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FSX Update For Virtavia F-4 Phantom II Extra Model

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Update For Virtavia F-4 Phantom II Extra Model. This is an update for FS2004 of the Virtavia F-4 Phantom II extra J model that was found in pack 1. The author has used the flight dynamics, panel, and other changes from the pack 1 update and the textures from the D model in pack 2. Like the other pack 1 models the VC has holes to the outside in FSX. This model is the only one that is truely clean; no bombs, tanks, or rockets. This is the whole aircraft. By Bob Chicilo.

Virtavia F-4 Phantom II in flight.

Virtavia F-4 Phantom II in flight.

This is an update for FSX of the Virtavia F-4 Phantom II extra J model that I found in pack 1. I have used the flight dynamics, panel, and other changes from the pack 1 update. I used the textures from the D model in pack 2. Like the other pack 1 models the VC has holes to the outside in FSX. I am uploading this model because it is the only one that is truely clean; no bombs, tanks, or rockets, just the way I like it. This is the whole aircraft.

Unzip to a folder of your choice. Copy the aircraft folder to the airplanes folder. Copy the effects to the main FS effects folder. All gauges should be in the aircraft panel folder. You can just leave them there, or copy them to the main FS gauges folder. The exception is the concorde gauge which can be found on the web; if you don't already have it.

If you have not already done so, copy the .cab files from the default aircraft panel folders that have them to the main FS gauges folder. For some the .cab flies will be .zip files, as .cab files are a type of zip file.

The autopilot toggles with the overhead icon.


One of the gauges that does not work correctly in FSX is the one that toggles the hud from off through the 3 shades; so I took the bright one and made it visible. If you want it one of the other shades, and know how you can change it in the panel.cfg file.

See [reference speeds] section of the aircraft.cfg file for operating speeds.

Anyone: You have my permission to use any of my updates with the following conditions: One, you don't try to make money with them. Two, you don't try to hurt, or take something from anyone by using them.

Bob Chicilo.

Virtavia F-4 Phantom II in flight.

Virtavia F-4 Phantom II in flight.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg02.18.1110.32 kB
model.502.18.110 B
F4J Clean.mdl03.25.052.80 MB
Model.cfg03.25.0528 B
Readme.txt12.21.1040 B
panel02.18.110 B
ALPHA_F-80.cab09.04.09331.97 kB
ECU_Backround.bmp01.15.05250.05 kB
F-42Dpan.jpg02.13.11178.71 kB
F-4VC.jpg02.13.11125.04 kB
main panel.bmp01.14.052.25 MB
Panel.cfg02.18.1111.74 kB
Radio Stack.bmp01.15.05137.87 kB
StdHUD.gau01.11.041.75 MB
Virtavia_F4_Extragauge.cab02.27.055.35 kB
Virtavia_F-4_Phantom.cab01.23.05259.14 kB
Virtavia_Phantom StdHUD.gau01.11.041.75 MB
Phantom II.air02.17.115.57 kB
sound02.18.110 B
B211.wav01.01.0664.66 kB
B212.wav01.01.0664.66 kB
B213.WAV01.01.0675.43 kB
B214.wav01.01.0680.13 kB
B221.WAV01.01.06375.81 kB
B222.WAV01.01.06375.81 kB
B223.WAV01.01.0686.20 kB
B224.WAV01.01.0686.20 kB
B2APDIS.WAV08.11.97101.67 kB
b2bn2shut.wav02.06.02259.59 kB
b2bn2strt.wav01.01.0672.84 kB
B2BSHUT.WAV02.06.02206.59 kB
B2BSTRT.WAV01.01.06494.07 kB
B2GEARDW.WAV02.06.02431.82 kB
B2GEARUP.WAV02.06.02384.12 kB
B2N11.WAV01.01.0677.29 kB
B2N12.WAV01.01.0677.29 kB
B2N13.wav01.01.06107.73 kB
B2N14.WAV01.01.06129.27 kB
B2N21.wav01.01.06107.73 kB
B2N22.wav01.01.06107.73 kB
B2N23.wav01.01.06105.29 kB
B2N24.WAV01.01.0676.61 kB
B2N2SHUT.WAV02.06.02259.59 kB
B2N2STRT.WAV01.01.0672.84 kB
B2OVER.WAV08.11.9786.16 kB
B2SHUT.WAV02.06.02206.59 kB
B2STALL.WAV04.09.0238.18 kB
B2STRT.WAV01.01.06494.07 kB
CLOSE.wav04.03.00116.51 kB
FLAPS.WAV06.28.0090.39 kB
OPEN.wav04.03.00116.51 kB
Sound.cfg12.21.1012.25 kB
wind.wav07.24.03163.13 kB
XB211.wav01.14.06239.06 kB
XB212.wav01.14.06196.92 kB
XB213.wav06.28.06112.35 kB
XB214.wav06.28.06269.25 kB
XB221.WAV02.06.0235.76 kB
XB222.WAV01.14.06129.28 kB
XB223.wav01.14.0664.66 kB
XB224.wav06.28.06222.29 kB
XB2BN2SHUT.wav07.15.04875.37 kB
XB2BN2STRT.wav11.05.0573.29 kB
XB2BSTRT.WAV07.15.04259.24 kB
XB2N11.wav01.14.06203.35 kB
XB2N12.wav01.14.06103.54 kB
XB2N13.wav01.14.0681.32 kB
XB2N14.wav01.14.0647.84 kB
XB2N21.WAV11.26.0350.97 kB
XB2N22.WAV04.15.03441.26 kB
XB2N23.WAV06.28.0643.13 kB
XB2N24.wav01.14.06290.78 kB
XB2N2SHUT.wav07.15.04981.01 kB
XB2N2STRT.wav11.05.0573.29 kB
XB2SHUT.WAV02.06.02127.26 kB
XB2STRT.WAV07.15.04259.24 kB
texture.102.18.110 B
cockpit.bmp12.01.041.00 MB
cockpit2.bmp12.28.041.00 MB
cockpit3.bmp03.02.051.00 MB
cockpit4.bmp01.15.051.00 MB
ft.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
ft2.bmp02.11.051.00 MB
fuse 1.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
fuse2.bmp02.21.051.00 MB
fuse3.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
gear.bmp02.06.051.33 MB
left wing bottom.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
left wing.bmp02.21.051.00 MB
lower.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
pilot.bmp02.04.051.33 MB
right wing bottom.bmp02.21.051.00 MB
right wing.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
sidelights.bmp02.25.051.00 MB
sidelights_L.bmp02.25.051.00 MB
tex1.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
tex2.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
tex3.bmp02.02.051.00 MB
VC1.bmp02.01.051.00 MB
VC2.bmp02.01.051.00 MB
Virtavia F-4J Phantom II TFS_8th TFW.JPG02.18.1132.21 kB
F-4-44.JPG02.18.1124.08 kB
F-4-45.jpg02.18.1133.18 kB
file_id.txt02.18.11510 B
read me.txt02.18.111.83 kB
fx_contrail_Virtavia Phantom.fx11.23.041.25 kB
fx_eng_exhaust_gry.fx11.18.001.10 kB
fx_engine_Virtavia Phantom.fx11.23.041.22 kB
fx_navgrec.fx05.06.034.55 kB
fx_navredc.fx05.06.034.55 kB
fx_recog.fx04.03.032.44 kB
fx_reheat_Virtavia Phantom.fx11.23.048.65 kB
fx_smoke_f6.fx04.19.041.17 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Southern CrossSun, 29 Mar 2015 23:16:52 GMT

Is this an F-4E Phantom II? because the F-4E is the Phantom variant that has a gun.

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