FSX Power Project V4.0 Scenery

Preview Power Project v4.0. Includes 10,000+ animated wind turbines accurately positioned around the world. 100+ power stations with smoke and steam effects. Many radomes and parabolic dishes placed worldwide. 28,000+ electricity pylons placed in UK - aligns with photo scenery. UK scenery shifter - al...

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Power Project v4.0. Includes 10,000+ animated wind turbines accurately positioned around the world. 100+ power stations with smoke and steam effects. Many radomes and parabolic dishes placed worldwide. 28,000+ electricity pylons placed in UK - aligns with photo scenery. UK scenery shifter - aligns default scenery to UK photo scenery. Very Large Array [VLA] in New Mexico pictured. By Ray Porter.

Screenshot of Power Project V4.0 Scenery.

Screenshot of Power Project V4.0 Scenery.

This scenery is for the MicroSoft FSX simulator only - does not work in FS2004/FS9 or earlier versions. (For FS2004/FS9 use FS2004 Power Project v1.0 which has been adapted & recompiled from FSXPPv3.0)

Acceleration is recommended - some of its scenery models are used in the project.

The UK & European coastal scenery is seen at its best with Ultimate TerrainX Europe and/or photo-real ground textures.

Basically, it consists of four sections:

1: A partial model of the UK national electricity grid with 28,000+ electrical pylons, hundreds of wind turbines, electrical sub-stations, cooling towers and chimney stacks positioned to align with Horizon's Generation X England & Wales photo scenery. Coordinates of scenery in Scotland & Northern Ireland were obtained via Google Earth, restricting coverage to cloud-free, hi-res' areas. Optional chimney stack smoke & cooling tower steam effects are included.

2: Many wind farms & power stations (including steam & smoke effects) are represented & positioned (using Google Earth) in East/West Europe, Africa, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and USA (including the huge Horse Hollow wind farm in Texas).

3: Cooling tower steam effects applied to 19 FSX default power stations in the USA (including 3-mile Island).

4: Many radomes & parabolic dishes are positioned around the world. [requires FSX Acceleration].

If you have previously installed an earlier version of FSX Power Project, delete it from the Addon Scenery folder before installing this version. The effects files, texture files and FSXPower Project models file can be ignored, as they will be safely overwritten.

This version (v4.0) corrects a couple of documentation errors, adds 4,000+ wind turbines and more radomes/dishes around the world. Many missing electricity pylons in England - notably, some crossing the South Downs approach to Shoreham Airport [EGKA] are included.

An additional folder - 'FSX_UK_default_scenery_shifter' - is now included, which aligns/re-sizes many UK FSX/Accelerator scenery objects to Horizon's GenX England photo-scenery. If you do not have Ultimate TerrainX Europe (which also re-aligns scenery), load this folder into your SCENERY LIBRARY. Note that this scenery shifter includes a lot of 'exclude' files and should be placed low down in your scenery library to prevent clashes with any other ADDON scenery (e.g. Aerosoft's London X scenery).

The UK electricity pylons have now been separated from 'FSXPower Project_objects' and placed in the folder 'FSXPower Project_pylons' [V3.0].


1: Drag & drop the 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X' folder (find it in this folder with Locations of Scenery and ReadMe files) onto the folder* containing your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder and answer YES to any overwrite prompts. (* In a default installation this would be the Microsoft Games folder).

2: This will place the FSXPower Project v4.0 into your Addon Scenery folder; 16 effects files into the Effects folder; the FSXPower Project models.BGL file into the Scenery/Global/scenery folder and 11 texture files into the Scenery/Global/texture folder.

3: Run FSX; click SETTINGS; click Scenery Library; click Add Area.

4: Double click Addon Scenery; Double click FSXPower Project V3_1; Click FSXPower Project_objects; Click OK.

5: FSXPower Project_objects should now be seen at the top of the SCENERY LIBRARY.

6: Click Add Area; Double click Addon Scenery; Double click FSX Power Project v3_1; CLICK FSXPower Project_pylons; click OK.

7: Click Add Area; Double click Addon Scenery; Double Click FSX Power Project v3_1

8: Click FSXPower Project_effects; Click OK.

9: FSXPower Project_effects should now be seen at the top of the SCENERY LIBRARY, above the FSXPower Project_objects. (Note that FSXPower_effects MUST be above FSXPower_objects in the SCENERY LIBRARY, otherwise some effects may not be visible).

10: Click OK; FSX should now build a database of the new scenery files & when finished, installation is completed.

An optional change to the effects configuration file is recommended, which will extend the distance at which the steam & smoke effects can be seen by over 2.5 times (up to 20 miles), allowing the effects to be visible up to the point at which the cooling towers or chimney stacks disappear. This will also increase the distance at which any default or third party effects can be seen & may adversely affect frame rates if it results in more effects visible at one time. Before you do this, MAKE A BACKUP COPY of the effects.CFG file!!!

To implement this change, open the effects.CFG file (found in the Effects folder) with a text editor, e.g. notepad, & edit the 'Very Far' setting in the [Emitter Detail Distance] section from 15000 to 40000 as follows:

[Emitter Detail Distance]
Very Far=15000

Change to:
[Emitter Detail Distance]
Very Far=40000

Save modified file, then exit FSX (if still running) and re-start FSX.

The objects scenery folder contains a folder called 'demolished' which in turn contains CalderHall_nuclear, Drakelow & Tinsely_power cooling tower bgls - these were demolished shortly after this project was started. The effects scenery folder contains a folder called 'decommissioned_demolished', which contains the steam.bgl file for the demolished Drakelow power station. If a 'real world' power station should be demolished, the relevant .bgl file can be moved into the demolished folder, preventing it from being seen within the FSX scenery. Its effect .bgl file must also be deactivated - by moving it into the decommissioned_demolished folder (failure to do this would result in steam/smoke appearing out of thin air where the demolished power station had been located)! If a power station is deactivated but not demolished, its effect .bgl file can also be moved into the decommissioned_demolished folder.


