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PreviewAarhus Airport X (EKAH), Denmark, v1.0. Aarhus Airport (formerly Tirstrup Airport) is a regional airport in Denmark. The airport is located near Tirstrup, 20 nautical miles northeast of Aarhus, Denmarks second largest city. By John B. Jensen.

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Aarhus Airport X (EKAH), Denmark, v1.0. Aarhus Airport (formerly Tirstrup Airport) is a regional airport in Denmark. The airport is located near Tirstrup, 20 nautical miles northeast of Aarhus, Denmarks second largest city. By John B. Jensen.

Aarhus Airport X Scenery.

Aarhus Airport X Scenery.

Thank you for downloading Aarhus Airport X!

Aarhus Airport X is made for use with Flight Simulator X SP2/Acceleration. The cars on the parkinglot will show only if the Acceleration pack is installed.

Aarhus Airport EKAH (formerly "Tirstrup Airport") is a regional airport in Denmark. The airport is located near Tirstrup, 20 nautical miles northeast of Aarhus, Denmarks second largest city. The airport was established by the Luftwaffe during the German occupation of Denmark in World War II. Civilian traffic began in 1946, when the first flight between the airport and Copenhagen took place.

This scenery archive is released as freeware. The inclusion of this archive or any individual file from this archive in another archive without the prior permission of the author is prohibited. No charge may be made for this archive or for any individual file from this archive. Use this archive at your own risk. I do not accept any responsibility for any damage to any computer as a result of installing and running this scenery.

1. Unzip "ekahx10.zip" to a temporary folder of your choice.
2. Move or copy the folder "Aarhus Airport X 1.0" to the "Addon Scenery" folder located in your main FSX directory.
3. Move or copy the folder "Effects" to the main FSX directory, allowing overwriting of files.
4. Activate the scenery in FSX: Start FSX. In the main menu of FSX click on "Settings" > "Scenery Library" > "Add Area" > navigate to the folder "Aarhus Airport X 1.0" > highlight the folder "Aarhus Airport X 1.0" > Click "OK > Click "OK"

Flight Simulator SDK by Microsoft.
Gmax by Discreet.
Airport Design Editor by Jon "Scruffyduck" Masterson and others.
FSX_KML by Arno Gerretsen, Innova Software.
Library Creator by Arno Gerretsen.

Apronlight: Thorsten Reichert.
Windsock: Jörg Dannenberg, Arno Gerretsen and Jon Patch.

Frank Sørensen, Bent Thougaard, Lars Nielsen, Hans Rasmussen, Michael Jessen, Mikkel "Denmark12345", Morten Ven Kidal. Thank you all!

A special thanks to Frank Sørensen for his help with this scenery.

Thanks to Rasmus Bruun Pedersen and Daniell Marcussen for helping me with the FS2002 SDK.

