Pureflight-Simulations Releases Bucker Jungmann

The Bucker Jungmann is now in v1.1 with new chrome and polished steel. It's free to those who have version 1. The Bucker Jungmeister is coming soon. Two other projects in the works are the Pitts S2 and a Stearman for air shows with a 450 hp engine.

German Bucker Jungmann in FS2004

The Bucker Jungmann is a trainer aircraft designed by Carl Bucker and used by the German Air Forces during World War II. It is powered by a single Hirth HM 504 inverted engine and can seat two people.

The 70 kW engine can handle a maximum takeoff weight of 670 kg and can reach maximum speeds of 183 km/h. It has a range of 628 km with a service ceiling of 13,300 feet. The total wing area is about 145 square feet and it can seat a student and an instructor.

Pureflight Simulations brings you an excellent simulation of this iconic plane and is available as a free update for Microsoft flight simulator customers. This new version can also be downloaded online and features two open cockpits, steel tube fuselage, fixed landing gears, and a four cylinder engine. A cast magnesium alloy crankcase is used for the engines and it delivers a maximum power output of 105 hp.

Each cylinder comes with a single exhaust and inlet valve and is equipped with an air cooling system instead of the conventional closed circuit liquid coolant. This is achieved by adding small metal fins on the surface of the cylinder. The fuel type is 77 octane and the power to weight ratio is 2.87 lb/hp. Four ailerons are added for sharp roll response.

VIDEO: A flight in a Bucker Jungmann over Ireland (FSX)

Double rolled ball bearings are used for the control rods and the construction quality is superior for a tiny airplane. The fuselage is mounted above the pilot’s knee feeds and a distinctive flop tube allows for inverted flight. The wings are made of a combination of fabric and wood. The lower and upper wings are interchangeable.

You can do a wide variety of acrobatic maneuvers including hammer heads, rolls, spins, and loops. This ultra light airplane is very versatile, sturdy and has exceptional handling characteristics compared to most training and acrobatic planes. Try the Bucker Jungmann and learn the real art of flying.

Currently, Pureflight Simulations have gone out of business but we still have lots of historic aircraft for FSX over in the file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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