FSX Cologne-Bonn Airport Scenery

Scenery Cologne-Bonn Airport (EDDK), Germany. Includes a version with the crosswind runway operating and one without. Also corrects runways, taxiways, signs, adds assigned parking and vehicle roads and more. By Ray Smith.

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Scenery Cologne-Bonn Airport (EDDK), Germany. Includes a version with the crosswind runway operating and one without. Also corrects runways, taxiways, signs, adds assigned parking and vehicle roads and more. By Ray Smith.

Cologne-Bonn Airport Scenery.

Cologne-Bonn Airport Scenery.

These 2 updated BGL files were designed with the latest version of ADE (v1.47) and made only for the FSX default airport: one file with the Crosswind rwy operating activated by ADE where all 3 rwy's will be used for take off/landing and one file as the default rwy operation: rwy 7/25 corrected to 6/24 and the Navaids corrected for it by ADE, taxiways and taxi signs updated/corrected, assigned parking with extra parking, new control tower, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt and many other improvements, airport views are from inside the control tower (when in tower view) please view the readme before installation.

There are 3 BGL files: EDDK_ADE_RS.BGL, EDDK_ADE_CW_RS.BGL and an EDDK_ADE_OBJ.BGL file.

The EDDK_ADE_CW_RS.BGL version is with the Xwind rwy 6/24 activated and in full operation.
The EDDK_ADE_RS.BGL version is the same as the default rwy operation.
Assigned parking is the same in both.
The EDDK_ADE_OBJ.BGL is the scenery objects file and should always be used with either RS.BGL file.
please make sure this goes into the correct folder.

To Install:

1. Take the EDDK-RS.BGL file of your choice and place it into: Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/scenery folder.

2. Take the EDDK_ADE_OBJ.BGL file and place it into: Flight Simulator X/Scenery/Global/scenery folder.

3. Start up the Flight Sim and the changes will be present.

i.e: make sure there is only ONE EDDK_RS.BGL FILE in the Addon Scenery/scenery folder at any time, remove/delete any other EDDK.bgl to avoid incorrect parking and other airport conflicts.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: when using ATIS with the EDDK_ADE_CW_RS.BGL file you will hear the fake rwy's as well as the airport runways, this is the method used in activating non-parallel rwy's and should be ignored or if preferred use the version EDDK_ADE_RS.BGL

To Uninstall:

1. Delete/remove the BGL files and the default will then be active.


ADE Utility (Freeware) - Jon Masterson.

Jim Vile for his Technique that activates crosswind runways.

And my ever enduring wife to put up with the hours spent making these files.

TIP: when at EDDK in tower view: go to your control settings and look for the "View track/pan Toggle" allocate a keyboard key stroke to it (i allocated a button on my controller) this will unlock the user aircraft, then you can use the hat switch to pan 360 degrees around the airport, hitting the key stroke again (in my case a button) will return you to the user aircraft position.

Enjoy and Happy flying,


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Viggi001Thu, 07 Nov 2019 15:09:19 GMT

Cool, now I can fly to my home airport with actual good scenery! Good job!

KlausSun, 14 Jul 2019 11:26:39 GMT

Thank you! Well done. Works great!

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