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FSX Native Boeing 727-200 Advanced

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Native Boeing 727-200 Advanced. B727-200 ADV model for FSX only. Comes with 2D panel plus virtual cockpit in two liveries. New VC models plus pax and freighter externals. Needs SP1 or SP2. All models are multiplayer compatible by default. Includes also lots of updates for the 727-100/200 package. By Thomas Ruth.

Native Boeing 727-200 in flight.

Native Boeing 727-200 in flight.

1) unzip folder to a suitable folder, your desktop for example.
2) Move the tom727200 folder as it is into your FSX\Gauges subfolder.
3) Move the Tom_B727-200ADV folder as it is into your
FSX\Simobjects\Aircrafts folder.
4) Copy all files from the lighteffects folder into your FSX\Effects folder.
5) Copy the one file from the lighteffects\texture folder into your FSX\Effects\texture folder.
6) If you only have FSX Service Pack 1, copy all files from the \UPDATES\gauges_for_FSX_SP1_only
folder into your FSX\Gauges\tom727200 folder. SKIP STEP 6 IF YOU HAVE SP2 INSTRALLED!

The UPDATES folder contains the following goodies:

1) INS and VC mdls for the 727-100 Version

2) XM gauges for Service Pack 1 users who have problems
with missing gauges in the 2D panel and the virtual cockpit.

3) Alternative panel.cfg´s for people who want to add
working INS or FMC gauges into the model. THE GAUGES ARE

4) 727-100 external models with fixed navlight positions.
The 727-200ADV external models are 100% compatible with
the -200 external models of my oder package.


by Thomas Ruth

My special thanks go to:

The crew from Project Airbus for giving me their models for FSX and MP conversion.
The crew from Impact Records and Future Computer for giving me Computer Parts for free.
Lukas Bayerl
Evan and Jon from virtual aviation and Eduardo Peres
Alex from Lufthansa
Jon from Aircraft Repaints New Zealand
Patrick (Putt4eagle)
and of course many people who helped me in forums like
avsim, flightsim, posky (farewell), and all the others..

View from the cockpit of Native Boeing 727-200.

View from the cockpit of Native Boeing 727-200.


Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

The archive has 717 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
tom7272b.jpg02.24.1153.06 kB
tom7272c.jpg02.24.11118.95 kB
tom7272.gif02.24.117.92 kB
vc.gif02.24.1113.62 kB
fx_727engsmoke.fx08.24.101.07 kB
fx_727engsmoke2.fx08.24.101.08 kB
fx_727land.fx09.29.081.22 kB
fx_727land2.fx07.11.083.01 kB
fx_727logo.fx11.11.081.21 kB
texture02.20.110 B
fx_727tom1.bmp08.24.104.07 kB
adfvor.xml11.01.107.17 kB
adfvor_arrows.bmp11.01.1093.39 kB
adfvor_arrows_night.bmp11.30.1093.39 kB
adfvor_back.bmp11.01.10127.00 kB
adfvor_back_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
adfvor_compass.bmp11.01.1094.45 kB
adfvor_compass_night.bmp11.30.1094.45 kB
adfvor_knob1.bmp11.01.103.92 kB
adfvor_knob1_night.bmp11.30.103.92 kB
adfvor_knob2.bmp11.01.104.09 kB
adfvor_knob2_night.bmp11.30.104.09 kB
adfvor_needle1.bmp11.01.105.38 kB
adfvor_needle1_night.bmp11.30.105.38 kB
adfvor_needle2.bmp11.01.109.12 kB
adfvor_needle2_night.bmp11.30.109.12 kB
altimeter.xml11.04.106.13 kB
altimeter_back.bmp10.31.10127.00 kB
altimeter_baro.bmp11.01.1011.16 kB
altimeter_baro_mask.bmp11.01.102.50 kB
altimeter_baro_night.bmp11.30.1026.99 kB
altimeter_n100.bmp10.31.103.30 kB
altimeter_n100_night.bmp11.30.103.30 kB
altimeter_n1000.bmp10.31.103.86 kB
altimeter_n1000_night.bmp11.30.103.86 kB
altimeter_n10000.bmp10.31.105.15 kB
altimeter_n10000_night.bmp11.30.105.15 kB
altimeter_range.bmp10.31.106.63 kB
altimeter_range_night.bmp11.30.106.63 kB
altimeter_scale.bmp11.01.10127.00 kB
altimeter_scale_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
altimeter_stby.bmp10.31.101.52 kB
altimeter_stby_night.bmp11.30.101.52 kB
asi.xml11.05.109.94 kB
asi_back.bmp11.02.10127.00 kB
asi_back_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
asi_button.bmp10.31.102.75 kB
asi_button_night.bmp11.30.102.75 kB
asi_knotscale.bmp10.31.10127.00 kB
asi_knotscale_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
asi_machscale.bmp11.02.1087.91 kB
asi_machscale_night.bmp11.30.1087.91 kB
asi_needle.bmp10.31.1012.83 kB
asi_needle_night.bmp11.30.1012.83 kB
asi_overspeed.bmp10.31.101.52 kB
asi_overspeed_night.bmp11.30.101.52 kB
asi_smallbugs.bmp10.31.10127.00 kB
asi_smallbugs_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
asi_speebug.bmp10.31.102.21 kB
asi_speebug_night.bmp11.30.102.21 kB
attitude.xml11.06.1013.76 kB
attitude_aircraft.bmp11.05.1017.61 kB
attitude_aircraft_night.bmp11.30.1017.61 kB
attitude_back.bmp11.05.10257.52 kB
attitude_back_night.bmp11.30.10257.52 kB
attitude_commpitch.bmp11.06.104.17 kB
attitude_commpitch_night.bmp11.30.104.17 kB
attitude_commroll.bmp11.06.1012.97 kB
attitude_commroll_night.bmp11.30.1012.97 kB
attitude_dh.bmp11.05.102.27 kB
attitude_failatt.bmp11.05.1014.78 kB
attitude_failatt_night.bmp11.30.1014.78 kB
attitude_failfd.bmp11.05.1011.21 kB
attitude_failfd_night.bmp11.30.1011.21 kB
attitude_failgs.bmp11.05.105.84 kB
attitude_failgs_night.bmp11.30.105.84 kB
attitude_front.bmp11.06.10257.52 kB
attitude_front_night.bmp11.30.10257.52 kB
attitude_ga.bmp11.05.101.74 kB
