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PreviewGulfstream G550. The Gulfstream G550 is the largest and latest development of the Gulfstream line of corporate transports. This version incorporates all of the real-world flight dynamics including correct altitude cruise and speeds, range, power, and visual smoke (effects file). It has a maximum ...

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Gulfstream G550. The Gulfstream G550 is the largest and latest development of the Gulfstream line of corporate transports. This version incorporates all of the real-world flight dynamics including correct altitude cruise and speeds, range, power, and visual smoke (effects file). It has a maximum range of 8700 nm at Mach .80, FL510E. This plane is easy enough for just about any FSX-simmer to master in little time, and illustrates the technology used in today's modern corporate aircraft. Model, texture and sounds by Peter Brun. Corrected flight dynamics and data by Douglas E. Trapp.

Gulfstream G550 in flight.​Installation:

Simply copy the unzipped Gulfstream V folder and all of the subfolders to your SimObjects folder in FSX. Then enter the EFFECTS folder and read the effects.txt file for smoke installation.


The only real thing to note with this aircraft (in FSX) is that the flaps are extreme, and the engines are powerful. No more that 2 notches are needed for take-off or landing with flaps. Rolling with less than 70% fuel will require no power, and some braking. Otherwise I've tested this model enough to be certain that it flies like the real thing. Everything works correctly and I recommend that you use autopilot for as many functions as possible, other than the final touch-down and/or taxiing.

The original version of this aircraft was designed for FS2004, and was nowhere near accurate with it's flight dynamics (it would not fly higher than about FL180). This version includes flight dynamic data that is known in the real-world. Do your own research and you will find that this plane is one of the best, based on the real-world data available. I have not invented anything in this aircraft, but simply worked the math to make her fly like she's supposed to. This includes the drag rate, lift scale, and engine power. Otherwise I'm sure you will find this plane a breeze to fly. Hopefully, you enjoy long-distance flights. Read the data available when you load the aircraft, before loading it, and you will learn what is needed.

Douglas E. Trapp
FS Flight Dynamics Engineer
Arlington, Texas

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Aircraft.cfg08.09.0913.46 kB
Data.txt08.10.09616 B
Effects08.10.090 B
Effects.txt08.10.0975 B
fx_smoke_f6.fx09.28.081.17 kB
G550.JPG08.09.0984.10 kB
Installation.txt08.10.091.58 kB
ldgv.air08.08.098.40 kB
model08.09.090 B
ldgv.mdl08.05.091.99 MB
model.cfg08.05.0929 B
Panel08.09.090 B
panel.cfg08.05.0944 B
Thumbs.db08.05.0915.00 kB
sound08.09.090 B
door_large_close.wav08.05.09131.81 kB
door_large_open.wav08.05.09116.30 kB
laapdis.wav08.05.0911.25 kB
lagear.wav08.05.0918.25 kB
lan11.wav08.05.0967.73 kB
lan12.wav08.05.0968.23 kB
lan13.wav08.05.0959.73 kB
lan14.wav08.05.0962.69 kB
lan1shut.wav08.05.09243.25 kB
lan1strt.wav08.05.09493.31 kB
lan21.wav08.05.0945.73 kB
lan22.wav08.05.0967.73 kB
lan23.wav08.05.0959.23 kB
lan24.wav08.05.0944.19 kB
lan2shut.wav08.05.0958.77 kB
lan2strt.wav08.05.0999.75 kB
lan2t.wav08.05.09100.81 kB
laover.wav08.05.0913.25 kB
lbn11.wav08.05.0968.73 kB
lbn12.wav08.05.0969.23 kB
lbn13.wav08.05.0963.23 kB
lbn14.wav08.05.0960.69 kB
lbn1shut.wav08.05.09211.25 kB
lbn1strt.wav08.05.09458.81 kB
lbn21.wav08.05.0956.73 kB
lbn22.wav08.05.0933.23 kB
lbn23.wav08.05.0936.73 kB
lbn24.wav08.05.0944.23 kB
lbn2shut.wav08.05.0964.79 kB
lbn2strt.wav08.05.0996.25 kB
lbn2t.wav08.05.0996.81 kB
lmflaps.wav08.05.0968.31 kB
lmgeardn.wav08.05.0954.27 kB
lmgearup.wav08.05.0959.27 kB
lncrash1.wav08.05.0970.19 kB
lncrash2.wav08.05.09102.69 kB
lncrash3.wav08.05.09136.19 kB
lnsplash.wav08.05.0985.69 kB
sound.cfg08.05.0912.51 kB
xlan11.wav08.05.0967.73 kB
xlan12.wav08.05.0968.23 kB
xlan13.wav08.05.0965.23 kB
xlan14.wav08.05.0962.69 kB
xlan1shut.wav08.05.09220.75 kB
xlan1strt.wav08.05.09464.31 kB
xlan21.wav08.05.0962.23 kB
xlan22.wav08.05.0956.73 kB
xlan23.wav08.05.0960.73 kB
xlan24.wav08.05.0964.23 kB
xlan2shut.wav08.05.09195.25 kB
xlan2strt.wav08.05.0971.75 kB
xlan2t.wav08.05.09100.81 kB
xlbn11.wav08.05.0968.73 kB
xlbn12.wav08.05.0969.23 kB
xlbn13.wav08.05.0960.23 kB
xlbn14.wav08.05.0964.19 kB
xlbn1shut.wav08.05.09203.75 kB
xlbn1strt.wav08.05.09459.81 kB
xlbn21.wav08.05.0941.69 kB
xlbn22.wav08.05.0953.69 kB
xlbn23.wav08.05.0969.19 kB
xlbn24.wav08.05.0968.19 kB
xlbn2shut.wav08.05.09192.25 kB
xlbn2strt.wav08.05.0972.25 kB
xlbn2t.wav08.05.0996.81 kB
xlmflap.wav08.05.0967.81 kB
xlncras1.wav08.05.0970.19 kB
xlncras2.wav08.05.09102.69 kB
xlncras3.wav08.05.09136.19 kB
xlnsplash.wav08.05.0985.69 kB
texture08.09.090 B
$VCockpit_1.bmp08.05.091.00 MB
cabina_piezas.bmp08.05.095.33 MB
cromo_t.bmp08.05.0985.40 kB
GV_l.bmp08.05.094.00 MB
GV_misc.bmp08.05.094.00 MB
GV_t.bmp08.05.094.00 MB
thumbnail.JPG08.09.0984.10 kB
Thumbs.db08.05.0922.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots07.04.190 B
screen-1.jpg07.03.19244.56 kB
screen-10.jpg07.03.19339.12 kB
screen-11.jpg07.03.19229.17 kB
screen-12.jpg07.03.19465.66 kB
screen-13.jpg07.03.19477.96 kB
screen-14.jpg07.03.19196.23 kB
screen-15.jpg07.03.19558.57 kB
screen-16.jpg07.03.19524.75 kB
screen-17.jpg07.03.19102.79 kB
screen-18.jpg07.03.1991.91 kB
screen-19.jpg07.03.1997.44 kB
screen-2.jpg07.03.19211.04 kB
screen-20.jpg07.03.1994.48 kB
screen-3.jpg07.03.19214.69 kB
screen-4.jpg07.03.19231.50 kB
screen-5.jpg07.03.19224.80 kB
screen-6.jpg07.03.19245.73 kB
screen-7.jpg07.03.19101.62 kB
screen-8.jpg07.03.19134.72 kB
screen-9.jpg07.03.19213.09 kB


