FSX Popham Airport Scenery

PreviewPopham Airport (EGHP), near Basingstoke, UK. Includes two grass runways. This is designed to fit FSX generic scenery and will probably not match photorealistic scenery. By Alf Denham.

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Popham Airport (EGHP), near Basingstoke, UK. Includes two grass runways. This is designed to fit FSX generic scenery and will probably not match photorealistic scenery. By Alf Denham.

Popham Airport Scenery.

Popham Airport Scenery.

Two grass runways 08/26 and 03/21.
Circuits at 800ft to the North.Permanent dead side to the South.
Any aircraft not exceeding4500 lbs all up weight.
Approach to Rwy26 marked with white arrow to avoid filling station. NO touch & go on Rwy26.
Approach to Rwy 08 over silver grain silos to avoid houses.
Note: Water tower in NW of airfield, 60ft above airfield (610ft amsl).
Some tree along boundary up to 50ft above ground level.

Popham Radio 129.800


Note: This is designed to fit FSX generic scenery and will probably not match photo-realistic scenery especially as I have used some 'real' landclass objects for part of airfield.
'Tree' objects are more suited to Spring/Summer rather than Autumn/Winter operation.


My sincere thanks go to Peter Browne and Brian Hudson who both supplied excellent pictures of the airfield and it's buildings, tested the Beta version and made helpful suggestions. Thanks again guys.


If you have my original version 1 which I issued around April 2008 with six other airfields as my first efforts at scenery, then you MUST REMOVE THESE FILES.
The files were:
My original instructions were to put the above files into the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder, if you did differently then you should now know where they are.
Note: I now recommend putting the new folder into the Addon Scenery folder not Addon Scenery/scenery.

I have used some custom-made objects so my previous methods up to vol.10 won't do. Most of you probably use the following method anyway but in case not, unzip files to a temporary folder if not already unzipped.
Copy the file Popham_v2_EGHP into the Addon Scenery folder.
Now, in FSX working screen, press to reveal top menu bar. Select 'World' then 'Scenery Library'.
Click on 'Add an Area', click 'Addon Scenery', click file required (in this case Popham_v2_EGHP) then click 'OK'. The chosen file should now be at top of list. Use Move Down button to put it below 'Addon Scenery' and also below 'Static Objects Library' if you happen to have it installed. Now click 'OK' to install the new data base and when FSX window re-opens, hopefully you should see the new scenery.

Remove from scenery library list and delete folder to uninstall.


If you don't like my Landclass objects you can remove or disable the EGHP_extra_landclass file. I have put some 'apron' shapes underneath which will be revealed. Any of the other 'extra' files can also be removed or disabled to your choice, except for EGHP_extra.bgl (or EGHP_PBextra.bgl where used) which is the main one.


1. If you find problems with the parked trike undercarriage aircraft not 'painting' properly and are happy to accept the original FSX tail draggers then disable the following files in Addon Scenery /Popham_v2_EGHP/scenery by renaming EGHP_extra_Nparking.BGL to EGHP_extra_Nparking.BGL.bak - EGHP_extra.BGL to EGHP_extra.BGL.bak then copy the three bgl files in the PB_Popham_mods folder into the scenery folder to take their place and add some taildraggers.

2. In my set-up, for some strange reason, when I open up to Popham the runway/taxyway textures are wrong. I merely go to top toolbar, select World/Go to Airport then OK to reload, it only takes a few seconds, then all seems OK.

Alf Denham

Popham Airport Scenery.

