+35-118.dsf05.18.171.04 MB
+35-119.dsf05.18.177.55 MB
+35-120.dsf08.09.174.96 MB
+36-118.dsf05.18.17861.40 kB
+36-119.dsf05.18.174.59 MB
+36-120.dsf05.18.176.03 MB
+37-119.dsf05.18.172.48 MB
+37-120.dsf05.18.178.39 MB
+38-120.dsf05.18.173.45 MB
+30-13009.01.190 B
+33-121.dsf04.11.1731.12 kB
+34-121.dsf08.08.174.34 MB
+35-121.dsf08.09.178.22 MB
+35-122.dsf08.09.171.06 MB
+36-121.dsf08.09.174.01 MB
+36-122.dsf08.09.177.93 MB
+36-123.dsf04.14.17230.63 kB
+37-121.dsf05.18.177.48 MB
+37-122.dsf08.10.1712.86 MB
+37-123.dsf08.11.1715.09 MB
+38-121.dsf05.18.1716.07 MB
+38-122.dsf08.10.1712.66 MB
+38-123.dsf08.08.1713.82 MB
+38-124.dsf08.08.174.23 MB
+39-121.dsf05.18.1711.51 MB
+39-122.dsf05.18.1710.75 MB
+39-123.dsf08.09.179.30 MB
+39-124.dsf08.09.1713.54 MB
+39-125.dsf04.11.171.49 kB
+40-13009.01.190 B
+40-121.dsf08.27.175.77 MB
+40-122.dsf08.27.1710.07 MB
+40-123.dsf08.27.1711.93 MB
+40-124.dsf08.27.1712.87 MB
+40-125.dsf08.27.173.98 MB
+41-121.dsf08.27.175.34 MB
+41-122.dsf08.27.178.17 MB
+41-123.dsf08.27.1711.91 MB
+41-124.dsf08.27.1712.81 MB
+41-125.dsf08.27.171.80 MB
z_ortho_California_v509.06.190 B
Earth nav data09.01.190 B
+30-12009.01.190 B
+32-116.dsf01.06.183.75 MB
+32-117.dsf01.06.1813.45 MB
+32-118.dsf01.06.185.62 MB
+32-119.dsf01.06.181.46 MB
+33-116.dsf01.06.1813.41 MB
+33-117.dsf01.06.1822.23 MB
+33-118.dsf01.06.1822.65 MB
+33-119.dsf01.06.186.05 MB
+33-120.dsf01.06.182.55 MB
+34-116.dsf01.06.1810.38 MB
+34-117.dsf01.06.1815.41 MB
+34-118.dsf01.06.1817.56 MB
+34-119.dsf01.06.1835.53 MB
+34-120.dsf01.06.1832.13 MB
+35-117.dsf01.06.1812.60 MB
+35-118.dsf01.06.1810.48 MB
+35-119.dsf01.06.1823.20 MB
+35-120.dsf01.06.189.36 MB
+36-118.dsf01.06.1818.37 MB
+36-119.dsf01.06.1828.57 MB
+36-120.dsf01.06.1811.92 MB
+37-119.dsf01.04.1822.53 MB
+37-120.dsf01.04.1821.67 MB
+38-120.dsf01.04.1817.24 MB
+30-13009.01.190 B
+33-121.dsf01.06.182.47 MB
+34-121.dsf01.06.189.20 MB
+35-121.dsf01.06.1822.90 MB
+35-122.dsf01.06.185.41 MB
+36-121.dsf01.06.1819.04 MB
+36-122.dsf01.06.1823.40 MB
+36-123.dsf01.06.181.15 MB
+37-121.dsf01.04.1819.54 MB
+37-122.dsf01.04.1831.93 MB
+37-123.dsf01.04.1819.26 MB
+38-121.dsf01.04.1823.81 MB
+38-122.dsf01.04.1811.78 MB
+38-123.dsf01.04.1826.52 MB
+38-124.dsf01.06.188.98 MB
+39-121.dsf01.04.1818.39 MB
+39-122.dsf01.04.1816.96 MB
+39-123.dsf01.04.1817.91 MB
+39-124.dsf01.06.1822.69 MB
+39-125.dsf01.04.18875.52 kB
+40-13009.01.190 B
+40-121.dsf01.04.188.13 MB
+40-122.dsf01.04.1813.74 MB
+40-123.dsf01.04.1825.18 MB
+40-124.dsf01.06.1823.94 MB
+40-125.dsf01.04.187.84 MB
+41-121.dsf01.04.1810.84 MB
+41-122.dsf01.04.1810.65 MB
+41-123.dsf01.04.1819.65 MB
+41-124.dsf01.04.1827.14 MB
+41-125.dsf01.04.183.97 MB
terrain09.01.190 B
24320_10144_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10144_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10160_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10176_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10192_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10192_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10208_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10224_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10240_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10256_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10256_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10272_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10288_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10304_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10320_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10320_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10336_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10352_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10368_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10384_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10400_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10416_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10432_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10432_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10448_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10464_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10464_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10480_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10480_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10496_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10496_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10512_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10512_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10528_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10544_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10544_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10560_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10560_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10576_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10576_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10592_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10592_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10608_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10608_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10624_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10624_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10640_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10640_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10656_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10656_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10672_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10672_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10688_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10688_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10704_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10704_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10720_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10720_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10736_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10736_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10752_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10752_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10768_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10768_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10784_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10800_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10800_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10816_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10816_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10832_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10832_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10848_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10848_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10864_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10864_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10880_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10880_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10896_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10896_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24320_10912_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24320_10912_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10144_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10144_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10160_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10176_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10192_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10192_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10208_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10224_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10240_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10256_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10256_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10272_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10288_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10304_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10320_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10320_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10336_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10336_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10352_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10368_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10384_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10400_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10416_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10432_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10448_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10464_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10464_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10480_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10480_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10496_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10496_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10512_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10512_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10528_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10528_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10544_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10544_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10560_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10560_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10576_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10576_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10592_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10592_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10608_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10608_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10624_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10624_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10640_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10640_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10656_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10656_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10672_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10672_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10688_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10688_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10704_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10704_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10720_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10720_