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PreviewLinley Hill Scenery for FSX and Horizon GenX Photographic Scenery Vol. 3 by Trevor Clark. Linley Hill is a small airfield near Beverly in East Yorkshire, it is home to the Hull Aero Club It includes many animated objects and full auto-gen trees for the surrounding area. In order to use this scene...

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Linley Hill Scenery for FSX and Horizon GenX Photographic Scenery Vol. 3 by Trevor Clark. Linley Hill is a small airfield near Beverly in East Yorkshire, it is home to the Hull Aero Club It includes many animated objects and full auto-gen trees for the surrounding area. In order to use this scenery you need to have the UK VFR object library installed (UKVFR.ZIP). This version will not work properly with default scenery.

Linley Hill Scenery.

Linley Hill Scenery.

Linley Hill Airfield for Flight Simulator X and Horizon VFR GenX scenery only, by Trevor Clark.

Linley Hill is a small airfield near Beverley in South Yorkshire. It is the home to the Hull Aero Club who undertake flying training and pleasure flights from the airfield. The airfield is also used by Micro-light and radio-controlled model aircraft.

This scenery (my first project) was made using AIRPORT DESIGN EDITOR X and INSTANT SCENERY MAKER, plus encouragement and help by scenery guru Tony at arm-computers Be sure to visit his site for loads of great freeware scenery for FSX and Horizon VFR GenX.


Expand into a temporary directory them move them into your :\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addonscenery\Scenery\ Linley Hill\scenery


This scenery is not too complex for most modern PCs, but if you suffer slower frame rates, try de-activating the scenery in FSX using 'delete scenery' option, deleting (highlight with curser, right click - select delete file) the file called 'more trees' and adding the scenery again. This will remove some trees and a few out lying farm buildings, but nothing too close to the airfield except a hedge in the field opposite.

The scenery has not been tested using default scenery, and will not work in any other simulator other than FSX. Not tested in DX10.

Known problem with this release, some visual problems when viewing other objects through the tops of the hedges from certain angles. I believe this is a problem caused by the hedges being designed for FS9 and I will attempt to alter things for further releases.


Use of this software is entirely at your own risk. If you do not accept responsibility for any and all damage that may result from installing this software then you must not install it. Installation is an acceptance of these conditions and you become responsible for any and all risks involved.

To remove this scenery just delete the file called Linley Hill AFTER deleting it within the scenery library in FSX itself . DO NOT delete the Scenery directory as this is integral to the working of Flight simulator.

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Linley Hill FSX11.21.090 B
file ID.txt11.21.09463 B
Linley Hill11.21.090 B
Linley Hill for FSX Instructions.doc11.17.09360.00 kB
Linley Hill FSX.jpg11.16.09246.68 kB
Linley Hill Instructions text only.txt11.17.093.37 kB
linley hill trees11.21.090 B
010331133120130an.agn11.17.09132 B
010331133120132an.agn11.17.09244 B
010331133120133an.agn11.17.09268 B
010331133120310an.agn11.17.09284 B
010331133120311an.agn11.17.09140 B
010331133120321an.agn11.17.09348 B
010331133120323an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133120330an.agn11.17.09228 B
010331133120331an.agn11.17.09116 B
010331133120332an.agn11.17.09400 B
010331133121013an.agn11.17.09168 B
010331133121021an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121023an.agn11.17.09160 B
010331133121030an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121031an.agn11.17.09256 B
010331133121032an.agn11.17.09340 B
010331133121033an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121102an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121103an.agn11.17.09248 B
010331133121110an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121112an.agn11.17.09212 B
010331133121120an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121122an.agn11.17.09196 B
010331133121123an.agn11.17.09240 B
010331133121130an.agn11.17.09116 B
010331133121131an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121133an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121201an.agn11.17.09228 B
010331133121202an.agn11.17.09396 B
010331133121203an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121210an.agn11.17.09724 B
010331133121211an.agn11.17.09348 B
010331133121222an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121223an.agn11.17.09168 B
010331133121232an.agn11.17.09448 B
010331133121233an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133121301an.agn11.17.09216 B
010331133121303an.agn11.17.09176 B
010331133121311an.agn11.17.09184 B
010331133121312an.agn11.17.09236 B
010331133121330an.agn11.17.09168 B
010331133121331an.agn11.17.09264 B
010331133121332an.agn11.17.09168 B
010331133121333an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133122103an.agn11.17.09132 B
010331133122110an.agn11.17.09288 B
010331133122111an.agn11.17.09380 B
010331133122112an.agn11.17.09132 B
010331133122113an.agn11.17.09168 B
010331133122121an.agn11.17.09140 B
010331133122311an.agn11.17.09132 B
010331133123000an.agn11.17.09200 B
010331133123001an.agn11.17.09168 B
010331133123010an.agn11.17.09260 B
010331133123020an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133123021an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133123022an.agn11.17.09236 B
010331133123101an.agn11.17.09200 B
010331133123110an.agn11.17.09208 B
010331133123112an.agn11.17.09364 B
010331133123113an.agn11.17.09376 B
010331133123121an.agn11.17.09220 B
010331133123123an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133123130an.agn11.17.09320 B
010331133123131an.agn11.17.09340 B
010331133123132an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133123133an.agn11.17.09132 B
010331133123200an.agn11.17.09124 B
010331133123203an.agn11.17.09200 B
010331133123211an.agn11.17.09272 B
010331133123212an.agn11.17.09116 B
010331133123303an.agn11.17.09124 B
Linley Hill.jpg11.13.0951.58 kB
scenery11.21.090 B
EGNY.BGL11.17.091.40 kB
extras.bgl11.15.0910.64 kB
linleyadd-ons.bgl11.15.097.96 kB
more trees.bgl11.16.097.07 kB
texture11.21.090 B
Thumbs.db11.16.0914.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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