Diamond Katana DA20-C1 Evolution

PreviewFS2004 Diamond Katana DA20-C1 Evolution. A two seat, 125 hp, general aviation light plane. A full ver 1.9 Aircraft, Panel, Sound Pkg. The aircraft modeled, Reg_ID:G-BYMP is privately owned. Includes Panel, VC, Sound, HTML Chk & Ref Lists. An FSDS 2.24 design with full animation with dynamic shine...

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FS2004 Diamond Katana DA20-C1 Evolution. A two seat, 125 hp, general aviation light plane. A full ver 1.9 Aircraft, Panel, Sound Pkg. The aircraft modeled, Reg_ID:G-BYMP is privately owned. Includes Panel, VC, Sound, HTML Chk & Ref Lists. An FSDS 2.24 design with full animation with dynamic shine, opening canopy with sounds and more.

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The archive c1g-bymp.zip has 128 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
fsfsconv05.03.040 B
kat_snd05.04.040 B
da20_apdisconnect.wav06.29.01169.80 kB
da20_flaps.wav08.27.01225.90 kB
DA20_noncombust.wav02.01.0335.63 kB
DA20_prop.wav03.18.03262.17 kB
DA20_rpm1.wav02.01.03326.33 kB
DA20_rpm2.wav02.01.03509.65 kB
DA20_rpm3.wav02.01.03571.77 kB
DA20_rpm4.wav02.01.03651.45 kB
DA20_shutdown.wav05.13.03314.04 kB
da20_stallhorn.wav06.29.01237.68 kB
DA20_starter.wav05.13.0325.75 kB
DA20_startup.wav05.13.03110.15 kB
door_small_close.wav04.09.0355.99 kB
door_small_open.wav04.09.0359.98 kB
Sound.cfg12.27.038.65 kB
xDA20_noncombust.wav02.01.0316.45 kB
xDA20_prop.wav03.18.03262.17 kB
xDA20_rpm1.wav04.03.03237.43 kB
xDA20_rpm2.wav02.01.03271.77 kB
xDA20_rpm3.wav02.01.03257.73 kB
xDA20_rpm4.wav02.01.03244.47 kB
xDA20_shutdown.wav02.20.0371.65 kB
xDA20_starter.wav05.13.0315.66 kB
xDA20_startup.wav04.03.03181.63 kB
DA20-C1_Evol_G-BYMP05.04.040 B
Aircraft.cfg05.04.0410.54 kB
C1evolution.air01.19.048.19 kB
C1evolution_check.htm03.03.0440.78 kB
C1evolution_ref.htm05.04.045.51 kB
c1g-bymp-1.jpg05.04.0461.34 kB
c1g-bymp.gif05.04.0413.06 kB
c1g-bymp.jpg05.04.04107.45 kB
file_id.diz05.01.04416 B
README FIRST.txt05.01.044.45 kB
texture05.04.040 B
canopy 1.bmp01.17.0421.43 kB
cockpit back.bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
cockpit floor.bmp03.10.04256.07 kB
kat_fus1.bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
kat_fus2.bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
kat_fus3.bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
L wing.Bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
new-1.Bmp05.04.041.00 MB
panel top.bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
pilot.bmp01.09.0432.08 kB
Prop_back.bmp11.15.0385.40 kB
Prop_front.bmp11.15.0385.40 kB
R wing.bmp01.17.04256.07 kB
ruder 2.bmp05.04.04256.07 kB
Tunel top1.bmp01.17.04256.07 kB
sound05.04.040 B
Sound.cfg01.15.0434 B
Panel_Gauge Information05.04.040 B
Coyote_Garmin_Avionics_User's Guide.pdf08.16.02772.64 kB
DavtronM803.doc08.26.0257.00 kB
Gauge Credits.txt05.04.042.08 kB
hghb Readme.txt07.19.012.40 kB
hotspots.jpg05.01.04152.64 kB
INSTALL.jpg12.25.03165.66 kB
popups.jpg05.01.04187.35 kB
README Taxispeed.txt03.23.035.41 kB
VC.jpg05.04.0477.74 kB
panel05.04.040 B
G-BYMP.BMP05.04.041.50 MB
Panel.cfg05.04.0410.54 kB
model05.04.040 B
4 c1 no boots.mdl03.27.041.43 MB
Model.cfg03.27.0432 B
aircraft05.03.040 B
kat_hour.gau11.17.0397.50 kB
kat.altimeter.gau04.26.04209.00 kB
kat_vert.gau01.05.03103.00 kB
kat_turn.gau01.05.03110.50 kB
kat_ign.gau12.07.0245.50 kB
DA20-C1_SW.cab04.11.04234.45 kB
pad_kat_fuel.gau11.11.02129.00 kB
kat_cht.gau01.08.04104.00 kB
kat_volt.gau05.09.03100.00 kB
pad_flap.gau01.05.0317.50 kB
kat_amps.gau05.09.03100.00 kB
kat_oil_temp.gau11.17.03118.00 kB
kat_oil_pres.gau11.17.03118.00 kB
C1_tach.gau04.10.04100.50 kB
kat_airspeed.gau04.27.04100.00 kB
kat_egt.gau05.07.03104.00 kB
kat_suction.gau12.10.02100.00 kB
kat_vor1.gau12.13.03243.50 kB
pad_stick_1.gau12.05.02153.50 kB
pad_stick_2.gau12.05.02153.50 kB
kat_att.gau01.05.03323.50 kB
kat_dirg.gau12.07.02237.50 kB
KAT_FUEL_PRES.gau01.16.04128.00 kB
davtron.gau08.27.0392.00 kB
kat_trim.gau12.01.0360.00 kB
kat_stk.gau05.12.0385.00 kB
PAD_warn.parkbrake.gau12.07.0385.00 kB
PAD_warn.overspeed.gau12.07.0385.00 kB
PAD_warn.stall.gau12.07.0385.00 kB
CAD_garminavionics.gau07.12.02404.00 kB
pad_oat.gau12.15.0216.50 kB
FuelPump.gau05.04.0444.00 kB
CAD_garminavionics2.gau07.12.02404.00 kB
cad_kln90brored.gau07.19.02144.00 kB
PAD_VOR1.gau12.13.03243.50 kB
pad_dirg.gau12.07.02237.50 kB
KAT_ADF.gau12.13.03242.00 kB
kat_vor2.gau12.14.02241.50 kB
pad.oil.press.gau11.07.02128.00 kB
pad.oil.temp.gau11.07.02128.00 kB
pad.amps.gau11.07.02100.00 kB
pad_volt.gau11.19.02100.00 kB
kat_tach.gau04.10.04100.50 kB
CAD_garminavionics3.gau07.12.02404.00 kB
gauges05.03.040 B
fx_navgrex.fx01.15.044.56 kB
fx_navredx.fx01.15.044.56 kB
fx_strobex.fx01.15.042.47 kB
fx_vclightrx.fx12.28.031.31 kB
texture01.15.040 B
fx_red.bmp12.28.0348.05 kB
fx_vclightred.fx12.28.031.31 kB
effects01.15.040 B
file_id.diz05.01.04416 B
avsim.diz03.24.03360 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


