FSX Operation Tight Reign Scenery

PreviewScenery Operation Tight Reign, for FSX Vietnam War project. USCG Loran C stations during Vietnam war. Con Son, Sattahip, Lampang airfields. C-123 USCG AI and trafic files . C-123 USCG texture for V. Zhyhulskiy C-123. French and English documentation. Requires FSX Vietnam War project base pack (VN...

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Scenery Operation Tight Reign, for FSX Vietnam War project. USCG Loran C stations during Vietnam war. Con Son, Sattahip, Lampang airfields. C-123 USCG AI and trafic files . C-123 USCG texture for V. Zhyhulskiy C-123. French and English documentation. Requires FSX Vietnam War project base pack (VNW_V09.ZIP) and Vladimir Zhyhulskiy C-123 (C123ZHV3.ZIP). By Jacques Godfrin, Xavier Carre.

US Coast Guard plane on runway.

US Coast Guard plane on runway.

1966: USAF ask US Coast Guard for help during flight navigation. A USCG team was sent to South-East Asia to install four Loran C stations at Sattahip and Lampang (Thaîland), Con Son, and later Tan My (Vietnam). They were helped by a USCG C-123.
1975: The day before Saigon fell the Loran Station on Con Son Island was evacuated. The final radio messages were:
To: Con Son. From COMSEASEC. "Destroy equipment. Evacuate aboard Air America chopper. When safely evacuated, advise COMSEASEC your location and names of personnel. Also equipment salvaged, if any."

“This is Con Son. Roger. We will be going off air in five minutes and will destroy equipment. Will try to keep comms until the end.” (from Chuck Zanti, Con Son Loran-C history, pdf document)

This is the first scenery pack for FSX Vietnam War project. Require FSX Vietnam War project 0.9 base pack.

Pack including : Airfields and Loran C sceneries. C-123 USCG AI airplane and AI trafic files C-123 USCG texture for Vladimir Zhyhulskiy C-123.

The folders:

Addon scenery : Vietnam War project/scenery – Vietnam War project Lib
VnW Documentation
SimObjects : AI VnW C-123 USCG is AI airplane
C-123 USCG 4705Textures


1 - Copy the Addon scenery folder and paste in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder confirm overwriting.
2 - Copy the folder: / simObjects and paste it in Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder, confirm overwriting.
3 - Copy the file VNW Documentation Library folder and paste in Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder, confirm overwriting.
4 – Textures for C-123 – You must have Vladimir Zhyhulskiy C-123 : See C-123 USCG 4705.txt in C-123 USCG 4705 folder.

Then: Adding the Vietnam War objects libraries : Vietnam War project Lib.
1 - Start FSX, go to Settings > click Scenery Library... click Add Area.
2 - browse to the location of the Vietnam War project Lib that you want to install : (normally in FSX / addon scenery), mark scenery click OK.
3 - Vietnam War project Lib folder should then appear at the top of your Addon Scenery list.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Vietnam War Project Lib scenery must be above the 3 others Vietnam War project sceneries to take advantage of these libraries.

Windows Seven :

open FSX
open Settings
click Scenery Library...
click Add Area
mark scenery you want to add and
click OK ( it will open selected Addon scenery so you can now see it's subfolders,
scenery & texture)
now RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the white area in that open folder
Dialog will now close and selected scenery will be added in the list
click OK in the lower right and FSX will build new scenery database with your
scenery added to it.

- Restart FSX, choose free flight and select airfields from Vietnam.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to disable the Vietnam War project sceneries to go fly in 2009.

Airfields and sceneries:

Lampang airfield ( Thaïland) : Code VTCL
Sattahip airfield ( Thaïland) : Code VTSI
Conson airfield (South-Vietnam) : Code VVCS including Loran-C station

Loran-C Lampang ( Thaïland) : Code VTL2 Helipad
Loran-C Sattahip ( Thaïland) : Code VTL1 Helipad
Loran-C Tan My (Vietnam) : Code VVTM Helipad

The Loran-C stations in FSX Vietnam War project
Con Son (South-Vietnam) : N 08.43 - E 106.38 SH3Y - Freq. : 100 Khz - Range : 100 NM
Lampang (Thaïland) : N 18.19 – E 099.22 SH3X - Freq. : 100 Khz - Range : 100 NM
Sattahip (Thaïland) : N 12.37 – E 100.57 SH3M - Freq. : 100 Khz - Range : 100 NM
Tan My (South-Vietnam) : N 16.32 – E 107.38 SH3Z - Freq. : 100 Khz - Range : 100 NM

The FSX Vietnam War project is Freeware.