attitude_gnobturn.bmp11.05.106.16 kB
attitude_gnobturn_night.bmp11.30.106.16 kB
attitude_gsind.bmp11.05.10980 B
attitude_gsind_night.bmp11.30.10980 B
attitude_locind.bmp11.05.10784 B
attitude_locind_night.bmp11.30.10784 B
attitude_radaralt.bmp11.05.104.18 kB
attitude_radaralt_night.bmp11.30.104.18 kB
attitude_rollind.bmp11.05.10115.30 kB
attitude_rollind_night.bmp11.30.10115.30 kB
attitude_shadow.bmp11.05.1087.70 kB
attitude_speedind.bmp11.05.10272 B
attitude_speedind_night.bmp11.30.10272 B
attitude_strip.bmp11.05.10161.96 kB
attitude_strip_mask.bmp11.05.10115.30 kB
attitude_strip_night.bmp11.30.10161.96 kB
attitude_turncoord.bmp11.06.101.73 kB
attitude_turncoord_night.bmp11.30.101.73 kB
autopilot.xml01.11.1113.94 kB
button_ap1.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap1_night.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap2.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap2_night.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap3.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap3_night.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap4.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
button_ap4_night.bmp12.09.1014.55 kB
clock.xml10.31.108.25 kB
clock_back.bmp10.31.10127.00 kB
clock_back_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
clock_hours.bmp10.31.103.29 kB
clock_hours_night.bmp11.30.103.29 kB
clock_minutes.bmp10.31.104.32 kB
clock_minutes_night.bmp11.30.104.32 kB
clock_seconds.bmp10.31.105.40 kB
clock_seconds_night.bmp11.30.105.40 kB
clock_wind.bmp10.31.102.35 kB
clock_wind_night.bmp11.30.102.35 kB
controlsurf.xml10.31.102.66 kB
controlsurf_aill.bmp10.30.10716 B
controlsurf_aill_night.bmp11.30.10716 B
controlsurf_ailr.bmp10.30.10760 B
controlsurf_ailr_night.bmp11.30.10760 B
controlsurf_back.bmp10.30.10127.00 kB
controlsurf_back_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
controlsurf_rudd.bmp10.30.101.03 kB
controlsurf_rudd_night.bmp11.30.101.03 kB
controlsurf_yd.bmp10.30.108.26 kB
dme_back.bmp11.06.108.10 kB
dme_back_night.bmp11.30.108.10 kB
dme1.xml11.06.101.07 kB
dme2.xml11.06.101.07 kB
elecloadneedle.bmp07.08.10504 B
elecloadneedle_night.bmp07.08.10504 B
eng_bleed.xml12.29.1018.73 kB
eng_egt_back.bmp10.26.1048.05 kB
eng_egt_back_night.bmp11.30.1048.05 kB
eng_egt_needle.bmp10.26.109.76 kB
eng_egt_needle_night.bmp11.30.109.76 kB
eng_egt01.xml10.26.102.05 kB
eng_egt02.xml10.26.102.05 kB
eng_egt03.xml10.26.102.05 kB
eng_elec.xml12.28.1015.76 kB
eng_epr_back.bmp10.26.1064.66 kB
eng_epr_back_night.bmp11.30.1064.66 kB
eng_epr_button.bmp10.26.102.96 kB
eng_epr_button_night.bmp11.30.102.96 kB
eng_epr_marker.bmp10.27.107.28 kB
eng_epr_marker_night.bmp11.30.107.28 kB
eng_epr_needle.bmp10.26.106.89 kB
eng_epr_needle_night.bmp11.30.106.89 kB
eng_epr01.xml11.04.106.06 kB
eng_epr02.xml11.04.106.06 kB
eng_epr03.xml11.04.106.06 kB
eng_fuel.xml12.27.1036.48 kB
eng_fuelflow_back.bmp10.25.1048.05 kB
eng_fuelflow_back_night.bmp11.30.1048.05 kB
eng_fuelflow_needle.bmp10.25.107.85 kB
eng_fuelflow_needle_night.bmp11.30.107.85 kB