As a major aircraft with a lot of style and charm, the Katana DA20-C1 Evolution is an aircraft that I have always had a lot of time for. With this remake of the aircraft I decided to give it a try, given that it looks so interesting and engaging.

Preview screenshot

The whole design and the overall impression of the aircraft that I got from jumping into the cockpit was that it’s a lot of fun to be in and that they have done a good job of making sure it all comes together as one.

The Look

Designed as a cute little two seater, 125HP aircraft I was really impressed at the attention to the detail that they had included in more or less every rivet and bolt. It comes with the panels, the sounds and the performance levels that you would be hoping for – but it also comes with the look.

The attention to all of the typically minor things that make this unique from other aircraft has been added in with a real attention to detail and care to precision being included along the way.

I was a huge fan of the aircraft and the way that it flies, making sure that it carries the same quality of performance that you might have expected.

The Feel

Speaking of the performance, this does a wonderful job of capturing the real atmosphere of the aircraft and bringing it to life in a simulator. The aircraft itself is based on a privately managed model so it feels excellent, making sure that you can enjoy something fresh and engaging that really captures the feeling perfectly.

The feel of the aircraft is one of the most impressive factors, with so many little animations all working in tandem to make the aircraft feel alive. Some models just feel like animated fakes; this feels as if you are in control of the real thing.

Another major factor was the addition of things such as opening canopies and dynamic shines. This really does a great job in making sure the whole thing works as intended, creating something that is engaging and interesting in equal measure.

The Verdict

I was hugely impressed by the work and commitment of the team. From the first minute I stepped into the aircraft I felt at “home” with the model. It flew like a dream and had all of the nice little extras that help to contribute to the atmosphere in the right way.

Another major factor of the aircraft comes from the fact that it’s so easy to enjoy. The sounds blare out of it perfectly and sound just as they should, whilst the detail to precision across the entire model is easy to see.

In short, this is an aircraft that comes with just about everything that you could have been hoping for if you wanted an authentic remake of the real thing.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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John1Thu, 14 Feb 2008 13:46:36 GMT
Great plane for FS. I fly the real Diamond DA-20 for my pilot training, and it's fantastic to have it in FS2004. I would like to add it to FSX also. Good flight dynamics, but definitely recommend getting the rudder pedals and the control stick, throttle quadrant if you can afford it!
brittfryeTue, 27 Feb 2007 15:32:03 GMT
As a 67 year old student pilot, I wanted to augment actual flight time in DA20-C1 with FSX under VISTA. Since panels, sounds, etc., don't work under VISTA; and I can't find any conver- sion program for them (the DA20-C1 package I downloaded from you) ; I find the downloaded soft-ware usless for my purposes. I guess that I'll just have to switch my actual training to an aircraft found in the standard FSX package.

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