FSX LFGS - Longuyon-Villette Scenery

LFGS - Longuyon-Villette, France. This scenery represents the field of Longuyon-Villette LFGS where the flying club is based "les frontieres Lorraines" and the ASCPV54 model aircraft club. located in the north of the department 54 a few kilometers from Belgium and Luxembourg borders. The build...

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LFGS - Longuyon-Villette, France. This scenery represents the field of Longuyon-Villette LFGS where the flying club is based "les frontieres Lorraines" and the ASCPV54 model aircraft club. located in the north of the department 54 a few kilometers from Belgium and Luxembourg borders. The buildings have been modeled in Gmax, static devices are also present. Finally the autogen was placed on the same perimeter as the slab photo realistic. By Alexandre Remy. (See also LFGS2012V2.ZIP).


Unzip LFGS2012.ZIP to a temporary directory, then copy and paste LFGS2012 directories into FSX Addon Scenery directory.

Copy and paste the file fx_ventSteam.fx located in the directory Effect of LFGS2012 to the directory effect of your FSX.

Then start FSX go to your scenery library and validate the scenery like all others scenery that you already have.

Content :

This scenery represents the field of Longuyon-Villette LFGS where the flying club is based "les frontières Lorraines" located in the north of the department 54 a few miles from Belgium and Luxembourg and the ASCPV54 model aircraft club.

The buildings have been modeled in GMAX, static devices are also present.

Finally the autogen was placed on the same perimeter as the slab photo realistic.


The buildings were produced under GMAX, were optimized to make the scene most fluid possible.

An special attention on the FPS was carried out!

Credits to :

Thanks to Romain as Romdu69 for its textures of grass.

Thanks to Manolodo Brazil for its textures roasting.

Flight 1 for AFX and Instant scenery.

Martin Wright for BMP2000 et DXT BMP.

And of course GMAX.

This scenery is ONLY FREEWARE.