eng_fuelflow01.xml10.26.101.92 kB
eng_fuelflow02.xml10.26.101.92 kB
eng_fuelflow03.xml10.26.101.92 kB
eng_hyd.xml12.28.1011.01 kB
eng_hydneedle1.bmp12.28.101.87 kB
eng_n1_back.bmp10.26.1048.05 kB
eng_n1_back_night.bmp11.30.1048.05 kB
eng_n1_needle.bmp10.26.106.70 kB
eng_n1_needle_night.bmp11.30.106.70 kB
eng_n101.xml10.26.102.50 kB
eng_n102.xml10.26.102.50 kB
eng_n103.xml10.26.102.50 kB
eng_n2_back.bmp10.26.1048.05 kB
eng_n2_back_night.bmp11.30.1048.05 kB
eng_n2_needle.bmp10.26.105.70 kB
eng_n2_needle_night.bmp11.30.105.70 kB
eng_n201.xml10.26.102.50 kB
eng_n202.xml10.26.102.50 kB
eng_n203.xml10.26.102.50 kB
eng_nsmall_needle.bmp10.26.10440 B
eng_nsmall_needle_night.bmp11.30.10440 B
eng_sys.xml01.01.1115.92 kB
flapsind.xml10.27.104.61 kB
flapsind_back.bmp10.27.1048.05 kB
flapsind_back_night.bmp11.30.1048.05 kB
flapsind_needlel.bmp10.27.103.18 kB
flapsind_needlel_night.bmp11.30.103.18 kB
flapsind_needler.bmp10.27.103.18 kB
flapsind_needler_night.bmp11.30.103.18 kB
fmc_dummy.xml02.18.11630 B
fmc_dummyback.bmp02.18.11378.93 kB
fmc_dummyback_night.bmp02.18.11378.93 kB
fuel_needle.bmp12.27.101.67 kB
hsi.xml11.04.1011.73 kB
hsi_aircraft.bmp11.03.103.99 kB
hsi_aircraft_night.bmp11.30.103.99 kB
hsi_back.bmp11.04.10187.83 kB
hsi_back_night.bmp12.08.10187.83 kB
hsi_compass_in.bmp11.04.1050.71 kB
hsi_compass_in_night.bmp12.08.1050.71 kB
hsi_compass_out.bmp11.03.1094.98 kB
hsi_compass_out_night.bmp12.08.1094.98 kB
hsi_flag_from.bmp11.03.101.24 kB
hsi_flag_from_night.bmp12.08.101.24 kB
hsi_flag_to.bmp11.03.101.24 kB
hsi_flag_to_night.bmp12.08.101.24 kB
hsi_gnobleft.bmp11.03.103.75 kB
hsi_gnobleft_night.bmp12.08.103.75 kB
hsi_gnobright.bmp11.03.104.10 kB
hsi_gnobright_night.bmp12.08.104.10 kB
hsi_gs.bmp11.04.101.09 kB
hsi_gs_night.bmp12.08.101.09 kB
hsi_navoff.bmp11.04.101.07 kB
hsi_needle.bmp11.03.101.26 kB
hsi_needle_night.bmp12.08.101.26 kB
hsi_off.bmp11.04.104.95 kB
hsi_off_night.bmp12.08.104.95 kB
hsi_pointer.bmp11.03.10680 B
hsi_pointer_night.bmp12.08.10680 B
Icon_sys1.bmp02.03.111.17 kB
Icon_sys1_night.bmp02.03.111.17 kB
ins_dummy.xml02.15.11630 B
ins_dummyback.bmp02.18.11502.83 kB
ins_dummyback_night.bmp02.18.11502.83 kB
lamp_apufire.bmp12.28.102.24 kB
lamp_door1.bmp12.28.102.16 kB
lamp_door2.bmp12.28.108.15 kB
lamp_door3.bmp12.28.102.16 kB
lamp_door4.bmp01.01.112.51 kB
lamp_lgear.bmp12.28.101.88 kB
lamp_ngear.bmp12.28.102.52 kB
lamp_quadON.bmp12.29.101.81 kB
lamp_rearstair.bmp12.28.102.31 kB
lamp_red.bmp11.29.104.10 kB
lamp_red_night.bmp12.08.104.10 kB
lamp_redON.bmp11.29.104.10 kB
lamp_redsmallON.bmp12.10.101.17 kB
lamp_rgear.bmp12.28.101.88 kB
lamp_tailstrike.bmp12.28.102.11 kB
lever_gear.bmp12.07.102.90 kB
lever_gear.xml12.07.101.46 kB
lever_gear_night.bmp12.08.102.90 kB
lever_gear1.bmp12.10.103.45 kB
lever_gear1_night.bmp12.10.103.45 kB
lever_gear2.bmp12.10.103.45 kB
lever_gear2_night.bmp12.10.103.45 kB
lever_gear3.bmp12.10.103.45 kB
lever_gear3_night.bmp12.10.103.45 kB
lever_gearflap.bmp12.10.105.04 kB
lever_gearflap_night.bmp12.10.105.04 kB
lever_gearfriction.bmp12.10.104.01 kB
lever_gearfriction_night.bmp12.10.104.01 kB
