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Preview Hawker Hurricane IId "The Tin Opener". Features a complex model with fully animated parts, detailed and animated pilot figure, removable cowlings and panels, Merlin XX engine and interior fuselage details, visual effects that include crash landings, complex virtual cockpit with clickable contr...

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Hawker Hurricane IId "The Tin Opener". Features a complex model with fully animated parts, detailed and animated pilot figure, removable cowlings and panels, Merlin XX engine and interior fuselage details, visual effects that include crash landings, complex virtual cockpit with clickable controls, custom gauges, and engine damage modeling. The model has accurate flight dynamics, with realistic stalls, and spins with autorotation. This package also includes Western desert WWII scenery circa 1942, with an RAF airbase, and German armor. By Touch the Sky Simulations. Thumbnail and testing for FSX by Danny Garnier.

Screenshot of Hawker Hurricane IId in flight.

Screenshot of Hawker Hurricane IId in flight.

This is the first of our Version 2 Hurricane updates. My associate Silver Eagle is in charge of the updates, and three more will follow: a IIc, IIb, and IIa. We also have a Hurricane I, the modeling for that is already completed, and it might be released if he has time to paint it, and cook up some simple scenery to go with it.

*IMPORTANT* Please read the Hurricane IId.pdf documentation provided. This document can be viewed by clicking the "View Hurricane IId.pdf" button on the next to last page of the installer, or by using the shortcut in the Start menu, or by browsing to the Hurricane IId folder located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\Hurricane IId.

Our time is limited, and first priority in the support queue will go to problems NOT covered in the docs, after that we’ll try to answer questions and problems from persons who didn’t read the information we provided. Thank you!

I want to thank Silver Eagle for doing the greater share of the work on this project. He took over and upgraded the model to a far better standard than I was capable of two years ago, and took it as far as it can go without scrapping everything and starting over from a tube. The end result speaks for itself, a highly detailed model that weighs in at over 11000 compiled polygons less than the Sea Hurricane models that I did in 2005.

He also changed the ground dynamics to provide for slightly easier handling during taxi and takeoff, and there are other minor changes to the in-flight characteristics too. Also, we aren’t offering an aircraft.cfg file with tail wheel steering in this release, since the airplane is easy enough to taxi with little or no practice.

Robert Sanderson

Screenshot of Hawker Hurricane IId with landing gear down.

Screenshot of Hawker Hurricane IId with landing gear down.

