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Our resident helicopter pilot Jim Dickerson demonstrates the DIY Easy Helicopter Collective for your flight simulator controls. Download the inexpensive DIY video and instruction manual from our website. Use with FSX, FS 2004, X-plane or your favorite flight sim program for your home flight simulator. The frame is built from materials from your local hardware store.

This simple video shows you how brilliant helicopter pilot Jim Dickerson works using a brilliant DIY home flight simulator tool. This quirky little add-on is one of the most impressive simulation mods that you are likely to see, offering a really awesome little tool that lets you with in FS2004, FSX and P3D with the real kind of controls you would expect from a home helicopter.

This brilliant little piece of hardware should make sure that you feel as if you are in command of the real thing, meaning that you can fly around in a helicopter with the real format and realism. Why does this matter? Because realism is so important, and helps to sell the overall emotional investment into your time on the simulator.

If you have been looking for a way to spice up your simulation experience then watch this video. You can see how to build it yourself with relative ease, too, meaning that you can easily form your own little DIY flight system that is bound to give you one of the most authentic flight systems possible. Many people feel they need more realism – well, with this mod, you can get everything you need!

Just follow the instructions after the video and you’ll find out how Jim built this brilliant tool. For both authenticity in the simulation and just overall enjoyment when flying, this helicopter control mod for simulation use is the perfect add-on to have for that extra touch of realism and class. 

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