Balearic Islands & Gibraltar Scenery for FSX/P3D

Simwings has published another title, featuring the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) and Gibraltar. These are places you might visit as a tourist in real life, and now you can visit them in the sim as well. As a tourist (lots of detail to be discovered and enjoyed) or as a pilot. Even the cable car at Gibraltar is included (and animated !) and so are many, many other landmarks and details.

About The Gibraltar Package

Although considered part of the UK, Gibraltar sits on the Iberian Peninsula and comes with a truly picturesque look and feel to it. It’s an amazingly detailed and friendly looking place that is a popular tourist hotspot, too. This package manages to grab all of its key landmarks and features, using stunning 15cm/pixel ground textures. This package also covers smaller parts of La Linea, giving you an easy way to see more of Gibraltar than you were expecting!

Gibraltar airport at night

Additionally, this package totally rebuilds the airport to make it look as authentic as possible – all the buildings in the airfield and the surrounding areas are made to look just as they would in real-life, and various new terminals have been added to the airport. These silky features all come together perfectly to make up a true remake of Gibraltar, along with the rather busy traffic that’s always around!

This package manages to get the most miniscule of details into place, ensuring that all of the main attractions are covered along the way as well. Things like the Upper Rock, the “Point of Europe” lighthouse, the “Cradle of History” monument and various other smaller features are all added in here with true attention to detail and location. This does not hold back in making a truly authentic looking remake of this amazing location, even tiny features like animated cablecars and ships are added in to create a whole new definition to the word atmosphere within the realms of FSX!

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About the Balearic Islands

Another little paradise away from home, the Balearic Islands provide you with all the help that you need in taking in key parts of the region such as Mallorca, Formentera, Menorca and of course Ibiza. This detailed recreation of these massive venues makes it nice and easy to fly over these sublime tourist resorts, helping you take in the look and style of this area perfectly. If you have ever visited this part of Spain before you will definitely be able to spot landmarks and probably where you stayed thanks to the massively detailed picture realistic scenery that has been used to create this.

Balearic Islands scenery for FSX

By capturing all of the most important features and detailing them to the highest level that flight simulators will allow, this manages to put in all of the main attractions that you would most likely wish to explore, including the international airports that are so important here.

This helps you really get into the atmosphere and swing of things here, with each airport improved and modified to include all of the realistic approaches and terminals along the way. Additionally, created AI file for effective traffic that actually moves the way that it should has been created from scratch to make the islands feel far more alive. Many static objects are added in, too, so that you can easily see the vibrant nature of the Balearic Islands come to life with both static and animated inclusions throughout every part of the isles.

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