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The archive fsxhurid.zip has 95 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
hurricaneiid.acv07.28.06590 B
Aircraft.cfg04.28.0812.06 kB
copyright.txt07.20.06774 B
description.txt07.21.06586 B
email.txt12.16.0540 B
FSX Readme.txt04.28.081.12 kB
Hurricane IId Update.pdf07.29.0698.83 kB
Hurricane IId.air07.25.068.59 kB
Hurricane IId.pdf07.14.061.07 MB
hurricaneiid_check.htm07.14.0654.80 kB
hurricaneiid_ref.htm07.18.0628.46 kB
filelist.xml07.18.06334 B
image001.png07.18.0622.37 kB
image002.jpg07.18.0637.04 kB
image003.png07.18.065.83 kB
image004.jpg07.18.069.68 kB
image005.png07.18.0630.36 kB
image006.jpg07.18.0612.65 kB
hurricanIId40.JPG04.28.0884.77 kB
hurricanIIdVC40.JPG04.28.08124.60 kB
IId upload image2.gif07.21.0614.31 kB
hurricane iid.mdl07.20.065.73 MB
model.cfg04.02.0632 B
cockpit left.bmp07.14.06759.43 kB
cockpit right.bmp07.14.06843.80 kB
hurricane 1024.bmp07.19.065.49 MB
hurricane IId.CAB07.26.061.43 MB
Panel.cfg07.26.0610.95 kB
quadrant.bmp07.14.0624.47 kB
ReadMe.txt07.21.061.72 kB
gearwarnhurr.wav07.16.0675.50 kB
hurr1.wav07.20.06304.90 kB
hurr2.wav07.19.06140.15 kB
hurr3.wav07.19.06304.85 kB
hurr4.wav07.19.06304.89 kB
hurr_exit_closed.wav07.01.06150.87 kB
hurr_exit_open.wav07.01.06150.87 kB
hurr_flaps.wav07.01.0670.21 kB
hurr_geardwn.WAV07.01.06173.87 kB
hurr_gearup.wav07.01.06387.77 kB
hurr_gyro.wav04.03.062.86 MB
hurr_ovspd.wav07.01.061.03 MB
hurr_prop.wav07.01.0686.79 kB
hurr_prop_low.wav07.01.0663.79 kB
hurr_shutdown.wav07.01.06340.26 kB
hurr_stall.wav07.01.06486.33 kB
hurr_starter.wav07.15.06150.58 kB
hurr_startup.wav07.10.0686.30 kB
hurr_wind.wav07.01.06237.61 kB
sound.cfg07.20.065.43 kB
xhurr1.wav07.19.06304.90 kB
xhurr2.wav07.19.06140.16 kB
xhurr3.wav07.19.06304.86 kB
xhurr4.wav07.19.06304.90 kB
brass.bmp04.17.0616.07 kB
decking.bmp07.03.06256.07 kB
dunlop.bmp07.03.0664.07 kB
frame.bmp07.03.06256.07 kB
gear door.bmp07.12.061.00 MB
glass.bmp07.19.045.05 kB
gunsight black.bmp09.01.048.07 kB
gunsight crashpad brown.bmp09.03.048.07 kB
gunsight data plate.bmp09.01.04128.07 kB
gunsight illumination.bmp12.24.0464.07 kB
gunsight markings lower.bmp09.01.048.07 kB
gunsight markings.bmp09.01.048.07 kB
gunsight range markings.bmp09.01.0432.07 kB
hurri pilot.bmp05.24.06256.07 kB
hurricane hood jettison.bmp07.03.061.00 MB
hurricane vc1.bmp07.03.064.00 MB
hurricane vc2.bmp06.28.064.00 MB
hurricane VC3.bmp07.03.064.00 MB
HurricaneIIA_t.bmp07.18.064.00 MB
HurricaneIIA_t2.bmp07.03.064.00 MB
hurr_prop.bmp02.02.05256.07 kB
hurr_prop3.bmp06.02.06341.40 kB
mask.bmp07.07.0664.07 kB
mirror.bmp09.01.0410.75 kB
paneln.bmp05.27.061.00 MB
placards.bmp07.05.061.00 MB
placards2.bmp07.03.061.00 MB
placards3.bmp06.06.061.00 MB
placards4.bmp07.03.061.00 MB
prop still.bmp04.20.06256.07 kB
radiator.bmp04.04.06256.07 kB
thumbnail.JPG04.28.0830.25 kB
vent.bmp07.04.0664.07 kB
windshield armor.bmp04.10.0664.07 kB
windshield.bmp04.07.0664.07 kB
windshield2.bmp04.08.0664.07 kB
windshield3.bmp04.12.0664.07 kB
windshield4.bmp07.02.06256.07 kB
thumbnail.JPG04.28.0830.25 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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RedBaron007Fri, 22 Oct 2021 12:05:46 GMT

Really nice model and has great flying characteristics.

pr9383Sat, 29 Dec 2018 16:28:14 GMT

Dom Wilsher, look down and to the left of the cockpit. Find the fuel tank selector and turn it to "main" or "reserve" tank. Hopefully that'll help you!

pr9383Sun, 09 Dec 2018 22:34:11 GMT

Very nice 'Pit, engine sound and functionality. BUT, sometimes the engine just stops dead. Nothing helps, priming, changing fuel tanks or hitting engine start. Then, you better quickly pump down the landing gear manually and hope for the best.

edmeisterTue, 31 Jan 2017 09:12:21 GMT

Great plane! The A-10 Tank killer of its day.

Dom WilsherWed, 06 Jul 2016 00:10:28 GMT

Very in-depth model and VC, though for some reason cant seem to get her started manually- nothing in the documentation about startup, but then again it could be a me problem.

kacde132Tue, 05 Jan 2016 16:51:23 GMT

Very good model! 5/5

Mike SchofieldFri, 03 Aug 2012 23:34:55 GMT

Downloaded 5 minutes ago, and was up and flying instantly. Good handling, good sound, slow, rigid landing gear, good ground steering, fabulous cockpit. This is a great addition to anyones library right along with a spit and a typhoon.

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