lever_gearfuel.bmp12.10.101.55 kB
lever_gearfuel_night.bmp12.10.101.55 kB
lever_gearspoiler.bmp12.10.106.76 kB
lever_gearspoiler_night.bmp12.10.106.76 kB
lever_geartrimind.bmp12.10.101.13 kB
lever_geartrimind_night.bmp12.10.101.13 kB
needle_apu1.bmp12.28.102.02 kB
needle_apu2.bmp12.28.102.29 kB
needle_psi.bmp12.28.102.29 kB
needle_qtytmp.bmp12.28.101.98 kB
needle_vib.bmp12.28.102.29 kB
ohead_askid.xml12.03.10919 B
ohead_ice.xml12.03.102.84 kB
ohead_iceDEICE2D.xml12.08.10796 B
ohead_iceENG12D.xml12.08.10801 B
ohead_iceENG22D.xml12.08.10801 B
ohead_iceENG32D.xml12.08.10801 B
ohead_iceSTRUCT2D.xml12.08.10793 B
ohead_pitot.xml12.03.10901 B
ohead_window.xml12.08.101.28 kB
ohead_windowGR2D.xml12.08.10793 B
ohead_windowOR2D.xml12.08.10792 B
oheadlamp_askid.bmp12.03.101.37 kB
oheadlamp_askid_night.bmp12.03.101.37 kB
oheadlamp_askidON.bmp12.03.101.37 kB
oheadlamp_double.bmp12.03.103.20 kB
oheadlamp_double_night.bmp12.03.103.20 kB
oheadlamp_green.bmp12.03.101.67 kB
oheadlamp_green_night.bmp12.03.101.67 kB
oheadlamp_greenON.bmp12.03.101.67 kB
oheadlamp_red.bmp12.03.101.67 kB
oheadlamp_red_night.bmp12.03.101.67 kB
oheadlamp_redon.bmp12.03.101.67 kB
oheadlamp_six.bmp12.03.109.40 kB
oheadlamp_six_night.bmp12.03.109.40 kB
omi.xml11.06.101.69 kB
omi_back.bmp11.06.1021.23 kB
omi_back_night.bmp12.08.1021.23 kB
omi_inner.bmp11.06.105.86 kB
omi_middle.bmp11.06.106.34 kB
omi_outer.bmp11.06.106.10 kB
panelclose.bmp12.08.101.60 kB
panelclose_night.bmp12.08.101.60 kB
panelclose_overhead.xml12.08.101.19 kB
pedestal.xml12.10.1017.37 kB
pneumaticbrake.bmp12.07.1078.37 kB
pneumaticbrake_night.bmp12.08.1078.37 kB
pneumaticbrake90.bmp12.07.1078.37 kB
pneumaticbrake90_night.bmp12.08.1078.37 kB
radio2D.xml12.08.1022.36 kB
radioalt.xml10.31.106.90 kB
radioalt_back.bmp10.31.10127.00 kB
radioalt_back_night.bmp12.08.10127.00 kB
radioalt_block.bmp10.31.108.35 kB
radioalt_block_night.bmp12.08.108.35 kB
radioalt_button.bmp10.31.101.91 kB
radioalt_button_night.bmp12.08.101.91 kB
radioalt_dh.bmp10.31.101008 B
radioalt_dh_night.bmp12.08.101008 B
radioalt_failflag.bmp10.31.104.65 kB
radioalt_failflag_night.bmp11.30.104.65 kB
radioalt_needle.bmp10.31.105.43 kB
radioalt_needle_night.bmp11.30.105.43 kB
radioinicator.bmp11.29.104.38 kB
radioinicator_night.bmp12.08.104.38 kB
radioinicatorADF1.xml11.29.101.00 kB
radioinicatorADF2.xml11.29.101.00 kB
radioinicatorCOM1.xml11.29.101.00 kB
radioinicatorCOM2.xml11.29.101.00 kB
radioinicatorMRK.xml11.29.101.10 kB
radioinicatorNAV1.xml11.29.101.00 kB
radioinicatorNAV2.xml11.29.101.00 kB
slats_GR1_L.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_GR1_R.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_GR2_L.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_GR2_R.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_GR3_L.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_GR3_R.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_OR1_L.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_OR1_R.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_OR2_L.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_OR2_R.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_OR3_L.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slats_OR3_R.bmp12.29.1020.25 kB
