FSX Alfs UK Airfields Update 1 Scenery

PreviewAlfs UK Airfields Update 1, Old Warden (EGTZ) version 2. The original version was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and AFX but no photographs were available. Since then a visit was paid to Old Warden to see the famous Sh...

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Alfs UK Airfields Update 1, Old Warden (EGTZ) version 2. The original version was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and AFX but no photographs were available. Since then a visit was paid to Old Warden to see the famous Shuttleworth Collection and to photograph most of the buildings. Extra items have been produced using Instant Object Maker v1.2 from FlightSimTools.com. By Alf Denham.

Alfs UK Airfields Update 1 Scenery.

Alfs UK Airfields Update 1 Scenery.

My original Old Warden was not quite in the right place due to my lack of experience at the time. I also had to give it the ICAO code of EGTZ as it's correct code EGTH had been given to Hatfield by Microsoft. In this new version I have relocated the airfield and given it the correct code of EGTH after removing Hatfield. To make this work you MUST do as described in the READ_ME_Second file to remove both the old scenery and also Microsoft's Hatfield airport scenery.


1. Remove Old Warden version 1 data. If you didn't have it installed then go to step 2. Delete all the files that came in the original folder, these are probably all now in your MSFSX\Addon Scenery\Scenery folder:
2. Remove the original FSX Hatfield (you may wish to back this up somewhere (though I cant think why!)- Find your way to MSFSX\Scenery\0501\ (note NOT MSFSX\scenery\addon scenery\scenery) locate file APX47130.bgl and remove it.
3. Unzip new files to a temporary folder.
4. Copy them into MSFSX\Addon scenery.
5. Run FSX and install OldWarden_EGTH into the library list in the normal way.

To uninstall just remove the files again.

Effect on frame rates:

Unless you have a powerful PC there may be some drop in frame rates so I have made a range of BGL files to give you some choice.
Remove /disable any or all except EGTH_extra.
Open the OldWarden_EGTH/scenery folder to find the 'extra' .bgl files.

The following files produce these objects:
EGTH_extra 8Kb This is a must for all the main buildings.

The following files can be individually removed to a storage folder, or disabled by changing '.BGL' into '.BGL.bak' .

EGTH_extra_landclass 1Kb Ground surface nearest to buildings. Remove if you get flicker or prefer FSX aprons.
EGTH_extra_furniture 3Kb Cafe furniture, picnic tables, rubbish bins and some cones.
EGTH_extra_hedgerow 2Kb Long hedgerow N & NE of airfield.
EGTH_extra_aircraft 1Kb Static aircraft (Avro504, Dh85,Dh87 & AC trike).
EGTH_extra_vehicles 1Kb About two-thirds of vehicles and the snacks caravan.

Alf Denham

Alfs UK Airfields Update 1 Scenery.

