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PreviewDubai X. Photoscenery of Dubai and 65 km of shoreline, night and day. Includes Dubai International Airport in UAE, plus the city, the palm and the World. OMDB.ZIP is recommended for the AFCAD file. By Olivier Bochu.

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Dubai X. Photoscenery of Dubai and 65 km of shoreline, night and day. Includes Dubai International Airport in UAE, plus the city, the palm and the World. OMDB.ZIP is recommended for the AFCAD file. By Olivier Bochu.

Dubai X Scenery Part 1.

Dubai X Scenery Part 1.

For FSX only.

I recommend you AFCAD file of Thomas Kostka the better at this moment for this scenery. But With this one still subsist some aircraft at the gate inside the terminal omdb.zip. Just only instal AFX file of his folder.


Ils runway 12r 30L not good due to enlargment of runway.
Big black lines on photo ground.
Night texture on photo buildings.
red map on texture night in Marina.
AFCAD file matching the ground.

To raise it : two ways :
- reduce AI traffic
- reduce detailed level


Place DubaiX folder in addon scenery of FSX. Run fsX and add in library, add an area, search for dubaiX folder and click ok.

If file don't work remove dubai.bgl from MFSX/scenery/ASIA/

Keep it in a safe place.


My macros were built with EOD from Matthias Brückner.
this scenery were buil with FSSC from Derek Leung (any files without Derek)
thanks to macros autors contained in this scener :
Danny Levin for junks.
Thanks to the testers.
Roger for mutliple test.


FRPX (over 100 cities for France for fsX,fs9,fs2002)

This scenery is released as a freeware. It is for those who believe to this distribution type. This file can be distribute without modifications.
Don' t make money with this file.

Dubai X Scenery Part 1.

