FSX City Of Birmingham Scenery Update

Preview City Of Birmingham. TalonSim is pleased to bring to you City of Birmingham 1.1 (an update to City of Birmingham 1.0). Finally Birmingham, Alabama (AL) has even more character as many features about this historic city have been detailed into Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This freeware scenery p...

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City Of Birmingham. TalonSim is pleased to bring to you City of Birmingham 1.1 (an update to City of Birmingham 1.0). Finally Birmingham, Alabama (AL) has even more character as many features about this historic city have been detailed into Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This freeware scenery package depicts key architectural structures of The Magic City skyline. New detailed structures added include: City Federal Tower, Leer Tower, John Hand Building, Two North Twelve Building, Watts Tower, Empire Building, BVAA Compass Tower. By Dexter Pierre Gray / Talonsim.

Screenshot of City Of Birmingham Scenery.

Screenshot of City Of Birmingham Scenery.


1. Locate your "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" folder.

2. Select "Addon Scenery"

3. IMPORTANT! YOU MUST FIRST RENAME THE "TalonSim Birmingham 1.0" TO "Tal.onSim Birmingham 1.1".

4. Copy both the Scenery and Texture Folders from "City of Birmingham 1.1" Folder you've just downloaded.

5. Paste both the Scenery and Texture Folder from "City of Birmingham 1.1" Folder you've just downloaded to your newely renamed "City of Birmingham 1.1" folder (its ok to overwrite).

6. Start FSX.

7. Then ENJOY.


-FSdeveloper for all the hours of support and insight.
-Lee Swordy's Pioneering AFCAD Software.
-Discreet's Gmax.
-ArcSoft Photo studio.
-Birmingham Airport Website.
-Goggle Earth.
-City of Birmingham Website.


Screenshot of City Of Birmingham Scenery.

