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FSX United Airlines Boeing 777-200

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Includes 32-bit textures for the virtual cockpit, VC panel version SP2A, and XML gauges; VC model for the P&W 4000 series; POSKY FDE service pack D; custom Pratt & Whitney PW4077 sound set; configuration for the jetway to work with the front door.

POSKY 777 taking off.

This 777 made by Project OpenSky is a full-featured model including a high-quality virtual cockpit. All the work has already been done, so simply follow the install steps in the readme section and you can get this wonderful aircraft in the air.

Included in this package

  • Project Opensky 777-200 in the new United Airlines colors
  • 32-Bit textures for the virtual cockpit, VC panel version SP2A, and XML gauges. (add to gauges folder)
  • VC model for the P&W 4000 series
  • Posky FDE service pack D
  • Custom Pratt & Whitney PW4077 Soundset
  • Original FS9 777-300.gau file (Add to your FSX gauges folder if not already there)
  • msvcr70.dll file (Goes in your root FSX directory if not already there)
  • Configuration for the jetway to work with front door

The package was tested in FSX with SP2 and Acceleration using a DX9 graphics card. This setup should work for everyone, but there are no guarantees.

Make sure to uncheck the DX10 preview mode if you have a DX10 enabled graphics card.


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The archive has 421 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
OS772V2_PW4074_UA08.08.090 B
777-effects08.08.090 B
Opensky_747_vclight.fx10.02.021.31 kB
Opensky_beacon.fx02.12.023.04 kB
Opensky_conden.fx10.03.023.15 kB
Opensky_condens.fx09.08.022.71 kB
Opensky_logo_light.fx10.03.021.31 kB
Opensky_nacelle_refl.fx09.29.021.29 kB
Opensky_nav_yellow.fx03.24.043.07 kB
Opensky_sparks.fx09.08.027.05 kB
Opensky_vortex.fx10.08.031.23 kB
Opensky_wing_light.fx09.29.021.31 kB
Aircraft.cfg08.08.0921.58 kB
Boeing 777-200-PW4074.air12.26.089.38 kB
Boeing777-300.gau06.13.034.26 MB
IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ.txt08.08.091.77 kB
model08.08.090 B
model.cfg08.04.0836 B
OS772V2_PW4000_VC.mdl11.01.084.25 MB
msvcr70.dll01.05.02336.00 kB
panel08.08.090 B
$vc_01.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$vc_02.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
forward_1024.bmp07.07.01769.05 kB
forward_640.bmp07.07.01301.05 kB
panel.cfg08.08.097.01 kB
Pky_util08.08.090 B
$vc_03.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$~Pky_Timer.xml10.31.081.28 kB
install.txt03.25.08143 B
Pky_Init.xml04.26.08621 B
Pky_Timer.xml10.24.081.43 kB
Pky_Util.xml10.31.086.12 kB
posky_sw_close.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_off.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_on.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_open.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_tow_0.bmp10.24.084.55 kB
posky_tow_100.bmp10.24.084.55 kB
posky_tow_200.bmp10.24.084.55 kB
posky_utilbase.bmp10.31.0847.87 kB
TESTDIRT.BMP06.26.08341.40 kB
Thumbs.db11.01.0821.00 kB
vc_transparent01_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
Posky77708.08.090 B
Pky2Rudder.xml04.25.08587 B
PkyAPUDoor.xml05.18.08343 B
PkyCALC.xml04.24.081.09 kB
PkyElev.xml05.19.08394 B
PkyEngRev.xml05.18.08699 B
PkyflaperonL.xml05.21.08486 B
PkyflaperonR.xml05.21.08490 B
PkyLeftgearboggie.xml04.15.08800 B
PkyLeftgearheight.xml08.19.07787 B
PkyLSAileronL.xml05.14.08484 B
PkyLSAileronR.xml05.14.08478 B
PkyLWINGMIDFLEX.xml04.29.08611 B
PkyLWINGTIPFLEX.xml09.27.07583 B
PkyNosegearheight.xml04.07.08732 B
PkyNosegearsteerling.xml10.22.08964 B
PkyRightgearboggie.xml04.15.08810 B
PkyRightgearheight.xml08.29.07508 B