If you have any performance issues, try reducing the Special effects detail slider to Low (in the Settings display: scenery window), which will reduce the amount of steam emitted, and/or change your scenery complexity setting to anything less than 'extremely dense' - this will disable the steam effect on about 25-33% of the cooling towers.

If performance is still too poor, then you have the option of switching the steam & smoke effects off - by unticking FSXPower Project Effects in the scenery library.


Known conflicts with 'AlfsUK airfields' & 'German Landmarks' can be minimised by ensuring that FSXpower Project is above them in the SCENERY LIBRARY list.

The majority of power stations & wind farms have their own .BGL file, which does result in a lot of files, but allows modification of FSX Power Project if a particular piece of scenery clashes with any of your favourite scenery. To assist identification of a particular .BGL, the file names have been prefixed by the name or abbreviation of the country they relate to. Abbreviated country names are:

CzechRep = Czech Republic
NZ = New Zealand
Oz = Australia
SAfrica = South Africa
Switz = Switzerland
UK = United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)
USA = United States of America


Since FSX Power Project v2.0 was published I have upgraded my computer to a quad processor/6-gigabyte RAM/64-bit Vista system.Now upgraded to Win-7 64-bit prior to V4.0. [still keep Vista 32 on another partition] - apart from the right click issue when adding scenery to scenery library, all appears O.K.

I now find that FSX/SDK & Google Earth can be run simultaneously on 2 monitors without crashing and photo-real terrain textures snap into focus almost immediately, resulting in much faster scenery placement. (In my 2-gB XP & 3-gB 32-bit Vista systems I had to record coordinates with pen & paper, unload Google Earth, then load FSX/SDK.)

Real World scenery data is not always fully available - the height of the taller smoke stacks is usually published, but for smaller stacks and wind turbines, data is very sketchy. Some wind turbines have agl hub-heights documented, others have turbine blade diameters or turbine model types or max power output published (most don't have any data).

Where known, I have sized the scenery models to their real-world heights - the wind turbines are sized to their hub axis height agl and blade diameter. Oherwise, objects are sized using clues from terrestrial/aerial photographs such as shadows relative to nearby objects with known heights. Without data or scaling clues, wind turbines have been sized to a hub height of 40 metres and blade diameter of 40 metres (the unity model size).

Most FSXPP scenery models are aligned to Google Earth. In England & Wales, objects are aligned to scenery visible in Horizon GenerationX photo-real terrain texture. In practice this is within Google Earth coordinate tolerances.

(Look at the Google Earth image(s) of the Skopies wind farm in Greece [N38 20 57, E24 12 17] - its western half was photographed Nov 9 2003 & eastern half photographed earlier on Oct 27 2003 and you will notice that wind direction had shifted on the 2nd image resulting in its turbines rotated horizontally almost 180 degrees. Looking more closely, there appears to be approximately 1.5 seconds of arc/30 metres discrepancy in the alignment of the 2 images - resulting in one of the turbines showing twice! Unless an earthquake occurred during the few days between the image dates, this is a graphic example of an error in image mapping.)

FSXPP wind turbine alignment is rounded to nearest tenth of a second of lat/lon (less than the diameter of the supporting tower) - this normally ensures that the geometry of the wind farms matches their real world equivalents, but, as the Skopies wind farm shows, scenery object position accuracy may be >1 second arc.

Many wind turbines are located along mountain ridges, notably in Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, where they take advantage of higher wind speeds and updraughts. Unfortunately, some of these ridges, although very long, are narrower than most terrain mesh resolutions, resulting in two turbines in New Zealand, despite accurately positioned (to the real world) did not appear on the ridge, but hundreds of feet below it. Moving them a just a few metres horizontally placed them on the ridge. Therefore you may see similar anomalies if using different terrain mesh scenery.

Custom model guid names [all designed with Gmax]:

3-blade/sail wind turbines [100-metre tower, 40m agl, 60m below ground; 40m diameter blades - unity scale] - (re-designed v4.00 - 90 polygons)
7399C95E425F78AB98C5DCA1E5C51168 - hub rotated +40 degrees
C7174792466A46F33156DF92DF7E1DDA - hub rotated +80 degrees

2-blade/sail wind turbines [100-metre tower, 40m agl, 60m below ground; 40m diameter blades - unity scale] - (re-designed v4.00 - 82 polygons)
C5BE53CE4CAA57DD5A2CBD8E94DC54E0 - hub rotated +60 degrees
E5F353DD42879E28DEE012BA5F37B96A - hub rotated +120 degrees

cooling tower -
E9AEA4FA4F5449FA0FBB2F81ACFD077C - (converted to LOD model v3.0)

smoke stacks -
6BA3483B4148B7E3DABF28AC71B12D62 - (converted to LOD model v3.0)
8A96C3D04BD135908A65E6A1C06BC0F0 - (added v3.0)

radome [20-metres diameter] white
78628B0C40361B6414028389CDC97E7D - (added v2.0) (converted to LOD model v3.0)

radome [20-metres diameter] orange
EA6FECF8473F261F8A67D6A0CCC96076 - (LOD model, added v4.0)

gasometer almost empty - [LOD model]
3649BA324292061D7B177782CE685085 - (added v3.0)

gasometer nearly full - [LOD model]
39A4C20A426E8AFAC5B729BB2C23A915 - (added v3.0)

Goole water tower - [LOD model]
9AA2091F4AA40E104548BA88A59B533D - (added v3.0)

Claxby radar tower, Lincolnshire [LOD model] -
0CC9B634421DEFC8DF338BB2C325661F - (added v3.0)

Satellite earth station [10-metre dish] - [LOD model]
A19117D242A8A8870988DBAD99F14F29 - (added v3.0)

Offshore wind turbine transition piece/boat landing platform - [LOD model]
386AF8604606729710B1338EE5C68D90 - (added v4.0)

Lieusaint-monolith-darkgrey - 15x3x3 metres
1BBAECF44FC93137862AFF9DE81D9832 - (added v4.0)

Electricity pylons, buildings, storage tanks, and electrical substations/transformers are FSX default models. Some hangars/warehouses & radio dishes are FSX Accelerator models.