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10736_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10736_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10752_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10752_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10768_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10768_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10784_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10800_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10800_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10816_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10816_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10832_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10832_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10848_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10848_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10864_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10880_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10880_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10896_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10896_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24336_10912_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24336_10912_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10192_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10192_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10208_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10208_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10224_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10240_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10256_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10256_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10336_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10336_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10352_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10368_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10384_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10384_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10400_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10400_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10416_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10416_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10512_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10528_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10528_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10544_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10544_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10560_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10560_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10576_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10576_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10592_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10592_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10608_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10608_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10624_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10624_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10640_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10640_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10656_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10656_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10672_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10672_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10688_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10688_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10704_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10704_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10720_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10720_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10736_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10736_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10752_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10768_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10768_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10784_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10784_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10800_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10800_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10816_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10816_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10832_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10832_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10848_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10848_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10864_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10880_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10880_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10896_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10896_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24352_10912_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24352_10912_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10192_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10192_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10208_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10224_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10240_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10240_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10256_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10256_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10336_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10336_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10352_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10352_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10368_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10368_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10384_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10384_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10400_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10400_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10416_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10512_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10528_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10528_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10544_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10544_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10560_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10560_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10576_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10576_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10592_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10608_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10608_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10624_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10640_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10640_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10656_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10656_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10672_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10688_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10688_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10704_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10704_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10720_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10720_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10736_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10736_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10752_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10768_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10768_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10784_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10784_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10800_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10800_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10816_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10816_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10832_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10832_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10848_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10848_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10864_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10864_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10880_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10880_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10896_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10896_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24368_10912_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24368_10912_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10192_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10192_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10208_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10208_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10224_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10240_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10240_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10256_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10256_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10336_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10352_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10368_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10368_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10384_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10400_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10416_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10512_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10528_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10528_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10544_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10544_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10560_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10576_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10576_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10592_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10592_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10608_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B
24384_10608_NAIP16_sea_overlay.ter01.04.18168 B
24384_10624_NAIP16.ter01.04.18164 B


