FSX Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport Scenery

PreviewNanaimo-Collishaw Airport (CYCD), v1.0. This package adds detailed airport scenery to Nanaimo-Collishaw airport on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Included are accurate renderings of almost all buildings on the airport, cars and ground objects, detailed ground/taxiway layout and general aviation tr...

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Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport (CYCD), v1.0. This package adds detailed airport scenery to Nanaimo-Collishaw airport on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Included are accurate renderings of almost all buildings on the airport, cars and ground objects, detailed ground/taxiway layout and general aviation traffic in the new FSX format. Landclass scenery is also included to more accurately reflect the area around CYCD, including logging areas in the surrounding hills. By Ken Peters.

Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport Scenery.

Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport Scenery.


1. Extract the contents of this archive to any folder. Make sure the subdirectories are perserved.

2. Copy the "CYCD - Nanaimo" folder in this archive to your FSX/Addon Scenery directory.

3. Start FSX, select "Settings", then "Scenery Library manager".

4. Add the CYCD - Nanaimo Beach folder to your scenery library.


This scenery was created using the following software, without which this project would not have been possible:

Flight Simulator Design Studio (FSDS) 2.4 by Ababus Publishing
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator (FSSC) 1.5 by Derek Leung
FSX_KML 1.10 by Innova Software
Airport Design Editor 1.35 by Jon Masterson
Whisplacer object placer

Many thanks to the pilots of Vanisleva for their support and feed back.

Thanks also to Nigel Grant for recompiling the traffic files for FSX and for pushing me to get this done. You probably wouldn't be reading this if it weren't for Nigel.

Ken Peters

Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport Scenery.

Nanaimo-Collishaw Airport Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive cycd_fsx.zip has 137 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
CYCD - Nanaimo10.11.080 B
Scenery10.11.080 B
cvxCLEARCUTS.BGL07.22.087.66 kB
cvxCYCD_BG.BGL07.17.08673 B
cvxFARMLAND.BGL07.15.083.25 kB
cvxHWY19.BGL07.17.081.21 kB
CYCD_ADE_KWP.BGL07.20.084.53 kB
CYCD_ADE_KWP_CVX.bgl07.20.081.70 kB
cycd_objects.bgl07.17.083.65 kB
nanaimo.bgl07.15.0867.78 kB
Texture10.11.080 B
arbutusrv.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
BagCar10.r802.14.0364.00 kB
BagCartB.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
Barka.bmp08.15.0265.05 kB
bricks1.bmp04.09.0417.05 kB
bricks2.bmp04.09.0417.05 kB
cargodolly.bmp11.09.0310.75 kB
Cargosign.bmp11.28.0265.05 kB
charlatte.bmp11.16.0342.75 kB
charlatte_LM.bmp11.16.0342.75 kB
Concrete.bmp10.20.9965.05 kB
conrete1.bmp04.11.0417.05 kB
contLD7.bmp11.10.0310.75 kB
contLD8.bmp11.11.0310.75 kB
crate5.bmp09.20.0365.05 kB
doors.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
doors_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
fence.bmp04.17.04170.78 kB
fence4.bmp04.16.04170.78 kB
ffs1.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
ffs2.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
ffs2_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
fireex.bmp04.10.049.04 kB
firestation.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
flatroof1.bmp04.11.0417.05 kB
flyingschool1.bmp03.31.0664.07 kB
flyingschool1_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
flyingschool2.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
flying_club1.bmp06.06.0486.41 kB
flying_club1_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
flying_club2.bmp06.06.0486.40 kB
flying_club2_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
flying_club3.bmp06.06.0443.74 kB
flying_club4.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
flying_club4_lm.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
gate.bmp04.16.04170.78 kB
gatelock1.bmp04.16.0417.05 kB
gatesign1.bmp04.16.0417.05 kB
gate_big.bmp04.17.04170.78 kB
gate_small.bmp04.17.04170.78 kB
Generacsign.bmp01.09.0465.05 kB
glass.bmp04.02.0465.05 kB
greenhangar.bmp05.20.0465.05 kB
greenhangar_lm.bmp05.20.0465.05 kB
green_tin.bmp04.12.045.05 kB
green_tin2.bmp04.13.0417.05 kB
greyhanger1.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
greyhanger1_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
greyhanger2.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
hose.bmp04.11.045.05 kB
keepclear.bmp04.15.0465.05 kB
LightBox3.bmp02.29.04170.75 kB
LightBox3_LM.bmp02.29.04170.75 kB
Loader.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Loader_lm.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
luggagedolly.bmp11.22.0310.75 kB
metaldoor.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
metaldoor_lm.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
mypby.0AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.1AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.2AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.3AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.4AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.5af05.17.0464.00 kB
mypby.6AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.7AF04.29.0464.00 kB
mypby.8AF04.30.0464.00 kB
mypby.9AF04.30.0464.00 kB
oiltank.bmp04.13.0417.02 kB
oiltanks.bmp04.06.0465.05 kB
pal.bmp12.30.00342.39 kB
PalletStackfr.bmp12.21.0165.05 kB
Palletstacksd.bmp12.21.0165.05 kB
phonebooth.bmp04.26.0485.43 kB
phonebooth_lm.bmp04.26.0485.43 kB
pilotslounge.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
pilotslounge_lm.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
planks.bmp04.07.0417.05 kB
poles.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
pump.bmp04.11.049.05 kB
pump_c.bmp06.10.0265.05 kB
rail1.bmp04.10.045.43 kB
redroof.bmp04.15.0465.05 kB
rufwoodH.bmp07.19.0265.05 kB
rufwoodV.bmp07.19.0265.05 kB
signs.bmp04.02.0465.05 kB
silver_tin2.bmp04.13.045.05 kB
silver_tin3.bmp04.13.0465.05 kB
silver_tin4.bmp04.14.0465.05 kB
table1.bmp04.12.0433.05 kB
tanks.bmp05.20.04170.75 kB
term1.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
term1_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
term2.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
term2_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
term3.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
term3_lm.bmp05.21.0433.05 kB
term4.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
term4_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
Thumbs.db03.31.06273.50 kB
tinroof1.bmp04.13.0416.35 kB
tinroof2.bmp04.12.0417.05 kB
tinroof3.bmp04.13.0417.05 kB
tob.bmp12.30.0086.39 kB
Tract.bmp02.18.0386.39 kB
Tract_lm.bmp02.18.0386.39 kB
venture.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
venture_lm.bmp05.21.0465.05 kB
white.bmp03.31.0464.07 kB
wood01.bmp04.19.0464.07 kB
WoodwallH1.bmp05.27.0265.05 kB
WoodwallV1.bmp05.27.0265.05 kB
yellow_tin.bmp04.13.045.05 kB
yellow_tin2.bmp04.13.0417.05 kB
yellow_tin3.bmp04.14.0465.05 kB
yellow_tin4.bmp04.14.0465.05 kB
yellow_tin_lm.bmp04.12.045.05 kB
readme.txt03.25.092.44 kB
Traffic_CYCD_FSX.bgl03.25.09543.73 kB
cycd-4.jpg03.25.0957.33 kB
cycd-3.jpg03.25.0938.47 kB
cycd-2.jpg03.25.0939.48 kB
cycd-1.jpg03.25.0954.72 kB
cycd-5.jpg03.25.0955.86 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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