This software is distributed without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. The author is not responsible for any damage caused by this software.

Vietnam War project : Jacques Godfrin – Xavier Carré

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive vnw_tr.zip has 730 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
VnW_TR09.03.100 B
Addon scenery08.21.100 B
Vietnam War project08.21.100 B
Vietnam War project Lib08.21.100 B
scenery08.21.100 B
A6E Library Folded Wings.bgl09.11.091.49 MB
A6E Library.bgl09.12.094.22 MB
AN 2 Vietnam Green.bgl01.12.10637.43 kB
AN2 Library.bgl10.30.09637.43 kB
A_1.bgl03.17.102.69 MB
A_1.txt08.20.10167 B
Bronco Library.bgl06.25.09616.14 kB
C130 Coast Guard USA Library.bgl08.12.09679.70 kB
C130 USA Library.bgl07.28.09679.47 kB
EC-47.bgl02.13.106.34 MB
EZ Nimitz.bgl02.24.082.22 MB
F104 US Library.bgl01.22.10480.89 kB
F111A Library US AUST.bgl02.03.101.87 MB
F4 Library.bgl05.01.091.12 MB
F5 USA Library.bgl08.02.09698.61 kB
ground equipment JGSE.txt03.06.083.66 kB
gw_people.BGL01.13.0585.67 kB
JGSE.BGL03.06.082.18 MB
KC 135 Library.bgl08.19.09530.86 kB
lightobj.bgl11.06.08643.63 kB
lightobj.txt11.06.08547 B
Mig 21 Vietnam Library.bgl01.09.10488.65 kB
missile.bgl04.10.1012.64 kB
Movie_Maker_Object_Library_I.bgl01.13.0912.84 MB
Movie_Maker_Object_Library_III.bgl01.18.0922.55 MB
Objects01_lib.bgl01.15.051.53 MB
ObjLib-MBC-Studios.bgl02.27.094.21 MB
objlib-mbc-studios.txt02.27.094.44 kB
Please read Antonov AN-2..docx01.12.1011.94 kB
Please read C_130.docx08.12.0911.94 kB
Please read F104.docx01.22.1011.88 kB
Please read F111A.docx02.03.1011.95 kB
Please read F4.docx05.01.0911.54 kB
Please read F5.docx08.05.0911.95 kB
Please read OV-10 Bronco.docx06.26.0911.81 kB
radars.bgl04.28.091.51 MB
radars.txt04.28.09246 B
Read-Me_Movie Maker Studio.txt12.21.085.84 kB
readme EZ-Nimitz.txt02.24.081.16 kB
Readme_MBC_Studio.txt01.31.102.36 kB
revet.bgl06.11.093.82 kB
SA2Equip_notes.txt05.09.031.29 kB
SA2_Equip_Library.bgl06.13.10483.86 kB
sandbag.bgl03.16.102.23 kB
sandbag_7m.bgl08.22.092.23 kB
shelter.bgl05.25.094.86 MB
shelter.txt05.25.09279 B
Vintage Military Buildings SS readme.txt03.06.081.63 kB
vintage_military_ss.bgl03.06.08663.42 kB
VnW objects Libraries.rtf08.20.101.72 kB
VN_Simms_Objects.bgl06.08.102.44 MB
VN_Simms_Objects.txt08.20.10223 B
texture08.21.100 B
1DCA11.BMP10.23.02257.05 kB
1DCA13.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA13_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAdgit.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAdgit_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAtran.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
1DCAtrans.bmp10.23.02341.43 kB
1DCAtran_LM.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
a1_01.dds03.07.10512.12 kB
a1_02.dds03.07.10128.12 kB
a1_aircrew.dds01.27.10256.12 kB
a1_glass.dds03.01.10256.12 kB
a1_prop.dds01.28.1064.12 kB
ADFORT11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ADFORT11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTPART.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTPART_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTWALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTWALL_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
almwht.dds10.16.0864.12 kB
Ambulance.bmp11.28.0386.39 kB
AMCALsigns.bmp01.29.0686.39 kB
ammoboxes.bmp10.11.0386.39 kB
ammoboxes_1.bmp10.11.0386.39 kB
AMPpxHQ.bmp03.07.04342.39 kB
AMPpxHQ2.bmp02.06.05342.39 kB
AN 2 Vietnam.bmp01.12.10682.75 kB
AN2 Russia Camo.bmp01.09.10682.75 kB
APCM113.bmp08.17.04342.39 kB
ARTKOL11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ARTKOL11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ArtyAmmo.bmp01.24.06342.39 kB
ASR11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ASR11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
asr9.dds04.28.09128.12 kB
asr9_N.dds04.28.09128.12 kB
AUX_43_44.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AUX_43_44_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
barrack2.bmp04.11.0486.39 kB
barrack2_1.bmp04.11.0486.39 kB
bayonet.bmp07.02.05342.39 kB
bb62.dds01.18.091.33 MB
bb62_lm.dds01.18.091.33 MB
bballposts.bmp11.02.0386.39 kB
BGSE.bmp03.06.08682.75 kB
Bldg80x30x8_5.bmp01.22.0486.39 kB
bluehanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bombcase1.bmp03.15.03257.05 kB
bombtail1.bmp03.15.03257.05 kB
bridgeAnTan.bmp10.23.05342.39 kB
brksmall.bmp09.03.0386.39 kB
brksmall_1.bmp09.03.0386.39 kB
brownhanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
C130 USA Coast Guard 1.bmp08.12.09512.07 kB
C130 USA Grey.bmp07.27.09512.07 kB
canG_wing.bmp01.22.0542.75 kB
cargo01.bmp12.05.0442.74 kB
cargo02.bmp01.06.0542.74 kB
cargo05.bmp01.24.0542.74 kB
car_transporter.bmp01.03.0542.74 kB
CF104.bmp03.23.09512.07 kB
CF104_1.bmp03.23.09512.07 kB
CH47Chinook.bmp09.29.04342.39 kB
chbkintp.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
chbkrins.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
CHECKER_TOWER.bmp04.14.0742.75 kB
CHECKER_TOWER_LM.bmp04.14.0742.75 kB
CLDCbunker.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
concrete.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
concrete_1.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
container.bmp01.04.0542.74 kB
CONTALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
CONTALL_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
CONTRK11.bmp02.27.0916.07 kB
CONTRK11_LM.bmp02.27.0916.07 kB
controltower.bmp12.20.0386.39 kB
Copy of fs9_Bus01.bmp01.15.05170.74 kB
cover.dds05.25.09128.12 kB
coverg.dds05.25.09128.12 kB
CV4_1.dds04.09.081.00 MB
CV4_1_LM.dds04.09.081.00 MB
cv6_1.bmp12.31.081.00 MB
cv6_1_LM.bmp12.31.081.00 MB
Deck_1.bmp02.03.02257.05 kB
Default Tank.bmp03.02.0842.75 kB
Default_Checker_Water_Tower.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Default_Checker_Water_Tower_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