John B. Jensen

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The archive ekahx10.zip has 185 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects02.22.090 B
Cntrl_jbj_lightobsred.fx01.27.09398 B
Cntrl_jbj_whitelight.fx01.27.09384 B
fx_apronlight_jbj.fx02.19.091.44 kB
fx_lightObsRedSteady_jbj.fx02.22.092.48 kB
fx_whitelight_jbj.fx11.01.082.47 kB
texture02.22.090 B
TR2.bmp11.19.0585.40 kB
Aarhus Airport X B
Scenery02.22.090 B
ekah_ade.bgl02.20.0949.79 kB
ekah_airport_vehicles.bgl02.04.09341.33 kB
ekah_airport_vehicles_placement.bgl02.04.091.78 kB
ekah_apronlight.bgl02.19.091.72 kB
ekah_apron_base.bgl01.25.0910.41 kB
ekah_apron_cracks.bgl01.25.094.88 kB
ekah_apron_markings.bgl02.20.0978.40 kB
ekah_apron_overlay.bgl02.20.098.89 kB
ekah_building.bgl12.27.0814.85 kB
ekah_building_ils.bgl02.06.092.79 kB
ekah_bygninger_oest.bgl12.26.0823.57 kB
ekah_bygninger_oest_placement.bgl11.08.08412 B
ekah_cargo.bgl01.30.0980.07 kB
ekah_cars_parkinglot_acceleration.bgl02.19.091.15 kB
ekah_cykelskur.bgl12.27.0813.43 kB
ekah_dmi.bgl11.06.0865.49 kB
ekah_docking.bgl01.07.096.92 kB
ekah_docking_placement.bgl01.07.09348 B
ekah_gasolin_ok.bgl01.18.0917.86 kB
ekah_gasolin_q8.bgl01.18.099.75 kB
ekah_gate.bgl01.30.0929.02 kB
ekah_gate_placement.bgl10.22.08220 B
ekah_gew.bgl02.14.098.11 kB
ekah_grassparking_marking.bgl01.17.0916.23 kB
ekah_grassparking_marking_placement.bgl01.17.09476 B
ekah_hangar_aarhus_airport.bgl01.30.096.18 kB
ekah_hangar_vest1.bgl12.27.088.00 kB
ekah_hangar_vest2.bgl01.30.0921.09 kB
ekah_landbrug.bgl02.12.0959.48 kB
ekah_landbrug_placement.bgl02.13.09348 B
ekah_landclasspolys.bgl02.18.094.39 kB
ekah_lysmaster.bgl02.20.094.01 kB
ekah_lysmaster_placement.bgl02.20.09476 B
ekah_mast.bgl01.27.0925.60 kB
ekah_mast_placement.bgl10.30.08476 B
ekah_parking.bgl02.03.096.11 kB
ekah_parking_markings.bgl02.03.092.85 kB
ekah_parking_overlay.bgl02.03.093.34 kB
ekah_people.bgl01.20.09220 B
ekah_plankevaerk.bgl12.27.085.12 kB
ekah_roads.bgl02.19.091.74 kB
ekah_road_traffic.bgl02.19.094.50 kB
ekah_shelter.bgl02.18.0930.36 kB
ekah_shelter_placement.bgl02.18.091.21 kB
ekah_skilte.bgl11.11.0889.80 kB
ekah_skilte_placement.bgl11.10.08796 B
ekah_sun_air.bgl01.30.0926.99 kB
ekah_tank_fire.bgl02.19.095.15 kB
ekah_terminal.bgl02.20.09713.05 kB
ekah_tower.bgl01.20.0937.69 kB
ekah_trafikskilte.bgl02.03.0928.98 kB
ekah_trafikskilte_placement.bgl02.03.09860 B
ekah_trees.bgl02.19.098.03 kB
ekah_vehicles_gew.bgl02.19.09668 B
ekah_windsock.bgl02.18.0959.88 kB
Texture02.22.090 B
ekah_apron_markings.dds02.20.09341.45 kB
ekah_apron_markings_lm.dds08.29.08341.45 kB
ekah_apron_overlay1.dds02.20.09341.45 kB
ekah_apron_overlay1_lm.dds01.08.09170.79 kB
ekah_apron_walk.dds08.19.085.45 kB
ekah_apron_walk_lm.dds08.19.085.45 kB
ekah_asfalt.dds11.14.08682.79 kB
ekah_asfalt_cracks.dds11.29.081.33 MB
ekah_asfalt_cracks_lm.dds11.14.08682.79 kB
ekah_asfalt_lm.dds01.08.09682.79 kB
ekah_asfalt_rwy.dds11.14.08682.79 kB
ekah_asfalt_rwy_lm.dds11.14.08682.79 kB
ekah_beton.dds11.13.08170.79 kB
ekah_beton2.dds11.16.08170.79 kB
ekah_beton2_lm.dds01.08.09170.79 kB
ekah_beton3.dds11.16.08170.78 kB
ekah_beton3_lm.dds01.08.0985.45 kB
ekah_beton_lm.dds11.13.08170.79 kB
ekah_building.dds10.26.0885.45 kB
ekah_building_ils.dds02.06.0942.79 kB
ekah_building_ils_lm.dds02.06.0942.79 kB
ekah_building_lm.dds12.21.0885.45 kB
ekah_building_specular.dds12.27.08170.78 kB
ekah_bygninger_oest.dds11.08.08682.79 kB
ekah_bygninger_oest_lm.dds11.08.08682.79 kB
