FSX Air America In Laos - Vietnam War Project Scenery

PreviewAir America In Laos - Vietnam War Project. Features 29 airfields in photoreal ground textures including Vientiane, Pakse, Long Tieng and 26 Lima Sites, new objects libraries (many custom objects) AI and static airplanes (Porter, C-123, Caribou). Revised lanclass (Bolovens plateau) Required: VNW_V...

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Air America In Laos - Vietnam War Project. Features 29 airfields in photoreal ground textures including Vientiane, Pakse, Long Tieng and 26 Lima Sites, new objects libraries (many custom objects) AI and static airplanes (Porter, C-123, Caribou). Revised lanclass (Bolovens plateau) Required: VNW_V09.ZIP, VNW_AP1.ZIP and SRTM West Asia by Taburet-Ferranti. By Xavier Carre - FSX Vietnam War Project.

Screenshot of Vietnam War Project Scenery.

Screenshot of Vietnam War Project Scenery.

This scenery takes part of our FSX Vietnam War project (covering all SEA area, 100 airfields – new and redone -; 30 AI airplanes and AI trafic ) available from Simviation, Flightsim and FSX Vietnam War project web sites.

This is a pack dedicated to the FSX Vietnam War project, including 28 airports, airfields, and airstrips used by Air America during war in Laos , from 1961 until 1974.

Project sceneries - Vietnam War project.
New objects libraries - Vietnam War project Lib.
Flightplans (copy/paste the 2 flightplans xxxx.PLN in users/ My documents /files Flight Simulator X).
SimObjects folder / airplanes - some AI airplanes.
AI VnW O-1 Raven (especially made for the project by Massimo Taccoli).
AI VnW C-7 ( Mike Stone, AA livery by Xavier Carré).

What's new:
Pakse and Vientiane airports and Long tieng airfield looks like they were in 1969.
26 airstrips in photoreal / handcrafted ground textures.
Revised landclass for the Bolovens plateau.
Additionnal sceneries. You haven't seen them ? They are here ( Easter Eggs Help )

About airfields versions used in the Vietnam War project: All previous Lima sites from the Base pack project are redone and more than 12 Lima Sites added.

Airfields lengths and emplacements are realistics, please refer to Documentations and sources.

Notam : due to their peculiar configurations ( slopes..), many airstrips AFCAD files are reduced only to a localization point


- FSX Vietnam War project base pack V0.9 (current version)
- FSX Vietnam War project – Airfields pack 1

Very Important : for the best display, and much more realism, please use adaptated meshes (FSX defaults don't represent the reality).

- Required MESHES : FSX World Wide SRTM West Asia by Raimundo Taburet and J. De Ferranti in 5 parts (SRT2WAS1.ZIP, SRT2WAS2.ZIP, SRT2WAS3.ZIP, SRT2WAS4.ZIP, SRT2WAS5.ZIP. ) available at Flightsim (Freeware) search for Taburet.

In some cases, without the SRTM West Asia meshes, you will find floating or misplaced objects (i.e. LS04 Kiou Kacham).

If FSX Vietnam War project not installed, you need to install FSX Vietnam War project base pack V0.9 at first then FSX Vietnam War project – Airfields pack 1 and the present pack.

Unzip archive in a temporary folder.

1 – Delete the : Long_Tien_OB0.BGL file (old objects placement file, if present ).

2 – Copy / Paste the folders in your main FSX folder, and confirm overwriting.

Objects libraries : Vietnam War project Lib must be declared above others project sceneries.


Project is not compatible with DirectX 10.

These settings are very important, due to some runways peculiar configuration.

Mesh complexity 100 Complexité de la trame.
Mesh resolution 5 m Résolution de la trame.
Texture resolution 30 cm.

Disable ground scenery shadows (important).

AI traffic settings:

Both AI trafic settings = 1% (not any airplanes or very few (coming from Savannakhet and Vientiane)
Both AI trafic settings = 30% ( some airplanes, about 7 )
Both AI trafic settings = 70% (all airplanes)

Notam : some airplanes from current FSX world may appear.