desert_earth1.bmp05.08.03257.05 kB
DETAILSH01.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
DETAILSH01_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
Dirt05.bmp12.02.05342.39 kB
dkgrey.bmp11.06.08257.05 kB
dkgrey.dds01.18.09341.48 kB
doors.bmp01.11.06342.39 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_T.bmp01.27.10512.07 kB
Dozer.bmp11.20.05342.39 kB
ds_tire2.bmp03.22.0365.05 kB
dumpster.bmp01.25.0442.75 kB
explode.bmp01.15.06342.39 kB
explode_1.bmp01.15.06342.39 kB
F104 US Grey.bmp01.22.10682.75 kB
F111 camo green.bmp02.03.10682.75 kB
F5 Usa Agressor Blue Wings.bmp08.02.09512.07 kB
F5 Usa Agressor Brown Wings.bmp08.02.09512.07 kB
f5a_body.bmp03.22.09128.07 kB
FACASR12.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FACASR12_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FDMTRK13.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FDMTRK13_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
fence.bmp03.21.0486.39 kB
FFVELMP.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVELMP_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVSUP.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVSUP_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVTRK.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVTRK_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
flag.bmp03.15.0165.04 kB
flag_lm.bmp03.16.0164.58 kB
fletch.dds01.18.091.33 MB
fletch_LM.dds01.18.091.33 MB
frequency.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
frequency_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
fs9_13mtrailer_tnt.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_Bus01.bmp01.17.05170.74 kB
fs9_Caravan.bmp01.16.05170.74 kB
fs9_Caravan_lm.bmp01.15.05170.74 kB
fs9_cone.bmp01.15.0521.40 kB
fs9_cone_lm.bmp01.15.0521.40 kB
fs9_greenld110.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_greenld90.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_large01.bmp01.18.05170.74 kB
fs9_ld90tyre.bmp01.15.0510.74 kB
fs9_pine.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_pump.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_redld110.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_redld90.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_skip.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_Tent1.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_Tent2.bmp01.15.0521.40 kB
fs9_TyreTex.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_TyreTex2.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_TyreTex3.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_TyreTex4.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_zafira.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
FSD0029.bmp05.25.071.33 MB
FUELSTAT11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUELSTAT11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUMTRK12.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUMTRK12_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
Fuse01.bmp04.26.09512.07 kB
Fuse02.bmp04.27.09128.07 kB
fuse_t.dds10.03.081.00 MB
Genbunksand.bmp10.21.0386.39 kB
GNDASR12.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
GNDASR12_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
gravel.bmp02.22.042.39 kB
gray.dds01.23.09128.12 kB
grey.bmp11.06.08257.05 kB
grey.dds01.18.09341.48 kB
grey_lm.dds01.18.09341.48 kB
groundmedium.bmp10.30.0322.39 kB
GSE_10.bmp06.16.0765.05 kB
GSE_10_LM.bmp06.16.0765.05 kB
Gun50Cal60.bmp09.04.0586.39 kB
hangar.bmp11.27.0064.95 kB
HANGAR01.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HANGAR01_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
hangar_lm.bmp11.27.0064.42 kB
Hangers.bmp12.04.0386.39 kB
Hangers2.bmp12.05.0386.39 kB
Hangers3.bmp01.04.0486.39 kB
Hard_deck.bmp11.14.07256.07 kB
HNGLPART.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGLPART_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGLWALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGLWALL_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGM31M.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGM31M_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGS31M.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGS31M_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
HNGSPAN1.bmp02.27.0916.07 kB
HNGSPAN1_LM.bmp02.27.0916.07 kB
hootch123rd.bmp08.15.04342.39 kB
hootch123rd_1.bmp08.15.04342.39 kB
HootchTent.bmp09.13.0386.39 kB
HootchTent_1.bmp09.13.0386.39 kB
hospit.bmp07.25.0365.05 kB
hospit_1.bmp07.25.0365.05 kB
HULLRIGHT.bmp11.23.00256.62 kB
HULLRIGHT2.bmp11.30.00256.88 kB
HULLRIGHT2_lm.bmp11.30.00256.88 kB
hull_left.bmp11.23.00257.05 kB
hull_left1.bmp11.23.00257.05 kB
h_deck.bmp01.12.01256.19 kB
h_deck_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
Idaho_1.bmp02.09.071.00 MB
Intake_L.bmp04.26.0932.07 kB
Intake_R.bmp04.27.0932.07 kB
island1.bmp11.26.0065.05 kB
island1_lm.bmp03.16.0164.45 kB
island68.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island68_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island69.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island69_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island70.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island70_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island71.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island71_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island72.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island72_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island73.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island73_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island74.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island74_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
island75.bmp10.28.01257.05 kB
island75_lm.bmp11.27.00257.05 kB
