FSX P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model

Preview P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model. An unfinished Gmax model for anyone who would like to finish it. By Bill Cook.

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P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model. An unfinished Gmax model for anyone who would like to finish it. By Bill Cook.

Screenshot of P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model on the ground.

Screenshot of P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model on the ground.

I am releasing this plane as an unfinished model, for any one who would like to finish this model please include my name as original maker. All content was found on the Internet from various websites.

Brief history of this beautiful aircraft:
1987: P-51XR N6WJ Griffon engine racer created - showed at Reno '88.
Crashed at Reno -named "Precious Metal" like 44-73518.
Many thought N5483V was N6WJ, but just the tail section was used.
1995: P-51XR N6WJ returned to Reno, placed 1st in Silver.
Did not race for many years.
2000: sale to Ron Buccarelli.
2001: return to the Reno Air Races (races canceled after 9-11-01).

Installation: Unzip to Example: [C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes] folder.

This mustang was created for Flight Sim. X w/sp2 and the acceleration expansion pack.

I would like to thank every one from SimOuthouse, Simviation, Freeflight Design Shop, FlightSim.com, AVSIM, that help in the making of this airplane. I would also like to thank the Precious Metal Air Racing crew for keeping such an awesome aircraft flying.

Happy Racing!
Bill Cook

Screenshot of P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model in flight.

Screenshot of P-51 Mustang Precious Metal-Air Race Model in flight.