PkyRudder.xml04.25.08582 B
PkyRWINGMIDFLEX.xml04.29.08615 B
PkyRWINGTIPFLEX.xml09.27.07581 B
PkySpoiler.xml04.24.083.64 kB
PkyWINGROOTFLEX.xml04.29.08633 B
Pky_AdvInit.xml05.14.08960 B
Pky_PB_Towhead.xml10.22.08809 B
poskydebug.xml04.29.08350 B
poskydebug2.xml04.29.08351 B
Thumbs.db08.16.0815.00 kB
Pky_Autobrake08.08.090 B
PKY_AB_Light.bmp06.23.091.19 kB
PKY_AB_SW_1.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_2.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_3.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_4.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_OFF.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_RTO.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
Pky_AutoBrake.xml06.24.093.65 kB
Pky_Autobrake_Init.xml06.23.09412 B
Pky_AutoBrake_Panel.xml06.23.091.88 kB
posky_Autobrake.bmp06.23.0918.80 kB
readme.txt06.30.094.33 kB
Thumbs.db06.23.0923.50 kB
Readme.txt08.08.097.89 kB
sound08.08.090 B
777apu-in.wav09.22.0440.16 kB
777APU-OUT.wav09.22.04693.04 kB
777Roll.wav12.12.04411.14 kB
777system.WAV12.14.0484.20 kB
777wind.WAV09.21.04261.16 kB
BAAPDIS.WAV09.02.9953.04 kB
BAGLIDE.WAV09.02.9925.92 kB
BAN11.WAV12.12.04728.63 kB
BAN12.wav12.12.04405.01 kB
BAN13.wav06.03.03268.23 kB
BAn14.wav06.03.03241.53 kB
BAN1SHUT.WAV04.01.042.32 MB
BAN1STRT.wav12.12.043.63 MB
BAN21.wav12.12.04275.23 kB
BAN22a.WAV12.12.04440.74 kB
BAN23.wav12.19.041.04 MB
BAN24.wav12.19.04680.18 kB
BAN2SHUT.WAV04.01.042.32 MB
BAN2STRT.wav04.01.043.27 MB
BAN2T.wav03.12.041.08 MB
BAOVER.WAV02.20.0322.23 kB
BASTALL.wav09.19.03115.68 kB
BMFLAPS.wav12.12.04233.26 kB
BMGEARdn.wav10.29.041.12 MB
BMGEARUP.wav03.13.04753.89 kB
BMGWARN.WAV01.22.0318.09 kB
readme.txt12.19.041021 B
Sound.cfg12.13.0412.55 kB
spool1.wav12.12.04899.67 kB
touch_1.wav10.14.04287.10 kB
touch_2.wav09.21.04111.54 kB
Touch_c.wav10.29.04115.86 kB
touch_main.wav12.13.04287.10 kB
XBAN11.WAV12.19.04275.23 kB
XBAN12.WAV06.03.03343.92 kB
XBAN13.wav12.12.042.00 MB
XBAN14.WAV12.12.04569.41 kB
XBAN1SHUT.WAV09.19.043.98 MB
XBAN1STRT.wav03.31.043.58 MB
XBAN21.WAV06.03.03227.24 kB
XBAn22.wav12.14.041.99 MB
XBAN23.wav12.19.041.04 MB
XBAN24.wav12.19.04680.18 kB
XBAN2SHUT.WAV12.17.00378.97 kB
XBAN2STRT.wav04.22.02462.16 kB
XBAN2T.wav12.12.041.87 MB
XBBN24.wav12.19.04715.98 kB
texture.UA08.08.090 B
$vc_01.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$vc_02.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
$vc_03.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
os772v2_WINGL_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os772v2_WINGL_T.bmp07.07.084.00 MB
os772v2_WINGR_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os772v2_WINGR_T.bmp07.07.084.00 MB
Os772_COCKPIT_L.bmp08.03.08256.07 kB
Os772_COCKPIT_T.bmp04.18.081.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_FRONT_L.BMP08.06.084.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_FRONT_T.BMP08.11.084.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_MID_L.BMP08.06.084.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_MID_T.BMP08.11.084.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_REAR_L.BMP08.06.084.00 MB
OS772_LFuse_REAR_T.BMP08.11.084.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_FRONT_L.BMP08.06.084.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_FRONT_T.BMP08.11.084.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_MID_L.BMP08.06.084.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_MID_T.BMP08.11.084.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_REAR_L.BMP08.06.084.00 MB
OS772_RFuse_REAR_T.BMP08.11.084.00 MB
Os777CONTAINER_FRONT_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_REAR_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os777CONTAINER_REAR_T.bmp08.06.081.00 MB