JeepM151a.bmp11.17.0386.39 kB
JeepM151b.bmp11.15.0386.39 kB
JeepM151c.bmp11.16.0386.39 kB
JGSE Fire.bmp03.02.08682.75 kB
JGSE Man.bmp01.14.08170.75 kB
JGSE Pilot Bus.bmp08.12.0742.75 kB
JGSE Yellow.bmp10.06.072.75 kB
JGSE.bmp10.06.07682.75 kB
KC135 Texture.bmp08.19.09512.07 kB
lanaii.bmp11.07.0386.39 kB
left wing.bmp03.16.09512.07 kB
LIGBEAM11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
LIGBEAM11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
lines.bmp03.14.01256.97 kB
LST1165.bmp05.31.04342.39 kB
LTWRPART.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
LTWRPART_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
LZ001.bmp12.01.05342.39 kB
LZ002.bmp08.28.05342.39 kB
LZ003.bmp08.28.05342.39 kB
LZ004.bmp02.19.06342.39 kB
M107_175SP.bmp11.17.05342.39 kB
M37b.bmp11.28.0386.39 kB
M37c.bmp11.23.0386.39 kB
M37d.bmp11.28.0386.39 kB
M37d_1.bmp11.28.0386.39 kB
M37d_2.bmp11.28.0386.39 kB
MachineGuns.bmp02.20.06342.39 kB
MANTRK12.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
MANTRK12_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
MausStore.bmp10.22.0386.39 kB
MCT11ALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
MCT11ALL_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
Mercury80.bmp02.18.06342.39 kB
Mig21_Vietnam.bmp01.09.10682.75 kB
MMST_0001.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00010.dds12.20.081.33 MB
MMST_00011.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00012.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00012_lm.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00013.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00013_lm.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00014.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00015.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00016.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00017.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00018.bmp05.25.071.33 MB
MMST_00019.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_0001a.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_0001_lm.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_0002.dds12.20.08682.80 kB
MMST_00020.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00021.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_00022.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MMST_00022_lm.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MMST_00023.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MMST_00025.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MMST_0003.dds12.20.08682.80 kB
MMST_0004.dds12.20.08682.80 kB
MMST_0005.dds12.20.081.33 MB
MMST_0005_lm.dds12.20.081.33 MB
MMST_0006.dds12.20.081.33 MB
MMST_0006_lm.dds12.20.081.33 MB
MMST_0007.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_0007_lm.dds12.20.08341.48 kB
MMST_0008.dds01.17.091.33 MB
MMST_0008_lm.dds01.17.091.33 MB
MMST_0009.dds12.20.081.33 MB
MMST_WWII_0001.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0003.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0004.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0005.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0006.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0007.dds01.09.09170.80 kB
MMST_WWII_0008.dds01.09.09170.80 kB
MMST_WWII_0009.dds01.13.091.33 MB
MMST_WWII_0010.dds01.13.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0011.dds01.13.09170.80 kB
MMST_WWII_0011_lm.dds01.13.09170.80 kB
MMST_WWII_002.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_0020.dds01.17.09170.80 kB
MMST_WWII_0021.dds01.18.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_012.dds01.14.09170.80 kB
MMST_WWII_013.dds01.17.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_014.dds01.17.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_015.dds01.17.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_016.dds01.17.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_017.dds01.17.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWII_018.dds01.17.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_0001.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_0002.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_0003.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_003a_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_003b_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_004.dds12.14.0885.48 kB
MMST_WWI_005.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_006.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007a.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007a_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007b.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007b_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007c.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007c_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007d.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007d_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007e.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007e_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007f.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007f_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007g.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007g_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007h.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007h_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007i.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007i_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007j.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007j_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007l.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007l_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007m.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007m_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007n.