Suggested airplanes:

The main airplanes used by Air America in Laos were : Helio Courier, Pilatus Porter, Volpar D18, DHC C-7 Caribou, Fairchild C-123 Provider, Curtiss C-46 Commando, Douglas DC-3 and C-47 Dakota, C-130 Hercules and, as helicopter : the Bell UH-1.

We suggest to use in these sceneries following airplanes:

Pilatus Porter : by Tim Piglet Conrad (Freeware), by FSD (Payware)
C-7 Caribou by Alphasim (Payware)
C-123 by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy (Freeware)
C-47 : default FSX or the new C-47 from Manfred Jahn (Freeware)

AI traffic and AI airplanes:

Laos Air Force T-28 (Tim Piglet) "Raven"
O-1 Bird Dog (Massimo Taccoli, a special thank)
Beech D18S ( Milton Shupe - AA textures by Andre Folkers )
C-7 Caribou (Mike Stone - AA textures by Xavier Carre)
Pilatus Porter ( Don Moser - AA texture by Jean-Luc Bouvron)
C-123 (Vladimir Zhyhulskiy) Helio Courier (Tim Piglet)

Objects libraries used here:

Vn_Simms_Objects : Vietnam war era objects from Al Simms
Sandbag, revet, bridges, barrels, hanger , huts, emblems, CX_xxx and VnW_xxx : from Xavier Carre S
helters, lightobj, radars : Objects Libraries from Jim Dhaenens
A-6, C-130, F-4, F-5, F-104, Mig-21, AN-2, OV-10, KC-135, F-111, O-1 : statics airplanes from Guy Diotte
SA2_Equip_Library : Sam2 equipments from Jim Jacobson
A-1 : Crashed skyraider from Tim Piglet Conrad
JGSE : ground equipment library from John Stinstrom
Objects01_lib : From the well known EZ - RWY12 libraries by many authors (Todd Lucas, Seev Khan, Jon Patch...)
objlib-MBC-Studios : from MBC Studios (Andrej Urosevic), compiled by Martin Gossmann
Movie_Maker_Object_Library_I and III : From Chris “MoCat” Carel
Vintage_Military_ss : Vintage Military Buildings SS FS9 scenery objects by Sidney Schwartz

IMPORTANT : Don't remove the sub-folders named AI VnWxxxx from the texture folder, they belong to the statics airplanes objects.

Effects controllers by Xavier Carré.

Softwares used.

Airport edition : ADE Airport Design Editor by The ScruffyDuck Company
Photo-scenery, terrain and landclass : Sbuilder X by Luis Sá
AI traffic : AIFP AI Flight Planner by Don Grovestine
Objects design : Google Sketchup
Objects libraries creation and compilation : ModelConverterX and Library creator
XML 2.0 by Arno Gerretsen / SceneryDesign.org
Objects placement : Instant scenery 2.0 (payware)
Effects placement : Whisplacer
Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK

Many thanks to all their great jobs.

Xavier Carré for FSX Vietnam War project

Vietnam War project : Xavier Carré - Jacques Godfrin

Screenshot of Vietnam War Project Scenery.

Screenshot of Vietnam War Project Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11