This software is freeware and can be used without payment. On no account should it be sold, or used for commercial gain without my permission.


Ray Porter

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Screenshot 1

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Locations of Scenery v4.0.doc07.24.11225.50 kB
Locations of Scenery v4.0.txt07.24.1175.21 kB
Microsoft Flight Simulator X07.28.100 B
Addon Scenery07.24.110 B
FSX Power Project v4.007.24.110 B
FSXPower Project_effects07.24.110 B
SCENERY.dat02.08.082.66 kB
scenery07.24.110 B
Belgium_Doel_steam.BGL11.02.08342 B
Belgium_DoelSteam.BGL09.28.10342 B
Belgium_Tihange_steam.BGL11.02.08467 B
Bulgaria_BobovDol_steam.BGL01.28.09467 B
Bulgaria_Republika_steam.BGL01.28.09592 B
CzechRep_Dukovany_steam.BGL11.02.081.07 kB
CzechRep_Temelin_steam.BGL11.02.08592 B
decommissioned_demolished07.24.110 B
UK_HighMarnham_steam.BGL03.27.09967 B
UK_Inverkip_smoke.BGL11.26.09217 B
UK_ThorpeMarsh_steam.BGL03.28.09842 B
UKDrakelow_steam.BGL03.28.091.07 kB
France_Bouchain_steam.BGL05.25.10342 B
France_Bugey_steam.BGL10.28.08592 B
France_Cattenom_steam.BGL10.29.08592 B
France_CentraleDeLucy_steam.BGL05.25.10342 B
France_CentraleDeLucy_steam.xml05.25.10679 B
France_Chinon_steam.BGL10.29.08592 B
France_Chooz_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
France_Civaux_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
France_Cruas_steam.BGL10.29.08592 B
France_Emile-Huchet_steam.BGL05.25.10467 B
France_Golfech_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
France_Nogent_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
France_Provence_steam.BGL11.07.08592 B
France_StLaurent_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
France_Tricastin_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
Germany_Altbach_steam.BGL11.03.08358 B
Germany_Berlin_steam.BGL04.29.09342 B
Germany_Boxberg_steam.BGL11.04.08467 B
Germany_Buschaus_steam.BGL11.04.08467 B
Germany_CologneN_steam.BGL06.24.09467 B
Germany_Emsland_steam.BGL11.17.08342 B
Germany_Grafenrheinfeld_steam.BGL11.18.08342 B
Germany_Grohnde_steam.BGL11.18.08342 B
Germany_Grosskrotzenburg_steam.BGL04.24.09842 B
Germany_Gundremmingen_steam.BGL11.18.08358 B
Germany_Isar_steam.BGL11.18.08217 B
Germany_Janschwalde_steam.BGL11.04.081.19 kB
Germany_Neurath_steam.BGL03.28.09842 B
Germany_Niederaussem_steam.BGL03.28.091.68 kB
Germany_Philippsburg_steam.BGL11.18.08358 B
Germany_Scholven_steam.BGL11.05.081.31 kB
Greece_AghiosDimitrios_steam.BGL01.27.09967 B
Greece_Megalopoli_steam.BGL12.03.08592 B
HongKong_CastlePeak_smoke.BGL05.26.10342 B
India_Kakrapar_steam.BGL02.09.09342 B
India_Raichur_steam.BGL02.09.091.59 kB
India_RajasthanSteam.BGL02.09.09342 B
Libya_Benghazi_smoke.BGL12.01.09467 B
Oz_Bayswater_steam.BGL10.30.08842 B
Oz_Callide_steam.BGL10.30.08467 B
Oz_LoyYang_steam.BGL01.05.101.19 kB
Oz_Stanwell_steam.BGL01.05.11467 B
Oz_Tarong_steam.BGL10.30.08592 B
Oz_Wallerawang_steam.BGL10.30.08592 B
Poland_Belchatow_steam.BGL11.13.081.07 kB
Romania_BucharestSouth_steam.BGL02.05.09467 B
Romania_BucharestWest_steam.BGL01.28.09467 B
Romania_Grozavesti_steam.BGL02.05.09467 B
Romania_MintiaDeva_steam.BGL02.05.09717 B
Romania_Turceni_steam.BGL02.05.09967 B
Russia_Beryozovskaya_smoke.BGL11.04.08217 B
SAfrica_Arnot_steam.BGL11.03.091.07 kB
SAfrica_Camden_steam.BGL11.03.091.31 kB
SAfrica_Duvha_steam.BGL11.04.091.07 kB
SAfrica_Kendal_steam.BGL11.12.08342 B
Spain_Cofrentes_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
Spain_EndesaTermic_steam.BGL11.07.08717 B
Spain_GranCanarydesalination_smoke.BGL06.05.10342 B
Spain_Trillo_steam.BGL10.29.08342 B
Spain_Vandellos_steam.BGL10.29.08217 B
Switz_Gosgen_steam.BGL11.02.08217 B
Switz_Liebstadt_steam.BGL11.02.08217 B
Turkey_Yatagan_smoke.BGL12.01.09467 B
UK_AberthawB_smoke.BGL05.26.10217 B
UK_Cottam_steam.BGL11.25.091.31 kB
UK_Didcot_steam.BGL11.25.091.31 kB
UK_Drax_steam.BGL11.24.091.80 kB
UK_Eggborough_steam.BGL11.24.091.19 kB
UK_Ferrybridge_steam.BGL11.25.091.31 kB
UK_FiddlersFerry_steam.BGL11.25.091.19 kB
UK_Grain_smoke.BGL11.30.09217 B
UK_HighMarnham_steam.BGL09.28.10967 B
UK_Ironbridge_steam.BGL11.25.09717 B
UK_Kilroot_smoke.BGL10.10.08342 B
UK_Lynemouth_smoke.BGL03.27.10217 B
UK_Ratcliffe_steam.BGL11.25.091.31 kB
UK_Rugely_steam.BGL11.25.09717 B
UK_Saltend_steam.BGL07.05.10217 B
UK_Scunthorpe_steam.BGL10.24.08717 B
