FS2004 North American XB-70 Valkyrie

PreviewThis aircraft was shaped to fly at MACH 3 remaining within its Mach cone throughout the flight regime, using the shock waves beneath the wing to generate compression lift.

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This aircraft was shaped to fly at MACH 3 remaining within its Mach cone throughout the flight regime, using the shock waves beneath the wing to generate compression lift.

XB-70 in flight.

The wing tips could be folded down 65° to increase this compression lift and also to provide greater directional stability. Unfortunately, only two prototypes were built, and despite their exceptional performance, the XB-70 program had been canceled after 130 missions, when an F-104 collided and destroyed the second prototype during a photo shoot.

Even so, the B-70 provided invaluable high-speed flight test data.

This model includes a detailed virtual cockpit with lighted gauges, folding wing tips, and variable nose cone, a complex movement for gear retraction, and reflective textures. Gauges and sounds are included in the package.

Developer: Massimo Altieri.

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XB-7012.27.030 B
gauges12.27.030 B
_PD.panel_lights.gau05.08.0286.00 kB
AM_ACAmps1.gau11.16.03224.00 kB
AM_ADI.gau11.22.03305.50 kB
AM_Altimeter-NFr.gau11.09.03209.00 kB
AM_AOA.gau11.10.0314.50 kB
AM_asi8.gau11.22.03286.50 kB
AM_Clock.gau11.22.03138.50 kB
AM_egt1.gau11.08.03128.00 kB
AM_eng1.n1.gau11.22.03128.00 kB
AM_flaps.gau11.22.03118.50 kB
AM_Fuel_Left_Main.gau11.09.03127.50 kB
AM_fuel-flow1.gau11.16.03117.50 kB
AM_gmeter-NFr.gau11.09.03130.00 kB
AM_hsi.gau07.25.03620.50 kB
AM_turn.gau11.09.03107.00 kB
AM_vsi.gau11.29.03126.00 kB
C141_MACH4.gau12.26.0294.00 kB
C-141hghb_alt_tape.gau06.10.0059.00 kB
C-141hghb_ias_tape.gau06.10.00107.00 kB
C-141HGHB_VSI_POINTER.gau06.10.0056.00 kB
fsd_warn.dh.gau03.28.9985.00 kB
fsd_warn.gear.gau06.26.9985.00 kB
fsd_warn.overspeed.gau06.26.9985.00 kB
fsd_warn.stall.gau02.07.0185.00 kB
Vulc4.Gear.gau06.02.9945.00 kB
X15_Mach_Digital.gau04.25.0344.50 kB
X15_pullup.gau06.14.0066.50 kB
X15_spoiler-lamp.gau03.01.9945.00 kB
YLF50_OMI.gau11.04.0021.50 kB
_PD.landing_lights.gau05.08.0286.00 kB
effects12.27.030 B
fx_vclight_X15.fx12.27.031.30 kB
images12.27.030 B
XB70_008.jpg12.27.0370.10 kB
XB70_002.jpg12.27.0356.16 kB
XB70_003.jpg12.27.0336.69 kB
XB70_004.jpg12.27.0368.35 kB
XB70_013.jpg12.27.0357.95 kB
XB70_010.jpg12.27.0364.47 kB
XB70_005.jpg12.27.0346.62 kB
XB70_006.jpg12.27.0352.32 kB
XB70_001.jpg12.27.0339.91 kB
XB70_007.jpg12.27.0361.85 kB
XB70_011.jpg12.27.0332.51 kB
XB70_014.jpg12.27.0347.94 kB
XB70_012.jpg12.27.0332.59 kB
XB70_009.jpg12.27.0379.21 kB
XB70_016.jpg12.27.0334.13 kB
XB70_015.jpg12.27.0346.89 kB
XB70_018.jpg12.27.0331.48 kB
XB70_017.jpg12.27.0329.02 kB
XB70_019.jpg12.27.0375.87 kB
XB70-small.jpg12.27.034.93 kB
XB70-Info.txt12.27.03897 B
aircraft12.27.030 B
XB-7012.27.030 B
model12.27.030 B
Model.cfg12.27.0324 B
XB-70.mdl12.27.03695.99 kB
panel12.27.030 B
panel.cfg12.27.033.50 kB
XB70_Panel.bmp12.27.032.25 MB
sound12.27.030 B
Sound.cfg11.16.036.73 kB
can11.wav01.27.01241.90 kB
can12.wav01.27.01241.90 kB
can13.wav01.29.01121.09 kB
can14.wav01.29.01114.38 kB
CAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99181.25 kB
CAN1STRT.WAV01.29.01373.74 kB
can21.wav01.27.0145.39 kB
can22.wav01.27.01127.41 kB
can23.wav01.29.0163.73 kB
can24.wav01.29.0157.14 kB
CAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99139.75 kB
CAN2STRT.WAV01.27.0161.23 kB
CAN2T.WAV09.17.99114.81 kB
CCMGEARDN.WAV09.17.99122.25 kB
CCMGEARUP.WAV09.17.99133.25 kB
xcan11.wav01.27.0160.96 kB
xcan12.wav01.27.0160.96 kB
xcan13.wav01.29.0115.16 kB
xcan14.wav01.29.0115.09 kB
XCAN1SHUT.WAV09.17.99189.25 kB
XCAN1STRT.WAV01.29.01410.85 kB
xcan21.wav01.27.01121.87 kB
xcan22.wav01.29.01105.68 kB
xcan23.wav01.29.0131.88 kB
xcan24.wav01.29.0131.05 kB
XCAN2SHUT.WAV09.17.99177.75 kB
XCAN2STRT.WAV01.27.0161.73 kB
XCAN2T.WAV09.17.99108.81 kB
bmflaps.wav04.18.0173.81 kB
texture12.27.030 B
Body0_t.bmp11.21.03256.07 kB
Jet.bmp11.21.0317.05 kB
tire.bmp02.09.0365.05 kB
metal_t.bmp12.24.03256.07 kB
cabin_door.bmp12.27.03257.05 kB
Body_t.bmp11.21.031.00 MB
Cabin-top_t.bmp12.10.0364.07 kB
Wing_bottom_t.bmp12.24.031.00 MB
Wing_top_t.bmp11.21.031.00 MB
bay_int.bmp12.09.0365.05 kB
Air_intake_t.bmp12.06.031.00 MB
glass_t.bmp06.24.0316.07 kB
pavement.bmp12.24.03257.05 kB
VC_CentralPanel.bmp12.08.03257.05 kB
VC_CentralPanel_L.bmp12.13.03257.05 kB
Aux_panels.bmp12.24.031.00 MB
Aux_panels_L.bmp12.24.031.00 MB
VC_Pan_left.bmp12.13.03257.05 kB
VC_Pan_left_L.bmp12.13.03257.05 kB
VC_Pan_right.bmp12.23.03257.05 kB
VC_Pan_right_L.bmp12.23.03257.05 kB
metal-v_t.bmp12.27.0364.07 kB
virt_panels_ext_L.bmp12.27.03257.05 kB
virt_panels_ext.bmp12.27.03257.05 kB
cabin_door_L.bmp12.27.03257.05 kB
Tail_t.bmp12.27.03256.07 kB
XB-70.air12.27.0312.73 kB
Aircraft.cfg12.27.038.83 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Having always enjoyed a little dalliance in one of the more modern war fighters, it was nice to be able to jump back into my old FS2002 copy and try out something as advanced as the Valkyrie.

