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An update of the Vladimir Zhyhulskiy heavy Soviet transport helicopter. Adds the Zibom MI6 2D panel with the gauges from Zhyhulskiy's An-12Bk and An-26. Also replaces the sound with Kazunori Ito's MI-12 Homer sound set. No VC panel. By Michael E. Roberts.

Screenshot of il Mi-6 Hook on the ground.

Screenshot of il Mi-6 Hook on the ground.

Crew: 5, passengers: 65,
Power(force) installation: 2 x GDT '-25'
Of the Perm factory by capacity on 4045 kWt,
Diameter of the bearing(carrying) screw: 35.0 m,
Length with rotating screws: 41.74 m,
Height: 9.16', width Fuselage : 3.2 m,
Take-off weight: 42500kg,
Weight empty: 27240kg,
Maximal speed: 300 km/h,
Main speed: 250 km/h,
Seedweight: 6.5m/with,
Dynamic ceiling: 4500m,
Static ceiling: 1000m,
Range of flight with loading 8t: 620km,
Range: 1450km,
Useful loading: 12000kg

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Mil Mi-6 Hook09.25.120 B
AIRCRAFT.CFG09.25.129.11 kB
avsim.diz09.24.12360 B
FileID.txt09.24.12332 B
FSX_Mil_Mi-6_Hook.gif09.25.12369.60 kB
Hook Panel.gif09.25.12441.68 kB
Mi6A.air09.24.125.06 kB
mi6aSCR1.gif09.24.1231.65 kB
mi6aSCR2.gif09.24.1243.95 kB
model09.25.120 B
Mi6A.mdl09.24.122.11 MB
model.cfg09.24.1223 B
Panel09.25.120 B
AN-32.cab07.13.12720.45 kB
An12zh.cab09.16.121.63 MB
An26zh.cab09.14.121.08 MB
Bell_compass.BMP05.12.0696.42 kB
Collective_1024.bmp09.24.1233.20 kB
Collective_640.bmp09.24.1214.38 kB
Main.BMP09.24.12769.05 kB
Mi6_4.jpg09.24.12167.77 kB
Panel.cfg09.25.122.98 kB
panel_pic.jpg09.24.12201.79 kB
Thumbs.db09.24.1227.00 kB
Readme.txt09.24.121.79 kB
ReadmeRU.txt09.24.121.47 kB
sound09.25.120 B
CH47EX.WAV04.11.12951.28 kB
CH47IN.WAV04.11.12718.48 kB
mer1.wav04.11.12265.01 kB
mergeardn.wav04.11.12309.12 kB
mergearup.wav04.11.12311.11 kB
mertc.wav04.11.1222.71 kB
mertl.wav04.11.1225.24 kB
mertr.wav04.11.1218.30 kB
Sound.cfg04.11.12866 B
xmer1.wav04.11.121.35 MB
xmertc.wav04.11.1222.71 kB
Xmertl.wav04.11.1222.71 kB
xmertr.wav04.11.1222.71 kB
texture09.25.120 B
texture.ua09.25.120 B
Mi6a_DC.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS1.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS2.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS3.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS4.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS5.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_WNG.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_ZiP.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg09.24.1240.74 kB
Mi6a_DC.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS1.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS2.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS3.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS4.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_FS5.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_WNG.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
Mi6a_ZiP.bmp09.24.1265.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg09.24.1222.23 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Having been looking for a fun new helicopter to mess around with in FSX, I came across this MI-6 remake. Not only is it a deftly created and exciting looking model, but the MI-6 has been improved in performance, too. Having picked the mod up to see just how authentic this recreation was, I have to say that I was hugely impressed.

The creator of this mod, Michael Roberts, has done a great job in making this feel as realistic as possible. It makes use of the genuine Zibom MI-6 panels with new gauges from the AN-26 used, also. Together, this makes a really interesting image and one that ensures my flights can feel fun and far more realistic.

Excellent New Effects

First things first, the detail in the model is absolutely brilliant. The designer has done a great job in adding in all of the little features that help models come to life. From the development of high resolution textures that covers the outside perfectly to the new cockpit, this looks great. The attention to detail and overall quality of work that has been implemented is easy to appreciate once you step foot in the cockpit and fly.

However, one thing I did notice as well about the new effects was the new sounds. Sound plays a big role in adding another bit of genuine realism to a flight simulation, for me. Well, with this remake, it adds a nice touch that really goes the extra mile. Now, the sounds that you hear are going to be close to what you would have heard from the real thing.

This makes sure that you are going to get all the help that you need in the long-term for really buying into each flight. Now, when I fly this mod, it stays feeling realistic. No flight feels dull or hollow as this goes a long way to offering a solution. The sound, the image and the overall design all go a long way to making this a flight worth remembering.

But, what about the actual flight performance? How does it fly?

New Flight Dynamics

This mod does a lot for the design and the overall look and feel, but it changes performance too. When flying around with this model I quickly noticed how it felt accurate and in scale from the right height and width to the speeds that it was capable of hitting.

Flying around at 300km/h in a helicopter is a lot of fun, I’ll say that!

Indeed, this goes a long way to making sure that you can enjoy a fast flight from the comfort of your helicopter. It makes transporting yourself around the skies nice and easy without slowing down. I was able to reach heights of about 4,500m too which was a nice touch.

All in all, this goes a long way to offering a fresh and exciting new way to fly a proper helicopter aircraft. With all the little touches coming alongside the major stuff, this is an add-on well worth having.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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The download Seems like very good. I hope its works in my FSX DeLuxe... Excellent Site, Yes, sr.

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