FSX SP2 Compatible BAC 1-11-200

PreviewSP2 Compatible BAC 1-11-200. Dee Waldron's freeware FS2002/FS2004 BAC 1-11-200 for AI made compatible and flyable in FSX-SP2 with Steven Persson's freeware PWJT8D sound and Pasquale Rinaldi's freeware MD-90 panel (no VC). Repainted in the real world International Air Transport Association's ficti...

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SP2 Compatible BAC 1-11-200. Dee Waldron's freeware FS2002/FS2004 BAC 1-11-200 for AI made compatible and flyable in FSX-SP2 with Steven Persson's freeware PWJT8D sound and Pasquale Rinaldi's freeware MD-90 panel (no VC). Repainted in the real world International Air Transport Association's fictional livery, the Miami Regional Office's fictional BAC 1-11 flies the Caribbean and Central America working to keep various airlines and government aviation endeavors all playing on the same page. Landing gear contact points adjusted and engine smoke added. Easy installation. Painted, adjusted, smoked, and compiled by Tom Tiedman.

BAC 1-11-200 in flight.

BAC 1-11-200 in flight.


FSX-SP2 compatible BAC 1-11-200. Dee Waldron's
freeware FS2002/FS2004 BAC 1-11-200 for AI made
compatible and flyable in FSX-SP2 with Steven
Persson's freeware PWJT8D sound and Pasquale
Rinaldi's freeware MD-90 panel (no VC). Repainted
in the real world International Air Transport
Association's fictional livery, the Miami
Regional Office's fictional BAC 1-11 flies the
Carribean and Central America working to keep
various airlines and government's aviation endeavors
all playing on the same page. Landing gear contact
points adjusted and engine smoke added. Easy
installation. Painted, adjusted, smoked, and compiled
by Tom Tiedman.


Dee Waldron, Steven Persson, and Pasquale Rinaldi,
for their freeware bits and pieces which made this
compilation possible. The original author of the
"fx_smoke_f6" file, whoever you are.

I take no credit for any of this. Really.
Tom Tiedman


1.) Copy and paste the enclosed "fx_smoke_f6" file
into your FSX "Effects" folder. (It's probably
there already). The [SMOKESYSTEM] info. is
already installed inside the "aircraft.cfg" file.

2.) Notice the enclosed "md90_rp" folder. DO NOT OPEN
IT! These are your gauges. Simply copy and paste
(or drag and drop) this entire unopened folder into
your FSX "Gauges" folder.

3.) Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the entire enclosed
"British Aerospace BAC 1-11-200 (IATA)" folder into
your FSX "Airplanes" folder. Your BAC 1-11 is now
located in your menu under "British Aerospace".

4.) Press your "I" key while flying your 1-11 in FSX
and enjoy the smokey ride!

BAC 1-11-200 in flight leaving smoke trails.

