FSX Alfs UK Airfields Volume 25 Scenery

Preview Sywell update (version 2), UK. Version 2 of EGBK includes new concrete runway and improved buildings. This was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.50. Extra items were produced using Instant ...

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Sywell update (version 2), UK. Version 2 of EGBK includes new concrete runway and improved buildings. This was compiled using aerial views from Google Earth, Pooleys UK Flight Guide, and the FSX SDK Object Placement Tool and Airport Design Editor v1.50. Extra items were produced using Instant Object Studio from Flight 1. By Alfred Denham.

Screenshot of plane flying over Sywell scenery.

Screenshot of plane flying over Sywell scenery.

NOTE: Now I am using Instant Object Studio from Flight 1, the diurnal illumination on my objects will be much improved (though I may occasionally use one of my old objects with poor illumination).

I partly used the standard FSX scenery objects and also dedicated objects made with Instant Object Studio including landclass 'objects' using Google Earth. It was designed to use with FSX SP2 so there may be problems if SP1 and SP2 are not installed. NOTE: The scenery was made to fit into the FSX standard scenery, discrepancies may occur with photo-realistic scenery.


Sywell version 2 was requested by Aymon Martin , who pointed out that they had aquired a concrete runway since I initially produced it. It also gave me a chance to improve on the buildings. Both Aymon and also David Northan kindly tested it for me, thanks both.

If you have a local small airfield you'd like done and can provide photographs then feel free to contact me-though I make no promises!


  • If you have my original Sywell, issued in, then remove the files and delete from the scenery list.
  • First unzip files into a temporary folder.
  • Place folder 'Sywell_EGBK_v2' into Addon Scenery and install as usual.

This Volume consists of:

  • Sywell EGBK-version 2

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

The archive alfs_uk_airfields_vol_25.zip has 160 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
License.txt10.04.12678 B
PreviousUploads.txt10.04.123.73 kB
READ_ME_FIRST.txt10.09.122.49 kB
Sywell_EGBK_v210.09.120 B
scenery10.09.120 B
206B.BGL11.21.04250.48 kB
500D.BGL11.22.04322.74 kB
ACTrike.bgl12.08.08173.05 kB
ACTrike.txt12.08.0840 B
ACTrikeUnrigged.bgl03.06.1086.51 kB
ACTrikeUnrigged.txt03.06.1048 B
add_SeevKahn.BGL01.20.051.25 MB
EGBK_ADEX_AED.BGL09.18.1212.71 kB
EGBK_ADEX_AED_CVX.bgl09.18.12593 B
EGBK_extra2.BGL09.17.1213.15 kB
EGBK_landclass.BGL07.29.12156 B
rwyedgelines.bgl09.26.1228.65 kB
rwyends.bgl09.26.1217.16 kB
Sy_Av_Hotel.bgl08.03.1253.61 kB
Sy_Av_Hotel.txt08.03.12168 B
Sy_Av_Hotel_4.bgl08.05.12157.83 kB
Sy_Av_Hotel_4.txt08.05.12259 B
Sy_Av_Hotel_Gdn_3.bgl08.04.129.90 kB
sy_curvH.bgl07.30.1217.13 kB
sy_curvH.txt07.30.12164 B
Sy_Fuel_Point.bgl08.10.12138.54 kB
Sy_Fuel_Point.txt08.10.12160 B
Sy_Fuel_Point_extras.bgl08.08.12109.52 kB
Sy_Fuel_Point_extras.txt08.08.12160 B
Sy_Fuel_Point_pt1.bgl08.08.1227.55 kB
Sy_Fuel_Point_pt1.txt08.08.12160 B
Sy_H1.bgl08.17.1210.59 kB
Sy_H11.bgl08.18.1253.70 kB
Sy_H12.bgl08.23.127.86 kB
Sy_H2.bgl08.21.1214.79 kB
Sy_H3&4_Project.bgl08.28.1219.46 kB
Sy_H3.bgl08.27.1216.06 kB
Sy_H5.bgl08.28.1228.03 kB
Sy_H6.bgl08.28.1216.32 kB
Sy_H7.bgl08.28.1216.70 kB
Sy_H8.bgl08.28.1218.51 kB
Sy_H9.bgl08.18.1211.31 kB
Sy_hotel_infill.bgl08.04.127.34 kB
sy_twr.bgl07.07.1220.15 kB
SySigSqr.bgl07.22.1213.11 kB
SySigSqr.txt07.22.12160 B
sywell_fuel.bgl07.07.1222.12 kB
sywell_fuel.txt07.07.1244 B
sywell_landclass.bgl.bak07.29.1212.26 kB
sywell_landclass.txt07.29.12161 B
sywell_plus3.bgl07.20.1247.24 kB
sywell_plus5.bgl07.21.1250.90 kB
sywell_plus5.txt07.21.12160 B
sywlandclass.bgl.bak09.26.128.29 kB
twrbeacon.bgl09.18.12128 B
Sywell_Map.jpg09.20.12322.45 kB
Sywell_ReadMe.txt10.04.121.23 kB
texture10.09.120 B
ACTrike_00.bmp12.08.08341.40 kB
ACTrike_01.bmp12.08.08341.40 kB
ACTrike_02.bmp12.08.08341.40 kB
ACTrike_03.bmp12.08.0885.40 kB
ACTrike_04.bmp12.08.0885.40 kB
ACTrikeUnrigged_00.bmp03.06.10341.40 kB
ACTrikeUnrigged_01.bmp03.06.10341.40 kB
ACTrikeUnrigged_02.bmp03.06.10341.40 kB
ACTrikeUnrigged_03.bmp03.06.1085.40 kB
ACTrikeUnrigged_04.bmp03.06.1085.40 kB
brick.bmp07.12.1285.40 kB
chequer_texture.bmp07.20.1210.73 kB
cirha#1.bmp07.30.1285.40 kB
cirha#2.bmp07.30.1242.74 kB
fuel_hydropod.bmp08.10.12341.40 kB
fuel_point_windows.bmp08.06.1285.40 kB
fuel_point_windows_L.bmp08.06.1285.40 kB
GetMap.bmp08.11.12341.40 kB
GetMap2.bmp08.18.12682.74 kB
GetMap3.bmp08.18.12170.74 kB
GetMap4.bmp08.21.1285.40 kB
GetMap5.bmp08.27.1242.74 kB
H_12.bmp08.22.12170.74 kB
H1_3A.bmp08.17.12341.40 kB
H11_1.bmp08.11.1285.40 kB
H11_4.bmp08.13.12341.40 kB
H11_4Lit.bmp08.13.12341.40 kB
H11_4Lit_L.bmp08.13.12341.40 kB
H2 -A.bmp08.21.12341.40 kB
H2.bmp08.21.12341.40 kB
hangarX1.bmp08.28.1285.40 kB
Hwin_3.bmp08.12.12341.40 kB
hydrapod-airport-sywell.bmp08.06.1242.73 kB
hydrapod-airport-sywell-aerodrome - Copy.bmp08.06.1221.40 kB
hydrapod-sywell-2.bmp08.07.1242.74 kB
patio.bmp08.01.1285.40 kB
pilotsmesssidebar2.bmp08.13.1221.40 kB
pump_lit.bmp08.10.1210.74 kB
pump_lit_L.bmp08.10.1210.74 kB
red.bmp08.06.1242.73 kB
sand.bmp08.06.1285.40 kB
sk_Archer_Door_N388PZ.bmp08.25.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_Door_N388PZ_lm.bmp08.25.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_G-VICC.bmp08.14.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_G-VICC_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_4X-CAV.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_4X-CAV_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Red_White.bmp10.06.04170.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Red_White_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
slabs.bmp08.06.1285.40 kB
static206b.bmp11.21.041.33 MB
static500D.bmp09.07.031.00 MB
Sy_Hotel_goesunder.bmp08.03.121.33 MB
Sy_hotel1_Lit.bmp07.31.12170.73 kB
Sy_hotel1_Lit_L.bmp07.31.12170.73 kB
Sy_hotel2_Lit.bmp08.01.1285.40 kB
Sy_hotel2_Lit_L.bmp08.01.1285.40 kB
sy+#1.bmp07.28.121.33 MB
SyAvHotel2.bmp08.02.121.33 MB
SyBeacon_texture.bmp07.19.122.74 kB
SyBeacon_texture_L.bmp07.20.121.40 kB
SyCab1_texture.bmp07.18.1221.40 kB
SyCab2_texture.bmp07.18.1210.74 kB
SyCab3_texture.bmp07.18.1221.40 kB
SyTowe2_texture.bmp07.18.1242.74 kB
SyTowe3_texture.bmp07.18.1242.74 kB
SyTowe4_texture.bmp07.18.1242.74 kB
SyTowe5_texture.bmp07.18.1221.40 kB
SyTowe6_texture.bmp07.18.1242.74 kB
SyTower1_texture.bmp07.18.1285.40 kB
SyTowerMain_texture.bmp07.21.12682.74 kB
SyTowerRail_texture.bmp07.19.12394 B
SyTowerRoo2_texture.bmp07.18.122.74 kB
SyTowerRoof_texture.bmp07.18.1221.40 kB
SyTowerWin_texture.bmp07.18.122.74 kB
syw#1.bmp.bak09.14.121.33 MB
Sywell_Sig_Sqr_texture.bmp07.22.1285.40 kB
Sywell_Sig_Sqr_white_texture.bmp07.22.125.40 kB
sywell_white.bmp09.18.1242.74 kB
SyWin1_texture.bmp07.21.122.74 kB
SyWin1_texture_L.bmp07.21.122.74 kB
SyWin2_texture.bmp07.21.121.40 kB
SyWin2_texture_L.bmp07.21.121.40 kB
SyWin3_texture.bmp07.21.125.40 kB
SyWin3_texture_L.bmp07.21.125.40 kB
SyWin4_texture.bmp07.21.125.40 kB
SyWin4_texture_L.bmp07.21.125.40 kB
t2roof.bmp07.17.1285.40 kB
turret.bmp08.01.1221.40 kB
turret_L.bmp08.01.1221.40 kB
vert_ribbed.bmp08.03.1221.38 kB
win_1.bmp08.03.1285.40 kB
win_1_L.bmp08.03.1285.40 kB
wire_fence.bmp08.11.1242.73 kB
Sywell1.jpg10.04.1245.70 kB
Sywell2.jpg10.04.1264.29 kB
Sywell3.jpg10.04.1265.49 kB
Sywell4.jpg10.04.1261.77 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Pete ReevesTue, 10 Nov 2020 19:47:57 GMT

Hi and thanks I use your EGNE file all the time. It’s my local airfield. Gamstone EGNE now has some of the hangers near the runway removed. Can it be updated, can I remove it?


Pete (64yrs) MSFS since Win 3.1.

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