X-Plane New Zealand Complete Photoreal Scenery

PreviewA complete package containing orthophotography scenery (photorealistic scenery) covering the entire country of New Zealand and all areas for X-Plane 12 and 11 developed by Lyndiman.

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A complete package containing orthophotography scenery (photorealistic scenery) covering the entire country of New Zealand and all areas for X-Plane 12 and 11 developed by Lyndiman.

Example of NZ Mountain ranges in photorealistic detail.The scenery files replace the default ground textures with images derived from satellite photography with the effect of making the scenery more realistic and true to life.

The package size is large and may take a long time to download on a slower Internet connection.

Donate to the Developer

This package has been developed as freeware or more specifically, donation-ware. The developers, Lyndiman took a great time in producing this scenery and making sure it's up to standard with post-processing. If you like this package or find it useful, please donate to the developer who created it by sending a donation at your set amount via PayPal here. Your donations are greatly appreciated and pay for the development costs such as software subscriptions and bandwidth usage needed to create such a package.


  • Satellite images sourced from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and processed at zoom level 17 which gives good quality without making the tiles too large.
  • Does not impact frame rates within the sim permitting your GPU to have enough video memory.
  • Images have been processed to balance color and replace patches and atmospheric fog for a more realistic representation of the ground terrain.

All patches and updates (ground bumps patch) have been applied to the package so there is no need to download any additional files. Also, the overlay files are also included for ease of use.

New Zealand has a vast and mountainous landscape which is great for eye-candy-packed virtual flights.

Some places to start from to experience the scenery:

  • Milford Sound
    You can start at Milford Sound (search for it in XP12/11) to experience the stunning terrain and the glaciers - it makes for a beautiful flight in a light aircraft.
  • Franz Josef
    Starting at Franz Josef (search for the airport in XP12/11) - you will be met with high mountains surrounding the airfield and of course don't forget to visit the Franz Josef glacier. This one is best in a chopper.
  • Mt. Cook
    Starting at Mount Cook Aerodrome you can then fly around the area of Aoraki Mt Cook National Park to see some beautiful landscapes.
  • Queenstown
    Departing from Queenstown on the South Island you will be surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys that are perfectly depicted using this scenery package (along with a good mesh add-on - details below).

Areas Covered

The scenery is broken up into 9 different areas. All 9 areas cover the entire country of New Zealand.

  1. North Island
    1. East Cape
    2. Northland
    3. Taranaki
    4. Wellington
  2. South Island
    1. Canterbury
    2. Otago
    3. Southland
    4. Tasman
    5. West Coast

Some of the major international airports inside the scenery area

  • Auckland Airport (NZAA)
  • Christchurch International Airport (NZCH)
  • Queenstown Airport (NZQN)
  • Dunedin International Airport (NZDN)
  • Wellington International Airport (NZWN)

Copyright note from the author:
The imagery within this package has been derived from open sources and modified heavily. No part of this package may be reproduced or redistributed as part of other work in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

If you find this useful, please consider donating to the original author - you can find details above and in the readme file inside the ZIP package.

This package works best with a high-quality mesh scenery add-on to really bring the scenery to life. We recommend the HD Mesh v4 from AlpilotX which can be downloaded here.

Developer: Lyndiman's New Zealand Orthophotography.