The FSX Gulfstream G550 is one of those aircraft that, on the face of things, is a very complex aircraft. as one of the best developments by the Gulfstream crew, it’s a true testament to modern aviation and design – Peter Brun and Douglas Trapp, the creators of this mod, have both done a spectacular job on making what is a very awkward piece of kit feel as authentic as it can. This comes equipped with proper flight dynamics, correct cruise speeds, and even the specific kind of smoke-based visuals that this aircraft creates as it flies.

Preview screenshot

For anyone with an interest in the Gulfstream brand, you need to try this out. It’s about as user-friendly as you are likely to get, with the model, the textures, the performance and the sounds all coming together to make a holy unity of enjoyment.


As ever, installation is very easy. All I had to do was grab the download, open it up, and copy the Gulfstream V folder into my SimObjects folder in FSX. Then, I had to go to the Effects folder and include the new effects.txt file included.

There – that was literally it installed and ready to have fun with.


One major element of this aircraft that immediately struck me was how accurate it was in terms of dynamics. I had the official dynamics up on the screen to compare against, and this was practically hitting every step along the way.

From the power of the aircraft to its altitude cruise and speed, I found it was more or less on-point with everything I was being told that it should be. To me? That’s about as accurate as you could want, or need, in a modern simulator.

One thing I do want to make clear, though, is just how extreme the flaps can be. The developer made this clear in the installation, but I was not expecting it to be so extensive. With no more than two notches being needed for take-off or landing, as well as rolling only needing 70% of fuel or less to make it a powerless venture, this carries out all the hallmarks of the real thing.

The whole operation works as it should, being a correctly run and carefully managed option that feels as authentic as you desire. It’s even got quality functions for the autopilot, reworked and mastered to ensure its accuracy.

This was taken from the old FS2004 edition which had nothing like the same consistency or accuracy along the way. It’s use of authentic flight resources to ensure its so close to the real thing was a really big thing for me, and made it much easier to buy into the project as a whole.

From drag rate and engine power being so accurate to the depth and quality of the textures, this makes it easier than ever to fly your aircraft in full confidence. Happy to recommend this to anyone who is interested in truly experiencing an authentic aviation experience.

Very impressive and well managed, and is for sure one of the aircraft that you should look to try out when you get a moment.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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AlanWed, 31 Aug 2022 18:35:30 GMT

Why won't the download display the aircraft on FSX - the file looks ok to me in the sim objects folder!

pedroFri, 29 Oct 2021 14:12:41 GMT

Don't have a virtual cockpit?

Martin WinklerThu, 24 Dec 2020 13:19:38 GMT

The ac is fine, nice, and easy to handle. The only thing that doesn't work is when I have activated the autopilot, I cannot activate speed/mach. Everything else like Alt, Nav, Appr works well, but not speed/mach. Any suggestions?

FirefalconSun, 23 Jul 2017 07:23:28 GMT

Do not follow .bmp for textrue. So, PLEASE follow .dds image files for texture as able using in both of FSXSE and FSX. Please tell to Designer. He will be sorry wrong .bmp...SHOULD BE .dds texture.

AhmadSat, 27 Feb 2016 13:00:53 GMT

Any chance of seeing you do the G650ER and G600?

Roland BrowneWed, 29 Jan 2014 02:47:34 GMT

Hello Douglas I like the Gulfstream 650 & 280 I also would to see these airplanes with the new glass panel and what would be a nice user friend repaint program Thanks Roland Tyler Tx

AhmadThu, 12 Dec 2013 10:01:06 GMT

Hi Douglas, when will you change the cockpit instruments and panels so they look the real ones in a G550? I don't see how it will be possible -though- to mimic the PlaneView's Cursor Control Device, SV-PFD, EVS, INAV, HUD, EDS and synchronous running of those three CDU's of the FMS. I really want a more realistic looking G550 cockpit. Any chance you could create the G650 and G280? Thanks.

silvrr23Tue, 31 Jul 2012 16:05:28 GMT

thats not a G550 its a G450

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