X-Plane 11/10 Boeing 727-200 Adv

X-Plane 10.20+ Boeing 727-200 Adv v2.3.1. Here, in this latest version, is a plane and flying experience worth the effort to master. This version has no 3D cockpit, but it does have eight panel views to give a 360 degree set of views around the interior of the cockpit, as well as a set of night t...

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X-Plane 10.20+ Boeing 727-200 Adv v2.3.1. Here, in this latest version, is a plane and flying experience worth the effort to master. This version has no 3D cockpit, but it does have eight panel views to give a 360 degree set of views around the interior of the cockpit, as well as a set of night textures. If you have enjoyed the previous versions, try out this better flying experience. The same good flying, better experience. By Ron Norvelle.

Boeing 727 in flight

Boeing 727 in flight

The archive b727-200adv.zip has 465 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
B727-200Adv04.23.140 B
__MACOSX04.23.140 B
B727-200Adv04.23.140 B
727perfo.pdf07.15.133.43 MB
airfoils07.17.130 B
airfoils04.23.140 B
Flat Plate (very thin).afl05.24.1324.48 kB
NACA 0006 (symmetrical).afl08.04.1324.49 kB
NACA 00085 (symmetrical).afl08.04.1324.49 kB
NACA 0009 (symmetrical).afl08.04.1324.49 kB
NACA 0010 (symmetrical).afl08.04.1324.49 kB
NACA 0012 (ymmetrical).afl08.04.1324.49 kB
NACA 0015 (symmetrical).afl08.04.1324.49 kB
B727-200A.acf08.10.135.16 MB
B727-200A_icon.png07.17.1352.86 kB
B727-200A_paint.png08.09.13281.21 kB
B727-200A_paint2.png07.16.1354.24 kB
B727-200A_paint2_LIT.png08.02.1313.69 kB
B727-200A_paint_LIT.png08.09.1354.40 kB
B727-200A_panel_B.png08.01.13848.44 kB
B727-200A_panel_L.png07.23.13485.30 kB
B727-200A_panel_LB.png08.01.13181.80 kB
B727-200A_panel_LF.png08.03.13430.76 kB
B727-200A_panel_R.png08.03.13371.10 kB
B727-200A_panel_RB.png08.03.13897.74 kB
B727-200A_panel_RF.png07.28.13742.77 kB
B727-200A_prefs.txt08.03.1327 B
cockpit08.02.130 B
-PANELS-08.02.130 B
cockpit04.23.140 B
-PANELS-04.23.140 B
Captain side.png07.21.13478.62 kB
panel.png07.19.131.20 MB
annunciators08.02.130 B
annunciators04.23.140 B
ann_flight_dir-1.png12.27.107.81 kB
ann_flight_dir.png09.14.1111.82 kB
ann_flighxt_dir-1.png12.27.109.15 kB
Ann_speedbrake-1.png12.27.107.81 kB
Ann_speedbrake.png09.14.1112.17 kB
buttons08.02.130 B
buttons04.23.140 B
but_artstab-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_artstab.png12.14.071.93 kB
but_autobrake-1.png07.19.1319.87 kB
but_autobrake.png07.19.133.55 kB
but_avionics-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_avionics.png05.02.081.91 kB
but_battery-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_battery.png05.02.081.87 kB
but_brakes-1.png12.27.109.15 kB
but_brakes.png12.27.1012.73 kB
but_crosstie-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_crosstie.png12.14.071.87 kB
but_HUD_power-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_HUD_power.png12.26.071.96 kB
but_hydraulic_pump-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_hydraulic_pump.png12.14.071.98 kB
but_inverter-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_inverter.png12.14.071.85 kB
but_puffer-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_puffer.png12.26.071.80 kB
but_water_scoop-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_water_scoop.png12.14.072.03 kB
but_yawdamp-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_yawdamp.png12.14.071.97 kB
engine08.02.130 B
engine04.23.140 B
but_FADEC-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_fire_extinguisher-1.png07.17.135.67 kB
but_fire_extinguisher-1.psd07.17.1349.69 kB
but_fire_extinguisher.png07.17.135.03 kB
but_generator 2.png12.14.072.00 kB
but_generator-1 2.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_generator-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_generator.png12.14.072.00 kB
but_generator_APU-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_generator_APU.png12.14.071.98 kB
but_igniter-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_igniter.png12.14.071.84 kB
fuel08.02.130 B
but_fuel_on_off-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
fuel04.23.140 B
but_fuel_on_off.png12.14.071.76 kB
but_fuelpump-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_fuelpump.png12.14.071.83 kB
but_primer-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
but_primer.png12.14.071.82 kB
landing gear08.02.130 B
landing gear04.23.140 B
but_gear_light_HM-1.png12.27.1012.94 kB
but_gear_light_HM.png12.26.1018.13 kB
lights08.02.130 B
but_beacon-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
lights04.23.140 B
but_beacon.png05.02.081.88 kB
but_land_light-1.png09.01.114.34 kB
but_land_light.png09.01.114.45 kB
