FSX Pole Mokotowskie X Scenery

Pole Mokotowskie X. Native FSX scenery that feeatures more than twenty custom buildings, custom photoscenery from original black and white photos, AI traffic, summer, night, hard winter and fall textures and more. By Lukasz Kubacki AI traffic and AFCAD file by Nils Meier.

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Pole Mokotowskie X. Native FSX scenery that feeatures more than twenty custom buildings, custom photoscenery from original black and white photos, AI traffic, summer, night, hard winter and fall textures and more. By Lukasz Kubacki AI traffic and AFCAD file by Nils Meier.

Pole Mokotowskie X Scenery.

Pole Mokotowskie X Scenery.

Thank you for downloading our addon! We hope that you will enjoy it and will have lots of fun while using it! The scenery was designed for the MS FSX only. It was compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK. That means the scenery shall work smoothly and it will display properly in the Dx10 Preview mode.

- FSX Native scenery
- More than 20 custom buildings
- Custom photoscenery made with the original black and white photos from the 1935
- Custom AI traffic
- Summer, Night, Hard Winter and Fall textures

3D objects – built with Wings 3D software, exported via Gmax
Objects were placed used Whisplacer 0.9
The photoscenery and exclusions were done with the SbuilderX software
The aerodrome Afcad file was done with the Airport Design Edition (ADE)
Scenery libraries were compiled with the Library Creator XML
Traffic files were compiled with the TTools.

Copy both folders: Addon Scenery and Scenery into your main FSX folder. Run the FSX and add “Mokotow” folder in your Scenery Library.
ICAO code (fictional): EPPM
Name: Pole Mokotowskie
NOTE: The package includes the custom AI traffic which will be located in the FSX/Scenery/World/Scenery folder – traffic_EPPM.bgl
If you have one-core PC it is strongly suggested not to install the traffic, since it is very fps consuming. The AI planes are: Lublin R.XIII and RWD-8 by Simhangar. Make sure that you have them installed!

Because the scenery is located in the middle of a quite big town, it is suggested to lower your FSX settings a bit to Normal/Normal level.
Mokotów Airfield and other sceneries:
The scenery works best with Ultimate Terrain X: Europe or Vector Europe, because those two addons introduce accurate road network for Poland. However, the default scenery will work fine as well. When using UTX, please disable advanced night lighting and road traffic, otherwise you will have cars running through the aerodrome? It is strongly suggested to have some Landclass scenery installed: UTX or Cloud9’s Europe Landclass, because they will remove “desert cities” from the default Polish landscape.

The FSX scenery files don’t support seasonal texture change. I have prepared two sets of trees – one for the winter and one for the summer. Both are located in the Mokotow/Scenery folder. They are called trees_winter.bgl and trees_summer.BGL_backup. It means that the winter trees are active by default. To activate summer trees, please rename them to trees_summer.BGL and also rename trees_wnter.BGL to trees_winter.BGL.Backup, so both scenery files will not display at one time.

The Pole Mokotowskie aerodrome (English: Mokotow Field) was found in 1910. It was used by the Warszawskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze Awiata (Warsaw Aviation Association “Awiata”) which was producing licensed aircrafts such like Farman III, Farman IV, Farman VII and Bleriot XI. The W.T.L. Awiata had also flight school. In 1912 the company and aerodrome were overtaken by the Imperial Russian Army and used by Tzar’s soldiers until 1915, when Warsaw was captured by the Germans. German Army installed workshops and Observer’s School in the aerodrome. There was a Zeppelin hangar as well. It was used in such way until November 1918, when Central Powers collapsed and Great War ended. This gave an opportunity to many countries, including Poland, to get independence. The Mokotów Airfield served as a supply aerodrome to the newly created squadrons. Soon, the Centralne Warsztaty Lotnicze (Central Aircraft Workshop – CWL) were created. The factory was responsible for aircraft repairs. It was also producing propellers. It played important role during the Polish – Soviet war between 1919-1920. After the war, the aerodrome was a home base of the newly created 1. Pu³k Lotniczy (1st Air Regiment). Soon, the civilian buildings were constructed as well, because Polish Aero Lloyd company started to operate from it. The company was renamed to Aerolot in the 1925 and finally to LOT Polish Airlines in the 1929. More important changes happened at the end of 20’s. The CWL Workshops were changed into Pañstwowe Zak³ady Lotnicze (National Aircraft Factory – PZL). More buildings were constructed and the first Polish designs were released, including famous PZL P.1, P.6, P.7 and P.11 scouts. Mokotów Airfield played very important role for the Polish civilian aviation. Many journeys took place from it. In 1926 Boles³aw Orliñski flew route Warsaw – Moscow – Tokyo – Moscow – Warsaw in Breguet XIX. In 1931 Stanis³aw Skar¿yñski flew around the Africa in the PZL £-2 plane. In 1932 the aerodrome was one of the stops for the circle flight during Challenge 1932 Tournament. Two years later, Mokotów Airfield was a home aerodrome for that competition. Thanks to skill and good aeroplane, the tournament was won by the Polish crew Bajan and Pokrzywka flying the RWD-9S. The Mokotów Airfield was also a home drome for the Gordon-Bennet Trophy balloon competition in 1934. After 1935, the aerodrome was split into two parts by the newly built street. The Eastern part was closed. The Western served until the World War 2. During the September Campaign and the German siege of Warsaw, the field was on the front line and few buildings were destroyed. During the occupation it was finally disabled.