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The archive alfs_uk_airfields_popham_v2.zip has 195 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
License.txt11.19.09676 B
Popham_Map.jpg11.16.09110.52 kB
Popham_ReadMe.txt11.19.093.75 kB
Popham_v2_EGHP11.16.090 B
PB_Popham_mods11.16.090 B
EGHP_extra_PB_Nparking.BGL09.25.09476 B
EGHP_extra_taildraggers.BGL09.25.09668 B
EGHP_PBextra.BGL10.31.0915.79 kB
Read_Me.txt11.16.09522 B
scenery11.16.090 B
ACTrike.bgl12.08.08173.05 kB
ACTrike.txt12.08.0840 B
add_Glider_Objects.BGL02.13.073.99 MB
add_SeevKahn.BGL01.20.051.25 MB
AusterRed.bgl01.03.0932.86 kB
AusterRed.txt01.03.0942 B
Dh85.bgl10.20.08128.97 kB
Dh85.txt10.20.0837 B
Dh87.bgl06.02.0972.93 kB
Dh87.txt06.02.0937 B
EGHP_extra.BGL11.16.0915.42 kB
EGHP_extra_landclass.BGL09.19.09332 B
EGHP_extra_Nparking.BGL09.07.09668 B
EGHP_extra_plus.BGL10.31.094.82 kB
EGHP_extra_plus1.BGL09.15.09668 B
EGHP_extra_signs.BGL09.15.09284 B
EGHP_extra_silos.BGL08.09.094.82 kB
EGHP_extra_Tsquare.BGL09.05.09140 B
EGHP_extra_watertwr.BGL08.13.09380 B
EGHP_v2_ADE_AED.BGL10.22.0912.13 kB
EGHP_v2_ADE_AED_CVX.bgl10.22.092.07 kB
picnic_table.bgl08.06.084.03 kB
picnic_table.txt08.06.0845 B
picnic_table_2.bgl09.15.095.82 kB
picnic_table_2.txt09.15.0947 B
PopBank.bgl09.14.092.39 kB
PopBank.txt09.14.0940 B
PopChequeredHut.bgl09.13.099.71 kB
PopChequeredHut.txt09.13.0948 B
popclubhouse.bgl09.18.0924.94 kB
popclubhouse.txt09.18.0945 B
popcontainers.bgl09.07.094.03 kB
popcontainers.txt09.07.0946 B
PopEntrance.bgl09.19.0935.31 kB
PopEntrance.txt09.19.0944 B
popentrysigns.bgl09.12.094.34 kB
popentrysigns.txt09.12.0946 B
PopFiregate.bgl09.15.099.67 kB
PopFiregate.txt09.15.0944 B
popflag1.bgl09.18.093.01 kB
popflag1.txt09.18.0941 B
popflag2.bgl09.18.092.79 kB
popflag2.txt09.18.0941 B
Popfuelsigns.bgl09.12.091.02 kB
Popfuelsigns.txt09.12.0945 B
PopH1.bgl08.30.091.85 kB
PopH1.txt08.30.0938 B
PopH2.bgl08.30.091.85 kB
PopH2.txt08.30.0938 B
PopH4.bgl09.06.098.51 kB
PopH4.txt09.06.0938 B
pophut2.bgl08.16.091.50 kB
pophut2.txt08.16.0940 B
pophutA.bgl08.30.0912.49 kB
pophutA.txt08.30.0940 B
popT.bgl09.05.0934.36 kB
popT.txt09.05.0937 B
PoptoClub.bgl09.12.09768 B
PoptoClub.txt09.12.0942 B
poptriplesign.bgl09.12.091.30 kB
poptriplesign.txt09.12.0946 B
popwatertower.bgl11.16.0974.06 kB
popwatertower.txt11.16.0946 B
PopX1.bgl08.30.091.33 kB
PopX1.txt08.30.0938 B
PopX2.bgl08.30.094.96 kB
PopX2.txt08.30.0938 B
PopX3.bgl08.30.091.61 kB
PopX3.txt08.30.0938 B
PopX4.bgl08.30.091.02 kB
PopX4.txt08.30.0938 B
PopX5.bgl09.09.092.19 kB
PopX5.txt09.09.0938 B
RailFencex1.bgl09.26.081.57 kB
RailFencex1.txt09.26.0844 B
RailFencex1+L.bgl09.19.092.94 kB
RailFencex1+L.txt09.19.0946 B
RailFencex2.bgl09.26.082.39 kB
RailFencex2.txt09.26.0844 B
RailFencex3.bgl09.26.083.21 kB
RailFencex3.txt09.26.0844 B
RailFencexhalf.bgl09.19.091.30 kB
RailFencexhalf.txt09.19.0947 B
thinhedge30.bgl09.01.08117.79 kB
thinhedge30.txt09.01.0844 B
thinhedge50.bgl09.01.08185.72 kB
thinhedge50.txt09.01.0844 B
texture11.16.090 B
ACTrike_00.bmp12.08.08341.40 kB
ACTrike_01.bmp12.08.08341.40 kB
ACTrike_02.bmp12.08.08341.40 kB
ACTrike_03.bmp12.08.0885.40 kB
ACTrike_04.bmp12.08.0885.40 kB
AusterRed_00.bmp01.03.0985.40 kB
AusterRed_01.bmp01.03.0985.40 kB
Dh85_00.bmp10.20.08341.40 kB
Dh85_01.bmp10.20.0885.40 kB
Dh85_02.bmp10.20.0885.40 kB
Dh87_00.bmp06.02.09341.40 kB
Dh87_01.bmp06.02.09341.40 kB
picnic_table_00.bmp08.06.08341.40 kB
picnic_table_2_00.bmp09.15.09341.40 kB
picnic_table_2_01.bmp09.15.09341.40 kB
PopBank_00.bmp09.14.091.33 MB
PopChequeredHut_00.bmp09.13.09341.40 kB
