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FS2004 Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23A Black Widow II PAV-1 87800 and PAV-2 87801

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Featuring: GMAX built 3D YF 23 model with basic virtual cockpit. Detailed, high-resolution, reflective dxt3 textures. Transparent reflective canopy and detailed pilot. Fully animated control surfaces. Fully animated landing gear. Afterburner effect that works realistically when AB command is selected. Very realistic Flight Dynamics based on virtual wind tunnel data. Custom sounds, mixed to be throaty and powerful. Condense contrails for wing tips, fuselage and flaps. Flight Checklist, Procedures, and Flight Manual. Realistic Panel. By: Daniel Buechter, Bryan Betts, Simone Prattico', Pete Dowson, JR, Eric Marciano, Cyril Pioffet, Johan Peeters. See readme.txt inside for detailed credits.

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The archive FS9ATF23.ZIP has 139 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
YF-23A01.25.040 B
Aircraft.cfg01.25.0412.47 kB
File_Id.diz01.25.04777 B
Model.80001.25.040 B
Model.cfg06.24.0322 B
PAV-1.mdl05.29.03689.47 kB
Model.80101.25.040 B
Model.cfg06.24.0322 B
PAV-2.mdl05.29.03694.29 kB
Panel01.25.040 B
Panel.bmp06.23.032.14 MB
Panel.cfg01.25.043.04 kB
Panel.jpg01.25.04231.43 kB
PAV-1.air01.25.049.54 kB
PAV-1.jpg01.25.04210.27 kB
PAV-2.air01.25.049.55 kB
PAV-2.jpg01.25.0491.95 kB
Sound01.25.040 B
BNCRASH1.wav04.18.01207.98 kB
BNCRASH2.wav04.18.01277.82 kB
BNROLL.wav04.18.01370.11 kB
BNROLL2.wav04.18.01389.67 kB
BNSPLAS1.wav04.18.01181.02 kB
BNSPLAS2.wav04.18.01196.21 kB
C.wav05.21.0342.65 kB
CABIN.wav05.21.03102.09 kB
L.wav05.21.0342.65 kB
LAAPDIS.wav05.21.0311.25 kB
LAGEAR.wav08.11.9770.15 kB
LAN11.wav05.21.0353.33 kB
LAN12.wav05.21.0350.83 kB
LAN13.wav05.21.03199.58 kB
LAN14.wav05.21.03312.65 kB
LAN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LAN1STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
LAN21.wav05.21.0334.77 kB
LAN22.wav05.21.0360.25 kB
LAN23.wav05.21.0355.65 kB
LAN24.wav05.21.0362.54 kB
LAN2SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LAN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
LAN2T.wav04.18.01100.81 kB
LAOVER.wav05.21.0350.37 kB
LBN11.wav05.21.0395.83 kB
LBN12.wav05.21.0350.83 kB
LBN13.wav05.21.0350.09 kB
LBN14.wav05.21.03312.65 kB
LBN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LBN1STRT.wav05.21.03169.37 kB
LBN21.wav05.21.0334.77 kB
LBN22.wav05.21.0360.25 kB
LBN23.wav05.21.0355.65 kB
LBN24.wav05.21.0362.54 kB
LBN2SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LBN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
LBN2T.wav04.18.0196.81 kB
LGBLYLND.wav04.18.01813.11 kB
LGWNGSCR.wav04.18.01226.07 kB
LMFLAPS.wav05.21.0325.18 kB
LMGEARDN.wav05.21.0326.34 kB
LMGEARUP.wav05.21.0314.34 kB
R.wav05.21.0342.65 kB
Sound.cfg06.25.0312.22 kB
STALL.wav05.21.0336.09 kB
XLAN11.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLAN12.wav05.21.0379.70 kB
XLAN13.wav05.21.0358.09 kB
XLAN14.wav05.21.0383.15 kB
XLAN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLAN1STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLAN21.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLAN22.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLAN23.wav05.21.03202.74 kB
XLAN24.wav05.21.03207.18 kB
XLAN2SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLAN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLAN2T.wav05.21.03354 B
XLBN11.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLBN12.wav05.21.0379.70 kB
XLBN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLBN1STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLBN21.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLBN22.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLBN23.wav05.21.03202.74 kB
XLBN24.wav05.21.03207.18 kB
XLBN2SHUT.WAV05.21.0388.09 kB
XLBN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLBN2T.wav05.21.03354 B
Texture.80001.25.040 B
aces_ii.bmp03.24.03170.74 kB
canopy.bmp04.30.0316.07 kB
cockpit.bmp03.24.03682.74 kB
exhaust.bmp04.17.0332.05 kB
fan.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
fanblurred.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
ftire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
mtire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
pilot.bmp05.13.03682.75 kB
yf23.bmp05.29.031.33 MB
yf23ii.bmp05.28.031.33 MB
Texture.80101.25.040 B
aces_ii.bmp03.24.03170.74 kB
canopy.bmp04.30.0316.07 kB
cockpit.bmp03.24.03682.74 kB
exhaust.bmp04.17.0332.05 kB
fan.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
fanblurred.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
ftire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
mtire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
pilot.bmp05.13.03682.75 kB
yf23.bmp08.14.031.33 MB
yf23ii.bmp08.14.031.33 MB
YF-23A Flight Manual.pdf05.30.03368.80 kB
YF-23A_Check.htm01.25.043.96 kB
YF-23A_Ref.htm01.25.046.50 kB
Aircraft01.25.040 B
fx_YF-23ABurner.fx06.24.038.65 kB
fx_YF-23AFlame.fx06.24.031.24 kB
fx_YF-23AFlaptip.fx06.24.031.23 kB
fx_YF-23AStrake.fx06.24.031.23 kB
fx_YF-23AWingtip.fx06.24.031.23 kB
Effects01.25.040 B
F16.gau02.25.031.95 MB
M4000.gau06.15.031.66 MB
YF-23A.cab01.25.0479.77 kB
YF-23AADI.gau03.08.00305.50 kB
YF-23AAirspeed.gau01.25.02286.50 kB
YF-23AAltimeter.gau05.11.9830.50 kB
YF-23AAnalogGMeter.gau03.15.98156.00 kB
YF-23AAOA.gau05.06.0214.50 kB
YF-23AClock.gau12.25.98131.50 kB
YF-23AGMeter.gau05.06.02156.00 kB
YF-23ALowVolts.gau05.02.00120.08 kB
YF-23ARadarAltimeter.gau05.04.02137.00 kB
YF-23AVariometer.gau11.08.9729.00 kB
Gauges01.25.040 B
Readme.txt01.26.045.56 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


