FSX 1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI

Preview 1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI. This aircraft was mainly used for night bombing raids on London. The plane had enclosed crew cabins and the engines could be worked on during flight. Original FS2004 model by Stuart Green. Packaged for FSX by the Nor-Cal Prop Club.

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1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI. This aircraft was mainly used for night bombing raids on London. The plane had enclosed crew cabins and the engines could be worked on during flight. Original FS2004 model by Stuart Green. Packaged for FSX by the Nor-Cal Prop Club.

Screenshot of 1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI on runway.

Screenshot of 1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI on runway.

This model is for use with Microsoft Flight Sim 2004 (FS9) and was made using Abacus Flight Sim Design Studio v2.24.

This is a multi res model, but does make heavy use of keyframe animated parts so is something on the large size! Most control cables are animated, particularly in the VC. The Staaken also carried an early version of bomb bay doors, these are activated using the spoiler key, normally /

The Staakens were big aircraft for their day and as such this model does not respond like a fighter! Get your airfield approaches sorted out well in advance or crash and burn.

My thanks go out to James Banks for the excellent work with the airfile and config for this sim.

To Install:
Unzip the Staaken_RVI.zip file to the AIRCRAFT folder of FS9, making sure that "Use folder names" is ticked in your zip program.

Note about the gauges:
I have tried to represent the Staaken as best as I could, but interior photos are few and far between and no single aircraft seems to be the same as the other, so for the purists, the interior is the nearest compromise I could get to. Similarly, the gauges are based on the only photos I have, if you have a picture of a 4 engined Bosch magneto set up I would love to have it, I have based mine on a 3 engined version.Use the propellor icon to pull up the main electrics/throttle panel popup.

This is only a plane, it should not do you, your PC or your friends and relations any harm. However I disclaim any responsibility for any ills that may befall them. It is freeware.
That means you can use it for free. It does NOT mean that you can plagarise it or the work done by others (ie copy it and pretend it is your own).
Freeware does NOT mean you can make money out of it, this is a BIG NO NO. I hereby state you do not have permission to do this!
I don't mind you hosting it on any site so long as this instruction file is included in its entirety.

Virtual cockpit of 1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI.

Virtual cockpit of 1917 Zepplin Staaken R.VI.

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aeg[1].jpg02.15.088.07 kB
Aircraft.cfg02.15.0810.16 kB
File Info.txt02.15.08433 B
model02.15.080 B
Model.cfg01.23.0431 B
Staaken R.VI.mdl05.18.053.33 MB
nca.JPG10.13.074.33 kB
NOR-CAL CLUBS.JPG01.26.0868.96 kB
origianal 2004 readme.txt05.18.052.07 kB
panel02.15.080 B
Bosch_multi_mag.CAB04.03.0571.79 kB
mag_backdrop.bmp05.09.05149.51 kB
panel.cfg05.18.056.58 kB
panel1024.bmp04.15.05769.05 kB
panel640.bmp05.18.05301.05 kB
Thumbs.db02.15.086.00 kB
Zeppelin_Staaken.CAB05.12.05192.63 kB
sound02.15.080 B
amb_aexp2a.wav02.09.036.55 kB
amb_aexp2b.wav02.09.039.00 kB
amb_aexp2c.wav02.09.0313.02 kB
Sound.cfg05.11.067.50 kB
stallp.wav06.24.0361.82 kB
WrightstarterOK.wav04.25.06299.18 kB
xcont_noncombust.wav01.16.0345.38 kB
xcont_prop.wav03.18.03262.17 kB
xcont_rpm1.wav01.16.03260.07 kB
xcont_rpm2.wav01.16.03155.96 kB
xcont_rpm3.wav01.16.03256.57 kB
xcont_rpm4.wav01.16.03200.13 kB
xcont_rpm5.wav07.12.04257.56 kB
xcont_shutdown.wav01.16.03262.13 kB
xcont_starter.wav02.06.0356.20 kB
xcont_startup.wav02.06.03181.13 kB
Staaken R.VI.air03.27.055.76 kB
Staaken spot 2.JPG02.15.0875.45 kB
Staaken spot.JPG02.15.08138.57 kB
Staaken vc.JPG02.15.0887.18 kB
Staaken vc2.JPG02.15.0876.90 kB
texture02.15.080 B
chain.bmp02.06.042.75 kB
column.bmp05.18.0585.42 kB
engine.bmp04.21.051.33 MB
inside.bmp05.18.05170.75 kB
inside2.bmp05.18.05170.75 kB
merc_engine.bmp04.17.04341.43 kB
merc_engine2.bmp11.16.0442.75 kB
parabellum.bmp05.18.0585.43 kB
PILOT2.bmp05.18.05170.75 kB
propwash.bmp03.28.05341.40 kB
radio.bmp04.06.0485.43 kB
reflect.bmp11.16.0485.43 kB
rib.bmp05.18.055.42 kB
sheet.bmp05.18.055.42 kB
staaken_wing1.bmp05.17.05682.75 kB
staakenwerkes.bmp03.27.0517.30 kB
staakenwerkes2.bmp03.27.0521.46 kB
Thumbnail.JPG02.15.08138.57 kB
Thumbs.db02.15.0875.00 kB
wheel.bmp03.18.0542.75 kB
win1.bmp05.18.055.42 kB
wires.bmp05.18.0510.75 kB
wood_wheel.bmp05.18.055.42 kB
Thumbs.db02.15.0829.00 kB
Zepp_Staak[1].jpg02.15.0811.07 kB
zeppelin-staaken_r6[1].jpg02.15.0831.47 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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