Alfs UK Airfields Update 1 Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

The archive alfs_old_warden_v2.zip has 214 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Alf's_Old_Warden_v207.31.090 B
License.txt07.30.09672 B
OldWarden#1.gif07.30.0920.91 kB
OldWarden#1.jpg07.30.09178.83 kB
OldWarden#2.jpg07.30.09162.79 kB
OldWarden#3.jpg07.30.09146.71 kB
OldWarden#4.jpg07.30.09160.11 kB
OldWarden_EGTH07.31.090 B
scenery07.30.090 B
avro504.bgl05.27.0991.31 kB
avro504.txt05.27.0940 B
bluebollard.bgl04.11.093.11 kB
bluebollard.txt04.11.0944 B
colabin.bgl04.01.098.84 kB
colabin.txt04.01.0940 B
CUBE.bgl04.14.091.30 kB
CUBE.txt04.14.0937 B
Dh85.bgl10.20.08128.97 kB
Dh85.txt10.20.0837 B
Dh87.bgl06.02.0972.93 kB
Dh87.txt06.02.0937 B
EGTH_ADE_AED.BGL07.30.095.98 kB
EGTH_ADE_AED_CVX.bgl07.30.091.75 kB
EGTH_extra.BGL07.30.097.26 kB
EGTH_extra_aircraft.BGL07.30.09332 B
EGTH_extra_furniture.BGL07.29.092.43 kB
EGTH_extra_hedgerow.BGL07.30.091.73 kB
EGTH_extra_landclass.BGL07.28.09140 B
EGTH_extra_vehicles.BGL07.28.09908 B
hedge30x3.bgl08.23.08111.27 kB
hedge30x3.txt08.23.0842 B
lftgate.bgl04.12.0925.78 kB
lftgate.txt04.12.0940 B
longwoodenseat.bgl05.09.0913.95 kB
longwoodenseat.txt05.09.0947 B
oldwarden1.bgl05.13.091.58 kB
oldwarden1.txt05.13.0943 B
oldwarden2.bgl07.28.093.56 kB
oldwarden2.txt07.28.0943 B
OW#3.bgl05.13.091.45 kB
OW#3.txt05.13.0937 B
OW#4.bgl07.01.091.43 kB
OW#4.txt07.01.0937 B
OW#5.bgl07.01.092.38 kB
OW#5.txt07.01.0937 B
owCabin.bgl07.01.0944.92 kB
owCabin.txt07.01.0940 B
owcaravan.bgl07.01.0918.46 kB
owcaravan.txt07.01.0942 B
owconnect.bgl04.22.09908 B
owconnect.txt04.22.0942 B
OWcyclerack.bgl05.09.094.85 kB
OWcyclerack.txt05.09.0944 B
owFirefence.bgl07.01.0934.42 kB
owFirefence.txt07.01.0944 B
OWfirstaidhut.bgl05.27.097.79 kB
OWfirstaidhut.txt05.27.0946 B
owfuel.bgl07.01.0959.57 kB
owfuel.txt07.01.0939 B
OWfuelgate.bgl04.30.0911.75 kB
OWfuelgate.txt04.30.0943 B
owh1.bgl07.01.0934.23 kB
owh1.txt07.01.0937 B
owh2.bgl07.01.096.06 kB
owh2.txt07.01.0937 B
owh3.bgl07.01.095.58 kB
owh3.txt07.01.0937 B
owh4.bgl07.01.093.88 kB
owh4.txt07.01.0937 B
owh5.bgl07.01.093.67 kB
owh5.txt07.01.0937 B
owh6.bgl07.01.096.06 kB
owh6.txt07.01.0937 B
owh7.bgl07.01.091.69 kB
owh7.txt07.01.0937 B
OWplaingate.bgl04.30.0911.38 kB
OWplaingate.txt04.30.0944 B
OWshopcafe.bgl07.01.0951.88 kB
OWshopcafe.txt07.01.0943 B
owsign1.bgl07.01.09628 B
owsign1.txt07.01.0940 B
owsign2.bgl07.01.093.28 kB
owsign2.txt07.01.0940 B
owsign3&4.bgl07.01.099.37 kB
owsign3&4.txt07.01.0942 B
owsign5.bgl07.01.094.17 kB
owsign5.txt07.01.0940 B
owsign6.bgl04.12.093.53 kB
owsign6.txt04.12.0940 B
owtower.bgl07.01.0988.63 kB
owtower.txt07.01.0940 B
owtwinhuts.bgl07.01.094.08 kB
owtwinhuts.txt07.01.0943 B
picnic_table.bgl08.06.084.03 kB
picnic_table.txt08.06.0845 B
postbox.bgl03.29.096.18 kB
postbox.txt03.29.0940 B
RailFencex1.bgl09.26.081.57 kB
RailFencex1.txt09.26.0844 B
RailFencex2.bgl09.26.082.39 kB
RailFencex2.txt09.26.0844 B
RailFencex3.bgl09.26.083.21 kB
RailFencex3.txt09.26.0844 B
rtgate.bgl04.12.0926.05 kB
rtgate.txt04.12.0939 B
singlewoodenseat.bgl05.09.098.73 kB
singlewoodenseat.txt05.09.0949 B
telbox.bgl07.01.094.16 kB
telbox.txt07.01.0939 B
woodentable.bgl05.09.094.51 kB
woodentable.txt05.09.0944 B
woodfencex5.bgl11.22.0842.18 kB
woodfencex5.txt11.22.0844 B
texture07.30.090 B
avro504_00.bmp05.27.09341.40 kB
avro504_01.bmp05.27.09341.40 kB
avro504_02.bmp05.27.0985.40 kB
bluebollard_00.bmp04.11.0985.40 kB
colabin_00.bmp04.01.09341.40 kB
colabin_01.bmp04.01.09341.40 kB
colabin_02.bmp04.01.0985.40 kB
CUBE_00.bmp04.14.09341.40 kB
Dh85_00.bmp10.20.08341.40 kB
Dh85_01.bmp10.20.0885.40 kB
Dh85_02.bmp10.20.0885.40 kB
Dh87_00.bmp06.02.09341.40 kB
Dh87_01.bmp06.02.09341.40 kB
hedge30x3_00.bmp08.23.08341.40 kB
hedge30x3_01.bmp08.23.08341.40 kB
lftgate_00.bmp04.12.09341.40 kB
longwoodenseat_00.bmp05.09.0985.40 kB
oldwarden1_00.bmp05.13.091.33 MB
oldwarden2_00.bmp07.28.09341.40 kB
OW#3_00.bmp05.13.09341.40 kB