The archive vnw_aa1.zip has 1402 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
VnW_AA106.22.110 B
Addon scenery06.13.110 B
Vietnam War Project06.14.110 B
Vietnam War project Lib06.12.110 B
scenery06.19.110 B
A6E Library Folded Wings.bgl09.11.091.49 MB
A6E Library.bgl09.12.094.22 MB
add_Todd_Lucas_Objects.BGL11.04.04455.38 kB
AN 2 Vietnam Green.bgl01.12.10637.43 kB
AN2 Library.bgl10.30.09637.43 kB
Antenna_XC_VnW.bgl09.19.10264.12 kB
A_1.bgl03.17.102.69 MB
A_1.txt08.20.10167 B
Barrels_XC.bgl09.07.10413.33 kB
Barrels_XC_VnW.bgl09.07.10326.57 kB
Boats_XC_VnW.bgl02.14.11574.25 kB
Bridges_XC_VnW.bgl09.19.10152.54 kB
Bronco Library.bgl06.25.09616.14 kB
Buildings_XC_VnW.bgl11.22.10267.08 kB
C130 Coast Guard USA Library.bgl08.12.09679.70 kB
C130 USA Library.bgl07.28.09679.47 kB
CamRanh_VnW_XC.bgl01.29.1152.25 kB
Cessna L19 Bird Dog.bgl07.07.102.14 MB
Cessna L19 Bird Dog.xml07.07.10231 B
Cessna_l19_wreck.bgl12.04.10519.74 kB
CH-53.bgl01.30.11826.11 kB
CH47 US.bgl02.14.111.81 MB
CH47 US.xml02.14.11196 B
Container_XC_VnW.bgl09.14.102.20 kB
CX_Airfields_Markers.bgl03.13.1112.11 kB
CX_VnW_AA_Emplacem.bgl05.08.1134.15 kB
CX_VnW_Craters.bgl05.08.1174.35 kB
CX_VnW_Paddy_Field.bgl04.16.113.39 MB
CX_VnW_Straw_Build.bgl05.07.1129.83 kB
CX_VnW_Turrets.bgl05.15.11487.50 kB
CX_VnW_VC_People.bgl05.07.11157.06 kB
CX_VnW_Wood_piers.bgl05.07.11413.77 kB
emblems.bgl09.11.1018.90 kB
F104 US Library.bgl01.22.10480.89 kB
F111A Library US AUST.bgl02.03.101.87 MB
F4 Library.bgl05.01.091.12 MB
F5 USA Library.bgl08.02.09698.61 kB
ground equipment JGSE.txt03.06.083.66 kB
gw_people.BGL01.13.0585.67 kB
Hangars_Tole_CX_VnW.bgl01.29.1119.77 kB
Hangars_XC.bgl09.18.109.49 kB
Hangars_XC_VnW.bgl03.30.1193.43 kB
Huey.bgl02.07.11868.96 kB
Hut_XC_VnW.bgl11.23.1070.36 kB
JGSE.BGL03.06.082.18 MB
KC 135 Library.bgl08.19.09530.86 kB
lightobj.bgl11.06.08643.63 kB
lightobj.txt11.06.08547 B
Long_Tizng_Bear.bgl06.19.111.07 MB
LZ_Huey.bgl02.02.113.87 MB
Mig 21 Vietnam Library.bgl01.09.10488.65 kB
missile.bgl04.10.1012.64 kB
Movie_Maker_Object_Library_I.bgl01.13.0912.84 MB
Movie_Maker_Object_Library_III.bgl01.18.0922.55 MB
Objects01_lib.bgl01.15.051.53 MB
ObjLib-MBC-Studios.bgl02.27.094.21 MB
objlib-mbc-studios.txt02.27.094.44 kB
Outposts_XC_VnW.bgl05.02.111.25 MB
Palet_Ground.bgl09.18.103.57 kB
PBR-31 MkII.bgl05.13.11436.02 kB
PBR-31 MkII.txt05.13.1138 B
Piste.bgl09.26.103.52 kB
Please read Antonov AN-2..docx01.12.1011.94 kB
Please read before installing the Cessna L19 Bird Dog.docx07.07.1012.06 kB
Please read C_130.docx08.12.0911.94 kB
Please read F104.docx01.22.1011.88 kB
Please read F111A.docx02.03.1011.95 kB
Please read F4.docx05.01.0911.54 kB
Please read F5.docx08.05.0911.95 kB
Please read OV-10 Bronco.docx06.26.0911.81 kB
radars.bgl04.28.091.51 MB
radars.txt04.28.09246 B
Read-Me_Movie Maker Studio.txt12.21.085.84 kB
Readme_MBC_Studio.txt01.31.102.36 kB
revet.bgl06.11.093.82 kB
Revetment_S_XC_VnW.bgl01.23.1116.54 kB
Revetment_XC_VnW.bgl01.17.1123.26 kB
SA2Equip_notes.txt05.09.031.29 kB
SA2_Equip_Library.bgl06.13.10483.86 kB
sandbag.bgl03.16.102.23 kB