For anyone who has started to use the wonderful new X-Plane 11 photoreal scenery packages, this latest edition is worth picking up. A wonderful recreation of California, this uses an intelligent and intricate design style with over 120 GB of wonderful detail.

Preview screenshot

Taken from a USGS imagery package, this uses 1/3 arc-second DEM elevation data direct from the same source.

With high-level zooms used all around the airports, too, this helps to create an exciting recreation of such a large set of land. By making use of terrain decals and overlay data used from AIpilotX, this provides such a high level of autonomy and detail.

Given the size of the area that this looks to take over, too, it helps to really uplift the level of quality and style around the region.

As one of the most prosperous parts of the US, too, California is a location known for its elite style, fantastic landscape, and picturesque beauty.

This captures that in the finest of forms, creating a wonderful take on the region itself. However, it stays true to the data that it takes its facts and features from, ensuring that this is more than just a great looking mod: it’s accurate with regards to the region it’s based around, too!

When you do this, you are opening up an exceptional level of detail and precision that you can now enjoy in all X-Plane trips over California.

With a region that houses over 20m people, this is a pretty important part of American culture and lifestyle.

With that in mind, then, give it a touch of extra class and precision starting today with this package!

Our Thoughts

Overall? This would make a more than welcome addition to anyone looking to make the most of their X-Plane 11 copy. It’s got style, substance, and attention to detail in every pixel.

Out of all the options that you have open to you for a simple and stylish improvement in X-Plane, this is one of the best.

Made with fantastic detail and attention for precision, this can be the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve the region.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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metaphysicatThu, 21 Sep 2023 05:48:56 GMT

Hi, can you please check out KSAN RWY 27 there are a lot of small hills on the runway. Alternatively, give me the name of the file with those specific coordinates to remove it from the scenery

metaphysicatSat, 26 Nov 2022 06:22:54 GMT

Lots of buildings missing in the San Francisco area using V5 on the MacBook M1. Help? I've tried positioning the scenery .ini in different orders and nothing.

myjcmFri, 25 Feb 2022 19:05:23 GMT

Would love to download this but 126.26 GB?!!! That would take me at least 6 days! Be nice if it was in smaller bits, like about 7GB @.

harrym7Sun, 28 Feb 2021 14:39:43 GMT

I love it! It looks beautiful. Death Valley looks so much more real than in MSFS. Well worth the download and disk space. It brings California to life!

hardfloorMon, 22 Feb 2021 02:33:52 GMT

Can FlyAwaySim please offer a better explanation of the install steps? The readme.txt is not clear.

There are 3 folders after the unzip, please explain exactly what to do with them. What is "HD Mesh Scenery v4 enabled by default. HD Mesh V3 also included for XP10 users (rename yOrtho4XP_Overlays_v3 folder to yOrtho4XP_Overlays)", written above on this page, supposed to mean?

Is that some indication on how to install into the Custom Scenery Folder? Not clear.

PipoTheClownSun, 28 Jun 2020 03:13:29 GMT

If you have the hardware (GPU, CPU, Mem, Disk) go for it!!

Francisco RuizTue, 26 May 2020 00:26:37 GMT

Hi, can this be installed on a Mac computer?

lhopsTue, 18 Feb 2020 15:34:39 GMT

I had downloaded the SF area earlier and was very impressed with it. But adding the entire state California with its massive file size didn't impress me at all. Maybe I didn't do something right. Any thoughts?

Richard DuncanWed, 08 Jan 2020 20:31:12 GMT

Well, it finally downloaded, unzipped and installed. I am missing buildings at SFO and other airports - however, San Francisco downtown looks good.

The Golden Gate and Bay Bridge are multi-lane raised roads. I cannot find the SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/yOrtho4XP_Overlays/_XP-11. I do find the file without the _XP-11. Do we have a HELP source or forum for this package?

HesynergyFri, 03 Jan 2020 03:36:10 GMT

Appears, at 20% unzipped to be strictly ZL 16. i hope im wrong...8 hours hence will tell the story when I wake up and see an answer to my Everything search templates, “*_*_NAIP17.dds”,”*_*_NAIP17.dds,””*_*.dds” ...8 hours later, i find,

ZL Num Files 16 - . 4,597 17 - 11,419 18 - 0 19 - 0

a huge undertaking...Can’t wait to link to it! ....anyone have symbolic link commands for this scenery?

huge-thanks!, Chas

HesynergyThu, 02 Jan 2020 10:27:32 GMT

I already built ZL16 Socal, but this may fill in my gaps...though my Aerodromes were all done at ZL 19 5KM radius. we shall see how it stands up to mine, 8 hours of unzipping/sleeping, hence.


JFri, 13 Sep 2019 05:24:58 GMT

I'm slightly confused. I see 3 folders. Yortho4xp overlays and overlays v3. Also z Ortho California. What do I do with both y's? Do I add both?

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