Airbus A380 Family v2 for FSX from AFS-Design

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Airbus A380 add-on package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X from AFS-Design.

See our stunning freeware A380 in the file library here.  Or grab your copy of this payware software over at SimShack.

Do you ever load up FSX and try to use a specific family of aircraft, only to find they are quite lacking in terms of what you would have hoped/expected to see? Well, with this Airbus A380 Family package from AFS-Design, you’ll find that these problems can be left behind quite quickly.

This comprehensive take on the aircraft family ensures you get to witness plenty of positive change, from new window frames and pilot seats making up minor improvements to a fresh new 3D element in the virtual cockpit itself. This brings the whole style of the aircraft to life, improving everything from the quality of the gauges to their usage and ease of reading.

You’ll also have greater visibility through new lighting, better MFDs and easier to read MFDs, as well, and also a fantastic overall level of quality within the cockpit.

Previously cockpits have always felt a little hollow, a bit dull. With this mod, though, you can change that with the help of committed textures that are fitted exactly for the aircraft itself. Thanks to this, you’ll see major improvements to each member of the Airbus A380 family, offering something that is exciting and goes beyond the norm.

Indeed, one of the major improvements this also includes is the addition of new sounds. If you feel like your usual flights in an A380 are limited by the failed authenticity, then this mod adds what has been missing. For a more comfortable and authentic flight, be sure to try this out! 

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