SandBags_XC_VnW.bgl01.17.113.30 kB
sandbag_7m.bgl08.22.092.23 kB
Sand_Bags_Complex_XC_VnW.bgl01.29.1135.88 kB
seuil_airfield.bgl09.26.103.56 kB
shelter.bgl05.25.094.86 MB
shelter.txt05.25.09279 B
Towers_XC_VnW.bgl09.30.1012.22 kB
Udon_XC_VnW.bgl03.30.11260.03 kB
Vientiane_XC_VnW.bgl06.12.1133.46 kB
Vintage Military Buildings SS readme.txt03.06.081.63 kB
vintage_military_ss.bgl03.06.08663.42 kB
VnW A3.bgl05.07.111.16 MB
VnW B-52.bgl06.02.112.27 MB
VnW B-52.txt06.02.1159 B
VnW C-7 AA.bgl06.05.11807.85 kB
VnW C-7 AA.txt06.19.1185 B
VnW F3D.bgl05.07.111.47 MB
VnW Helio AA.bgl06.12.11426.20 kB
VnW Helio AA.txt06.12.1150 B
VnW O-1 Raven.bgl05.29.11744.98 kB
VnW O-1 Raven.txt05.29.1151 B
VnW objects Libraries.rtf09.23.101.78 kB
VnW PBR31.bgl05.13.11436.05 kB
VnW PBR31.txt05.13.1153 B
VnW RA-5.BGL02.12.11318.52 kB
VnW_BeechD18_AA.BGL03.27.11874.01 kB
VnW_C123_AA_open.BGL03.30.111.73 MB
VnW_C123_AA_open.txt03.30.1149 B
VnW_F4C_open.BGL03.27.11737.99 kB
VnW_F4_Static.BGL02.12.111.44 MB
VnW_Porter_AA_Open.BGL03.27.11679.96 kB
VnW_SH3.BGL02.12.11391.38 kB
VnW_T28_SEA.BGL03.27.11497.91 kB
VN_Simms_Barracks.bgl10.23.1053.34 kB
VN_Simms_Objects.bgl06.08.102.44 MB
VN_Simms_Objects.txt08.20.10223 B
texture06.19.110 B
12th_eagle.dds01.02.115.45 kB
12th_ensign.dds01.15.112.79 kB
12th_support.dds01.02.1142.78 kB
1DCA11.BMP10.23.02257.05 kB
1DCA13.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA13_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCA8_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAdgit.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAdgit_LM.bmp10.11.02170.75 kB
1DCAtran.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
1DCAtrans.bmp10.23.02341.43 kB
1DCAtran_LM.bmp10.11.02341.43 kB
608th.dds01.29.11341.45 kB
a1_01.dds03.07.10512.12 kB
a1_02.dds03.07.10128.12 kB
a1_aircrew.dds01.27.10256.12 kB
a1_glass.dds03.01.10256.12 kB
a1_prop.dds01.28.1064.12 kB
ADFORT11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ADFORT11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTPART.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTPART_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTWALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AFSTWALL_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AF_CONCRETE.dds06.21.10170.79 kB
AF_CP1-damage_0.dds06.21.10682.79 kB
AF_CP1_0.dds06.21.10682.79 kB
AF_CP2-damage_0.dds06.21.101.33 MB
AF_CP2_0.dds06.21.10682.79 kB
AF_CP3-damage_0.dds06.21.101.33 MB
AI F-4B VF-14206.12.110 B
f4_base_t.bmp10.06.081.00 MB
AI F-4B VF-14306.12.110 B
f4_base_t.bmp10.06.081.00 MB
AI F-4C 57th FIS06.12.110 B
f4_base_t.bmp09.08.061.00 MB
AI VnW ALPHA A-3 Skywarrior06.12.110 B
AntiGlare.bmp09.04.09256.07 kB
CPit_black.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
CPit_edge.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
CPit_Gray.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
CPit_shafts.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
Crew face.bmp09.04.09256.07 kB
Crew.bmp09.04.09256.07 kB
EngBullet_t.bmp09.04.09128.08 kB
Gear_gen.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