OW#4_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
OW#5_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owCabin_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owcaravan_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owcaravan_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owcaravan_02.bmp06.07.09341.40 kB
owconnect_00.bmp04.22.09341.40 kB
OWcyclerack_00.bmp05.09.0985.40 kB
owFirefence_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
OWfirstaidhut_00.bmp05.27.091.33 MB
owfuel_00.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owfuel_01.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owfuel_02.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owfuel_03.bmp07.01.0985.40 kB
owfuel_04.bmp07.01.0985.40 kB
OWfuelgate_00.bmp04.30.09341.40 kB
OWfuelgate_01.bmp04.30.09341.40 kB
owh1_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh1_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh1_02.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owh1_03.bmp07.01.0985.40 kB
owh1_04.bmp06.07.0985.40 kB
owh2_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh2_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh2_02.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh3_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh3_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh3_02.bmp05.01.09341.40 kB
owh4_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh4_01.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owh4_02.bmp07.01.0985.40 kB
owh5_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh5_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh5_02.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh5_03.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owh6_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh6_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh6_02.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owh7_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owh7_01.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
OWplaingate_00.bmp04.30.09341.40 kB
OWplaingate_01.bmp04.30.09341.40 kB
OWshopcafe_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
OWshopcafe_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
OWshopcafe_02.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
OWshopcafe_03.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
owsign1_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owsign2_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owsign3&4_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owsign3&4_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owsign3&4_02.bmp04.11.09341.40 kB
owsign5_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owsign5_01.bmp04.11.09341.40 kB
owsign6_00.bmp04.12.0985.40 kB
owsign6_01.bmp04.12.0985.40 kB
owtower_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owtower_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owtower_02.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owtwinhuts_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
owtwinhuts_01.bmp07.01.09341.40 kB
picnic_table_00.bmp08.06.08341.40 kB
postbox_00.bmp03.29.09341.40 kB
postbox_01.bmp03.29.09341.40 kB
RailFencex1_00.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
RailFencex2_00.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
RailFencex3_00.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
rtgate_00.bmp04.12.09341.40 kB
singlewoodenseat_00.bmp05.09.0985.40 kB
telbox_00.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
telbox_01.bmp07.01.091.33 MB
woodentable_00.bmp05.09.0985.40 kB
woodentable_01.bmp05.09.0985.40 kB
woodfencex5_00.bmp11.22.08341.40 kB
OldWarden_Map.jpg07.30.0992.90 kB
OldWarden_ReadMe.txt07.30.09907 B
PreviousUploads.txt07.30.092.64 kB
READ_ME_FIRST.txt07.30.09589 B
READ_ME_Second.txt07.31.092.48 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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