OS777GSU1_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
OS777GSU1_T.BMP08.03.081.00 MB
OS777GSU2_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
OS777GSU2_T.BMP08.03.081.00 MB
OS777maintire_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
OS777maintire_T.bmp08.06.0864.07 kB
OS777nosetire_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
OS777nosetire_T.bmp08.06.0864.07 kB
OS777Option.bmp08.03.0816.07 kB
Os777shaft_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
Os777shaft_t.bmp04.11.084.07 kB
OS777V2_LowerCargo_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
OS777V2_LowerCargo_T.BMP08.03.08256.07 kB
os777v2_Parts2_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os777v2_Parts2_T.bmp08.06.084.00 MB
os777v2_Parts_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os777v2_Parts_T.bmp08.06.084.00 MB
OS777_PAXDOORSIDE_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
OS777_PAXDOORSIDE_T.bmp08.03.081.00 MB
Os777_pw4000_Fan_blurred.bmp05.08.08256.07 kB
Os777_pw4000_Fan_Slow.bmp05.08.08256.07 kB
OS777_PW4090_Parts_t.bmp08.10.084.00 MB
Os777_pw4090_t.bmp08.10.084.00 MB
OS777_SPRING_L.BMP03.25.071.07 kB
OS777_SPRING_T.BMP08.03.084.07 kB
os777_VC_010_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_01_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_01_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_02_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_02_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_03_l.bmp07.02.084.00 MB
os777_VC_03_t.bmp07.02.084.00 MB
os777_VC_04_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_04_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
os777_VC_05_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_05_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_06_L.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_06_t.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
os777_VC_07_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_07_t.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_08_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_08_t.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_09_l.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_09_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_VC_10_l.bmp06.30.084.00 MB
os777_VC_10_t.bmp06.09.084.00 MB
os777_WHEEL_L.bmp03.25.071.07 kB
os777_WHEEL_T.bmp08.06.08256.07 kB
Os_wt500e_l.bmp10.22.081.00 MB
Os_wt500e_t.bmp10.21.081.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg08.08.09276.50 kB
vc_01_l.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
vc_02_l.bmp06.26.084.00 MB
UA772-1.jpg08.08.09142.35 kB
UA772-2.jpg08.08.09147.33 kB
UA772-3.jpg08.08.09143.58 kB
UA772-4.jpg08.08.09139.69 kB
XML Gauges08.08.090 B
posky777_glassgauge08.08.090 B
airspeed_acc_arrow.bmp03.04.091.16 kB
airspeed_acc_arrow_mask.bmp03.04.091.17 kB
Airspeed_bug.bmp03.01.091.46 kB
airspeed_hold_numbers_0.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_1.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_2.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_3.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_4.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_5.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_6.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_7.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_8.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_hold_numbers_9.bmp03.01.09196 B
airspeed_indicator.bmp03.18.091.77 kB
airspeed_maximum_bar.bmp03.18.092.19 kB
airspeed_minimum_bar.bmp03.18.092.44 kB