Please post your comments below - we love to hear feedback from users.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive new-zealand-complete-photorealistic-xp11.zip has 57290 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Scenery09.17.190 B
yOrtho4XP_Overlays11.25.170 B
Earth nav data11.25.170 B
+40-01011.25.170 B
+48-006.dsf06.12.1710.75 kB
-40+13011.25.170 B
-35+139.dsf04.13.17429.68 kB
-36+139.dsf04.13.17324.75 kB
-40+14011.25.170 B
-35+140.dsf04.13.17415.44 kB
-36+140.dsf04.14.17211.04 kB
-40+17011.25.170 B
-35+172.dsf07.10.1756.74 kB
-35+173.dsf07.10.1799.06 kB
-36+173.dsf07.10.17757.13 kB
-36+174.dsf07.10.17702.36 kB
-37+173.dsf07.10.1735.07 kB
-37+174.dsf07.10.172.47 MB
-37+175.dsf07.10.17392.98 kB
-38+174.dsf07.10.17597.66 kB
-38+175.dsf07.10.171.28 MB
-38+176.dsf07.10.17620.05 kB
-38+177.dsf07.10.17129.41 kB
-38+178.dsf07.10.17144.02 kB
-39+174.dsf07.10.17347.50 kB
-39+175.dsf07.10.171.01 MB
-39+176.dsf07.10.17921.42 kB
-39+177.dsf07.10.17701.52 kB
-39+178.dsf07.10.17224.32 kB
-40+173.dsf07.10.1770.11 kB
-40+174.dsf07.10.17753.83 kB
-40+175.dsf07.10.17941.56 kB
-40+176.dsf07.10.17889.16 kB
-40+177.dsf07.10.17133.82 kB
-50+16011.25.170 B
-44+168.dsf07.12.1718.96 kB
-44+169.dsf07.12.17188.93 kB
-45+167.dsf07.12.17163.75 kB
-45+168.dsf07.12.17406.17 kB
-45+169.dsf07.12.17429.97 kB
-46+166.dsf07.12.17169.98 kB
-46+167.dsf07.12.17568.04 kB
-46+168.dsf07.12.17470.44 kB
-46+169.dsf07.12.17468.72 kB
-47+166.dsf07.12.1758.92 kB
-47+167.dsf07.12.17175.42 kB
-47+168.dsf07.12.17497.04 kB
-47+169.dsf07.12.17476.19 kB
-48+167.dsf07.12.1758.62 kB
-48+168.dsf07.12.1711.50 kB
-50+17011.25.170 B
-41+172.dsf07.13.17176.87 kB
-41+173.dsf07.12.1754.08 kB
-41+174.dsf07.10.1751.91 kB
-41+175.dsf07.10.17991.63 kB
-41+176.dsf07.10.17382.63 kB
-42+171.dsf07.12.17173.38 kB
-42+172.dsf07.12.17620.85 kB
-42+173.dsf07.12.17835.42 kB
-42+174.dsf07.10.17917.87 kB
-42+175.dsf07.10.17376.19 kB
-42+176.dsf07.10.1718.13 kB
-43+170.dsf07.12.1761.69 kB
-43+171.dsf07.12.17645.46 kB
-43+172.dsf07.12.17474.86 kB
-43+173.dsf07.12.17297.35 kB
-44+170.dsf07.12.17263.28 kB
-44+171.dsf07.12.17457.97 kB
-44+172.dsf07.12.171.27 MB
-44+173.dsf07.12.1750.63 kB
-45+170.dsf07.12.17469.37 kB
-45+171.dsf07.12.17345.37 kB
-46+170.dsf07.12.17808.86 kB
-46+171.dsf09.07.175.46 kB
-47+170.dsf07.12.1770.33 kB
zOrtho4XP_-35+17206.08.190 B
Data-35+172.mesh10.21.176.27 MB
Earth nav data06.08.190 B
-40+17006.08.190 B
-35+172.dsf10.21.171.97 MB
Ortho4XP.cfg10.21.171.63 kB
terrain06.08.190 B
78768_128192_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78768_128192_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78768_128208_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78768_128208_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78784_128160_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78784_128160_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78784_128176_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78784_128176_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78784_128192_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78784_128192_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78784_128208_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78784_128208_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78880_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78880_128464_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78880_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78880_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78880_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78880_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128400_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128400_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128416_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128416_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128432_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128432_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128448_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128448_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128464_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78896_128464_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128496_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78896_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128512_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78896_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128384_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128384_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128400_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128400_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128416_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128432_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128432_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128448_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128448_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128480_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78912_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128400_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128400_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78928_128416_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128416_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78928_128432_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128432_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78928_128448_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128464_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78928_128464_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78928_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78928_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78928_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128400_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128416_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128416_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128432_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128432_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128448_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128464_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78944_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78944_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78960_128432_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128432_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78960_128448_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128448_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78960_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78960_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78960_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78976_128448_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128448_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78976_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128464_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78976_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128496_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78976_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78976_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128512_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78976_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78992_128464_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78992_128464_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78992_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78992_128480_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78992_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78992_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78992_128496_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
78992_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79008_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79008_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79008_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79008_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128480_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128480_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79024_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79024_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128496_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128496_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79040_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
textures06.08.190 B
78768_128192_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78768_128208_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78784_128160_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78784_128176_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78784_128192_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78784_128208_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78880_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78880_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78880_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128400_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128416_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128432_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128448_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78896_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128384_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128400_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128416_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128432_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128448_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78912_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128400_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128416_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128432_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128448_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78928_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128400_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128416_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128432_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128448_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78944_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78960_128432_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78960_128448_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78960_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78960_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78960_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78960_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78976_128448_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78976_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78976_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78976_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78976_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78992_128464_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78992_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78992_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