Dubai X Scenery Part 1.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive dubaix.zip has 354 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
dubaix09.13.120 B
__MACOSX09.13.120 B
dubaix09.13.120 B
DOC09.13.120 B
DOC09.13.120 B
airportmap.jpg02.15.09307.23 kB
dubaãX01.jpg02.15.09141.52 kB
dubaãX02.jpg02.15.09275.61 kB
dubaãX03.jpg02.15.09259.81 kB
dubaãX04.jpg02.15.09119.16 kB
dubaãX05.jpg02.15.09177.21 kB
read me dubX.txt09.13.122.34 kB
Dubai X09.13.120 B
Dubai X09.13.120 B
scenery09.13.120 B
scenery09.13.120 B
000_DubaiX.xml01.19.091.74 kB
cvx_DubaiX.BGL02.09.0937.06 kB
dubai.bgl03.17.0960.99 kB
dubai_exc1.bgl02.15.09148 B
dubai_exc2.bgl02.15.09148 B
dubai_exc3.bgl02.15.09148 B
dubaiapt.bgl02.16.09303.04 kB
dubaiapt_exc1.bgl02.16.09148 B
dubaiapt_exc2.bgl02.16.09148 B
dubaiapt_exc3.bgl02.16.09148 B
DubaiX_OB0.BGL01.27.09129 B
DubaiX_OB1.BGL01.27.095.19 kB
DubaiX_OB2.BGL01.27.094.19 kB
DubaiX_OB3.BGL01.27.092.88 kB
DubaiX_OBX.xml01.27.09654 B
DubaiX_SOL.BGL01.27.09224 B
DubaiXobje.bgl12.13.08127.45 kB
DubaiXobje.xml12.13.08999.35 kB
DubaiXobjeapt.bgl02.10.0986.68 kB
DubaiXobjecenter.bgl01.31.09179.64 kB
DubaiXobjenorth.bgl02.01.09145.11 kB
DubaiXobjeovernorth.bgl02.03.09426.12 kB
DubaiXobjeSouth.bgl02.07.09599.82 kB
Photo01.bgl02.10.092.69 MB
Photo02.bgl02.10.092.13 MB
Photo03.bgl02.09.093.11 MB
Photo04.bgl02.10.092.27 MB
Photo05.bgl02.10.093.43 MB
Photo06.bgl02.10.092.62 MB
Photo07.bgl02.10.093.21 MB
Photo08.bgl02.15.092.80 MB
Photo09.bgl02.15.092.98 MB
Photo10.bgl02.15.092.81 MB
Photo11.bgl02.15.093.59 MB
Photo12.bgl02.15.093.52 MB
Photo13.bgl02.15.094.08 MB
Photo14.bgl02.15.09407.97 kB
Photo15.bgl02.15.091.68 MB
Photo16.bgl02.15.093.58 MB
Photo17.bgl02.15.092.79 MB
Photo18.bgl02.15.093.52 MB
Photo19.bgl02.15.093.03 MB
Photo20.bgl02.10.092.55 MB
Photo21.bgl02.10.09631.00 kB
Photo22.bgl02.15.094.04 MB
Photo23.bgl02.15.093.42 MB
Photo24.bgl02.15.093.62 MB
Photo25.bgl02.15.093.30 MB
Photo26.bgl02.15.093.88 MB
Photo27.bgl02.15.093.93 MB
Photo28.bgl02.15.093.95 MB
Photo29.bgl02.15.093.36 MB
Photo30.bgl02.15.094.03 MB
Photo31.bgl02.15.09969.81 kB
Photo32.bgl02.15.09368.64 kB
Photo33.bgl02.15.091.67 MB
Photo34.bgl02.15.092.30 MB
Photo35.bgl02.15.09821.26 kB
Photo36.bgl02.15.09245.05 kB
Photo37.bgl02.10.09638.56 kB
Photo38.bgl12.09.081.09 MB
Photo39.bgl02.10.091.90 MB
Photo40.bgl02.10.09340.70 kB
Photo41.bgl02.15.097.03 MB
trees_02.bgl12.17.0032.39 kB
texture02.15.090 B
air_w7.bmp04.18.012.39 kB
texture09.13.120 B
air_w7_lm.bmp04.18.012.41 kB
AIRBASE3.R812.05.9864.00 kB
AIRPT004.OAV03.15.9864.00 kB
amiens2.bmp07.16.0265.05 kB
aptsigne.bmp02.10.0965.05 kB
barrtermi.bmp06.04.0265.05 kB
bellecour.bmp04.23.0165.05 kB
bellecour_LM.bmp04.23.0165.05 kB
buid14.bmp02.05.0965.05 kB
build1.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build10.bmp04.11.0365.05 kB
build10_lm.bmp04.11.0365.05 kB
build11.bmp05.03.0365.05 kB
build11_lm.bmp06.06.0365.05 kB
build12.bmp02.05.0965.05 kB
build13.bmp02.08.0965.05 kB
build15.bmp02.08.0965.05 kB
build1_lm.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build2.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build2_lm.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build3.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build3_lm.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build4.bmp06.03.0365.05 kB
build4_lm.bmp06.06.0365.05 kB
build5.bmp02.04.0965.05 kB
build5_lm.bmp06.03.0365.05 kB
build6.bmp04.21.0365.05 kB
build6_lm.bmp06.06.0365.05 kB
build7.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build7_lm.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build8.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build8_lm.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build9.bmp01.05.0365.05 kB
build9_lm.bmp04.11.0365.05 kB
burjdub.bmp01.30.09257.05 kB
cannes1.bmp01.14.0265.05 kB
cannes1_lm.bmp01.14.0265.05 kB
chamoni.bmp08.31.0165.05 kB
cheval.bmp04.23.0165.05 kB
Cigar1.0af12.13.9764.00 kB
Cigar1.1af12.13.9764.00 kB
Cigar1.2af12.13.9764.00 kB
Cigar1.3af12.13.9764.00 kB
Cigar1.4af12.13.9764.00 kB
dieppe2.bmp08.15.0265.05 kB
dieppe2_lm.bmp08.15.0265.05 kB
dieppe3.bmp08.16.0265.05 kB
dubskycarg.bmp01.27.0965.05 kB
dubtermi.bmp01.27.0965.05 kB
dubtermi1.bmp02.02.0965.05 kB
dubtermipasse.bmp01.27.0965.05 kB
dubxtermi3.bmp02.10.0965.05 kB
koenig4.bmp04.01.0265.05 kB
negresco.bmp01.07.0265.05 kB
negresco_lm.bmp01.07.0265.05 kB
nice2.bmp01.07.0265.05 kB
nice2_lm.bmp01.07.0265.05 kB
nimes2.bmp07.23.0165.05 kB
objcalais.bmp04.19.0265.05 kB
PAN.bmp05.12.0365.05 kB
PAN_LM.bmp05.12.0365.05 kB
PANNEAU.bmp09.27.0065.05 kB
PANNEAUg.bmp09.27.0065.05 kB
parkair.bmp03.06.0365.05 kB
parkair_lm.bmp03.05.0365.05 kB
passerel.bmp01.27.0965.05 kB
passerel_lm.bmp03.06.0365.05 kB
road.bmp11.04.995.05 kB
Sailboat.0af12.04.9764.00 kB
Sailboat.1af12.04.9764.00 kB
Sailboat.2af12.05.9764.00 kB
Sailboat.3af12.04.9764.00 kB
Term2.bmp01.27.0965.05 kB
term2_lm.bmp05.24.0165.05 kB
tourdub.bmp01.27.0965.05 kB
tourdub_lm.bmp06.06.0365.05 kB
tunis1.bmp08.25.0865.05 kB
v_road_major.bmp04.18.012.39 kB
v_road_minor.bmp04.18.012.39 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots07.23.190 B
screen-1.jpg07.17.19355.64 kB
screen-10.jpg07.17.19181.98 kB
screen-11.jpg07.17.19175.86 kB
screen-12.jpg07.18.19180.55 kB
screen-13.jpg07.18.19220.71 kB
screen-14.jpg07.18.19224.14 kB
screen-15.jpg07.18.19226.88 kB
screen-16.jpg07.18.19228.84 kB
screen-17.jpg07.18.19189.05 kB
screen-18.jpg07.18.19203.07 kB
screen-19.jpg07.18.19182.68 kB
screen-2.jpg07.17.19355.04 kB
screen-20.jpg07.18.19214.62 kB
screen-21.jpg07.18.19213.94 kB
screen-22.jpg07.18.19205.27 kB
screen-23.jpg07.18.19222.82 kB
screen-3.jpg07.17.19291.53 kB
screen-4.jpg07.17.19355.49 kB
screen-5.jpg07.17.19347.49 kB
screen-6.jpg07.17.19355.54 kB
screen-7.jpg07.17.19169.87 kB
screen-8.jpg07.17.19160.61 kB
screen-9.jpg07.17.19215.13 kB

