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Aviat Pitts S-1T. Bye bye "B", wellcome S-1T! New wings, inside and out, sporting balanced ailerons that have no spades, but more importantly, "constant speed ailerons", meaning that the rate of roll in the S-1T is essentially as fast at 100 mph as it is at 200 mph. The rate of roll is 300+ degrees per second. Stick centering is world class, and hammering out precision point rolls at any speed is a piece of cake. All those things makes S-1T a unlimited class aerobatic airplane. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit with transparent canopy as well as a instrument panel. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Repainted by Matthew Hull.

Aviat Pitts S-1T in flight.

Aviat Pitts S-1T in flight.


The original prototype of the S1 Special first flew in September 1944. The designer of the original Pitts Special aerobatic biplane, Curtiss Pitts, could hardly have appreciated that his design would continue in production for over five decades, and that it would come to be considered by the general public as the definitive aerobatic and display flying aircraft.

The S1T was introduced to production in 1981, and introduced a 150kW (200hp) Lycoming (now Textron Lycoming) AEIO360 driving a constant speed prop, symmetrical wings and four ailerons.

This aircraft includes a custom-designed panel, full lighting effects, opening canopy, full animation, reflective textures and two-color multiple smoke system.

Length: 15ft 6in
Height: 6ft 3in
Wing span: 17ft 4in
Wing area: 98.5sq ft
Weight - empty: 720lb
- MTOW: 1150lb
Powerplant: Textron Lycoming AEIO360 driving a constant speed prop
Maximum sped: 153kt
Cruise speed: 123kt
Never exceed speed: 199 kt
Range: 275nm (no reserve)
Ceiling: 22,300ft

Matthew Hull

Aviat Pitts S-1T on runway.

