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PreviewScenery Monterey Peninsula Airport (KMRY), CA, v2, located on the coast in central California. The Monterey Peninsula Airport has regular flights that are available to other cities where connecting flights can take you anywhere in the world. There are five fixed base operators located here: APR A...

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Scenery Monterey Peninsula Airport (KMRY), CA, v2, located on the coast in central California. The Monterey Peninsula Airport has regular flights that are available to other cities where connecting flights can take you anywhere in the world. There are five fixed base operators located here: APR Aviation, Million Air, Monterey Bay Aviation, Monterey Jet Center and Navy Flying Club. Version 2 adds the following: Photoscenery to cover within airport grounds, all aprons, taxiways, buildings placed correctly on phototexture, GA static aircraft, apron lights, taxi lights, animated windsock with segmented circle and pattern markers and a variety of custom hangars and eye candy. By Eric McCloud. (See also MONTEREYPENINSULAKMRYVERSION2UPDATE.ZIP).

Screenshot of Monterey Peninsula Airport.

Screenshot of Monterey Peninsula Airport.

To install:

1) Upgrade from my first version. Just copy the Monterey Peninsula KMRY folder into your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery folder and allow files to overwrite.

2) If you have not installed my last version then:
Add the Monterey Peninsula KMRY Folder to your add-on scenery folder. In most instances it should look like this: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery. You will need to activate it within FSX by going to scenery library and adding it....thats it. with Windows7,FSX does have an issue with this sometimes, so if you cant install it, then download and install the freeware Program called Addit! Pro for Flight Simulator X, works like a charm. Just search it on the internet.

If you have GROUND SHADOWS checked the Vegatation within the scenery will show Big Black Blocks on the ground, so uncheck this option, just look for it in the Display feature in FSX. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to fix this.

Also, if you are using any payware addon Mesh Products such as FSGenesis or FSGlobal, the terrain will come alive way to much and KMRY will sit on an unrealistic platue. To solve this issue, simply set your mesh settings in display/scenery to 76m. You dont need to do this...its just a suggestions.

Eric McCloud

Screenshot of Monterey Peninsula Airport at night.

Screenshot of Monterey Peninsula Airport at night.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive montereyairportkmryversion2.zip has 79 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Monterey Peninsula KMRY Version 209.03.100 B
Installation and Read ME!!.txt09.03.101.90 kB
KMRY.jpg08.30.10108.92 kB
KMRY10.jpg09.01.1067.93 kB
KMRY2.jpg08.30.10131.03 kB
KMRY3.jpg08.30.10110.67 kB
KMRY4.jpg08.30.10140.90 kB
KMRY5.jpg08.30.10140.87 kB
KMRY6.jpg08.30.10180.46 kB
KMRY7.jpg08.30.10168.99 kB
KMRY8.jpg08.30.10161.20 kB
Scenery09.02.100 B
Airport_obj.bgl09.01.10159.25 kB
CVX_KMRYFlatten.bgl08.29.101.59 kB
Fence.bgl06.21.1029.28 kB
GAStatic.bgl08.24.101014.01 kB
kmryhgr.bgl08.24.10387.16 kB
KMRY_ADEX_EM.BGL09.02.10107.23 kB
KMRY_ADEX_EM_CVX.bgl09.02.10476 B
Photo01.BGL08.22.107.67 MB
taxilight_lib.bgl08.28.105.38 kB
texture09.02.100 B
002113132222203an.agn08.20.10180 B
002113132222212an.agn08.20.10140 B
002113132222230an.agn08.20.10304 B
authorized.dds08.23.1085.45 kB
Bell_206B_00.dds08.24.101.00 MB
Bell_206B_04.dds08.24.101.00 MB
Blue_light.dds08.28.1016.12 kB
Blue_light_lm.dds08.28.1016.12 kB
Blue_light_spec.dds08.28.1016.12 kB
Case.dds08.28.1016.12 kB
Case_lm.dds08.28.1016.12 kB
concrete floor.dds06.29.10341.45 kB
concrete floor_LM.dds06.29.10341.45 kB
door sign.dds07.16.10170.78 kB
fence_CL_Low.dds10.10.09128.12 kB
ga hanger SS 1a.dds08.23.10341.45 kB
ga hanger SS 2a.dds08.23.10341.45 kB
ga hanger SS 5a.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
gauges.dds08.19.1010.79 kB
hanger large 1c.dds06.29.10341.45 kB
hanger large 1c_LM.dds06.29.10341.45 kB
hanger large 3 a.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
hanger large 3 a_LM.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
hanger large 3 c.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
hanger large 3 c_LM.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
logos 2.dds08.19.10170.78 kB
new yellow.dds08.22.10341.45 kB
planter rims.dds08.19.1021.45 kB
seg circle concrete.dds08.23.1085.45 kB
sk_Archer_Door_N388PZ.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_Archer_Door_N388PZ_lm.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_Archer_N99457.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_Archer_N99457_lm.dds08.24.1085.45 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU_lm.dds08.24.1085.45 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_N88379.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_N88379_lm.dds08.24.1085.45 kB
sk_C172SP_white-red_N30846.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_C172SP_white-red_N30846_lm.dds08.24.1085.45 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_All Dark.dds08.24.10341.45 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_All Dark_lm.dds08.24.1085.45 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Srpska.dds07.01.10170.79 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Srpska_lm.dds07.01.1042.79 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Tail Number Template.dds07.01.1042.79 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Tail Number Template_lm.dds07.01.1042.79 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_X.dds08.19.10341.45 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_X_lm.dds08.19.1085.45 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_N200KA.dds07.01.10170.79 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_N200KA_lm.dds07.01.1042.79 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_N433YR.dds07.01.10170.79 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_N433YR_lm.dds07.01.1042.79 kB
windsock.dds08.23.1085.45 kB
windsock_LM.bmp10.20.0642.75 kB
zinc03.dds08.19.1021.45 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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