Glass_t.bmp09.04.0921.43 kB
Hose.bmp09.04.094.07 kB
IntakeInners.bmp09.04.09128.08 kB
LensG.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
LensR.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
Lens_L.bmp09.04.0921.43 kB
Lens_T.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
Nuts.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
Oleo.bmp09.04.0916.07 kB
Skywarrior_1_L.bmp09.04.0985.43 kB
Skywarrior_1_t.bmp09.04.091.00 MB
Skywarrior_2_t.bmp09.04.091.00 MB
Skywarrior_3_t.bmp09.04.091.00 MB
Strobes_t.bmp09.04.094.07 kB
Thumbs.db11.11.0910.00 kB
Tread.bmp09.04.0921.43 kB
Turbine_l.bmp09.04.0985.43 kB
Turbine_t.bmp09.04.09170.75 kB
Tyre.bmp09.04.0921.43 kB
Wheel_b.bmp09.04.0964.07 kB
Wheel_f.bmp09.04.0964.07 kB
Wheel_m.bmp09.04.09256.07 kB
AI VnW ALPHA F3D Skyknight 306.12.110 B
Crew face.bmp07.27.1010.75 kB
Crew.bmp07.27.1010.75 kB
Glass_t.bmp01.04.0321.43 kB
Lens_T.bmp10.15.0416.07 kB
Skyknight_1.bmp07.27.10170.75 kB
Skyknight_2.bmp07.27.10170.75 kB
Skyknight_3.bmp07.27.1042.77 kB
Skyknight_4.bmp07.27.10170.75 kB
Skyknight_5.bmp07.27.10170.75 kB
Skyknight_6.bmp07.27.1042.75 kB
Tyre.bmp11.19.0421.43 kB
Wheel.bmp08.22.0564.07 kB
AI VnW B-52G Camouflge-106.12.110 B
Drogue chute_t.bmp12.05.04256.07 kB
eng_l.bmp12.06.04202 B
eng_t.bmp12.12.09682.75 kB
Fuse_l.bmp12.06.04202 B
Fuse_t.bmp12.12.09682.75 kB
misc_l.bmp12.12.09682.75 kB
misc_t.bmp12.12.09682.75 kB
wing_l.bmp12.06.04202 B
wing_t.bmp12.12.09682.75 kB
AI VnW Beech D18S Air America06.12.110 B
access.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
b18eng.bmp10.29.0465.05 kB
black.bmp02.20.0365.07 kB
blacktexture.bmp02.09.0465.07 kB
brakerotor.bmp12.22.0365.05 kB
chromespinner_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
chromespinner_t.bmp08.17.03256.07 kB
darkgray.bmp11.26.035.05 kB
eng0_t.bmp07.04.051.00 MB
eng1_t.bmp07.04.051.00 MB
fuse_t.bmp07.13.051.00 MB
gearparts.bmp05.23.05257.07 kB
glass_t.bmp06.18.0516.07 kB
gray.bmp06.29.045.07 kB
misc.bmp05.30.051.00 MB
prop.bmp05.23.05257.07 kB
spinpropb18.bmp01.14.09341.40 kB
Strut2.bmp06.29.0465.07 kB
tail_t.bmp07.12.051.00 MB
Thumbs.db11.04.0998.50 kB
tiretread.bmp05.29.0565.07 kB
wheel2.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
white1_t.bmp11.07.0416.07 kB
windows_t.bmp06.20.0564.07 kB
wings_t.bmp07.13.051.00 MB
AI VnW C-7 Caribou AA (Stone)06.12.110 B
cowl_t.bmp10.16.10170.75 kB
fuslg_t.bmp10.16.10682.75 kB
prop_l.bmp10.20.0265.05 kB
prop_t.bmp02.16.071.00 MB
spin_l.bmp10.20.0217.05 kB
spin_t.bmp06.02.0217.05 kB
stab_t.bmp10.16.10170.75 kB
wing_t.bmp10.15.10682.75 kB
AI VnW C123 AA06.12.110 B
C12303_t.bmp03.30.11170.75 kB
C12305_t.bmp03.30.11170.75 kB
C123zh_1.bmp03.30.11682.75 kB
C123zh_2.bmp03.30.11682.75 kB
C123_zip.bmp03.30.11170.75 kB
TANK.bmp03.30.1142.75 kB
AI VnW Helio AA06.12.110 B
295_glass.bmp11.05.0464.07 kB
295_prop_aft.bmp11.01.04256.07 kB
295_prop_fore.bmp11.01.04256.07 kB
Thumbs.db10.09.0918.00 kB
u10b_01.bmp10.10.09682.75 kB
AI VnW O-1 Raven06.12.110 B
FUSE.bmp12.04.10128.07 kB
fuse_top.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