UK_Slough_steam.BGL01.05.11342 B
UK_WestBurton_steam.BGL11.24.091.31 kB
UK_Willington_steam.BGL10.25.08967 B
UK_Wilton_steam.BGL10.04.08858 B
Ukraine_Rivne_steam.BGL11.02.08858 B
Ukraine_Zaporizhzhia_steam.BGL11.02.08342 B
USA_3MileIsland_steam.BGL09.17.08342 B
USA_9MilePointNuclear_OswegoNY_steam.BGL10.15.08217 B
USA_ArkansasNuclear2AR_steam.BGL10.14.08217 B
USA_BeaverValley_steam.BGL04.21.09717 B
USA_Byron1Nuclear_RockfordIL_steam.BGL10.14.08342 B
USA_CallawayNuclear_FultonMO_steam.BGL10.14.08217 B
USA_DavisBesseNuclear_ToledoOH_steam.BGL10.14.08217 B
USA_Harris1Nuclear_RaleighNC_steam.BGL10.14.08217 B
USA_HarrisonWV_steam.BGL11.04.08342 B
USA_HopeCreekNuclear_WilmingtonDE_steam.BGL10.15.08217 B
USA_LimerickNuclear_PhiladelphiaPA_steam.BGL12.05.08342 B
USA_LouisvilleKY_steam.BGL03.17.09217 B
USA_Orlando_steam.BGL04.21.09342 B
USA_Perry1_PainsvilleOH_steam.BGL10.14.08217 B
USA_PortGibsonMississippi_steam.BGL08.12.09217 B
USA_RiverBend_steam.BGL11.07.09342 B
USA_SequoyahNuclear_ChattanoogaTN_steam.BGL10.14.08342 B
USA_SusquehannaNuclear_BerwickPA_steam.BGL10.15.08342 B
USA_Toledo_steam.BGL10.13.08342 B
USA_Vogtle_AugustaGA_steam.BGL10.14.08342 B
USA_WhiteBluffAR_steam.BGL11.04.08342 B
USA_Zimmer_steam.BGL04.21.09342 B
Zimbwabe_Hwange_steam.BGL05.26.10842 B
texture08.01.090 B
FSXPower Project_objects07.24.110 B
SCENERY.dat02.13.087.12 kB
scenery07.24.110 B
Argentina_ComodoreRivadavia_wingen.BGL02.24.10412 B
Argentina_PicoTruncado_wingen.BGL07.04.10220 B
Armenia_PushkinPass_wingen.BGL02.07.11348 B
Ascension_BBCworldservice_masts.BGL02.07.11284 B
Ascension_DonkeyPlain_trackingstation.BGL02.07.11220 B
Ascension_EnglishBay_radomes.BGL02.07.11348 B
Ascension_ESA_trackingstation.BGL02.06.11284 B
Ascension_Georgetown_radomes.BGL02.07.11796 B
Ascension_MoonBaseOne_radome.xml02.07.11406 B
Ascension_USAFB_wingen.BGL02.07.11476 B
Ascension_Wideawake_airfield.BGL02.07.11796 B
Austria_Eberschwand_wingen.BGL03.10.10220 B
Austria_Eibesbrunn_wingen.BGL06.10.101.36 kB
Austria_Ganserndorf_wingen.BGL03.10.10748 B
Austria_Gols_wingen.BGL04.12.102.46 kB
Austria_Kittsee_wingen.BGL06.10.10860 B
Austria_Laussa_wingen.BGL03.10.10284 B
Austria_Neudorf_wingen.BGL06.10.102.71 kB
Austria_Oberrodham_wingen.BGL03.10.10284 B
Austria_Pama_wingen.BGL06.10.10604 B
Austria_Parbasdorf_wingen.BGL03.10.10284 B
Austria_Parndorf_wingen.BGL05.18.112.36 kB
Austria_Prellenkirchen_wingen.BGL03.10.10668 B
Austria_Schenkenfelden_wingen.BGL03.10.10220 B
Austria_Schernham_wingen.BGL03.10.10156 B
Austria_Steigberg_wingen.BGL03.10.10156 B
Belgium_Brugge_wingen.BGL06.11.111.40 kB
Belgium_Doel_nuclear.BGL11.02.08220 B
Belgium_Dour-Quievrain_wingen.BGL03.24.10348 B
Belgium_LombardsijdeMiddlekerke_wingen.BGL03.18.10284 B
Belgium_Schelle_wingen.BGL03.23.10284 B
Belgium_Spontin_wingen.BGL03.02.11476 B
Belgium_Tihange_nuclear.BGL11.02.08284 B
Belgium_VillersLeBouillet_wingen.BGL05.22.11476 B
Belgium_ZeebruggeHarbour.BGL07.08.1014.53 kB
Belgium_ZeebruggePark_wingen.BGL07.08.10988 B
Brazil_Macau_wingen.BGL07.04.10236 B
Brazil_Olinda_wingen.BGL02.25.10156 B
Brazil_Palmas_wingen.BGL03.23.10412 B
Brazil_Prainha_wingen.BGL07.04.101.34 kB
Brazil_RioDoFogo_wingen.BGL02.25.103.98 kB
Brazil_ROEN_radiotelescope.BGL07.20.11156 B
Brazil_Taiba_wingen.BGL07.04.10732 B
Bulgaria_BobovDol_coal.BGL01.28.09284 B
Bulgaria_Mogilishte_wingen.BGL01.30.111.98 kB
Bulgaria_Republika_coal.BGL01.28.09348 B
Canada_CowleyRidge_wingen.BGL03.08.101.03 kB
Canada_ErieShores_wingen.BGL02.17.09988 B
Canada_NorthCape_wingen.BGL02.17.091.09 kB
Canada_Pickering_nuclear.BGL02.24.09156 B
Canada_PincherCreek_wingen.BGL06.30.103.84 kB
Canada_PrinceTownship_wingen.BGL02.18.097.73 kB
Chile_ALMA_radiotelescope.BGL07.20.11604 B
China_Jiaozhangcun_coal.BGL02.02.10348 B
China_LuwangFenxiang_coal.BGL02.02.10860 B
China_Wuzhong1_wingen.BGL03.18.105.34 kB
China_Wuzhong2_wingen.BGL03.18.10876 B
China_Xinxiang_coal.BGL02.02.10348 B
Croatia_Orlice_wingen.BGL04.18.11476 B
CzechRep_BoziDar-Neklid2_wingen.BGL06.13.11284 B
CzechRep_Dukovany_nuclear.BGL11.02.08604 B
CzechRep_HranicnePetrovice_wingen.BGL02.17.10220 B
CzechRep_NováVesvHorách_wingen.BGL05.22.11412 B
CzechRep_Temelin_nuclear.BGL11.02.08348 B
demolished07.24.110 B
UK_Humber_ships01.BGL01.08.104.01 kB
UKCalderHall_nuclear_demolished2007.BGL03.13.09668 B
UKDrakelow_power_demolished2006.BGL12.11.082.54 kB