but_nav_light-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_nav_light.png05.02.081.87 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_strobe_light.png05.02.081.95 kB
but_taxi_light-1.png05.02.081.63 kB
but_taxi_light.png05.02.081.86 kB
starter08.02.130 B
but_ignition-1.png12.14.071.63 kB
starter04.23.140 B
but_ignition.png12.14.071.84 kB
clocks08.02.130 B
clock_GA-2.png04.03.053.08 kB
clocks04.23.140 B
clock_GA.png12.29.1012.21 kB
de-ice08.02.130 B
pitot_heat-1.png09.01.114.34 kB
de-ice04.23.140 B
pitot_heat.png09.01.114.55 kB
prop_heat-1.png09.01.114.34 kB
prop_heat.png09.01.114.59 kB
surface_pneumatic-1.png09.01.114.34 kB
surface_pneumatic.png09.01.114.61 kB
engine08.02.130 B
engine04.23.140 B
engine round08.02.130 B
engine round04.23.140 B
engine_batt_AMPS-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_batt_AMPS-4.png04.03.053.16 kB
engine_batt_AMPS.png12.29.109.32 kB
engine_batt_AMPS.txt03.12.09266 B
engine_EGT-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_EGT-4.png04.03.053.16 kB
engine_EGT.png07.12.1310.57 kB
engine_EGT.txt03.12.09266 B
engine_EPR-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_EPR-4.png04.03.053.16 kB
engine_EPR.png07.12.1310.64 kB
engine_EPR.txt04.03.05266 B
engine_FF-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_FF-4.png04.03.053.16 kB
engine_FF.png07.12.1311.52 kB
engine_FF.txt03.12.09266 B
engine_ITT-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_ITT-4.png04.03.053.16 kB
engine_ITT.png12.29.109.30 kB
engine_ITT.txt04.03.05266 B
engine_N1-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_N1-4.png04.03.053.29 kB
engine_N1.png12.29.109.37 kB
engine_N1.txt04.03.05266 B
engine_OILT-2.png03.12.093.04 kB
engine_OILT-4.png04.03.053.16 kB
engine_OILT.png12.29.109.35 kB
engine_OILT.txt04.03.05266 B
fuel08.02.130 B
fuel_round_twin_GA-2.png04.03.052.91 kB
fuel04.23.140 B
fuel_round_twin_GA-3.png04.03.054.57 kB
fuel_round_twin_GA.png12.29.1013.52 kB
fuel_round_twin_GA.txt03.12.0972 B
nav displays08.02.130 B
nav displays04.23.140 B
ADFs08.02.130 B
ADFs04.23.140 B
ADF_conven12_GA-1.png04.03.055.91 kB
ADF_conven12_GA-2.png04.03.053.86 kB
ADF_conven12_GA-3.png04.03.0514.29 kB
ADF_conven12_GA.png12.30.1018.42 kB
ADF_slaved1_HM-1.png04.03.056.99 kB
ADF_slaved1_HM-2.png04.03.054.48 kB
ADF_slaved1_HM-3.png04.03.0511.92 kB
ADF_slaved1_HM.png11.23.1117.81 kB
ADF_slaved2_HM-1.png04.03.056.99 kB
ADF_slaved2_HM-2.png04.03.054.48 kB
ADF_slaved2_HM-3.png04.03.0511.92 kB
ADF_slaved2_HM.png04.03.0516.98 kB
VORs08.02.130 B
VORs04.23.140 B
VOR_2_OBS_wiper-1.png04.03.0513.54 kB
VOR_2_OBS_wiper-2.png04.03.055.67 kB
VOR_2_OBS_wiper-3.png04.03.0516.92 kB
VOR_2_OBS_wiper.png09.01.1018.40 kB
VOR_2_OBS_wiper.TXT04.03.05151 B
radios08.02.130 B
markers_BC-2 copy.png07.18.136.72 kB
radios04.23.140 B
markers_BC-2.png04.03.054.02 kB
markers_BC-2.psd07.17.1330.26 kB
markers_BC.png07.18.139.63 kB
markers_BC.psd07.17.1336.67 kB
standard six08.02.130 B
standard six04.23.140 B
airspeed08.02.130 B
AOA_round-2.png04.03.053.07 kB
airspeed04.23.140 B
AOA_round.png04.03.0511.59 kB
AOA_round_bug-2.png04.03.053.81 kB
AOA_round_bug.png12.29.1012.81 kB
altimeters08.02.130 B
altimeters04.23.140 B
alt_HM_dig-1.png04.03.059.23 kB
alt_HM_dig-2.png04.03.053.59 kB
alt_HM_dig-3.png04.03.054.19 kB
alt_HM_dig-4.png07.24.135.70 kB
alt_HM_dig.png04.03.0520.80 kB
DGs08.02.130 B
DG_HDG_SYN-1.png04.03.056.85 kB
DGs04.23.140 B
DG_HDG_SYN-2.png04.03.053.08 kB
DG_HDG_SYN-3.png04.03.0514.70 kB
DG_HDG_SYN.png12.30.1014.89 kB
turn slip08.02.130 B
turn slip04.23.140 B
needle-2.png04.03.053.75 kB
needle.png08.12.1020.19 kB
needle.txt03.12.09307 B
vertical speed08.02.130 B
vertical speed04.23.140 B
VVI_adap-2.png04.03.053.49 kB
VVI_adap-4.png04.03.053.48 kB
VVI_adap.png08.26.1011.94 kB
VVI_adap.txt04.03.05266 B
Readme.rtf04.23.142.07 kB
weapons08.02.130 B
IAFhsng.png07.17.133.11 kB
weapons04.23.140 B
IAFhsng.wpn07.17.1312.75 kB
IFFhsng.png07.17.133.11 kB
IFFhsng.wpn07.17.1312.75 kB
RainGuard.png07.12.133.11 kB
RainGuard.wpn07.17.1312.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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heitorcoutinhoThu, 30 Sep 2021 18:13:11 GMT


After downloading it didn't work properly. Didn't answer the joystick either. It only worked by the program's "IA" command.

Gary WhitcuttTue, 25 May 2021 18:05:10 GMT

After careful downloading, I have been unable to open in X-Plane 11 Flight Configuration window. Too bad, I was looking forward to having a 727.

Mr. NoobsterWed, 21 Feb 2018 23:03:22 GMT

Not X-Plane 11 compatible :(. FlyAway needs to make separate X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 10 sections.

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