Screenshot of City Of Birmingham Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive city_of_birmingham_al_1_1_fsx.zip has 151 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aerial Birmingham 2 ob.png07.05.1121.29 kB
Aerial Birmingham WFT ob.gif07.05.1111.95 kB
dfr.png07.26.1151.68 kB
READ ME FIRST.txt07.23.116.58 kB
Scenery07.22.110 B
23F3C.bgl04.12.118.87 kB
23mudd887.BGL04.12.118.64 kB
33cpx.BGL04.12.1170.75 kB
3S7h5T87N.BGL04.13.11181.26 kB
4R55F.BGL04.12.115.51 kB
59g38o38v.bgl04.13.1188.19 kB
5W5F7T8.bgl04.06.11274.18 kB
7S4S3N.BGL04.15.117.98 kB
97RH37P.BGL04.05.11135.20 kB
Bi43ba5.BGL04.15.116.60 kB
bldg 12n24.BGL07.21.11119.23 kB
BST 2.bgl04.06.1161.13 kB
Building A.BGL04.12.1111.07 kB
c846on73e.BGL04.15.1120.49 kB
City Fed bldg.BGL07.21.1199.07 kB
Daniel bldg.bgl07.21.11262.37 kB
dt66d3k.bgl03.18.11155.53 kB
DWTNBHM STHSD.BGL07.21.118.78 kB
Empire.BGL07.22.1126.88 kB
Fttn444.bgl07.05.11763 B
John Hand.bgl07.21.1138.02 kB
Leer.BGL07.22.119.33 kB
rb22229.BGL04.12.118.93 kB
t87a2n.BGL04.12.1115.17 kB
Texture07.21.110 B
2W8F77T.dds03.11.1142.75 kB
2W8F77T_lm.dds04.06.1142.75 kB
2W8F77U.dds03.11.11170.78 kB
2W8F77U_lm.dds04.06.11170.78 kB
2W8F77V.dds03.11.1121.45 kB
2W8F77V_lm.dds04.06.1121.45 kB
2W8F77W.dds03.11.1121.45 kB
2W8F77W_lm.dds04.06.1121.45 kB
97RH37P.dds03.11.11341.45 kB
97RH37P_lm.dds04.05.11341.45 kB
97RH37Pt.dds03.11.1185.45 kB
97RH37Pt_lm.dds04.05.1185.45 kB
ac23ut5.dds03.27.1142.78 kB
ac23ut5b.dds03.27.1121.45 kB
ac23ut5c.dds03.27.1110.79 kB
ac9837uni5.dds03.29.1110.79 kB
Airport Wall_lm.dds04.22.1185.44 kB
alabama power sign.dds04.11.1121.45 kB
Amercan Flag.dds04.11.115.45 kB
Asfault Slab 2.dds03.11.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 3.dds03.08.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 3_lm.dds04.05.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 4.dds03.15.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 4_lm.dds04.11.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 7.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 8.dds07.21.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab 9.dds07.21.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab.dds03.08.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slab_lm.dds04.05.11170.79 kB
Asfault Slabv.dds07.21.11170.79 kB
ashphalt_5132597.dds03.11.1121.45 kB
ashphalt_5132597_lm.dds04.15.1121.45 kB
ashphalt_5132597b.dds03.15.1121.45 kB
ashphalt_5132597b_lm.dds04.15.1121.45 kB
At&T.dds04.05.1110.79 kB
AtT.dds04.06.1110.79 kB
Birmingham Financial Center.dds03.11.11170.79 kB
Birmingham Financial Center_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
BLDG A.dds03.09.11170.79 kB
BLDG A_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
BLDG A1.dds03.09.11170.79 kB
BLDG A1_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
Building J.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building J_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
Building K.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building S.dds03.15.11170.79 kB
Building S_lm.dds04.15.11170.79 kB
Building Sa.dds03.15.11170.79 kB
Building Sa_lm.dds04.15.11170.79 kB
Building TXT B.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT B_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT D.dds03.15.11682.79 kB
Building TXT D_lm.dds04.13.11682.79 kB
Building TXT E.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT E_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT F.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT F_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building Txt G.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building Txt G_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building Txt H.dds04.11.11341.45 kB
Building Txt H_lm.dds04.11.11341.45 kB
Building Txt Hb.dds03.09.1121.45 kB
Building Txt I.dds03.13.1121.45 kB
Building Txt I_lm.dds04.13.1121.45 kB
Building txt J.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
Building txt J_lm.dds04.11.11170.79 kB
Building txt K.bmp03.13.1142.74 kB
Building txt K.dds03.13.1142.79 kB
Building txt K_lm.dds04.11.11170.79 kB
Building TXT O.dds03.14.11170.79 kB
Building TXT O_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
Building TXT P.dds03.14.11170.79 kB
Building TXT P_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
Building Txt Q.dds03.14.11341.45 kB
Building Txt Q_lm.dds04.12.11341.45 kB
Building TXT R.dds03.15.11170.79 kB
Building txt side 1.dds03.16.1185.45 kB
Building Txt T.dds03.16.11170.79 kB
Building Txt T_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
Building txt U.dds03.16.11170.79 kB
Building txt U_lm.dds04.12.11170.79 kB
Building TXT V.dds03.16.11170.79 kB
Building TXT V_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building txt W.bmp03.16.1185.40 kB
Building txt W.dds03.16.1185.45 kB
Building txt W_lm.dds04.13.1185.45 kB
Building Txt X.dds03.16.11170.79 kB
Building Txt X_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT Y.dds03.18.11170.79 kB
Building TXT Y_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Building TXT Z.dds03.18.11170.79 kB
Building TXT Z_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
CityFed Sign.dds07.21.1110.75 kB
CityFed Top.dds07.21.11341.45 kB
Daniel.dds07.21.1110.79 kB
Downtown Birmingham 1 TXT.dds03.08.11341.45 kB
Downtown Birmingham TXTS 2.dds03.09.11170.79 kB
Empire Building.dds07.21.1121.45 kB
Leer Base.dds07.21.11341.45 kB
Leer Top.dds07.21.1110.78 kB
Leer Tower 2.dds07.21.11682.79 kB
Leer Tower.dds07.21.11682.79 kB
logoRegions_213x45.dds04.12.112.78 kB
PK DK TXTB.dds03.13.11170.79 kB
PK DK TXTB_lm.dds04.13.11170.79 kB
Region twr txt.dds03.11.11341.45 kB
Region twr txt_lm.dds04.12.11341.45 kB
RHP pymd.dds04.05.112.78 kB
Rooftop fan 3.dds03.09.11170.79 kB
Sheriton LGO.dds04.15.1121.44 kB
Wall Txt.dds03.11.1110.79 kB
Watts Side.dds07.21.1185.45 kB
Watts top.dds07.21.11170.79 kB
Watts.dds07.21.11341.45 kB
well fargo sign.dds04.06.112.79 kB
Window B.dds07.21.1185.44 kB
Window C.dds07.21.11341.45 kB
Window D.dds07.21.11170.79 kB
Window E.dds07.21.11341.45 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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