For many years, the ability to hop into military grade aircraft and shoot through the skies has been one that many of us have grasped with both hands – and it’s no wonder when you see the immense power that they tend to carry. If you are interested in seeing the true, raw energy that comes with using an aircraft like this then we recommend that you really look into what can be offered by this mod specifically.

Personally, I’ve used this for many years and really grown to love the Black Widow on my laptop; I use FS2004 a lot on my laptop as it runs nice and smoothly, and makes those long trips a whole lot easier to deal with.

At the time of installation, I was a little bit hesitant about getting too excited about using this. After all, it’s just another jump jet with guns, right/ Well, I was quickly proven wrong. It’s got speed, power, agility, weaponry and truly amazing navigational features included. Add in the fact that it’s so incredibly nimble and it really does become a piece of cake to manage and prepare this kind of vehicle.

It’s got fully animated control surfaces, too, so you’ll be able to get all of the controls that you need in front of you and have them all reacting and performing for you just as you would expect if you were to step foot into the real cockpit of a military-grade air fighter. I’m a fan of this kind of raw energy and power and if you are too then you are likely to just love using this system.

The afterburner effect is, without a doubt, my favorite installation within this package however. It makes a brilliant look, sound and feel and really does offer us all the help that we could possibly need. The whole array of customized sounds and additions alone makes such a massive difference in the long-term, ensuring that things are going to be as comfortable for you as they possibly can – you’ll now be able to get to grips with the whole Phantom experience.

It even comes with checklist procedures so that you can take the thing off properly – something I struggled with massively a first – and a massively detailed flight manual that would give even the most novice pilots something to actually enjoy and do. This package alone should give you all the help that you could possibly need in understanding the difference between military grade aircraft and civilian liners.

They really are in another world in terms of speed and raw power, and if you would to experience that first hand this can help make sure that you can do just that starting today. it’s a fast and easy download, can be installed in a matter of moments, and will give you access to all the juicy features that everyone wants to try out the first time they sit down in the cockpit of an aircraft such as this.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

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chunt841Mon, 30 Apr 2007 02:36:53 GMT
im sorry but im very dissapointed by this download for this size it could have been much better its fast but the flight dynamics are way off and theres no gps!
buzbeelWed, 07 Jun 2006 04:34:55 GMT
A beautiful plane, great fun to fly. Nicely done!
FelixsSun, 04 Jun 2006 10:02:12 GMT
Very fast! VC is basic, without any details, but you don`t need it: the panel is great.

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