UKTinsley_power_demolished2008.BGL03.17.09236 B
Denmark_Abterp_wingen.BGL03.07.11284 B
Denmark_Ajstrup_wingen.BGL05.11.11476 B
Denmark_Alsbo_wingen.BGL05.14.11284 B
Denmark_Bendstrup_wingen.BGL05.09.11412 B
Denmark_Bilstrup_wingen.BGL05.06.11540 B
Denmark_Binderup_wingen.BGL05.04.11412 B
Denmark_Blahoj_wingen.BGL11.10.09156 B
Denmark_Blegind_wingen.BGL05.09.11284 B
Denmark_Brejl_wingen.BGL11.10.09156 B
Denmark_Br¢nderslev_wingen.BGL05.11.11540 B
Denmark_Brons_wingen.BGL03.07.11860 B
Denmark_Brudby_wingen.BGL02.15.10284 B
Denmark_BruserupBy_wingen.BGL03.24.10156 B
Denmark_Bur_wingen.BGL05.11.11860 B
Denmark_Dalbyneder_wingen.BGL05.09.11412 B
Denmark_Eggeslevlille_wingen.BGL03.24.10284 B
Denmark_Fousing_wingen.BGL05.11.11604 B
Denmark_Frankerup_wingen.BGL03.24.10668 B
Denmark_Frederiks_wingen.BGL11.10.09220 B
Denmark_Frederikshavn_wingen.BGL11.10.09348 B
Denmark_Gettrup_wingen.BGL05.09.11412 B
Denmark_Grensten_wingen.BGL05.09.11284 B
Denmark_Gronning_wingen.BGL05.06.11668 B
Denmark_Gudumbro_wingen.BGL05.06.11348 B
Denmark_Hagesholm_wingen.BGL11.09.09476 B
Denmark_Hallum_wingen.BGL03.26.11412 B
Denmark_HelsnedBy_wingen.BGL05.14.11156 B
Denmark_Hjardemal-Klasturp_wingen.BGL05.05.11604 B
Denmark_Hollandsbjerg_wingen.BGL05.09.11796 B
Denmark_Hoveagard_wingen.BGL05.11.111.03 kB
Denmark_Hovsore_wingen.BGL11.10.09412 B
Denmark_Kasso_wingen.BGL03.07.11684 B
Denmark_Klim_wingen.BGL05.05.112.96 kB
Denmark_Kobenhoved_wingen.BGL05.13.11284 B
Denmark_KvolsbaekeHuse_wingen.BGL05.11.11412 B
Denmark_Middelgrunden_wingen.BGL05.03.111.34 kB
Denmark_MiddelgrundenEXC.BGL04.10.09112 B
Denmark_Moderup_wingen.BGL05.14.11220 B
Denmark_Monge_wingen.BGL03.26.10156 B
Denmark_Nakskov_wingen.BGL11.09.09284 B
Denmark_No_wingen.BGL11.11.09284 B
Denmark_Noddelund_wingen.BGL05.03.11220 B
Denmark_Nollund_wingen.BGL05.08.11348 B
Denmark_Nordjylandsvaerket_wingen.BGL11.10.09476 B
Denmark_Norholm_wingen.BGL05.04.11540 B
Denmark_NyBjergby_wingen.BGL11.11.09284 B
Denmark_Nytorp_wingen.BGL05.03.11604 B
Denmark_Oppelstrup_wingen.BGL05.04.11876 B
Denmark_Orby_wingen.BGL02.15.10412 B
Denmark_Osthaven_wingen.BGL11.10.09300 B
Denmark_Osttarp_wingen.BGL05.13.11732 B
Denmark_Rakkeby_wingen.BGL05.05.11620 B
Denmark_RammeN_wingen.BGL05.08.11428 B
Denmark_Risemark_wingen.BGL05.14.11284 B
Denmark_Rodby_wingen.BGL03.24.10604 B
Denmark_Ronland_wingen.BGL11.11.091.36 kB
Denmark_Roost_wingen.BGL05.13.11732 B
Denmark_Rutsker_wingen.BGL09.23.10476 B
Denmark_Rysensten_wingen.BGL05.11.11220 B
Denmark_Saltum_wingen.BGL11.12.09476 B
Denmark_SdrBork_wingen.BGL05.12.111.28 kB
Denmark_Skraeddergarde_wingen.BGL05.11.11412 B
Denmark_S¢ndenbro_wingen.BGL05.17.11540 B
Denmark_Stokkemarke_wingen.BGL03.24.10348 B
Denmark_Terpager_wingen.BGL05.08.11284 B
Denmark_TunoKnob_wingen.BGL02.19.10732 B
Denmark_Ulbjerg_wingen.BGL11.12.09940 B
Denmark_Uoplyst_wingen.BGL03.24.101.59 kB
Denmark_Væggerl¢se_wingen.BGL05.17.11348 B
Denmark_VavnsoVig_wingen.BGL05.17.11284 B
Denmark_Veddum_wingen.BGL05.04.11604 B
Denmark_Vindum_wingen.BGL05.03.11412 B
Denmark_Vittarp_wingen.BGL05.13.11540 B
Egypt_Hurghada_wingen.BGL03.02.092.34 kB
Estonia_Pakri_wingen.BGL02.12.10604 B
Estonia_Viru-Nigula_wingen.BGL03.29.10604 B
France_AireDeBaieDeSomme_wingen.BGL06.21.11156 B
France_Ally_wingen.BGL03.25.101.51 kB
France_Assigny_wingen.BGL03.04.11476 B
France_Aumelas_wingen.BGL03.31.10796 B
France_Aupiac_wingen.BGL03.20.10220 B
France_Auvers-Méautis_wingen.BGL01.21.11348 B
France_Avignonet_wingen.BGL01.27.11860 B
France_Beaucaire_wingen.BGL02.11.11412 B
France_Beauregard_wingen.BGL03.08.11476 B
France_BoisBigot_wingen.BGL02.27.11364 B
France_BoisLouis_wingen.BGL03.22.111.06 kB
France_Bondues_wingen.BGL02.14.11156 B
France_Bonneval_wingen.BGL06.26.11492 B
France_Bouchain_coal.BGL05.25.10220 B
France_Bougainville_wingen.BGL11.23.10476 B
France_Bouin_wingen.BGL04.26.10604 B
France_Brachy_wingen.BGL03.04.11428 B
France_Broquiès_wingen.BGL02.28.11220 B
France_Bugey_nuclear.BGL10.28.08348 B
France_ButteSaint-Liphard_wingen.BGL03.22.11348 B
France_Cambernon_wingen.BGL03.29.11348 B
France_Cap CorseErsa_wingen.BGL03.02.10924 B
France_CapCorseRogliano_wingen.BGL03.02.10540 B
France_Cast_wingen.BGL02.16.11924 B
France_Castelnau-Pegayrols_wingen.BGL03.02.11924 B
France_Cattenom_nuclear.BGL10.28.08348 B
France_CentraleDeLucy_coal.BGL05.25.10220 B
France_Champ-Besnard-PELEIA4_wingen.BGL03.22.11348 B