Complementing Files & Dependencies

This add-on mentions the following files below in its description. It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. It's possible that this is a repaint and the dependency below is the base package.

You may also need to download the following files:


Although I’ve never been to Dubai – and probably never will, judging by the prices! – I’ve always found it to be a marvellous place to look at in images. From what it was even fifty, sixty years ago to what it is today is a massive change and is something that I deeply respect. Therefore, in my spare time I like to take a little FSX trip over to this part of the world and see how things look. Unfortunately, though, I find that FSX does not do the area enough justice – at times, it can look rushed and rather poor. Thankfully, though, with the help of this scenery package I could finally see Dubai for all of its glory!

Preview screenshot

Providing more than 60mk of scenery across the area including shores, cities, the world itself and the general layout of the area this manages to bring Dubai into the kind of vibrant life that it brings to the real world. It’s a scenery package that now I would never not use, such is the detail and the range of qualities that it brings to the way.

Whilst a few technical glitches still exist like AFCAD files matching the ground and some texture loading problems, the positives that this brings to the table tend to far outstrip the negatives. In general, this package manages to really detail everything that you would hope to see when visiting Dubai in FSX, making those stunning high-rise buildings and lush island designs all come to life in the most stunning fashion possible.

Likewise, Dubai manages to be brought to life in terms of the people. Extra detail on the city itself has been implemented to ensure that buildings, landmarks, areas and even vehicles are made to be as authentic as possible to truly capture the level of detail that is needed in an area like this.

Naturally, though, this can cause some slowdown. As I was using a high-end machine I never noticed too many issues in terms of performance but, such is the depth, I imagine this would cause some significant loading problems on lesser machines. The level of detail is so impressive throughout I would be genuinely quite shocked if it did not cause some kind of performance glitch or slowdown on at least some older machines!

That being said, the reasons for the slowdown are not down to poor coding or anything like that; it’s to do with something far more excusable. The quality of the overall package is massive, and this makes it really easy for you to get to grip with all of the little features that are added in without feeling that they are too much of a burden on your overall levels of enjoyment.

If you are like myself and found that Dubai was a bit lacking in the past you will find that this entire package comes together expertly, creating a truly enjoyable and exciting layout that really does look the part and finally brings Dubai into the kind of visual prominence that it was so sorely lacking.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Xavier GonzalezTue, 24 Nov 2020 02:32:05 GMT

To be honest, the city looks amazing for FSX. My only complaint is the airport. In my FSX: SE, the runways aren't really real? They sort of just look like pictures. Same for the taxiways... The terminal building looks awesome though!

Lubos MicunekSun, 01 Dec 2019 22:36:36 GMT

Good start, but this addon still needs lots of improvements!

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