popclubhouse_00.bmp09.18.091.33 MB
popcontainers_00.bmp09.07.09341.40 kB
PopEntrance_00.bmp09.19.0985.40 kB
PopEntrance_01.bmp09.19.0985.40 kB
popentrysigns_00.bmp09.12.0985.40 kB
PopFiregate_00.bmp09.15.09341.40 kB
popflag1_00.bmp09.18.0985.40 kB
popflag2_00.bmp09.18.0985.40 kB
Popfuelsigns_00.bmp09.12.0985.40 kB
PopH1_00.bmp08.30.09341.40 kB
PopH1_01.bmp08.30.09341.40 kB
PopH2_00.bmp08.30.09341.40 kB
PopH2_01.bmp08.30.09341.40 kB
PopH4_00.bmp09.06.0985.40 kB
PopH4_01.bmp09.06.0985.40 kB
PopH4_02.bmp09.06.0985.40 kB
pophut2_00.bmp08.16.0985.40 kB
pophutA_00.bmp08.30.091.33 MB
popT_00.bmp09.05.091.33 MB
popT_01.bmp09.05.091.33 MB
popT_02.bmp09.05.091.33 MB
PoptoClub_00.bmp09.12.09341.40 kB
poptriplesign_00.bmp09.12.0985.40 kB
popwatertower_00.bmp11.16.09341.40 kB
popwatertower_01.bmp11.16.09341.40 kB
PopX1_00.bmp08.30.091.33 MB
PopX2_00.bmp08.30.091.33 MB
PopX3_00.bmp08.30.091.33 MB
PopX4_00.bmp08.30.09341.40 kB
PopX5_00.bmp09.09.091.33 MB
RailFencex1_00.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
RailFencex1+L_00.bmp09.19.0985.40 kB
RailFencex2_00.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
RailFencex3_00.bmp09.26.0885.40 kB
RailFencexhalf_00.bmp09.19.0985.40 kB
SF25_03.bmp02.11.0721.43 kB
SF28_01.bmp02.11.07257.05 kB
SF28_02.bmp02.11.07257.05 kB
SF28_04.bmp02.11.07129.05 kB
SF28_06.bmp02.11.0721.43 kB
sk_Archer_Door_N388PZ.bmp08.25.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_Door_N388PZ_lm.bmp08.25.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_G-VICC.bmp08.14.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_G-VICC_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_Archer_N24768.bmp08.15.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_N24768_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_Archer_N3557K.bmp08.24.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_N3557K_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_Archer_N99457.bmp08.25.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_N99457_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_blackbird_N208SK.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_blackbird_N208SK_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_checkerboard_N500WA.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_checkerboard_N500WA_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_red-yellow_4X-AIV.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_red-yellow_4X-AIV_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_red-yellow_N349TX.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_red-yellow_N349TX_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_4X-CAV.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_4X-CAV_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_N464DT.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_N464DT_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_N88379.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_N88379_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-red_N30846.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-red_N30846_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
thinhedge30_00.bmp09.01.08341.40 kB
thinhedge30_01.bmp09.01.08341.40 kB
thinhedge50_00.bmp09.01.08341.40 kB
thinhedge50_01.bmp09.01.08341.40 kB
thinhedge50_02.bmp09.01.08341.40 kB
Popham10.gif11.19.099.30 kB
Popham10.jpg11.16.09144.01 kB
Popham11.jpg11.19.09140.48 kB
Popham12.jpg11.19.09179.16 kB
Popham14.jpg11.19.09175.65 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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