FS2004 Mil MI-24V Hind E

PreviewFS2004 Mil MI-24V Hind E. Deadly looking, and just as lethal, the Mil MI-24 series of Helicopter Gunships are perfect Cold War images of the Soviet concept of a "Flying APC" Armed with AT Missles, Rockets and Cannon, and capable of transporting 8 Troops in its cabin. Caused much concern in the ...

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FS2004 Mil MI-24V Hind E. Deadly looking, and just as lethal, the Mil MI-24 series of Helicopter Gunships are perfect Cold War images of the Soviet concept of a "Flying APC" Armed with AT Missles, Rockets and Cannon, and capable of transporting 8 Troops in its cabin. Caused much concern in the West, where there was no counterpart, and given the NATO code-name "Hind" This FS9 model has multiple paint schemes, lots of ani's, VC, some "custom" gauges and working gear.

Mil MI-24V Hind E

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The archive mi-24v.zip has 69 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
GaugeSound.dll05.01.0340.00 kB
gauges11.11.040 B
readme.txt01.02.054.15 kB
file_id.diz01.01.05471 B
fx_vclight_yellow.fx12.16.031.31 kB
mi24_pic.jpg01.02.05114.68 kB
MI-24V01.02.050 B
mi24_airspeed.gau12.30.0438.00 kB
mi24_format_lgt.gau12.30.0457.50 kB
mi24_fuel.gau12.30.0438.50 kB
mi24_fuel_psi_gen.gau12.30.04128.00 kB
mi24_gas_producer.gau12.30.04128.00 kB
mi24_oil.gau12.30.04128.50 kB
mi24_pod_doors.gau12.30.0457.50 kB
mi24_poddoor_ind.gau12.30.0435.50 kB
mi24_rotor.gau12.30.04102.50 kB
mi24_temp.gau04.17.0116.50 kB
mi24_torque.gau12.30.04123.00 kB
mi24_transmission.gau12.30.04128.00 kB
mi24_turb_temp.gau12.30.04122.00 kB
h295_vor_02.gau11.08.04241.50 kB
l29_altimeter.gau10.01.0453.00 kB
l29_amps.gau10.03.0438.00 kB
l29_attitude.gau09.29.04352.00 kB
l29_hyd_press.gau10.04.0438.50 kB
l29_rdr_alt.gau10.13.0438.50 kB
l29_sight.gau10.10.0481.00 kB
l29_sight_swch.gau10.10.04110.50 kB
l29_vert_speed.gau10.01.0438.00 kB
l29_vor_01.gau10.01.04243.50 kB
t33_nav_light.gau04.05.0457.50 kB
t33_panel_light.gau04.05.0457.50 kB
t33_pitot_heat.gau04.05.0457.50 kB
t33_battery.gau04.05.0457.50 kB
t33_beacon.gau04.05.0457.50 kB
t33_land_light.gau04.05.0457.50 kB
l29_adf_slaved.gau10.01.04242.00 kB
t33_gen.gau04.10.0457.50 kB
t33_auto_start.gau04.11.0457.50 kB
l29_turn_ind.gau10.01.0441.00 kB
mi24_gear.gau01.02.05129.00 kB
Aircraft.cfg01.04.057.04 kB
MI-24V.air06.12.034.89 kB
texture.ddr01.02.050 B
texture.un01.02.050 B
texture01.02.050 B
panel01.02.050 B
sound01.02.050 B
model01.02.050 B
mi24v_01.bmp01.01.054.00 MB
mi24v_02.bmp01.01.054.00 MB
mi24v_01.bmp12.30.044.00 MB
mi24v_02.bmp12.30.044.00 MB
mi24v_01.bmp12.29.044.00 MB
mi24v_02.bmp12.30.044.00 MB
mi24_m_rotor.bmp12.29.0464.07 kB
mi24_t_rotor.bmp12.23.0464.07 kB
mi24v_glass.bmp12.27.0464.07 kB
mi24_aircrew.bmp12.26.04256.07 kB
panel.cfg01.02.057.76 kB
Thumbs.db10.11.0419.00 kB
mi24v_r_con.bmp12.30.04333.16 kB
mi24v_l_con.bmp12.30.04300.64 kB
mi24v_panel.bmp12.30.042.25 MB
Sound.cfg12.12.0432 B
Model.cfg12.14.0425 B
MI-24V.mdl01.02.051.14 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


The Hind E is a helicopter that I have a lot of knowledge about thanks to my (excessive) use of video games over the years. This remake of the Hind for FS2004 was very impressive and gave me a chance to finally fly one of my most beloved military models for a change. I’m not big on military hardware but I’ve always made an exception for the Hind range purely because they are so immensely functional and can perform jobs that I wish every other chopper was capable of.

Preview screenshot

The thing that introduced me to the idea of using this particular gunship was the introduction of the military firepower that it brings to the table. It makes use of AT missiles, rockets and cannons to give you a pretty impressive range of artillery to scar the world with. It’s capable of transporting up to eight troops in the cabin, too, which looks very cool and adds another neat little feature to the mod.

Design Elements

This remake of the Hind, then, is very well designed. From the color to the placing and frequency of the camouflage spots this looks excellent when being flown thanks to the way that it handles itself in the skies. It’s excellent in terms of cosmetic looks and designs but it also comes with a fully working VC with custom gauges and working gears to make the operation as impressive as the design.

At one stage the Hind was more or less peerless in the Western world and you can see why when you fly this monstrosity through the skies. It can make mincemeat of just about anything that you come across in the world and it also offers an effective solution for quick and agile maneuverability. In short, this is a mod that really makes you feel as if you are using a piece of high-end military hardware as it drives home the impressive nature of hardware of this nature.

Not sure what you would expect to find when flying something like this? Then I recommend that you try this mod out. The dynamics are spot on, the scale is just right and the level of performance that it produces is very much worth keeping an eye on.

Not only is this a chopper that takes no prisoners and makes no qualms about being that way, this feels like an exceptionally easy to handle piece of hardware. I would be more than happy to use this again in the future and would make it an easy choice for anyone who thinks as much of the Hind as I do!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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