The archive lfgs2012.zip has 190 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
LFGS201212.28.110 B
effect12.27.110 B
fx_VentSteam.fx11.17.032.53 kB
lisez_moi.txt12.28.112.47 kB
readme.txt12.28.111.72 kB
Scenery12.28.110 B
A_M2.bgl09.24.111.38 kB
Balisesv2.bgl04.20.1148.64 kB
barbecue.bgl11.06.075.69 kB
barbecue_helitour.bgl02.27.091.71 kB
CVX_lfgs.BGL11.12.10499 B
CVX_LFGS_Longuyon.BGL12.24.11418 B
EZ_appareils_statics.bgl12.26.11380 B
EZ_balises.bgl12.26.11668 B
EZ_barrieres.bgl12.26.11380 B
EZ_bat.bgl12.18.11716 B
EZ_cones.bgl12.26.112.67 kB
EZ_foret.bgl11.12.105.20 kB
EZ_grillages.bgl12.27.11380 B
EZ_haies.bgl11.12.10332 B
EZ_herbe.bgl12.28.111.07 kB
EZ_LFQE.bgl05.28.111.04 kB
EZ_misc.bgl12.28.11620 B
EZ_modelisme.bgl12.27.11572 B
EZ_people.bgl11.06.10332 B
EZ_personnes.bgl12.26.11620 B
EZ_poteaux_EDF.bgl04.17.11284 B
EZ_vegetation.bgl12.27.112.15 kB
EZ_vehicules.bgl11.06.10332 B
lfbh_avions_statiques.bgl08.11.09907.76 kB
lfbh_manche.bgl08.22.096.84 kB
lfgs_abri_modelisme.bgl12.27.111.45 kB
LFGS_ADEX_ADE.BGL12.27.111.30 kB
LFGS_AirCreation_582SL.BGL12.26.114.83 MB
lfgs_barrieres.bgl11.01.1086.10 kB
LFGS_c42.bgl05.21.111.25 MB
lfgs_citerne.bgl11.12.103.53 kB
lfgs_clubhouse.bgl11.12.1010.02 kB
LFGS_grillage.BGL12.26.111.09 kB
LFGS_grillage2.BGL12.26.113.84 kB
lfgs_haies.bgl11.12.105.20 kB
lfgs_hangar_avion_n1.bgl10.30.101.52 kB
lfgs_hangar_avion_n2.bgl12.19.1022.39 kB
lfgs_hangar_avion_n2_new.bgl07.21.1125.15 kB
lfgs_hangar_ulm.bgl12.18.1156 B
lfgs_hangar_ulm2.bgl12.18.118.11 kB
LFGS_Hangar_ULM_new.bgl07.21.1111.66 kB
LFGS_Herbe.BGL12.26.1110.24 kB
LFGS_herbev2.BGL12.27.1110.40 kB
LFGS_ombre_avion.BGL12.28.111.52 kB
lfgs_pompe.bgl11.13.1029.95 kB
lfgs_poteau_meteo.bgl11.13.1023.97 kB
LFGS_Real.bgl12.26.118.59 MB
lfgs_silo.bgl06.03.1120.54 kB
LFGS_ULM.bgl05.28.1196.39 kB
Objets_Pat_01.bgl08.30.091.05 MB
Texture12.28.110 B
011222103311220an.agn12.26.1113.71 kB
011222103311221an.agn12.26.1147.52 kB
011222103311223an.agn12.26.1193.87 kB
011222103311230an.agn12.26.1150.98 kB
011222103311231an.agn12.26.1145.91 kB
011222103311232an.agn12.26.1158.27 kB
011222103311233an.agn12.26.1157.77 kB
011222103311320an.agn12.26.1153.66 kB
011222103311321an.agn12.26.1140.87 kB
011222103311322an.agn12.26.1185.68 kB
011222103311323an.agn12.26.1150.04 kB
011222103311330an.agn12.26.1177.95 kB
011222103311331an.agn12.26.1142.84 kB
011222103311332an.agn12.26.115.56 kB
011222103311333an.agn12.26.11248 B
011222103313001an.agn12.26.1185.16 kB
011222103313003an.agn12.26.1166.76 kB
011222103313010an.agn12.26.1161.88 kB
011222103313011an.agn12.26.1120.79 kB
011222103313012an.agn12.26.1153.20 kB
011222103313013an.agn12.26.1124.55 kB
011222103313021an.agn12.26.119.54 kB
011222103313030an.agn12.26.1162.47 kB
011222103313031an.agn12.26.1171.45 kB
011222103313100an.agn12.26.111.26 kB
011222103313101an.agn12.26.11936 B
011222103313102an.agn12.26.116.44 kB
011222103313103an.agn12.26.1111.70 kB
011222103313110an.agn12.26.11360 B
011222103313111an.agn12.26.116.27 kB
011222103313112an.agn12.26.1152.23 kB
011222103313113an.agn12.26.1163.54 kB
011222103313120an.agn12.26.1173.43 kB
011222103313121an.agn12.26.1124.71 kB
011222103313130an.agn12.26.1167.77 kB
011222103313131an.agn12.26.1168.65 kB
ACLIB_JS_DR400.dds12.18.11682.79 kB
ACLIB_JS_PA28.dds12.18.11682.79 kB
AirCreation_C.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
AirCreation_T.dds09.04.061.33 MB
AirCreation_T_bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
AirCreation_T_specular.dds09.04.061.33 MB
alu2c.b.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
Barrieres.dds12.14.101.00 MB
Barrieres_LM.dds01.25.111.00 MB
Beschlag1.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
BOIS.dds09.24.1142.79 kB
c24_cowling_tp.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%alu2c.b.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%Beschlag1.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%c24_cowling_tp.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%c42_1.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%c42_2.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%c42_3.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%cooler.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%Engine_Blech.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
C42%kombi.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%LF_Logo.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%logo_rotax.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%peter1.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
C42%Rad.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
C42%tube.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
c42_1.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
c42_2.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
c42_3.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
cooler.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
Damier.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
Damier_lm.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
Engine_Blech.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
FAF010.dds09.24.1142.80 kB
FPL28.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
grille_barbecue.dds09.24.1142.79 kB
IMAGE.dds09.24.11170.79 kB
kombi.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFBH_MANCHE.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_ABRI_MODELISME.dds12.27.1142.79 kB
LFGS_AGGLO.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_AVITAILLEMENT.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_AVITAILLEMENT2.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_AVITAILLEMENT_MUR.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_BARRE_POTEAU.dds12.18.112.79 kB
LFGS_CAILLOUX_POMPE.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_clubhouse_bois.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
LFGS_club_house.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_club_house2.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_club_house3.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_club_house4.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_club_house5.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_club_house6.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_grisclair.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
LFGS_GRISFONCE.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
LFGS_HAIEV2.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_AEROCLUB.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_AVION_N1.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_Hangar_Avion_N1_0.dds07.19.11682.79 kB
lfgs_hangar_avion_n1_derriere.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
lfgs_hangar_avion_n1_tolesblanches.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
lfgs_hangar_avion_n1_tolesnoires.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_AVION_N2.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_AVION_N2_COTES.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_AVION_N2_TOIT.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_ULM.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_ULM2.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_HANGAR_ULM3.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_MACADAM.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_PLAQUE_CITERNE.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_POTEAUX_BETON.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
LFGS_POTEAU_METEO.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
LFGS_ROUILLE.dds12.18.112.79 kB
LFGS_SILO.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
LFGS_sol_CH.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_toit.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_TOLE_ROUILLEE.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFGS_VERT_SILO.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LFSG_TOLE_BRUNE_HANGAR.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
LF_Logo.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
logo_rotax.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
Materiaux _01.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
Materiaux _01_LM.dds12.18.11170.79 kB
metal_painted.dds09.24.1142.79 kB
Motor_tp.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
ombre_avion.dds12.28.11341.45 kB
peter1.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
prop_extra.dds08.15.06341.46 kB
Prop_Trike.dds09.04.06341.46 kB
Rad.dds12.18.1110.79 kB
Thumbs.db11.13.10167.00 kB
TrikePilot.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
TrikePilot_Specular.dds09.04.0685.45 kB
tube.dds12.18.1142.79 kB
unie_carbone.dds09.24.1142.79 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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