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The archive p51contr.zip has 154 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
aircraft.cfg03.07.0814.69 kB
Gmax file03.07.080 B
P-51pm04b.gmax02.03.085.64 MB
Model03.07.080 B
Model.cfg12.27.0763 B
P-51 Contra.MDL03.07.08750.89 kB
P-51 Contra_interior03.07.080 B
P-51 Contra_interior.MDL03.07.08464.42 kB
Model.racing03.07.080 B
Model.cfg12.27.0777 B
P-51 Contra_racing.MDL03.07.08750.89 kB
P-51 Contra_racing_interior.MDL03.07.08468.72 kB
Model_interior03.07.080 B
P-51 Contra.air08.31.059.78 kB
p-51pm.jpg12.11.0742.25 kB
Paint Kit03.07.080 B
$p51_gauges.psd09.30.074.28 MB
$p51_panel.psd10.16.07130.33 kB
$p51_panel_gauges.psd09.30.074.28 MB
bump_map.psd11.28.07267.44 kB
exust.psd09.21.07341.04 kB
exust_T_spec.psd09.21.07341.05 kB
fuse.psd09.25.076.01 MB
fuse_T_bump.psd11.28.07559.33 kB
fuse_T_specular.psd09.22.075.99 MB
glass.psd09.09.07254.14 kB
glass_C.psd09.22.07129.02 kB
glass_T.psd09.22.07129.00 kB
Interior1_c.psd01.04.084.19 MB
Interior_c.psd01.01.082.27 MB
l_wing.psd12.27.07954.28 kB
p-51_props_T.psd09.22.07683.35 kB
p-51_props_T_edited-1.psd09.16.073.46 MB
p-51_prop_blur.psd09.22.072.40 MB
P51_contra_C.bmp02.03.085.33 MB
P51_contra_C_spec.bmp01.20.083.00 MB
P51_contra_night_C.bmp01.20.083.00 MB
p51_panel.psd10.16.07130.33 kB
parts.psd09.09.07442.18 kB
rudder.psd09.23.07812.98 kB
r_wing.psd12.27.07968.64 kB
spinner_T.psd09.22.07125.63 kB
tail.psd01.01.08500.43 kB
vc_panel.psd12.29.07252.31 kB
wheels_T.psd09.22.07858.67 kB
panel03.07.080 B
main.bmp10.17.073.37 MB
Panel.cfg01.27.08673 B
Panel[org].cfg12.27.072.12 kB
Thumbs.db10.02.0777.50 kB
vc_panel.bmp12.09.075.33 MB
panel.racing03.07.080 B
main.bmp10.17.073.37 MB
Panel.cfg01.27.08673 B
Panel[org].cfg11.25.071.32 kB
Thumbs.db10.02.0777.50 kB
vc_panel.bmp12.09.075.33 MB
[Panel_With_Gauges].cfg12.27.072.12 kB
Photos03.07.080 B
fs_01.jpg12.31.0763.76 kB
fs_02.gif12.27.0787.19 kB
fs_03.gif12.27.0794.63 kB
fs_04.jpg02.10.0833.04 kB
fs_05.jpg02.10.0815.76 kB
fs_06.jpg02.10.0829.55 kB
fs_07.jpg12.11.0785.27 kB
p-51pm.jpg12.11.0742.25 kB
rl_01.jpg01.06.0852.91 kB
rl_02.jpg01.21.0855.63 kB
rl_03.jpg01.06.0843.39 kB
rl_04.jpg10.07.0778.72 kB
rl_05.jpg01.06.08117.64 kB
rl_06.jpg01.26.0896.05 kB
Racing Gmax File03.07.080 B
P-51pm04c.gmax03.07.085.66 MB
ReadMe.txt03.07.081.50 kB
Sound03.07.080 B
CAGEAR.WAV09.16.9931.23 kB
canopy_latch_close.wav04.09.0395.79 kB
canopy_latch_open.wav04.09.0384.69 kB
CASTALL.WAV09.16.996.79 kB
CE1A.wav02.20.0290.89 kB
CE1B.WAV02.20.02128.17 kB
CE2A.wav02.20.0287.39 kB
CE2B.WAV02.20.0224.99 kB
CE3A.wav02.20.0283.16 kB
CE4A.wav02.20.0275.39 kB
CEP1A.WAV02.20.0250.81 kB
CEP1B.WAV02.20.0245.81 kB
CEP2A.WAV02.20.0227.81 kB
CEP2B.WAV02.20.0232.81 kB
CESHUTA.WAV02.20.0261.06 kB
CESHUTB.WAV02.20.0266.55 kB
CESTRTA.WAV02.20.0240.31 kB
CESTRTB.WAV02.20.02100.31 kB
copyright.txt02.28.02256 B
flaps.wav02.20.0239.89 kB
geardn.wav02.20.0276.18 kB
gearup.wav02.20.0288.31 kB
L.wav02.20.0212.88 kB
orsound.cfg11.06.067.61 kB
R.wav02.20.0210.93 kB
sound.cfg11.06.067.69 kB
XCE1a.WAV02.20.0251.79 kB
XCE1B.WAV02.20.0267.81 kB
XCE2A.WAV02.20.0295.31 kB
XCE2B.WAV02.20.0252.79 kB
XCE3A.WAV02.20.0268.48 kB
XCE4A.wav02.20.02118.54 kB
XCEP1A.WAV02.20.0224.42 kB
XCEP1B.WAV02.20.0229.47 kB
XCEP2A.WAV02.20.0233.98 kB
XCEP2B.WAV02.20.0221.74 kB
XCESHUTA.WAV02.20.0264.73 kB
XCESHUTB.WAV02.20.0264.98 kB
XCESTRTA.WAV02.20.0229.48 kB
XCESTRTB.WAV02.20.0249.81 kB
texture03.07.080 B
exust.dds09.22.0764.12 kB
exust_T_spec.dds09.22.0764.12 kB
fresnel_ramp.bmp09.14.07586 B
fuse.dds12.31.071.33 MB
fuse_T_bump.dds11.28.071.00 MB
fuse_T_specular.dds09.22.071.00 MB
glass_C.bmp10.14.071.33 MB
glass_C_alpha.bmp09.16.07257.05 kB
glass_T.bmp10.14.071.33 MB
glass_T_alpha.bmp09.16.07257.05 kB
Interior1_c.dds12.30.071.33 MB
Interior_c.dds01.01.081.33 MB
l_wing.dds12.27.071.33 MB
molson_fosters.bmp10.14.071.33 MB
p-51_props_T.bmp10.14.075.33 MB
p-51_props_T_alpha.bmp09.22.073.00 MB
p-51_prop_blur.bmp10.14.075.33 MB
p-51_prop_blur_alpha.bmp09.16.071.00 MB
P51_contra_C.dds01.27.081.00 MB
parts.bmp10.14.071.33 MB
parts_alpha.bmp09.22.07257.05 kB
rudder.dds09.23.071.33 MB
r_wing.dds12.27.071.33 MB
spinner_T.bmp10.14.071.33 MB
spinner_T_alpha.bmp09.22.07768.05 kB
split-chain2.bmp12.27.071.33 MB
tail.bmp01.01.083.00 MB
tail.dds01.01.081.33 MB
tail_alpha.bmp01.01.083.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg09.24.074.33 kB
Thumbs.db10.06.07283.50 kB
vc_panel.dds12.30.071.33 MB
wheels_T.bmp10.14.071.33 MB
p-51_contra03.07.080 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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