slatssind.xml12.29.105.88 kB
stbyhor.xml10.31.105.39 kB
stbyhor_ac.bmp10.30.107.72 kB
stbyhor_ac_night.bmp11.30.107.72 kB
stbyhor_back.bmp10.30.10127.00 kB
stbyhor_back_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
stbyhor_ball.bmp10.30.10131.14 kB
stbyhor_ball_mask.bmp10.30.1039.48 kB
stbyhor_ball_night.bmp11.30.10131.14 kB
stbyhor_fail.bmp10.30.105.77 kB
stbyhor_fail_night.bmp11.30.105.77 kB
stbyhor_roll.bmp10.30.102.52 kB
stbyhor_roll_night.bmp11.30.102.52 kB
stbyhor_shadow.bmp10.31.1043.93 kB
stormscope.bmp11.30.1098.70 kB
stormscope.xml11.30.10890 B
stormscope_night.bmp11.30.1098.70 kB
stormscopeON.bmp11.29.1098.70 kB
switch_antiskid.xml12.08.101.70 kB
switch_apmaster.bmp12.09.105.68 kB
switch_apmaster_night.bmp12.09.105.68 kB
switch_autothrottle.xml12.07.101.89 kB
switch_beaconlight.xml01.11.111.68 kB
switch_bottlexfer.xml12.07.101.71 kB
switch_dn.bmp06.14.101.05 kB
switch_dn_night.bmp06.14.10900 B
switch_fastenbelts.xml12.08.101.73 kB
switch_floodlight.xml12.07.101.67 kB
switch_iceeng1.xml12.08.101.71 kB
switch_iceeng2.xml12.08.101.71 kB
switch_iceeng3.xml12.08.101.71 kB
switch_icepitot.xml12.08.101.66 kB
switch_icestructure.xml12.08.101.70 kB
switch_icewing.xml12.08.101.70 kB
switch_landinglight.xml01.11.111.69 kB
switch_left.bmp12.07.101.02 kB
switch_left_night.bmp12.07.10860 B
switch_logolight.xml01.11.111.67 kB
switch_mid.bmp07.08.101.07 kB
switch_mid_night.bmp07.08.101.46 kB
switch_midside.bmp12.07.101.04 kB
switch_midside_night.bmp12.07.101.34 kB
switch_navlight.xml01.11.111.66 kB
switch_nosmoke.xml12.08.101.72 kB
switch_panellight.xml12.07.101.69 kB
switch_pneumaticbrake.xml12.07.101.72 kB
switch_radioleft.bmp12.08.103.51 kB
switch_radioleft_night.bmp12.08.103.51 kB
switch_radioright.bmp12.08.103.51 kB
switch_radioright_night.bmp12.08.103.51 kB
switch_right.bmp12.07.101.04 kB
switch_right_night.bmp12.07.10880 B
switch_starter1.xml12.08.101.69 kB
switch_starter2.xml12.08.101.69 kB
switch_starter3.xml12.08.101.69 kB
switch_strobelight.xml01.11.111.67 kB
switch_taxilight.xml01.11.111.67 kB
switch_turn0.bmp12.07.104.74 kB
switch_turn0_night.bmp12.08.104.74 kB
switch_turn270.bmp12.07.104.74 kB
switch_turn270_night.bmp12.08.104.74 kB
switch_up.bmp06.14.101.07 kB
switch_up_night.bmp06.14.10920 B
switch_wiper.xml12.08.101.70 kB
switch_yawdamper.xml12.07.101.70 kB
switchbig_dn.bmp06.28.101.45 kB
switchbig_dn_night.bmp01.19.101.23 kB
switchbig_up.bmp06.28.101.48 kB
switchbig_up_night.bmp01.19.101.25 kB
sys1 Icon.xml07.07.10256 B
trimindaileron.bmp12.09.10740 B
trimindaileron_night.bmp12.09.10740 B
trimindrudder.bmp12.09.1042.24 kB
trimindrudder_night.bmp12.09.1042.24 kB
trueairtemp.xml10.27.102.00 kB
trueairtemp_back.bmp10.27.1048.05 kB
trueairtemp_back_night.bmp11.30.1048.05 kB
trueairtemp_needle.bmp10.27.105.55 kB
trueairtemp_needle_night.bmp11.30.105.55 kB
vsi.xml10.30.103.93 kB
vsi_back.bmp10.30.10127.00 kB