Aviat Pitts S-1T on runway.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg05.21.0813.41 kB
Blank textures05.30.080 B
downwing_bottom_left.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
downwing_bottom_right.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
downwing_top_left.bmp11.21.04768.05 kB
downwing_top_right.bmp11.21.04768.05 kB
fuselagetop_left.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
fuselagetop_right.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
fuselage_left.bmp12.01.043.00 MB
fuselage_right.bmp12.01.043.00 MB
nose.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
stabilizer_bottom_left.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_right.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
stabilizer_top_left.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
stabilizer_top_right.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
tailfin_left.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
tailfin_right.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
Thumbs.db12.01.0460.00 kB
topwing.bmp12.01.043.00 MB
topwing_lower.bmp12.01.043.00 MB
wheelcover.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
wheelstrut.bmp11.21.04192.05 kB
wingstrut.bmp12.01.04768.05 kB
Checklist.htm11.28.0417.24 kB
file_id.diz05.30.08721 B
model05.30.080 B
Model.cfg11.27.0436 B
Pitts Special S1T.mdl11.30.041.07 MB
s2c.fsc11.01.001.39 MB
panel05.30.080 B
decal_extra_300s_2.bmp11.21.02257.02 kB
Extra300s.BMP07.06.01185.43 kB
extra300s_1024.bmp07.06.01473.05 kB
Panel.apb03.14.034.17 kB
Panel.cfg05.20.0832 B
pitts.bmp05.08.01469.80 kB
wing.bmp05.08.01469.80 kB
Pitts S1T.air11.27.0410.20 kB
Read me.txt05.20.081.24 kB
sound05.30.080 B
sound.cfg11.28.0430 B
Specs.htm11.29.047.12 kB
texture05.30.080 B
downwing_bottom_left.bmp05.20.08257.05 kB
downwing_bottom_right.bmp05.20.08257.05 kB
downwing_top_left.bmp05.20.08257.05 kB
downwing_top_right.bmp05.20.08257.05 kB
fuselagetop_left.bmp05.08.0165.05 kB
fuselagetop_right.bmp05.08.0165.05 kB
fuselage_left.bmp05.08.01257.05 kB
fuselage_right.bmp05.20.08257.05 kB
intake.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
nose.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
prop_move1.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_move2.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_still_back.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_still_front.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
silver.bmp05.21.08192.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_left.bmp05.07.0165.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_right.bmp05.07.0165.05 kB
stabilizer_top_left.bmp05.07.0165.05 kB
stabilizer_top_right.bmp05.07.0165.05 kB
tailfin_left.bmp05.08.0165.05 kB
tailfin_right.bmp05.08.0165.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg05.20.0837.22 kB
Thumbs.db11.30.0449.50 kB
topwing.bmp05.07.01257.05 kB
wheelcover.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
wheelstrut.bmp05.07.0165.05 kB
wheel_front.bmp10.15.04256.07 kB
wingstrut.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
texture.105.30.080 B
downwing_bottom_left.bmp05.21.08257.05 kB
downwing_bottom_right.bmp05.21.08257.05 kB
downwing_top_left.bmp05.21.08257.05 kB
downwing_top_right.bmp05.21.08257.05 kB
fuselagetop_left.bmp05.08.0165.05 kB
fuselagetop_right.bmp05.08.0165.05 kB
fuselage_left.bmp11.05.01257.05 kB
fuselage_right.bmp05.21.08257.05 kB
intake.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
prop_move1.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_move2.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_still_back.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_still_front.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
silver.bmp05.21.08192.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_left.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_right.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
stabilizer_top_left.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
stabilizer_top_right.bmp05.21.0865.05 kB
tailfin_left.bmp11.05.0165.05 kB
tailfin_right.bmp11.05.0165.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.05.0149.32 kB
Thumbs.db11.30.0449.50 kB
topwing.bmp11.05.01257.05 kB
wheelcover.bmp11.05.0165.05 kB
wheelstrut.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
wheel_front.bmp10.15.04256.07 kB
wingstrut.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
texture.205.30.080 B
downwing_bottom_left.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
downwing_bottom_right.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
downwing_top_left.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
downwing_top_right.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
fuselagetop_left.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
fuselagetop_right.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
fuselage_left.bmp11.22.041.00 MB
fuselage_right.bmp11.22.041.00 MB
intake.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
nose.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
silver.bmp11.29.0485.43 kB
stabilizer_bottom_left.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
stabilizer_bottom_right.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
stabilizer_top_left.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
stabilizer_top_right.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
tailfin_left.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
tailfin_right.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.28.0467.32 kB
Thumbs.db11.30.0449.50 kB
topwing.bmp11.30.044.00 MB
topwing_lower.bmp11.30.044.00 MB
wheelcover.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
wheelstrut.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
wheel_front.bmp10.15.04256.07 kB
wingstrut.bmp11.22.04256.07 kB
texture.305.30.080 B
dashboard.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
dashboard2.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
downwing_bottom_left.bmp10.30.00257.05 kB
downwing_bottom_right.bmp10.30.00257.05 kB
downwing_top_left.bmp10.30.00257.05 kB
downwing_top_right.bmp10.30.00257.05 kB
face.bmp10.29.005.05 kB
fuselage_left.bmp10.30.00257.05 kB
fuselage_right.bmp05.21.08257.05 kB
head_back.bmp10.29.005.05 kB
intake.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
pilot_texture.bmp10.29.00257.05 kB
prop_move1.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_move2.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_still_back.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
prop_still_front.bmp10.30.0065.05 kB
silver.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_left.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
stabilizer_bottom_right.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
stabilizer_top_left.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
stabilizer_top_right.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
tailfin_left.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
tailfin_right.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.01.0028.38 kB
topwing.bmp10.30.00257.05 kB
wheelcover.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
wheelstrut.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
wheel_front.bmp10.15.04256.07 kB
wingstrut.bmp10.29.0065.05 kB
thumbnail 1.jpg11.05.0149.32 kB
thumbnail 2.jpg11.28.0467.32 kB
thumbnail 3.jpg11.01.0028.38 kB
thumbnail.jpg05.20.0837.22 kB
Thumbs.db11.21.0413.50 kB
Aviat Pitts Special S-105.30.080 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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davidFri, 16 Nov 2012 22:58:49 GMT

I downloaded the file and installed it. On the plane FSX does not bend in the road, it always goes straight... how can I solve this?

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