airspeed_numbers_0.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_1.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_2.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_3.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_4.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_5.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_6.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_7.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_8.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_numbers_9.bmp03.18.09200 B
airspeed_number_strip.bmp02.28.0969.47 kB
Airspeed_number_strip5_mask.bmp03.14.0917.22 kB
Airspeed_number_strip_mask.bmp02.28.0913.03 kB
Airspeed_number_strip_ones.bmp03.18.091.60 kB
Airspeed_strip_ones_mask.bmp02.28.09356 B
Altitude_bug.bmp03.01.091.16 kB
altitude_indicator.bmp03.18.092.38 kB
altitude_lai.bmp03.13.0918.27 kB
altitude_numbers_0.bmp03.18.09196 B
altitude_numbers_00.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_1.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_2.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_3.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_4.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_5.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_6.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_7.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_8.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_numbers_9.bmp03.18.09184 B
altitude_number_0.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_00.bmp03.06.09224 B
altitude_number_000.bmp03.12.09224 B
altitude_number_1.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_2.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_3.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_4.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_5.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_6.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_7.bmp03.08.09180 B
altitude_number_8.bmp03.08.09184 B
altitude_number_9.bmp03.08.09232 B
altitude_number_blank.bmp03.07.091.15 kB
Altitude_number_strip.bmp03.18.091.07 MB
Altitude_number_strip_mask.bmp03.01.0915.24 kB
Altitude_strip_tens.bmp03.18.091.91 kB
Altitude_strip_tens_mask.bmp03.01.09524 B
aoa_bg.bmp03.09.092.54 kB
aoa_needle.bmp03.16.091.08 kB
attitude_bank_pointer.bmp02.28.091.27 kB
attitude_bank_slip_skid.bmp02.28.091.15 kB
attitude_card.bmp02.27.09422.67 kB
attitude_card_mask.bmp02.27.0937.03 kB
attitude_fd_bar_pitch.bmp02.28.09316 B
attitude_fd_bar_roll.bmp02.28.09532 B
attitude_plane.bmp02.28.092.68 kB
attitude_roll_card.bmp02.27.09422.55 kB
attitude_roll_card_mask.bmp02.27.0918.65 kB
attitude_roll_ticks.bmp02.27.0910.59 kB
baro_number_0.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_1.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_2.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_3.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_4.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_5.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_6.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_7.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_8.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_9.bmp03.12.09176 B
baro_number_dot.bmp03.13.09668 B
eicacs_flap_bar.bmp03.24.092.00 kB
eicas_degree.bmp03.22.09128 B
eicas_egt.bmp03.23.09252 B
eicas_engine_egt.bmp03.23.097.14 kB
eicas_engine_egt_red.bmp03.23.097.14 kB
eicas_engine_egt_yellow.bmp03.23.097.14 kB
eicas_engine_n1.bmp03.22.097.06 kB
eicas_engine_n1_red.bmp03.22.097.05 kB
eicas_engine_n1_yellow.bmp03.22.097.05 kB
eicas_engine_n2.bmp03.25.097.05 kB
eicas_engine_n2_red.bmp03.25.097.05 kB
eicas_flaps.bmp03.24.09476 B
eicas_flap_15g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_15m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_1g.bmp03.24.09400 B
eicas_flap_1m.bmp03.24.09404 B