Mokotow Aerodrome Data:
Position: 52 12’ 40” ; 21 00’ 25”
Altitude: 100 meters MSL
Surface: Grass

Concept, photoscenery, 3D objects – Lukasz Kubacki
AI traffic, afcad file – Nils Meier

The archive mokotow.zip has 78 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Mokotow_Airfield09.19.080 B
Addon Scenery09.19.080 B
Mokotow09.19.080 B
Scenery09.19.080 B
AFX_EPPM.BGL09.15.084.60 kB
budynki_plac_ul.bgl08.20.0826.96 kB
budynki_wawelska.bgl09.19.084.09 kB
challenge_tribunes.BGL09.13.08604 B
CVX_aep_flatten.BGL09.19.08430 B
CVX_road_exclude.BGL04.01.08277 B
hangary_wojskowe.bgl08.13.084.15 kB
lot.bgl09.15.08271.00 kB
lot_aeroport.bgl09.13.08796 B
Photo01.BGL09.15.0818.18 MB
plac_unii_lubelskiej.BGL09.14.0865.16 kB
pzl_factory.bgl09.13.081.90 kB
trees_summer.BGL.backup09.13.082.53 kB
trees_winter.BGL09.15.082.53 kB
Texture09.19.080 B
011230312213220an.agn09.14.08404 B
011230312213221an.agn09.14.082.46 kB
011230312213222an.agn09.14.08668 B
011230312213223an.agn09.14.084.49 kB
011230312213230an.agn09.14.081.40 kB
011230312213231an.agn09.14.08272 B
011230312213232an.agn09.14.083.21 kB
011230312213233an.agn09.14.08912 B
011230312231000an.agn09.14.08256 B
011230312231001an.agn09.14.08288 B
afp_flatten.SBP09.16.082.42 kB
afp_flatten_BAK.SBP09.16.082.42 kB
bagat_14.dds07.24.08341.48 kB
bagat_14_night.dds07.24.08341.48 kB
excl_roads.SBP03.31.082.41 kB
hala_1.dds08.13.081.33 MB
hala_1_LM.dds08.13.081.33 MB
hala_2.dds09.19.081.33 MB
hala_2_LM.dds09.19.081.33 MB
hala_2_night.dds08.22.081.33 MB
hang_2.dds08.10.081.33 MB
kam_kacp.dds07.10.08341.48 kB
kam_kacp_night.dds07.10.08341.48 kB
kam_lask.dds07.09.08341.48 kB
kam_lask_night.dds07.09.08341.48 kB
kocjan.dds07.26.08341.48 kB
k_zbaw.dds09.14.081.33 MB
k_zbaw_lm.dds09.14.081.33 MB
lopp_2.dds08.09.081.33 MB
lopp_han.dds08.08.081.33 MB
lotnik.dds07.08.08341.48 kB
lot_2.dds08.09.081.33 MB
lot_bldg.dds08.10.081.33 MB
lot_bldg_LM.dds08.10.081.33 MB
lot_hang.dds08.09.081.33 MB
lot_hang_night.dds07.25.081.33 MB
marsz_2.dds07.10.08170.80 kB
marsz_2_night.dds07.10.08170.80 kB
mokotow.SBP09.15.081.76 kB
mokotow_BAK.SBP09.15.081.76 kB
m_hang_1.dds09.19.081.33 MB
plot.dds08.10.08341.48 kB
rogatka.dds07.08.08341.48 kB
rogatka_night.dds07.08.08341.48 kB
szpital.dds09.15.081.33 MB
szpital_lm.dds09.15.081.33 MB
top_1.dds09.13.081.33 MB
top_1_lm.dds09.13.081.33 MB
top_2.dds09.14.081.33 MB
top_2_lm.dds09.14.081.33 MB
tribune.dds08.10.081.33 MB
Pole Mokotowskie X.pdf09.19.081.12 MB
readme.txt09.19.085.77 kB
Scenery09.19.080 B
World09.19.080 B
Scenery09.19.080 B
Traffic_EPPM.bgl07.27.08981 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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