vsi_back_night.bmp11.30.10127.00 kB
vsi_needle.bmp10.30.105.90 kB
vsi_needle_night.bmp11.30.105.90 kB
warn_altalert.bmp11.26.107.14 kB
warn_altalert.xml11.27.101.05 kB
warn_altalert_night.bmp11.30.107.14 kB
warn_altalertON.bmp11.26.107.14 kB
warn_apdiseng.bmp11.26.107.82 kB
warn_apdiseng.xml11.27.10913 B
warn_apdiseng_night.bmp11.30.107.82 kB
warn_apdisengON.bmp11.26.107.82 kB
warn_atdiseng.bmp11.26.105.96 kB
warn_atdiseng.xml11.27.10960 B
warn_atdiseng_night.bmp11.30.105.96 kB
warn_atdisengON.bmp11.26.105.96 kB
warn_autotrim.xml11.29.10903 B
warn_bottledisch.bmp11.27.105.56 kB
warn_bottledisch_night.bmp11.30.105.56 kB
warn_bottledisch1.xml11.27.10929 B
warn_bottledisch2.xml11.27.10929 B
warn_bottledischON.bmp11.27.105.56 kB
warn_engfail.bmp11.27.107.48 kB
warn_engfail.xml11.27.10963 B
warn_engfail_night.bmp11.30.107.48 kB
warn_engfail2D.bmp12.08.104.90 kB
warn_engfail2D.xml12.08.10839 B
warn_engfailON.bmp11.27.107.48 kB
warn_fd.xml12.10.10909 B
warn_fire1.bmp11.26.1011.48 kB
warn_fire1.xml11.27.101.66 kB
warn_fire1_night.bmp11.30.1011.48 kB
warn_fire1ON.bmp11.27.1011.48 kB
warn_fire2.bmp11.26.1011.48 kB
warn_fire2.xml11.27.101.66 kB
warn_fire2_night.bmp11.30.1011.48 kB
warn_fire2ON.bmp11.27.1011.48 kB
warn_fire3.bmp11.26.1011.48 kB
warn_fire3.xml11.27.101.66 kB
warn_fire3_night.bmp11.30.1011.48 kB
warn_fire3ON.bmp11.27.1011.48 kB
warn_flaps.bmp11.26.1014.13 kB
warn_flaps.xml12.08.101.62 kB
warn_flaps_night.bmp11.30.1014.13 kB
warn_flapsGR.bmp11.27.1014.13 kB
warn_flapsOR.bmp11.27.1014.13 kB
warn_gear.bmp11.26.1066.99 kB
warn_gear.xml11.27.103.42 kB
warn_gear_night.bmp11.30.1066.99 kB
warn_gearDOORS.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_gearLEFTgreen.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_gearLEFTred.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_gearNOSEgreen.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_gearNOSEred.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_gearRIGHTgreen.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_gearRIGHTred.bmp11.27.1066.99 kB
warn_indicator.bmp11.26.1029.94 kB
warn_indicator.xml12.07.10940 B
warn_indicatorMONPWR.bmp11.27.104.04 kB
warn_maina.bmp11.26.1065.94 kB
warn_maina.xml11.27.102.96 kB
warn_mainaBELOWGS.bmp11.27.1065.94 kB
warn_mainaGLIDESLOPEgr.bmp11.27.1065.94 kB
warn_mainaGLIDESLOPEor.bmp11.27.1065.94 kB
warn_mainaGOAROUND.bmp11.27.1065.94 kB
warn_mainaVORLOCgr.bmp11.27.1065.94 kB
warn_mainaVORLOCor.bmp11.27.1065.94 kB
warn_mainb.bmp11.26.1041.50 kB
warn_mainb.xml11.27.101.09 kB
warn_mainbON.bmp11.27.1041.50 kB
warn_master.bmp11.26.1015.21 kB
warn_master.xml11.27.10920 B
warn_masterON.bmp11.26.1015.21 kB
warn_oilpress.xml11.29.10970 B
warn_parkbrake.xml11.29.10905 B
warn_reverser.bmp11.26.106.24 kB
warn_reverser1.xml11.27.10939 B
warn_reverser2.xml11.27.10939 B
warn_reverser3.xml11.27.10939 B
warn_reverserON.bmp11.27.106.24 kB
aircraft.cfg02.22.1123.82 kB
model.200ADVcargo02.23.110 B
model.cfg02.01.1160 B
tom_727200_interior.MDL02.19.112.04 MB
tom_727200C.MDL02.08.118.96 MB
model.200ADVpax02.23.110 B
model.cfg01.14.1159 B