78992_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79008_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79008_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79008_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79024_128480_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79024_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79024_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79040_128496_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79040_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
79056_128512_NZ17.dds10.21.1710.67 MB
9840_16016.png10.21.1748.21 kB
9856_16048.png10.21.17207.09 kB
9856_16064.png10.21.1748.49 kB
9872_16048.png10.21.1754.42 kB
9872_16064.png10.21.1734.03 kB
water_transition.png04.11.171022 B
zOrtho4XP_-35+17306.08.190 B
Data-35+173.mesh10.21.176.17 MB
Earth nav data06.08.190 B
-40+17006.08.190 B
-35+173.dsf10.21.172.21 MB
Ortho4XP.cfg10.21.171.63 kB
terrain06.08.190 B
78880_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78880_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78880_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78880_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78896_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78896_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78912_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78912_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78928_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78928_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78960_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78960_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78976_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78976_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78976_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
78992_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78992_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
78992_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79008_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79008_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79008_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79008_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79008_128544_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79024_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128528_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79024_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128544_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79024_128544_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79024_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79024_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79040_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128528_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79040_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128544_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79040_128544_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79040_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79040_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128576_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79040_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79040_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79040_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128544_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128576_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79056_128672_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79056_128672_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128512_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128512_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128576_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128656_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79072_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128672_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128672_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79072_128672_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79072_128688_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79072_128688_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128528_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128528_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128544_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128576_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128592_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128592_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128608_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128608_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128624_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128624_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79088_128624_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128640_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79088_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128656_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79088_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128672_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128672_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79088_128688_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79088_128688_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128544_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128544_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128592_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128608_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128608_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128624_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128624_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128640_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79104_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128704_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128704_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79104_128720_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79104_128720_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128576_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79120_128592_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128592_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128608_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128608_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128704_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128704_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128720_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128720_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128736_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128736_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128752_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128752_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128768_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128768_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79120_128800_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79120_128800_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128560_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128560_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128576_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128592_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128592_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128608_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128608_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128624_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128624_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128656_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79136_128656_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128672_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128672_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79136_128672_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128688_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128688_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128704_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128704_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128720_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128720_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128736_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128752_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128752_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128768_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128768_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128784_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128784_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128800_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128800_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128816_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128816_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128832_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128832_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128848_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128848_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79136_128864_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79136_128864_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128576_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128576_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128592_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128592_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128608_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128608_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128624_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128624_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128640_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128640_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128656_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128672_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128672_NZ17_overlay.ter10.21.17174 B
79152_128688_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128688_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128704_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128704_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
79152_128720_NZ17.ter10.21.17124 B
79152_128720_NZ17_sea_overlay.ter10.21.17168 B
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countdavisSun, 27 Mar 2022 22:43:06 GMT