Preview screenshot

It’s a bit of a novelty at times flying these things as they can just feel so different to the typical civilian aircraft I’m more used to/comfortable with, but the first thing I noticed with this was the sheer velocity that it provided upon takeoff.

Whilst I was still gazing around the stunning interior of the aircraft, far beyond anything I was used to in FS2002, it was beginning to lift off at breakneck speeds and before I knew it I was away!

This becomes a rather regular theme with military aircraft given their incredible power, but this monstrosity gave me a whole new glimpse of that raw strength. Especially within such a comparatively old simulator, it was really nice to see how well it was able to stand up.

The fact they were able to implement the Mach cone throughout the flight itself is hugely impressively, creating the shockwaves to generate a powerful compression lift to get me moving in no time at all.

Even the little features like the folded wing tips were massively appreciated by me, and helped me actually stay in the direction I wanted to go! The problem is that this amazing aircraft was only ever really flown in prototypes and never made it out of the phase.

Out of all the war aircraft I’ve tried in recent years, the Valkyrie was without a doubt one of the most impressive I’d seen – the style of the aircraft mixed with its ferocity was something I hadn’t really had too much experience with up until then.

Add in the fact that it was such a hugely well performing aircraft over a 130 mission span, and its untimely end at the hands of a F-104 in a collision put paid to one of the most promising aircraft around at the time. If you are, like me, interested to see why something so advanced looking and so obviously powerful was pretty much consigned to the dustbin then I would highly recommend downloading this mod and giving it a go.

The high speeds that you can hit are truly quite staggering and will let you bullet around the skies with absolute impunity. With a hugely detailed virtual cockpit made from scratch, too, you will have no problem working the aircraft and getting used to its huge array of gauges on the dashboard.

It’s variable nose cone and unique movement for when the gears retract make this a rather quirky flight at the best of times but when you get used to that kind of style it becomes so much easier to manage.

The unique sounds and reflective textures add to the whole display side of things, rounding off a very impressive modification. It’s something I’ll regularly fire up, and would recommend you do the same!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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titanianTue, 05 Feb 2008 13:00:13 GMT
Excellent Download. Easier to fly than a Concorde, but I have a problem sinking through the runway when landing on 'Britsh Airports' scenery. Where am I going wrong?
acepilot32Thu, 12 Jul 2007 21:46:37 GMT
very fun to fly and very fast but a little shaky at hight altitdueds(sorry) no guages and no gps 7/10

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