eicas_flap_20g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_20m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_25g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_25m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_30g.bmp03.24.09488 B
eicas_flap_30m.bmp03.24.09492 B
eicas_flap_5g.bmp03.24.09400 B
eicas_flap_5m.bmp03.24.09404 B
eicas_flap_backbar.bmp03.24.091.02 kB
eicas_flap_bar_mask.bmp03.24.092.83 kB
eicas_flap_green.bmp03.24.09104 B
eicas_flap_magenta.bmp03.24.09108 B
eicas_flap_up.bmp03.24.09448 B
eicas_gear_down.bmp03.22.091.18 kB
eicas_gear_retract.bmp03.24.091.18 kB
eicas_gray_needle.bmp03.22.095.51 kB
eicas_gray_needle_mask.bmp03.22.091.61 kB
eicas_gray_needle_red.bmp03.22.095.51 kB
eicas_gray_needle_yellow.bmp03.22.095.51 kB
eicas_needle_left.bmp03.25.09180 B
eicas_needle_right.bmp03.25.09180 B
eicas_negative.bmp03.22.09100 B
eicas_positive.bmp03.22.09136 B
eicas_rev_green.bmp03.25.09316 B
eicas_rev_yellow.bmp03.25.09316 B
eicas_tat.bmp03.22.09252 B
eicas_tatbmp.bmp03.22.09252 B
eicas_tat_degree.bmp03.22.09152 B
eicas_times1000.bmp03.22.09628 B
eicas_to.bmp03.22.09272 B
fltdir.bmp03.18.092.22 kB
heading_h.bmp03.14.09128 B
indicator_back.bmp02.28.095.89 kB
mach_number_dot.bmp03.14.09100 B
mach_number_dot_red.bmp03.22.09100 B
mach_number_dot_yellow.bmp03.22.09100 B
mask.bmp03.18.09904 B
mfd_airplane.bmp03.17.09816 B
nd.xml03.26.0943.63 kB
nd_arc.bmp03.19.09288.30 kB
nd_arc_mask.bmp03.18.09156.34 kB
nd_arc_top_mask.bmp03.18.0951.65 kB
nd_degree_dot.bmp03.20.09108 B
nd_gps.bmp03.21.09220 B
nd_gps_range_20.bmp03.21.09224 B
nd_gs.bmp03.20.09188 B
nd_heading_pointer.bmp03.20.09420 B
nd_tas.bmp03.20.09252 B
nd_track_bar.bmp03.20.092.29 kB
nd_track_box.bmp03.23.092.17 kB
PFD.xml03.25.0968.10 kB
pfd_glideslope_background.bmp03.13.091.92 kB
pfd_gs_needle_filled.bmp03.13.09356 B
pfd_heading_card.bmp03.18.0964.32 kB
pfd_heading_card_bug.bmp03.23.09276 B
pfd_heading_card_mag.bmp03.08.09296 B
pfd_heading_card_mask.bmp03.18.094.12 kB
pfd_heading_card_pointer.bmp03.08.09308 B
pfd_localizer_background.bmp03.13.091.96 kB
pfd_localizer_needle_filled.bmp03.13.09372 B
pfd_omi_i.bmp03.18.09600 B
pfd_omi_m.bmp03.18.09600 B
pfd_omi_o.bmp03.18.09596 B
pfd_trk_bar.bmp03.09.09908 B
posky777_eicas2_back.bmp03.25.09157.30 kB
posky777_eicas_back.bmp03.23.09156.35 kB
posky777_nd_back.bmp03.18.09156.34 kB
posky777_pfd_back.bmp02.27.09156.34 kB
posky_eicas1.xml03.25.09108.96 kB
posky_eicas2.xml03.25.0972.73 kB
radioheight_background.bmp03.18.09908 B
red_numbers_0.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_1.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_2.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_3.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_4.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_5.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_6.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_7.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_8.bmp03.22.09196 B
red_numbers_9.bmp03.22.09196 B
Thumbs.db03.25.09232.06 kB
vertical_speed_background.bmp03.06.096.07 kB
vertical_speed_bug.bmp03.06.09132 B
vertical_speed_needle.bmp03.06.09316 B
vertical_speed_needle_mask.bmp03.18.091.31 kB
wind_vector.bmp03.20.09472 B
yellow_numbers_0.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_1.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_2.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_3.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_4.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_5.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_6.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_7.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_8.bmp03.22.09196 B
yellow_numbers_9.bmp03.22.09196 B
United 77708.08.090 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