Brilliant mountain scenery. Quite amazing at times. I have only tried a fraction of the island so far whilst flying in the Aeroworx DC3 in VR.

If you like mountain sightseeing like me, I would definitely recommend this add-on scenery. It's ever more immersive in VR. Can't wait to take some helicopters out in VR.

Great job Lyndiman. Thank you for sharing.

simonvanrijsMon, 02 Aug 2021 20:22:11 GMT

Is it possible for this file to be split so it can be downloaded in segments?

Also, is it password protected?

rangermickMon, 25 Jan 2021 00:01:52 GMT

I tried to download it but I couldn't find a way to choose where to download it. The result was it stopped as the drive was full. I have a new SSD ready for it. Any help would be appreciated.

Gunboy3Tue, 04 Aug 2020 12:27:21 GMT

This large file really should have been downloadable in sections so it isn't so huge. Seems to be a lack of common sense in this case!

davidfeethamSun, 05 Jul 2020 22:51:37 GMT

This download seems to have areas missing, including (but not limited to) Milford Sound. Disappointing as this was specifically one airfield I wanted to fly to/from. Has anyone else had this problem and is it possible for this feedback to be referred to the developers? Happy to provide more specific information regarding the areas that are missing if required. Other than that it's great scenery!

davidfeethamFri, 26 Jun 2020 11:50:28 GMT

I recently downloaded new-zealand-complete-photorealistic-xp11.zip.

The first thought is that it would be useful if the scenery offering was split into two separate downloads - North and South Island separately. This would make for more manageable download times and storage as, in my case, I'm only interested in flying in the South Island.

However, a more important comment is that some of the tiles appear to be missing from the download. These are specified in the Milford Sound area: -45+166, -44+166, and -44+167. Milford Sound airport would be on -44+167, so in the vicinity of the Milford Sound airport all I see is the X-Plane default scenery.

Similarly, there would appear to be two tiles missing in the vicinity of Mt Cook airport. These are -43+168 and -43+169; although the airport itself is there, on an adjacent tile (-43+170)

There may be others missing, these are just the ones I'm aware of.

I've redone the download in case, for some reason, the first download didn't get them but the same files are missing from the new download.

It's disappointing, especially as Milford Sound airport is the first suggestion to fly from in the supporting description of this package.

Is there any way to query this issue with the developers?

I would like to add that, for the vast area of New Zealand that is covered, the scenery is indeed stunning.

I'm a newcomer to X-Plane 11 and so if there's an obvious explanation for this issue I do apologize, but my assessment so far is that these tiles are indeed missing from the download package.

DarrellSMartensMon, 25 May 2020 11:34:26 GMT

The natural scenery is magnificent, but the built environment suffers from the usual challenges. Like Australians, there aren't a lot of Kiwis/sq km, so fly the countryside at any altitude, do the cities at low-earth orbit in an SR-71 and you'll be simultaneously over & under the moon! Cheers.

paulkolinskyMon, 30 Mar 2020 14:49:21 GMT

During unzipping the very large program I kept getting an error message about DSS image which I had to skip, is this normal? I have tried the scenery and very pleased with it.

bradnSat, 07 Mar 2020 23:53:48 GMT

As with all the photo real scenery, I would prefer it if the mesh was a separate file. Also, the installation instructions for all photo files are a bit weak.

JustPlayingThu, 30 Jan 2020 22:21:25 GMT

Author states .... works better with HD Mesh 4 but a map showing areas covered on the HD Mesh site say that NZ is NOT covered?

flyer44Sun, 26 Jan 2020 08:18:57 GMT

A very fine scenery. But I don`t love the added streets on photorealistic scenery. They disturb the picture of the landscape. These streets exist almost and must not be added.

This is a serious proposal to the developer Lyndiman! I hope this is possible.

flyer44Sat, 25 Jan 2020 06:19:51 GMT

With my new VDSL connection, I load it in one day. Unpacking also one day!

Especially the South Island is beautiful. The alps are better than FSX-ORBX.

Congratulation to the developer and many thanks!

jockySat, 11 Jan 2020 15:28:04 GMT

Does this scenery include full autogen?

flyer44Wed, 27 Nov 2019 10:27:08 GMT

I am very interested in this file. Therefore I will download it in the next days. It will be going on loading for several days. It's a pity that there is no picture of the towns to be seen. But it seems to be great scenery.

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