McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Military Versions Released by Sky Simulations

For any simulation fans, one of the most important things you can have is a bit of variety. Thanks to companies like Sky Simulations, we can have even more variety than ever before. A new release from Sky Simulations introduces the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 military editions. Strong, sturdy, impressive and more than capable, this offers an ideal glimpse into these outstanding pieces of hardware and how they generally operate.

This latest version of the product, version 2.0, brings a wealth of new changes to the table. For anyone who is a Sky Simulations customer, this is definitely one to consider picking up. It works fully with P3D, FSX and FSX: Steam Edition, making it easy for you to enjoy getting to grips with. Not only is this a comprehensive and engaging simulation experience, but it offers such an easy way for you to see how McDonnell Douglas handle the military aviation side of things.


In this package, then, you get access to three new military versions of the DC-9:

  • The C-9A Nightingale. This is an aero-medical edition that is used for evacuation mainly. Used by the USAF in the main, this is a hugely important piece of DC-9 variance.
  • The C-9B SkyTrain. This is a passenger and cargo transport unit that is used by both the US Navy and the US Marine Corps.
  • VC-9 VIP Transport. Used by the USAF Air Mobility Command, this is used to transport key members of the Government of the day. At one stage, it was even part of Air Force 2.

Each model is designed with commendable attention to detail and realism, and perfectly captures the style and pomp of the real thing. For anyone who is a fan of proper military aviation, then this is a package definitely worth your time installing.

What’s Provided?

For one, users get full access to a whole host of new, advanced and custom animations. Now, the aircraft is going to look far more alive in the sky than it has in the past. This really does offer a marked improvement in terms of animation detail over other DC-9 versions.

Also, you have a fully operational new Virtual Cockpit that works with precision and simplicity. By giving you access to all of the features that you could reasonably expect, this should make operation and general flight management so much simpler. An excellent introduction to the cockpit of military aviation!

Medi DC9
Medi DC9

On top of this, many changes are made to the model that it is based on – the DC-9 v2. It’s a strong and sturdy form of aircraft, as you might expect from any kind of military grade hardware. With this, you get to enjoy a much more prestigious and accurate model of this aircraft.

If you would like to see what kind of changes these provide other than just visuals, be sure to download it. With this system, you can enjoy a much more progressive, in-depth look at the DC-9 in some of the most important guises it has ever taken on.

VIDEO: Sky Simulations DC-9 in P3D v3 (37 mins)

Major Changes

  • Significant visual improvements to help master the beauty of the DC-9.
  • Excellent interior work, with cabin entries, doors, bays and even systems in the cockpit all re-mastered and optimized.
  • Dynamic shine, bump mapping and fully native FSX models all result in a splendid take on a masterpiece.
  • New 3D instruments that work as they should, adding visual class as well as improved operations.
  • A new and improved virtual cockpit that looks better than ever before.
  • Enhanced engine sounds to give the aircraft that authentic roar that it has become so commonly known for long-term.
  • A massive refinement to the way the aircraft moves and presents itself, from wipers moving to stabilizer movement based on real-life data.
  • Fresh aviation dynamics to ensure that this is more than just presentation: it’s accurate in performance, as well.

Visit the official Sky Simulations website for more information. If it's freeware you're after, check out this great free-to-download add-on in the file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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