BAC 1-11-200 in flight leaving smoke trails.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive fsx-sp2bac1-11-200.zip has 275 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
British Aerospace BAC 1-11-200 (IATA)03.03.110 B
Aircraft.cfg03.03.1114.49 kB
BAC1-11-200.air03.02.118.42 kB
model03.03.110 B
BAC1-11-200.mdl03.02.11184.43 kB
Model.cfg03.02.1130 B
panel03.03.110 B
main_md90.bmp03.03.112.23 MB
panel.cfg03.03.113.84 kB
radio_panel.bmp03.03.11438.10 kB
throttle.bmp03.03.11710.28 kB
Readme.Aircraft.txt03.02.113.34 kB
Readme.Panel.txt03.03.11685 B
Readme.Sound.TXT03.03.11782 B
SOUND03.03.110 B
AP-disconnect.wav03.02.1166.75 kB
Door-Close.wav03.02.11131.81 kB
Door-Open.wav03.02.11116.30 kB
Environment.wav03.02.112.14 MB
Environment-2.wav03.02.112.41 MB
Ext-APU-1.wav03.02.111.09 MB
Ext-APU-2.wav03.02.111.09 MB
Ext-Combustion-1.wav03.02.112.41 MB
Ext-Combustion-12.WAV03.02.11310.21 kB
Ext-Combustion-2.wav03.02.112.18 MB
Ext-Combustion-22.WAV03.02.11309.74 kB
Ext-Fan-1.WAV03.02.11433.67 kB
Ext-Fan-2.wav03.02.11379.86 kB
Ext-Idle-1.wav03.02.111.07 MB
Ext-Idle-12.wav03.02.11581.42 kB
Ext-Idle-2.wav03.02.11911.39 kB
Ext-Idle-22.wav03.02.11675.70 kB
Ext-Reverser-1.wav03.02.11238.73 kB
Ext-Reverser-2.wav03.02.11241.73 kB
Ext-Shutdown-1.wav03.02.111.53 MB
Ext-Shutdown-2.wav03.02.111.50 MB
Ext-Spool-1.wav03.02.11581.41 kB
Ext-Spool-2.wav03.02.11518.21 kB
Ext-Start-1.wav03.02.113.84 MB
Ext-Start-2.wav03.02.113.84 MB
Ext-Start-Comb-1.wav03.02.11868.04 kB
Ext-Start-Comb-2.wav03.02.11868.04 kB
FLAPS.WAV03.02.11766.09 kB
GEAR.WAV03.02.11119.09 kB
Glideslope.WAV03.02.1125.92 kB
Int-APU-1.wav03.02.11526.79 kB
Int-APU-2.wav03.02.11526.79 kB
Int-Fan-1.wav03.02.11625.81 kB
Int-Fan-2.wav03.02.11607.93 kB
Int-Idle-1.WAV03.02.111.93 MB
Int-Idle-2.WAV03.02.11772.58 kB
Int-Reverser-1.wav03.02.11238.23 kB
Int-Reverser-2.wav03.02.11946.48 kB
Int-Shutdown-1.wav03.02.112.10 MB
Int-Shutdown-2.wav03.02.112.11 MB
Int-Spool-1.wav03.02.11716.59 kB
Int-Spool-2.wav03.02.11717.87 kB
Int-Start-1.WAV03.02.115.04 MB
Int-Start-Comb-1.wav03.02.111013.50 kB
Overspeed.wav03.02.1122.23 kB
ROLL.WAV03.02.11227.63 kB
ROLL-2.WAV03.02.11495.28 kB
SOUND.CFG03.02.1113.67 kB
STALL.WAV03.02.1152.24 kB
TOUCH-C.WAV03.02.1166.65 kB
TOUCH-L.WAV03.02.1148.22 kB
TOUCH-R.WAV03.02.1123.35 kB
WIND.WAV03.02.11858.18 kB
texture.IATA03.03.110 B
b1112ai.bmp03.03.114.00 MB
b1112ai_l.bmp03.02.1165.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.03.11161.06 kB
file_id.diz03.03.11660 B
fx_smoke_f6.fx04.19.041.17 kB
md90_rp03.03.110 B
air.xml03.03.111.20 kB
Airspeed_shadow.bmp03.03.117.88 kB
alt_warn_off.bmp03.03.111.65 kB
alt_warn_on.bmp03.03.111.74 kB
Altimeter.xml03.03.114.48 kB
altimeter_shadow.bmp03.03.117.88 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Background.bmp03.03.1117.63 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Needle.bmp03.03.111.15 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Ten_Thousands.bmp03.03.112.89 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Thousands.bmp03.03.112.42 kB
Analog_Altimeter_Upper_Mask.bmp03.03.116.93 kB
ap_alt_Off.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_alt_On.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_apr_Off.bmp03.03.111.94 kB
ap_apr_On.bmp03.03.111.94 kB
ap_at_off.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_at_on.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_bc_Off.bmp03.03.111.94 kB
ap_bc_On.bmp03.03.111.94 kB
ap_cmd_off.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_cmd_on.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_fd_Off.bmp03.03.112.43 kB