France_ChapelleVallon_wingen.BGL01.30.11796 B
France_ChemindAblis_wingen.BGL03.22.111.48 kB
France_CheminDeTuleras_wingen.BGL03.04.11492 B
France_Chépy_wingen.BGL03.14.10220 B
France_Chicheboville_wingen.BGL11.30.10620 B
France_Chinon_nuclear.BGL10.28.08348 B
France_Chooz_nuclear.BGL10.29.08220 B
France_Civaux_nuclear.BGL10.29.08220 B
France_Clamanges-Villeseneux.BGL03.03.11476 B
France_Clitourps_wingen.BGL01.21.11412 B
France_Corbières-Maritimes_wingen.BGL05.14.10988 B
France_Corlay_wingen.BGL02.23.11428 B
France_Cormainville-Guillonville_wingen.BGL02.22.111.98 kB
France_Cotentin_wingen.BGL01.21.11412 B
France_CôtesDeChampagne_wingen.BGL06.28.111.54 kB
France_CourcellesSurAire_wingen.BGL03.01.11412 B
France_Cruas_nuclear.BGL10.28.08348 B
France_Cuxac-Cabardès_wingen.BGL06.03.11476 B
France_Dineault_wingen.BGL02.15.11348 B
France_Dirinon_wingen.BGL02.12.10220 B
France_Donzère_wingen.BGL03.25.10412 B
France_Emile-Huchet_coal.BGL05.25.10348 B
France_EoleCernon_wingen.BGL03.03.11540 B
France_Epense-Argonne_wingen.BGL02.14.111.28 kB
France_Escales_wingen.BGL05.14.10732 B
France_Fécamp_wingen.BGL01.21.11412 B
France_Fitou_wingen.BGL03.06.10604 B
France_Fontanelles_wingen.BGL03.20.10476 B
France_Freyssenet-Freyssenet_wingen.BGL04.02.11412 B
France_Freyssenet-SerreDesFourches_wingen.BGL04.02.11156 B
France_FrugesO_wingen.BGL02.14.11412 B
France_Gavray_wingen.BGL02.11.10156 B
France_Golfech_nuclear.BGL10.28.08220 B
France_Gommerville_wingen.BGL02.12.11156 B
France_Goulien_wingen.BGL03.03.10604 B
France_GrandFougeray_wingen.BGL02.23.11220 B
France_Gratot_wingen.BGL03.23.11156 B
France_Hargicourt_wingen.BGL03.29.11604 B
France_HarpenHautsTraits_wingen.BGL03.04.11348 B
France_HarpenPetitsCaux_wingen.BGL03.04.11348 B
France_Haut Cabardès-Cabrespine_wingen.BGL03.31.101.09 kB
France_Haute-de-Bane_wingen.BGL03.08.11476 B
France_Haute-de-Vausse_wingen.BGL03.08.11476 B
France_Haute-Lys_wingen.BGL03.18.10860 B
France_HautsDeMelleray-PELEIA3_wingen.BGL03.22.11348 B
France_Hombleux_wingen.BGL05.26.10668 B
France_Hornaing_coal.BGL05.25.10220 B
France_Iffendic_wingen.BGL02.23.11156 B
France_Is-en-Bassigny_wingen.BGL01.30.11476 B
France_Janville_wingen.BGL03.04.11684 B
France_La Nissandière_wingen.BGL02.13.11412 B
France_LaBelleEpine_wingen.BGL02.23.11348 B
France_LaBrancheMorte_wingen.BGL03.29.11412 B
France_LaGaillarde-SaintPierreLeViger_wingen.BGL03.14.10412 B
France_LaMontagneArdéchoise_wingen.BGL04.01.111004 B
France_Laneuville-au-Rupt_wingen.BGL03.08.11412 B
France_Lanfains_wingen.BGL02.23.11412 B
France_Langoelan_wingen.BGL03.03.10220 B
France_LeBoutonnier_wingen.BGL03.08.11476 B
France_LeCarreau_wingen.BGL02.22.11348 B
France_Léhaucourt_wingen.BGL05.02.11348 B
France_Lehaucourt-Gricourt_wingen.BGL05.02.111.04 kB
France_LeHautDesAiles_wingen.BGL06.05.11220 B
France_LeMontDePont_wingen.BGL06.26.11348 B
France_LePortel_wingen.BGL02.11.10284 B
France_LeQuarnon_wingen.BGL03.03.11412 B
France_LesJoyeuses_wingen.BGL02.22.11348 B
France_LesMardeaux_wingen.BGL02.22.11412 B
France_LesMétairies_wingen.BGL06.07.11412 B
France_LesMontsBergerons2_wingen.BGL03.18.10476 B
France_LesPénages-Peleia_wingen.BGL02.22.11412 B
France_L'Espinassière_wingen.BGL04.06.10668 B
France_LesPrésHauts_wingen.BGL06.26.11476 B
France_LesSablons-Falais_wingen.BGL03.29.11732 B
France_LesTilleuls_wingen.BGL02.22.11540 B
France_Lestrade_wingen.BGL02.11.11412 B
France_LesTroisMuids_wingen.BGL02.22.11412 B
France_LeTruel-Ayssènes_wingen.BGL02.11.11540 B
France_LevézouSalles-Curan_wingen.BGL02.28.111.92 kB
France_Lieusaint_wingen.BGL06.21.11220 B
France_Lislet_wingen.BGL03.23.11348 B
France_Longchamps_wingen.BGL02.14.11412 B
France_LongueEpine_wingen.BGL05.18.10732 B
France_LouvilleLaChenard_wingen.BGL02.12.111.23 kB
France_Luc-sur-Orbieu_wingen.BGL03.09.11620 B
France_Maisnières_wingen.BGL02.18.11860 B
France_Mardyck_wingen.BGL02.11.10412 B
France_Marsanne_wingen.BGL04.02.11476 B
France_MasDeLeuze_wingen.BGL02.11.11668 B
France_MélignyleGrand_wingen.BGL03.08.11348 B
France_Ménil-la-Horgne_wingen.BGL03.08.11540 B
France_Merdelou_wingen.BGL03.20.10476 B
France_MontDeBézard_wingen.BGL04.13.111.28 kB
France_MontjoyerEtRochefort_wingen.BGL05.14.101.53 kB
France_MoulinDeFroidure_wingen.BGL03.02.11476 B
France_Mulinière_wingen.BGL02.13.11412 B
France_Névian_wingen.BGL03.09.111.40 kB
France_Nibas_wingen.BGL03.14.10860 B