gearleg.bmp12.04.102.07 kB
glass.bmp12.06.108.07 kB
inroof.bmp12.04.10586 B
Interior.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
L19_pfast.dds09.09.0942.80 kB
L19_pfastB.dds09.09.0942.80 kB
L19_Prop.dds09.09.0942.80 kB
L19_pslow.dds09.09.0942.80 kB
L19_pslowB.dds09.09.0942.80 kB
lvtail.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
outroof.bmp12.04.108.07 kB
rvtail.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
tire.bmp12.04.102.07 kB
various_parts.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
vcpanel.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
wheel.bmp12.04.10586 B
winglx.bmp12.04.10128.07 kB
wingrx.bmp12.04.10128.07 kB
AI VnW PBR_31_MKII06.12.110 B
pbr_01.bmp10.20.034.00 MB
pbr_02.bmp10.21.034.00 MB
Thumbs.db09.28.0910.00 kB
AI VnW Porter AA06.12.110 B
exhaust.bmp10.17.0942.75 kB
pilot_clothes.bmp10.17.0910.75 kB
pilot_face.bmp10.17.0910.75 kB
pilot_head.bmp10.17.0910.75 kB
Port_tex_1.bmp10.17.09170.75 kB
Port_tex_2.bmp10.17.09170.75 kB
Port_tex_5.bmp10.17.09682.75 kB
Port_tex_6.bmp10.17.09682.75 kB
Port_tex_7.bmp10.17.09682.75 kB
Port_tex_8.bmp10.17.09682.75 kB
prop.bmp10.17.0942.75 kB
roue.bmp10.17.0942.75 kB
roue_lm.bmp10.17.0942.75 kB
spinner.bmp10.17.0942.75 kB
Thumbs.db06.05.0955.50 kB
AI VnW SH-3D Seaking06.12.110 B
prop_Seaking.bmp10.21.0664.07 kB
tail_prop_Seaking.bmp03.20.0985.43 kB
Thumbs.db05.01.0961.00 kB
UKAADF_Seaking_t.bmp05.04.091.00 MB
AI VnW T-28D SEA06.12.110 B
t28d_01.bmp07.13.041.00 MB
t28d_aircrew.bmp06.17.041.00 MB
t28d_glass.bmp08.29.044.07 kB
t28d_prop.bmp07.08.04256.07 kB
Airam_HQ_1.dds03.26.115.45 kB
Airam_HQ_2.dds03.26.115.45 kB
Aircraft_Sh.dds03.26.115.44 kB
almwht.dds10.16.0864.12 kB
Ambulance.bmp11.28.0386.39 kB
AMCALsigns.bmp01.29.0686.39 kB
ammoboxes.bmp10.11.0386.39 kB
ammoboxes_1.bmp10.11.0386.39 kB
AMPpxHQ.bmp03.07.04342.39 kB
AMPpxHQ2.bmp02.06.05342.39 kB
AN 2 Vietnam.bmp01.12.10682.75 kB
AN2 Russia Camo.bmp01.09.10682.75 kB
APCM113.bmp08.17.04342.39 kB
ARTKOL11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ARTKOL11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ArtyAmmo.bmp01.24.06342.39 kB
ASR11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
ASR11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
asr9.dds04.28.09128.12 kB
asr9_N.dds04.28.09128.12 kB
AUX_43_44.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
AUX_43_44_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
Bamboo_Hut.dds11.23.1042.79 kB
Bamboo_Hut_1.dds11.23.1042.79 kB
Bambou_Hut_1.dds09.19.1042.79 kB
Banbou_Hut_2.dds09.19.1042.79 kB
BardH.dds10.03.1042.79 kB
BardW.dds10.03.1010.79 kB
barrack2.bmp04.11.0486.39 kB
barrack2_1.bmp04.11.0486.39 kB
barrels_red.dds09.07.1032.12 kB
barrel_2.dds09.07.1042.79 kB
barrel_2t.dds09.07.1042.79 kB
barrel_3.dds09.07.1010.79 kB
barrel_3t.dds09.07.1042.79 kB
Barrel_Coru.dds02.02.1110.79 kB
barrel_XC_1.dds09.05.1010.79 kB
barrel_XC_1t.dds09.05.1010.79 kB
bayonet.bmp07.02.05342.39 kB
bb62.dds01.18.091.33 MB
bb62_lm.dds01.18.091.33 MB
bballposts.bmp11.02.0386.39 kB
beton_antenna.dds09.19.1021.45 kB