ap_fd_on.bmp03.03.112.43 kB
ap_hdg_Off.bmp03.03.111.94 kB
ap_hdg_On.bmp03.03.111.94 kB
ap_loc_Off.bmp03.03.112.01 kB
ap_loc_On.bmp03.03.112.01 kB
ap_nav_Off.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_nav_On.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
ap_spd_Off.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
AP_spd_On.bmp03.03.112.02 kB
arc.bmp03.03.1112.85 kB
asi_background.bmp03.03.1118.80 kB
asi_needle.bmp03.03.111.15 kB
attitude.xml03.03.117.33 kB
attitude_backup_background.bmp03.03.119.97 kB
attitude_backup_outer_ring.bmp03.03.1110.62 kB
attitude_backup_plane_symbol.bmp03.03.112.16 kB
attitude_backup_roll_indicator.bmp03.03.11306 B
attitude_backup_shadow.bmp03.03.1112.04 kB
attitude_backup_sky_ground_strip.bmp03.03.1183.26 kB
attitude_backup_sky_ground_strip_mask.bmp03.03.116.71 kB
autopilot.xml03.03.1127.91 kB
autopilot_bck.bmp03.03.11114.43 kB
AutoStart_off.bmp03.03.112.75 kB
AutoStart_on.bmp03.03.112.75 kB
AutoStartr_off.bmp03.03.111.22 kB
AutoStartr_on.bmp03.03.111.22 kB
AutoStartv_off.bmp03.03.111.22 kB
AutoStartv_on.bmp03.03.111.22 kB
Avionics_Off.bmp03.03.112.46 kB
Avionics_On.bmp03.03.112.35 kB
baro.xml03.03.114.08 kB
baro_off.bmp03.03.111.63 kB
baro_on.bmp03.03.111.63 kB
brake_off.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
brake_on.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
clock.xml03.03.113.58 kB
Clock_Background.bmp03.03.1115.58 kB
com1_swap_off.bmp03.03.11306 B
com1_swap_on.bmp03.03.11306 B
com2_swap_in.bmp03.03.11306 B
com2_swap_out.bmp03.03.11306 B
egt.bmp03.03.1115.03 kB
egt_needle.bmp03.03.112.08 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_Background.bmp03.03.114.73 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_BarMask.bmp03.03.111.73 kB
EICAS1_Flaps_MagentaBar.bmp03.03.11246 B
engt_1_off.bmp03.03.111.15 kB
engt_1_on.bmp03.03.111.15 kB
engt_2_off.bmp03.03.111.07 kB
engt_2_on.bmp03.03.111.07 kB
ff.bmp03.03.1115.03 kB
ff_needle.bmp03.03.112.08 kB
flap_off.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
flap_on.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
fma.xml03.03.118.58 kB
fma_ap_off.bmp03.03.111.53 kB
fma_ap_on.bmp03.03.111.53 kB
fma_at_off.bmp03.03.111.53 kB
fma_at_on.bmp03.03.111.53 kB
fuel_data.xml03.03.114.17 kB
gear.xml03.03.11844 B
gear_dw.bmp03.03.1137.44 kB
gear_l_dw.bmp03.03.112.54 kB
gear_l_tr.bmp03.03.112.54 kB
gear_l_up.bmp03.03.112.54 kB
gear_lights.xml03.03.11632 B
gear_up.bmp03.03.1137.44 kB
hsi_switch.xml03.03.112.42 kB
ias_background.bmp03.03.117.22 kB
ias_backup.xml03.03.115.59 kB
ias_needle.bmp03.03.111.29 kB
ias_shadow.bmp03.03.117.88 kB
ils_on.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
ind.bmp03.03.1137.95 kB
ind_i_s_f_b.xml03.03.113.48 kB
Instrument_Air_Background.bmp03.03.1113.14 kB
Instrument_Air_Needle.bmp03.03.118.33 kB
Lights_Ldg_Off.bmp03.03.112.79 kB
Lights_Ldg_On.bmp03.03.112.79 kB
Lights_Ldgp_Off.bmp03.03.112.44 kB
Lights_Ldgp_On.bmp03.03.111.74 kB
Lights_Panl_Off.bmp03.03.112.35 kB
Lights_Panl_On.bmp03.03.112.35 kB
Lights_Panlp_Off.bmp03.03.112.44 kB
Lights_Panlp_On.bmp03.03.111.74 kB
main_eng.bmp03.03.11157.83 kB
main_set.xml03.03.1118.67 kB
master.bmp03.03.1118.80 kB
master_warn.xml03.03.113.41 kB
mfd.xml03.03.1118.84 kB
mfd_bck.bmp03.03.11141.85 kB
mfd_expanded_map_mask.bmp03.03.1140.90 kB
n1.bmp03.03.1115.03 kB
n1_needle.bmp03.03.112.08 kB
n2.bmp03.03.1115.03 kB
n2_needle.bmp03.03.112.08 kB
nav_gps.xml03.03.112.57 kB
nav1_swap_off.bmp03.03.11306 B