ekah_bygninger_oest_specular.dds12.26.081.33 MB
ekah_cargo.dds10.28.08682.79 kB
ekah_cargo_lm.dds12.26.08682.79 kB
ekah_cargo_specular.dds12.26.081.33 MB
ekah_cykelskur.dds11.06.0810.79 kB
ekah_cykelskur_lm.dds11.06.0810.79 kB
ekah_dmi.dds11.06.0810.79 kB
ekah_dmi_hegn.dds11.06.082.79 kB
ekah_dmi_hegn_lm.dds11.06.082.79 kB
ekah_docking.dds01.07.0910.79 kB
ekah_docking_lm.dds01.07.0910.79 kB
ekah_fliser.dds08.29.0842.79 kB
ekah_fliser_lm.dds08.28.0842.79 kB
ekah_gasolin.dds01.18.0942.79 kB
ekah_gasolin_lm.dds01.30.0942.79 kB
ekah_gate.dds10.22.0885.45 kB
ekah_gate_lm.dds12.26.0885.45 kB
ekah_gate_specular.dds12.26.08170.78 kB
ekah_gew.dds02.14.09170.79 kB
ekah_gew_lm.dds02.14.09170.79 kB
ekah_grassparking_marking.dds01.17.095.45 kB
ekah_grassparking_marking_lm.dds01.17.095.45 kB
ekah_hangar2.dds12.27.08170.79 kB
ekah_hangar2_lm.dds12.27.08170.79 kB
ekah_hangar2_specular.dds12.27.08341.45 kB
ekah_hangar_vest.dds09.07.08170.79 kB
ekah_hangar_vest_lm.dds12.27.08170.79 kB
ekah_landbrug1.dds02.12.09170.79 kB
ekah_landbrug1_lm.dds02.13.09170.79 kB
ekah_lysmast.dds02.20.092.79 kB
ekah_lysmast_lm.dds02.20.092.79 kB
ekah_mast.dds10.30.0842.79 kB
ekah_mast_gitter.dds10.30.085.45 kB
ekah_mast_gitter_lm.dds10.30.085.45 kB
ekah_mast_kurv.dds10.30.085.45 kB
ekah_mast_kurv_lm.dds10.30.085.45 kB
ekah_mast_lm.dds11.01.0842.79 kB
ekah_parking.dds01.16.0942.79 kB
ekah_parking_lm.dds01.16.0942.79 kB
ekah_plankevaerk.dds11.07.0885.45 kB
ekah_plankevaerk_lm.dds11.07.0885.45 kB
ekah_red_line.dds08.27.0821.45 kB
ekah_red_line_lm.dds08.27.0821.45 kB
ekah_rygeskur.dds12.21.0842.78 kB
ekah_rygeskur_lm.dds12.21.0842.78 kB
ekah_shelter.dds02.18.0942.79 kB
ekah_shelter_lm.dds02.18.0942.79 kB
ekah_skilte1.dds11.10.08170.79 kB
ekah_skilte1_lm.dds11.10.08170.79 kB
ekah_sun_air_01.dds09.06.08170.79 kB
ekah_sun_air_01_lm.dds12.27.08170.79 kB
ekah_sun_air_01_specular.dds12.27.08341.45 kB
ekah_tagpap.dds10.12.0810.79 kB
ekah_tagpap_lm.dds10.12.0810.79 kB
ekah_tank.dds02.19.0910.79 kB
ekah_tank_lm.dds02.19.0910.79 kB
ekah_taxiline.dds08.20.0821.45 kB
ekah_taxiline_lm.dds08.20.0821.45 kB
ekah_terminal1.dds10.06.08682.79 kB
ekah_terminal1_lm.dds12.21.08682.79 kB
ekah_terminal1_specular.dds11.11.081.33 MB
ekah_terminal2.dds02.20.09682.79 kB
ekah_terminal2_lm.dds02.20.09682.79 kB
ekah_terminal2_specular.dds02.20.091.33 MB
ekah_terminal3.dds10.23.08170.79 kB
ekah_terminal3_lm.dds12.21.08170.79 kB
ekah_terminal3_specular.dds11.11.08341.45 kB
ekah_tower.dds01.20.0942.79 kB
ekah_tower_glass1.dds01.20.0921.45 kB
ekah_tower_glass1_lm.dds01.20.0921.45 kB
ekah_tower_lm.dds01.20.0942.79 kB
ekah_tower_platform.dds01.20.0910.78 kB
ekah_tower_specular.dds01.19.0985.45 kB
ekah_trafikskilte1.dds01.30.09170.79 kB
ekah_trafikskilte1_lm.dds01.30.09170.79 kB
ekah_vehicles1.dds02.06.09682.79 kB
ekah_vehicles1_lm.dds02.04.09682.79 kB
ekah_white_line.dds08.28.0821.45 kB
ekah_white_line128.dds11.20.0821.45 kB
ekah_white_line128_lm.dds11.20.0821.45 kB
ekah_white_line512.dds11.21.0810.62 kB
ekah_white_line512_lm.dds11.21.0810.62 kB
ekah_white_line_lm.dds08.28.0821.45 kB
windsock.dds03.02.0842.79 kB
windsock_LM.dds03.02.0842.79 kB
Documents02.23.090 B
Images02.23.090 B
ekahx01.jpg02.22.09162.57 kB
ekah_map.jpg02.21.09155.37 kB
readme_danish.txt02.23.094.10 kB
readme_english.txt02.23.092.50 kB
Vejledning - Aarhus Airport X.htm02.23.0914.03 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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