France_Nogent_nuclear.BGL10.29.08220 B
France_OpoulPerillos_wingen.BGL03.06.10476 B
France_Oresmaux_wingen.BGL02.27.11476 B
France_OrvilliersSaintJulien_wingen.BGL06.28.11476 B
France_Oupia_wingen.BGL03.07.10668 B
France_Patay-ValléeDesGommiers_wingen.BGL02.22.11476 B
France_Pennengoat_wingen.BGL03.03.10604 B
France_Pertain-LaSolerie_wingen.BGL03.29.11476 B
France_Peyrelevade_wingen.BGL03.25.10476 B
France_PlanDuPal_wingen.BGL03.09.11284 B
France_PlateauDeLangres_wingen.BGL04.20.11476 B
France_Plouarzel_wingen.BGL02.12.10412 B
France_Ploudalmézeau_wingen.BGL06.15.11540 B
France_Plouguin_wingen.BGL06.15.11540 B
France_Ploumoguer_wingen.BGL03.09.11540 B
France_Plourin_wingen.BGL06.15.11348 B
France_Plouyé_wingen.BGL02.15.11348 B
France_PontDeSalars_wingen.BGL02.28.11476 B
France_PortStLouisDuRhone_wingen.BGL03.15.111.65 kB
France_Princay_wingen.BGL06.07.11412 B
France_Prouville_wingen.BGL05.01.11476 B
France_Provence_coal.BGL11.07.08796 B
France_PuechCornet_wingen.BGL03.28.11476 B
France_Quatre-Chemins_wingen.BGL02.14.11492 B
France_Quatre-Communes_wingen.BGL03.03.11476 B
France_Riols_wingen.BGL03.31.10364 B
France_Rivesaltes_wingen.BGL03.20.10604 B
France_Rochereau_wingen.BGL06.07.11348 B
France_Roinville_wingen.BGL02.27.11348 B
France_Roquetaillade_wingen.BGL03.02.111.84 kB
France_Roussas_wingen.BGL05.14.10860 B
France_Saint Thégonnec_wingen.BGL02.15.11412 B
France_Saint-Aubin-sur-Aire_wingen.BGL03.11.11668 B
France_Saint-Clément_wingen.BGL06.07.11220 B
France_Saint-Crépin_wingen.BGL03.15.10476 B
France_Sainte-Lizaigne_wingen.BGL02.22.11604 B
France_Sainte-Marie-de-Redon_wingen.BGL05.18.10156 B
France_SaintHilaire-La-Croix_wingen.BGL11.30.10348 B
France_Saint-Simon_wingen.BGL02.14.11348 B
France_Ségur_wingen.BGL03.02.11476 B
France_Souleilla-Corbières_wingen.BGL03.09.111.09 kB
France_StLaurent_nuclear.BGL10.28.08220 B
France_Téterchen_wingen.BGL03.20.10476 B
France_Toufflers_wingen.BGL03.18.10220 B
France_Tricastin_nuclear.BGL10.28.08220 B
France_TroisÉvêques_wingen.BGL03.28.11476 B
France_TroisSources_wingen.BGL03.11.111.17 kB
France_Tuchan_wingen.BGL03.02.111.03 kB
France_Vanault-le-Châtel_wingen.BGL06.27.11764 B
France_Varimpré_wingen.BGL03.23.11668 B
France_Vauvilliers_wingen.BGL11.23.101.09 kB
France_VentDeCernon_wingen.BGL03.03.11348 B
France_Viertiville_wingen.BGL02.21.11412 B
France_VoieSacrée_wingen.BGL04.19.111.79 kB
France_Widehem_wingen.BGL02.12.10556 B
France_Wormhout_wingen.BGL02.14.11284 B
Germany_Achterdeich_wingen.BGL05.09.10860 B
Germany_Adensen_wingen.BGL04.18.11604 B
Germany_Altbach_coal.BGL11.03.08236 B
Germany_Altenburg_wingen.BGL04.01.10220 B
Germany_Altenweide_wingen.BGL04.20.10476 B
Germany_AmBruch_wingen.BGL05.19.10220 B
Germany_Barkau_wingen.BGL06.29.10284 B
Germany_Beidenfleth_wingen.BGL04.14.11220 B
Germany_Beltheim_wingen.BGL12.06.10284 B
Germany_Berk_wingen.BGL04.01.10284 B
Germany_Berlin_thermal.BGL04.29.09724 B
Germany_BermuderAltendeich_wingen.BGL05.09.10156 B
Germany_Bernsdorf-Gersdorf_wingen.BGL05.23.11668 B
Germany_Biblis_nuclear.BGL11.17.08476 B
Germany_Birken_wingen.BGL04.01.10156 B
Germany_Blankenheim_wingen.BGL06.17.11284 B
Germany_BockswieserHöhe_wingen.BGL04.20.11220 B
Germany_Böel_wingen.BGL05.04.11348 B
Germany_Böhlendorf_wingen.BGL03.24.10284 B
Germany_Boldixum_wingen.BGL02.22.10284 B
Germany_Bönninghausen_wingen.BGL04.07.10220 B
Germany_Borgerding_wingen.BGL03.30.10540 B
Germany_Boxberg_coal.BGL11.04.081.09 kB
Germany_Brakelsiek_wingen.BGL04.07.10156 B
Germany_Brandenberg_wingen.BGL05.24.10220 B
Germany_Breitenbach_wingen.BGL04.20.11156 B
Germany_Brunsbüttel_wingen.BGL04.14.11668 B
Germany_Bückwitz_wingen.BGL04.21.111.46 kB
Germany_Burg-Gemünden_wingen.BGL04.02.10284 B
Germany_Buschaus_coal.BGL11.04.08540 B
Germany_Buscherhöfe_wingen.BGL05.19.10412 B
Germany_Clausnitz_wingen.BGL05.22.11476 B
Germany_CologneN_EXC.BGL06.16.09112 B
Germany_CologneNth_power.BGL04.23.09876 B
Germany_Coppanz_wingen.BGL05.24.11668 B
Germany_Coppengrave_wingen.BGL05.19.11220 B
Germany_Crostwitz_wingen.BGL06.16.10220 B
Germany_Dahlinghausen_wingen.BGL06.18.10220 B
Germany_Dambach_wingen.BGL03.20.10156 B
Germany_Dargelin_wingen.BGL03.31.11284 B
Germany_Dersekow_wingen.BGL03.31.11284 B
Germany_Diekhausen_wingen.BGL04.19.10220 B
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Johan HeferSat, 28 Jul 2018 08:53:29 GMT