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007n_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007o.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007o_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007p.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007p_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007q.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007q_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007r.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007r_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007s.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007s_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007t.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007t_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007u.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007u_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007v.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007v_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007w.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007w_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007x.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007x_lm.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007y.dds12.14.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_007y_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_008.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_009.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_010.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_011.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_012.dds12.15.0885.48 kB
MMST_WWI_013.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_014.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_015.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_016.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_017.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_018.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_019.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_020.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_021.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_022.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_023.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_023_lm.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_024.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_025.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_026.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_027.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_028.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_029.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_030.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_031.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_032.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_033.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_034.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_035.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_036.dds12.16.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_037.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_038.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_039.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_040.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_041.dds12.15.08170.80 kB
MMST_WWI_045.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_42.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_43.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_44.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_44_lm.dds12.16.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_46.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_46_lm.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_47.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_47_lm.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_48.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_48_lm.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_49.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_49_lm.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_50.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_50_lm.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_51.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_52.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_53.dds12.17.08341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_54.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_55.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WWI_56.dds01.06.09341.48 kB
MMST_WW_036.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MotorPool.bmp11.08.0386.39 kB
MRFlags_California.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MRFlags_California_lm.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MRFlags_France.dds12.15.0885.48 kB
MRFlags_France_lm.dds12.21.0885.48 kB
MRFlags_Marines.dds01.11.09341.48 kB
MRFlags_Marines_lm.dds01.11.09341.48 kB
MRFlags_Navy.dds01.11.09341.48 kB
MRFlags_Navy_lm.dds01.11.09341.48 kB
MRFlags_UK.dds12.15.0885.48 kB
MRFlags_UK_lm.dds12.21.0885.48 kB
MRFlags_USA.dds12.15.08341.48 kB
MRFlags_USA_2.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MRFlags_USA_2_lm.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MRFlags_USA_lm.dds12.21.08341.48 kB
MWH12ALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB

Complementing Files & Dependencies

This add-on mentions the following files below in its description. It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. It's possible that this is a repaint and the dependency below is the base package.

You may also need to download the following files:

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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