BGSE.bmp03.06.08682.75 kB
Bldg80x30x8_5.bmp01.22.0486.39 kB
bluehanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bluehanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
bombcase1.bmp03.15.03257.05 kB
bombtail1.bmp03.15.03257.05 kB
bridgeAnTan.bmp10.23.05342.39 kB
brksmall.bmp09.03.0386.39 kB
brksmall_1.bmp09.03.0386.39 kB
brownhanger1.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger1_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger2.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
brownhanger2_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
BullDog US ARMY 2.bmp09.18.10682.75 kB
Bulldog US ARMY.bmp09.18.10682.75 kB
C130 USA Coast Guard 1.bmp08.12.09512.07 kB
C130 USA Grey.bmp07.27.09512.07 kB
canG_wing.bmp01.22.0542.75 kB
cargo01.bmp12.05.0442.74 kB
cargo02.bmp01.06.0542.74 kB
cargo05.bmp01.24.0542.74 kB
car_transporter.bmp01.03.0542.74 kB
Cement_Socle.dds02.02.1121.45 kB
CF104.bmp03.23.09512.07 kB
CF104_1.bmp03.23.09512.07 kB
CH47 Texture 1 US.bmp02.14.11682.75 kB
CH47Chinook.bmp09.29.04342.39 kB
CHaHutWooden03_lm.dds08.16.06296 B
Chapeau_Paille.dds05.07.1142.79 kB
chbkintp.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
chbkrins.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
CHECKER_TOWER.bmp04.14.0742.75 kB
CHECKER_TOWER_LM.bmp04.14.0742.75 kB
CLDCbunker.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
Cockpit_LZ.dds02.07.1185.45 kB
concrete.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
concrete_1.bmp02.22.0486.39 kB
container.bmp01.04.0542.74 kB
CONTALL.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
CONTALL_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
CONTRK11.bmp02.27.0916.07 kB
CONTRK11_LM.bmp02.27.0916.07 kB
controltower.bmp12.20.0386.39 kB
Cont_VnW_cov.dds09.14.1021.45 kB
Cont_VnW_doo.dds09.14.1010.79 kB
Copy of fs9_Bus01.bmp01.15.05170.74 kB
cover.dds05.25.09128.12 kB
coverg.dds05.25.09128.12 kB
Cov_Coru.dds02.02.1142.79 kB
Cov_Coru1.dds10.03.1042.79 kB
Cov_Tol.dds01.17.1142.79 kB
Cov_Tol2.dds09.18.1042.79 kB
Cov_Tole.dds10.03.1042.79 kB
Cov_Tol_B.dds01.15.1142.79 kB
Cov_Tol_W.dds01.15.1142.79 kB
Cov_Wood.dds09.18.1042.79 kB
Cov_Wood2.dds09.18.1042.79 kB
CV4_1.dds04.09.081.00 MB
CV4_1_LM.dds04.09.081.00 MB
cv6_1.bmp12.31.081.00 MB
cv6_1_LM.bmp12.31.081.00 MB
damage.bmp07.10.0142.74 kB
Deck_1.bmp02.03.02257.05 kB
Default Tank.bmp03.02.0842.75 kB
Default_Checker_Water_Tower.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
Default_Checker_Water_Tower_LM.bmp05.21.0342.74 kB
desert_earth1.bmp05.08.03257.05 kB
DETAILSH01.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
DETAILSH01_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
Dirt05.bmp12.02.05342.39 kB
dkgrey.bmp11.06.08257.05 kB
dkgrey.dds01.18.09341.48 kB
doors.bmp01.11.06342.39 kB
Door_Bamboo.dds10.03.1042.79 kB
Door_S.dds01.15.1142.79 kB
Door_Wood.dds10.03.1042.79 kB
Douglas_DC3_1_T.bmp01.27.10512.07 kB
Dozer.bmp11.20.05342.39 kB
ds_tire2.bmp03.22.0365.05 kB
dumpster.bmp01.25.0442.75 kB
embarr0.dds09.11.1042.79 kB
embarr1.dds09.11.1042.79 kB
embarr2.dds09.11.1042.79 kB