I’m always a fan of hopping into the cockpit of something new, something a bit more radical than the usual choices that you might decide to go with. However, like anyone else, I find myself constantly second guessing my decisions and always trying to come up with something a bit more diverse than what I would be used to – most simulation fans I know are the same; we’re never happy with what we have!

However, this clamour for extra class has in turn created a modding community that even the biggest video games out there would struggle to match for quality and class.

Take this remake of the popular Boeing 777-200, flown for United Airlines. It’s a classic aircraft model that has been used many times over throughout the world, and is a big hit with flight simulation fans who want to see something a little bit different compared to the norm. The first thing I noticed upon entry of the cockpit, though, was the incredible attention to detail and the stunning accuracy within the design.

I’ve taken a lot of time to study and look at this aircraft in the past for various reasons, so I had a good idea of what to look out for in terms of the style and the overall quality that you would expect to see from such an aircraft.

However, the first thing I really wanted to take note of – and really note it – was the accuracy in the flight dynamics. It’s always important to have an aircraft that is more than just the looks and the badge; this actually carries the same pros (and cons) of the real aircraft, more or less down to 100% accuracy. The creators of this mod took a lot of time to test and study every last detail of this aircraft, ensuring that it would fly at the same level of accuracy as you would have been expecting.

I always wanted to try out this aircraft with the virtual cockpit managed correctly; as it’s quite hard to do I’m led to believe. This makes an excellent job of doing just that, giving the aircraft all the help needed to really come to life and feel just like it’s real-life counterpart.

Whilst for some this might lead to a rather challenging starting point in terms of getting used to how it flies and how it operates in general, you will typically find that this aircraft maintains a high level of stability throughout the flight once you get used to its nature and style.

With so many other nice little configurations allows along the way to get you an aircraft that feels right and performs to the correct standard and level of efficiency, you can feel comfortable flying this thing safe in the knowledge that it’s about as clear a representative of the real thing as you will find without having to part with any money.

Value is important, and this mod provides you with massive amounts of it. 

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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therainygamerSun, 15 Mar 2020 10:16:55 GMT

Followed all the steps to the point and also used the advice of others but was sadly unable to get the mod to even show up in the aircraft selection

Allmen KeatonMon, 18 Feb 2019 10:58:45 GMT

Hey awesome airplane but there is a problem, the panel doesn’t work (all is black. I have flowed the readme instructions) so to resolve that problem I downloaded an other 777 (orbit airlines) (it has its own glitches) and I took the panel folder (panel.VC) of the orbit plane. I replaced the United airlines panel folder (panel) with the orbit folder. Then I renamed the “panel.VC” to “panel“. I hop I was clear, and don’t forget to read the orbit airlines readme document ;)

jpop8807Wed, 22 Aug 2018 19:32:18 GMT

Ya I suffered from retardation. I also didn't follow everything to a T a first. You need to move the 737.gau folder into the gauges folder then magic everything works. Great download great airplane opensky makes really good products.

armengoTue, 03 Jul 2018 12:17:00 GMT

i apply all the instructions but the aircraft its perfect i just need a help to activate the throttle and the screens i cant see any plz help

KevinTue, 22 Nov 2016 14:38:22 GMT

One of those good ones. Sounds are nice although the panels don't work

NoobTue, 27 Oct 2015 06:34:11 GMT

Read the "Readme" that is full of caps. Follow the instructions, moving said documents in to said folders. All the gauges work fine, as well as the autopilot after following those instructions. There are a lot of buttons that cant be used in the VC that would be useful among other bugs. I deleted it after a test flight, but it wasn't the worst I've flown.

AndrewMon, 20 Apr 2015 21:53:48 GMT

Does anyone know where to find a working panel for this plane?

rapeursonSat, 07 Mar 2015 18:10:22 GMT

wth man the autopilot controls dont work u cant adjust the headingn speed or altitude its just blank, what kind of plane is this

RajSat, 13 Dec 2014 03:08:08 GMT

Please make a only cockpit model of b777 for skyspirit plane model,which works with high frame rate.

45563Sun, 29 Jan 2012 20:58:46 GMT

I don't have panels! Can I have some help? At least i have a 777!

bozeSun, 22 Jan 2012 19:00:54 GMT

No complaints except for the panels... Expect a few bugs but I appreciate your efforts. WIll find panels and download to fix. Thanks!!

tonyuk100Thu, 17 Mar 2011 16:09:21 GMT
it looks cool and good to fly with
wapnerFri, 04 Feb 2011 06:08:22 GMT
Please tell us how to download the cockpit gages and everything else in the cockpit that isnt working. This would be an awesome game but it is unplayable due to the stuff not working.
bumFluffThu, 04 Nov 2010 11:47:40 GMT
this is the best airliner i have EVER downloaded! great VC and awsome sounds! even better if it had wing veiws. 10/10 :)
jbealeSun, 24 Oct 2010 21:28:36 GMT
VERY nice (and loud) i like the sound, just like the real thing. At first there was a jetway attached to it.....IN FLIGHT
bonemanWed, 05 May 2010 19:03:37 GMT
Waste of a download, unflyable because nothing works in cockpit!
lilhawk624Wed, 20 Jan 2010 02:07:56 GMT
Probably the best, most impressive plane I've ever installed into my simulator. Very detailed, included VC. Only one probably, NON of the panel gauges work, on the 2D or 3D. Good luck
captryanMon, 18 Jan 2010 21:04:18 GMT
best plane I have. Nice sound. but pannel doesn't work for me.

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