FSX B-26 CG 1/19 Gascogne

PreviewGroup 1/19 "Gascogne" Invader B26B parked according to operational needs: Tourane to the rear base of the B-26 and Haiphong Cat Bi-. Indochine 1952. Textures for the Sim Outhouse Douglas A-26 Invader. Repaint by Martial Feron.

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Group 1/19 "Gascogne" Invader B26B parked according to operational needs: Tourane to the rear base of the B-26 and Haiphong Cat Bi-. Indochine 1952. Textures for the Sim Outhouse Douglas A-26 Invader. Repaint by Martial Feron.

Close up view of B-26 CG 1/19 Gascogne in the air.

Close up view of B-26 CG 1/19 Gascogne in the air.

You can use the texture for the model if you want to B26K.

Texture Installation:

1) Unzip to a temporary folder of your choice the contents of this zip file.

2) Cut - Paste the folder "texture.Gascogne" into your main "a26_soh" folder.

3) Open your "a26_soh" aircraft.cfg file.Cut and paste the above text into the "aircraft.cfg" file renumbering to the next available in your list. (Just change the Xx with the right numbers).

title = Douglas A-26B Invader 1/19 Gascogne
sim = A26_invader
model =a26bearly
panel =
sound =
panel_alias =
sound_alias =
kb_reference =
atc_id_enable = 1
atc_id = 434323
atc_parking_types =
atc_parking_code =
atc_airline= AIR FORCE
//atc_flight_number= 4323
ui_manufacturer = Douglas
ui_type = A-26B Invader
ui_variation = 1/19 Gascogne
description = A-26B - Two Pratt/Whitney R-2800-27 air-cooled radials
visual_damage = 1

4)Well, guy u did it. Nothing really complicated, anyway.

This work has been supplied freeware and is therefore to be used without charge.

You cannot include it in any payware pack...this a freeware release.

Use these textures as you please for your own joy but, please let me know if you "grab" any of the contents of this file for your personal project and you'd like to publish it (and, by the way, give the proper credits to the author). Many hours have been invested creating them...thanks you.

These files are to be used on the understanding that they are at the risk of the user and I take no responsibility for any loss of existing files or any other damage that may occur to your computer by the use of these files.

This repaints were made by Martial FERON.

Enjoy and have a good fly!!!

Screenshot of B-26 CG 1/19 Gascogne in flight.

Screenshot of B-26 CG 1/19 Gascogne in flight.

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Read Me First.txt01.02.122.38 kB
Screenshot - 23_12_2011 , 20_56_17.jpg12.23.1175.45 kB
Screenshot - 23_12_2011 , 21_16_32.jpg12.23.1198.17 kB
Screenshot - 23_12_2011 , 21_20_55.jpg12.23.1189.15 kB
Screenshot - 23_12_2011 , 21_26_19.jpg12.23.11101.99 kB
Texture.Gascogne01.02.120 B
a26parts.bmp01.02.121.00 MB
a26_pilot1.bmp02.06.0764.07 kB
a26_pilot2.bmp12.23.1164.07 kB
a26_pilotchute.bmp12.23.1164.07 kB
a26_pilotmod.bmp04.24.0764.07 kB
a26_pilotww2.bmp02.06.0764.07 kB
a26_pilotww2a.bmp02.06.0764.07 kB
b26k_pilot1.bmp12.23.1164.07 kB
b26k_pilot1a.bmp05.04.0764.07 kB
b26k_pilot2.bmp12.23.1164.07 kB
b26k_pilot2_24.bmp12.25.11192.05 kB
b26k_pilots.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
black.bmp12.24.1116.07 kB
blacktexture.bmp04.24.07256.07 kB
brakerotor.bmp12.21.0365.05 kB
chromespinner_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
chromespinner_t.bmp04.24.07256.07 kB
ckptrear.bmp05.07.074.00 MB
darkgray.bmp11.26.035.07 kB
darkgreengray.bmp04.26.07256.07 kB
darkred.bmp06.28.042.07 kB
DECAL_noseart.bmp01.27.07512.07 kB
Douglasnewdark.bmp02.17.0764.07 kB
elevatortrim.bmp02.13.07128.07 kB
eng0_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
eng0_t.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
eng1_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
eng1_t.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
fuseinner.bmp03.31.074.00 MB
fuse_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
fuse_t.bmp12.30.114.00 MB
gearparts.bmp05.22.05257.07 kB
glass_t.bmp10.29.0616.07 kB
gray.bmp06.28.045.07 kB
guns.dds12.25.1164.12 kB
landlite.bmp01.30.0765.07 kB
nacelle0_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
nacelle0_t.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
nacelle1_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
nacelle1_t.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
propblade.bmp12.23.06257.07 kB
Pylons_T.bmp12.26.11256.07 kB
spinprop.dds12.23.1164.12 kB
Strut2.bmp06.28.0465.07 kB
sunglass2_t.bmp02.06.0716.07 kB
sunglass2_t_black.bmp02.06.0716.07 kB
sunglass2_t_orange.bmp02.06.0716.07 kB
sunglass_black_t.bmp02.08.0716.07 kB
Switches_T.bmp04.16.07256.07 kB
tails_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
tails_t.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.23.11120.11 kB
tiretread.bmp12.26.1164.07 kB
vc01_L.BMP03.25.071.00 MB
vcinterior.bmp04.21.074.00 MB
vcinterior2.bmp04.22.071.00 MB
vcpanel.bmp04.22.074.00 MB
vcparts.bmp03.25.074.00 MB
visor.bmp03.12.0716.07 kB
wheel.bmp04.23.0764.07 kB
wheel2.bmp05.30.04256.07 kB
white1_t.bmp11.07.0416.07 kB
wings_L.bmp08.27.045.43 kB
wings_t.bmp12.26.114.00 MB
Wingtip Tanks_T.bmp12.26.111.00 MB
yokecntrl.bmp03.17.07256.07 kB
B-26 Gas01.02.120 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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