emblem_185.dds09.05.1010.79 kB
explode.bmp01.15.06342.39 kB
explode_1.bmp01.15.06342.39 kB
F104 US Grey.bmp01.22.10682.75 kB
F111 camo green.bmp02.03.10682.75 kB
F5 Usa Agressor Blue Wings.bmp08.02.09512.07 kB
F5 Usa Agressor Brown Wings.bmp08.02.09512.07 kB
f5a_body.bmp03.22.09128.07 kB
FACASR12.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FACASR12_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FDMTRK13.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FDMTRK13_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
fence.bmp03.21.0486.39 kB
FFVELMP.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVELMP_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVSUP.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVSUP_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVTRK.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FFVTRK_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FineCorrV.bmp05.27.0265.05 kB
flag.bmp03.15.0165.04 kB
flag_lm.bmp03.16.0164.58 kB
fletch.dds01.18.091.33 MB
fletch_LM.dds01.18.091.33 MB
frequency.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
frequency_lm.bmp02.13.05170.75 kB
fs9_13mtrailer_tnt.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_Bus01.bmp01.17.05170.74 kB
fs9_Caravan.bmp01.16.05170.74 kB
fs9_Caravan_lm.bmp01.15.05170.74 kB
fs9_cone.bmp01.15.0521.40 kB
fs9_cone_lm.bmp01.15.0521.40 kB
fs9_greenld110.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_greenld90.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_large01.bmp01.18.05170.74 kB
fs9_ld90tyre.bmp01.15.0510.74 kB
fs9_pine.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_pump.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_redld110.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_redld90.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_skip.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_Tent1.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_Tent2.bmp01.15.0521.40 kB
fs9_TyreTex.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_TyreTex2.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_TyreTex3.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_TyreTex4.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
fs9_zafira.bmp01.15.0542.74 kB
FSD0029.bmp05.25.071.33 MB
FUELSTAT11.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUELSTAT11_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUMTRK12.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUMTRK12_LM.bmp02.27.0964.07 kB
FUSE.bmp12.04.10128.07 kB
Fuse01.bmp04.26.09512.07 kB
Fuse02.bmp04.27.09128.07 kB
fuse_t.dds10.03.081.00 MB
fuse_top.bmp12.04.1032.07 kB
gearleg.bmp12.04.102.07 kB
Genbunksand.bmp10.21.0386.39 kB

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Archangelmj12Thu, 07 Apr 2016 13:14:12 GMT

One of the most dedicated war sceneries for the FSX program. This is a must have for anyone that likes a for real simulations. Well done and great ai. Get all of the add ons for this and youll really find yourself immersed.

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