If, like me, you’ve spent a huge amount of time enjoying and getting used to the unique charms of Boeing aircraft then you might want to consider picking up this awesome FSX native Boeing 727-200 Advanced aircraft.

Not only is it detailed and in-depth in terms of the way that it portrays the real aircraft, but it does  marvellous job of giving you a really authentic take on the aircraft with all positives – and limitations – etched in with authority.

The creator of this, Thomas Ruth, knew what he was doing and it’s clear to me that this is one of the more enjoyable add-ons that I’ve used for a native Boeing model in some time.

Detail & Design

One of the first things that popped into my head was just easy this was on the eyes. It was very simple to get to grips with the overall layout and format of the model, with plenty of new updates and changes to the model making it look better than ever. The two new liveries, for example, were impressively made and fitted onto the model like a glove. The textures looked smooth and sweet, and the whole thing came together as one very impressive package.

Another thing that really made a big impression on me in terms of the graphics was the update of the cockpit. The new virtual cockpit is a piece of cake to use and does a marvellous job of making the aircraft about as user-friendly as it can be.


In terms of giving the aircraft that real, genuine feeling this done a marvellous job of doing just that. The package was VERY easy to install and gave me all the help that I needed in making sure I had done it all right at the first time of asking. Another big change and improvement for me in terms of the performance came thanks to the change of the flight dynamics as well as the new panels and XM gauges. These not only look great but they helped me get to grips quite quickly with how to organise and fly the aircraft without any problems.

There’s a very easy aircraft in here to master if you are willing to put in the time, and it will reward you for putting in that effort in the first place. With lots of updates and plenty of changes that have been implemented to make this as fun to fly as it possibly could be, I would happily recommend this to anyone who enjoys a Boeing flight and wants to fly around in something a little bit new. 

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Rob2133Fri, 12 Jan 2018 04:10:53 GMT

Alt hold doesnt hold alt just locks elevators

Rob2133Fri, 12 Jan 2018 01:19:44 GMT

Idk if i installed the gauges wrong but there is no ap engage/disengage button. On the ap panel nothing is clickable.

RFBLMon, 19 Jun 2017 21:48:36 GMT

Will the 2D and VC panel work for FS9?

canuxTue, 27 Oct 2015 22:55:37 GMT

several issues: Flight engineer panel, the cross feed valves are not independent, switching the center tank flips the left and right wing. Fliping the right wing switch affects the left and center tank valves position. Toggle switches on the fuel panel: fliping one boost pump swithes all others to the same position, none are independent. Fuel control switches: Engine 3 says 'cut' even when in the 'on position. Cutting the center tank switches the engine 3 to the cut position. the engine 3 fuel control switch cant be activated. engine 1 fuel control cuts and opens the center tank. Autopilot master switch cant be operated anymore after i save a configuration, it becomes N/S. Sometimes it works and the plane will catch a glideslope, sometimes it doesn't with all parameters in exact same, and the plane goes into a dive and have to take manual. Sometimes after i load a configuration, the ils indicator course select knob cant be activated. It's still a great model, i realy love it. Although from what i read it was almost impossible to get a greaser from that plane and i regularly touch down like a feather. i don't think i'm anymore talented than the next guy so something must be a little off with the behavior when close to the ground.

pilotcopWed, 09 Sep 2015 13:30:19 GMT

The flight director panel is pink from the 2D cockpit. Is there a fix for this?

Labros2000Tue, 20 May 2014 20:43:08 GMT

It doesn't have any sounds... please help?

JerryWed, 09 Oct 2013 15:55:18 GMT

Sounds as though you have more than just these 3 aircraft. How about the 707 Braniff and the DC-8?

HomayoonTue, 01 Oct 2013 07:57:14 GMT

Dear Tom many thanks for such a beautiful plane. I have been trying to download so many planes just to find out some don't have VC or qualities are not so good. This aircraft bits them all man. I enjoyed it so much that I could not continue without leaving you a thank you message. Cheers Homayoon Holland

brndn220Thu, 07 Mar 2013 12:06:38 GMT

It's good to fix the black smoke deal I just deleted the smoke files.

Mon, 25 Feb 2013 19:58:10 GMT

Why does the 727-200AD have black smoke coming out of all three jet??

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