FSX A380 Birthday Surprise Mission

Preview A380 Birthday Surprise. A sightseeing tour in the Cessna 172 around the San Francisco area to visit the A380 while on its promotional tour. By Chris Klein.

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A380 Birthday Surprise. A sightseeing tour in the Cessna 172 around the San Francisco area to visit the A380 while on its promotional tour. By Chris Klein.

A380 Birthday Surprise Mission.

A380 Birthday Surprise Mission.

1. These files have been zipped using the default folders for FSX. If you unzip these files into the C drive (or whatever drive where you have FSX) and use the "use folders" function of winzip, then all the files should go into their correct subfolders.
2. If you do not wish to unzip these files using the automatic unzip feature, then have a look at where all the files are supposed to go (into which subfolder) and make sure they all go there. Example: The wav files must go into the sound folder, in the A380 folder, in The Good Life folder, in the Missions folder, etc etc. Beware there is a reward for this mission which must go into the Rewards folder.

I created this mission as an intermediate level mission flying in a Cessna 172 at normal speed. In order for everything to work properly you must follow all of the voice instructions, such as "fly to a heading of 210" degrees or "land on runway 30". Since this is an intermediate level mission I expect you to be able to control the aircraft in a way that allows you to maintain altitude and heading ... and land on the runway. I use runway landing as a "trigger" to give some instructions so be sure to actually LAND ON THE RUNWAY. In other words, respect the aircraft and the mission instructions and you should have a great time with no issues.

*** NOTES ***
This is my 2nd mission. My first one was "Lunch on Catalina Island". I have enjoyed making these missions and will most likely make more. The feedback I get keeps me motivated to make more missions since so far I've received a lot of positive feedback and some constructive criticism that I've tried to put into this 2nd mission. Please provide your feedback (both positive and "constructive") for me to stay motivated about making these time-consuming missions.

*** CREDITS ***
Thanks to Robert Versluys for creating the freeware A380 which was used unchanged as AI in this freeware mission.

Thank you ... and enjoy your A380 Birthday Surprise!!!

A380 Birthday Surprise Mission.

A380 Birthday Surprise Mission.

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The archive a380bdsr.zip has 86 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
images11.13.070 B
charts_01.jpg11.09.0790.89 kB
Overview_01.jpg11.12.0723.11 kB
Thumbs.db11.13.0724.50 kB
50 feet sfo.wav11.13.071.34 MB
a380 approach.wav11.13.07621.04 kB
a380 approach2.wav11.13.07562.38 kB
a380 approach3.wav11.13.07393.53 kB
a380 approach4.wav11.13.071.03 MB
background.wav11.19.07934.96 kB
bb to sfo.wav11.13.071015.04 kB
bb.wav11.18.074.53 MB
gg bridge.wav11.18.073.35 MB
gg park.wav11.17.07757.60 kB
gg park2.wav11.17.071.29 MB
gg view.wav11.18.072.39 MB
haf approach.wav11.17.071.22 MB
haf approach2.wav11.18.07752.93 kB
haf final.wav11.11.07373.78 kB
haf landing.wav11.09.07168.49 kB
haf take off.wav11.13.07717.04 kB
mike on board.wav11.13.07622.04 kB
mike standing.wav11.13.07301.04 kB
mt diablo.wav11.18.071.29 MB
north.wav11.13.07512.04 kB
reward.wav11.13.07362.04 kB
san mateo.wav11.09.07291.17 kB
see gg.wav11.13.07690.04 kB
sfo land request.wav11.17.07553.10 kB
sfo land request2.wav11.17.07630.24 kB
sfo land request3.wav11.13.07201.43 kB
sfo land request4.wav11.13.071.47 MB
welcome.wav11.12.074.21 MB
west.wav11.13.07504.04 kB
sound11.19.070 B
a380.FLT11.19.077.64 kB
a380.FSSAVE11.09.078.05 kB
a380.PLN11.09.071.47 kB
a380.WX11.09.07165.84 kB
a380_c.bmp11.12.0787.15 kB
a380_i.bmp11.12.0787.15 kB
a380mission.xml11.19.0749.30 kB
Overview_Tab.htm11.12.075.41 kB
Charts.htm11.13.07876 B
Charts_Tab.htm11.12.075.42 kB
Details.htm11.13.071.59 kB
Details_Tab.htm11.12.075.42 kB
Overview.htm11.19.072.80 kB
a380reward.RWD11.17.07118.42 kB
READ ME.txt11.20.072.10 kB
a388.air01.18.0512.71 kB
Aircraft.cfg11.19.079.64 kB
model11.09.070 B
a388wf.mdl12.31.041.66 MB
Model.cfg07.08.0525 B
PANEL11.09.070 B
Panel.cfg01.08.0532 B
sound11.09.070 B
sound.cfg11.09.0730 B
texture.1stFlight11.09.070 B
a380_rsv_engines_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_engines_t.bmp07.08.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_gear_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_gear_t.bmp07.08.05256.07 kB
a380_rsv_interior_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_interior_t.bmp12.28.041.00 MB
a380_rsv_leftfuse_l.bmp07.08.051.00 MB
a380_rsv_leftfuse_t.bmp07.08.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_rightfuse_l.bmp07.08.051.00 MB
a380_rsv_rightfuse_t.bmp07.08.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_tail_l.bmp12.19.041.00 MB
a380_rsv_tail_t.bmp01.21.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_texture1_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_texture1_t.bmp07.08.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_texture2_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_texture2_t.bmp07.09.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_wingl_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_wingl_t.bmp07.08.054.00 MB
a380_rsv_wingr_l.bmp12.19.044.07 kB
a380_rsv_wingr_t.bmp07.08.054.00 MB
Thumbs.db11.09.0734.50 kB
wheels.bmp07.08.0516.07 kB
wheels_f.bmp07.08.0516.07 kB
A380 First Flight FS911.20.070 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Ray MackThu, 15 Aug 2019 13:26:06 GMT

Enjoyed! Nice job. Hope to see more.

Dalton GrubbWed, 18 Jul 2018 04:14:07 GMT

Downloaded and then played right away. Man this was the best mission I ever flown. I wil be flying "Lunch on Catalina Island" cant wait to fly that.

GeorgeSun, 24 Jan 2016 13:50:21 GMT

This was very fun!! Thank you for making this! I will be trying your other mission too : )

DenisWed, 09 Jan 2013 21:23:29 GMT

Hi, awesome mission! Really enjoyed completing it. Looking forward to downloading (and playing) "Lunch on Catalina Island".



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