nav1_swap_on.bmp03.03.11306 B
nav2_swap_off.bmp03.03.11306 B
nav2_swap_on.bmp03.03.11306 B
nd_glideslope_bg.bmp03.03.113.46 kB
nd_glideslope_filled.bmp03.03.111.60 kB
nd_hsi_adf_needle.bmp03.03.1114.90 kB
nd_hsi_card.bmp03.03.11115.29 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow_arc.bmp03.03.112.79 kB
nd_hsi_cdi_hollow_rose.bmp03.03.111.97 kB
nd_hsi_heading_bug_arc.bmp03.03.11574 B
nd_hsi_heading_bug_rose.bmp03.03.11574 B
nd_hsi_vor2_needle.bmp03.03.1114.90 kB
nd2_adf_arrow.bmp03.03.1114.90 kB
nd2_expanded_rose.bmp03.03.11129.66 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs.bmp03.03.1129.35 kB
nd2_horizontal_gs_r.bmp03.03.1129.35 kB
nd2_Ownship_arc.bmp03.03.112.93 kB
nd2_Ownship_r.bmp03.03.112.92 kB
nd2_pointer_arc.bmp03.03.112.09 kB
nd2_pointer_r.bmp03.03.112.09 kB
nd2_track_arc.bmp03.03.1113.77 kB
nd2_track_rose.bmp03.03.1114.26 kB
nd2_vor_arrow.bmp03.03.1114.90 kB
overspeed_on.bmp03.03.111.98 kB
pfd.xml03.03.1131.33 kB
pfd_altimeter_bug.bmp03.03.11644 B
pfd_altimeter_detail_hundreds_strip.bmp03.03.113.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_mask.bmp03.03.113.53 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_ten_thousands_strip.bmp03.03.113.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_tens_strip.bmp03.03.112.29 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_thousands_strip.bmp03.03.113.55 kB
pfd_altimeter_detail_window.bmp03.03.114.02 kB
pfd_altimeter_ground_reference_strip.bmp03.03.11390 B
pfd_altimeter_strip.bmp03.03.11916.93 kB
pfd_altimeter_strip_border.bmp03.03.117.76 kB
pfd_altimeter_strip_mask.bmp03.03.117.15 kB
pfd_asi_pointer.bmp03.03.11620 B
pfd_asi_speed_bug.bmp03.03.11452 B
pfd_asi_strip.bmp03.03.11100.48 kB
pfd_asi_strip_mask.bmp03.03.117.15 kB
pfd_bck.bmp03.03.11234.69 kB
pfd_fixed_plane_marker.bmp03.03.113.92 kB
pfd_fixed_roll_scale.bmp03.03.1110.19 kB
pfd_flight_director_pitch_bar.bmp03.03.11258 B
pfd_flight_director_yaw_bar.bmp03.03.11322 B
pfd_glideslope_pointer.bmp03.03.11250 B
pfd_localizer_glideslope_scale.bmp03.03.1113.79 kB
pfd_localizer_pointer.bmp03.03.11238 B
pfd_roll_indicator.bmp03.03.11262 B
pfd_sky_ground_strip.bmp03.03.11370.42 kB
pfd_sky_ground_strip_mask_outer.bmp03.03.1118.94 kB
pfd_slip_indicator.bmp03.03.11230 B
pnl_lght.xml03.03.114.01 kB
radio.xml03.03.1134.81 kB
rose.bmp03.03.1112.85 kB
Seatbelt_off.bmp03.03.111.57 kB
Seatbelt_on.bmp03.03.111.57 kB
Smoking_off.bmp03.03.111.68 kB
Smoking_on.bmp03.03.111.68 kB
sp_off.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
sp_on.bmp03.03.114.84 kB
stall_light_off.bmp03.03.115.14 kB
stall_light_on.bmp03.03.113.62 kB
Switch_Avionics_Off.bmp03.03.112.44 kB
Switch_Avionics_On.bmp03.03.111.74 kB
switch_gps.bmp03.03.112.16 kB
switch_nav.bmp03.03.112.16 kB
th1.bmp03.03.1193.57 kB
thr.xml03.03.119.00 kB
upper_background.bmp03.03.1138.02 kB
upper_panel.xml03.03.119.69 kB
vert_shadow.bmp03.03.117.88 kB
vertical_speed.xml03.03.111017 B
Vertical_Speed_Background.bmp03.03.1129.06 kB
Vertical_Speed_Needle-1.bmp03.03.111.30 kB
READ ME and INSTALLTION.txt03.03.111.67 kB
thumbnail 2.jpg03.03.1139.71 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.03.11161.06 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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CaptainPikeThu, 20 May 2021 18:13:31 GMT

No "virtual cockpit" but a cockpit overlay in "cockpit" view that obstructs your view outside the windows. The cockpit is far too modern for a Bac 1-11 and is rather "cartoonish" in appearance.

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