Hi Ray

I am having some difficulties to install FSX power project v4 again on my FSX SE. I had this functioning perfectly together with my VFR genX Scenery add on until I re-installed FSX SE. The zip folder downloads and I follow the installation instructions but it just seems that something is wrong or I am doing it wrong. After going through the instructions I do not see the added area on my scenery library and can therefore not carry on in the usual way.

Are there any suggestions? I think I might be struggling with this: Drag & drop FSXPower Project's 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X' folder onto the folder* containing your Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder and answer YES to any overwrite prompts. (* In a default installation this would be the Microsoft Games folder).

KInd regards


Richard SmithSat, 16 Sep 2017 22:15:14 GMT

Hi I want to install this but i have a couple of concerns, fisrt of all is it ok to use with ORBX global base and Global vector?

Orbx global base adds its own plons, will these clash with the ones from this pack? also Global vector corrects alot of terrain hights, will this affect the placement of the scenery, I'e stuff in the air or parcially under ground?


TallTanBarbieMon, 03 Jul 2017 13:52:07 GMT

Any plans to update this for P3Dv4?

Ray PorterThu, 31 Mar 2016 10:49:57 GMT

Hi, Jon W,

I don't have P3D so cannot attempt to reproduce your problem with the steam effects, therefore difficult to give you an answer.

What I can say is that the steam effects in FSX can be a bit slow starting up, particularly where larger numbers of cooling towers are visible such as Didcot or the three power stations close together in Yorkshire, but once fully restored after a 'pause' is returned to 'run', frame-rates do improve.

If P3D has an effects slider, try moving it down to medium or low to improve frame rates.

As it happens, for the next version of the project I have re-designed the steam effects to allow them to start up much faster - giving better frame-rates. Also I have 'demolished the three south cooling towers of Didcot (A).

I've just discovered, yesterday, that Ferrybridge power station is to be de-commissioned this month, so it will be more realistic to remove the steam effect for that station, providing better frame-rates when flying over the Yorkshire area.

If you would like the upgraded version of Didcot send me an e-mail to the address found in the project's documentation.



Jon WornhamMon, 07 Mar 2016 09:09:15 GMT

Hi Ray

Great produc, I was using it in FSX for quite a while and now changed over to P3D where I may have discovered a small problem (didn't see it in FSX). If I paused the sim for more than a few minutes the frame rate would drop dramatically over time, you could even see it dropping on the frame rate counter as the sim was in pause mode. Eventually P3D crashes with an Out of Memory. After testing various general settings to cure it I realised it only seemd to happen when I was 'in range' of a power station. Fursther investigations seems to link it with the 'Effects' folder as if I uncheck that in Scenery Manager (and restart P3D) the problem has gone. Happily using Power Projects without it now!

Thanks again for a great freeware product that must have taken a lot of compiling.


John YorkSun, 04 Jan 2015 12:01:36 GMT

I loved the Power Projects addon with FSX but am not sure about it for P3D which isn't mentioned on the web site.

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