FS2004 World Trade Center (2021) Scenery

PreviewEnhance your virtual skies with the FS2004 World Trade Center (2021) Scenery, an intricately designed add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mod revitalizes the iconic skyline of New York, offering flight simulation enthusiasts a blend of rea...

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Enhance your virtual skies with the FS2004 World Trade Center (2021) Scenery, an intricately designed add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this mod revitalizes the iconic skyline of New York, offering flight simulation enthusiasts a blend of realism and respect to the historic World Trade Center site.

The new WTC displayed after installing this mod for FS2004.Key Features

  • Authentic Recreation: Based on Google photos and custom textures, this scenery offers an immersive and realistic portrayal of the World Trade Center.
  • Memorial Experience: Serving as a digital tribute, the scenery encapsulates the essence of the original towers, honoring the memory of the tragic event.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: For an even richer experience, the mod synergizes flawlessly with NewYork by Aerosoft or Manhattan X.

Technical Overview

The FS2004 World Trade Center (2021) Scenery mod is a labor of passion by Dženis Hadži (SimPilot1998), leveraging advanced texture mapping and aerial photography to achieve an authentic representation. While striving for accuracy, certain ground-level details may vary, reflecting the modder's interpretation and respect for the site's history.

Installation Guide

Seamless integration into FS2004 is a breeze. Simply copy all WTC folders into your FS9/Addon Scenery directory and activate them through the settings in the Scenery Library. A quick restart of FS2004, and you're ready to soar above this iconic landmark.

Airports within Vicinity

Enhance your approach or departure experience with these nearby airports, each offering a unique perspective of the World Trade Center:

  • LaGuardia Airport (KLGA)
  • Teterboro Airport (KTEB)
  • Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR)

Real-World Connection

The World Trade Center, a symbol of resilience and remembrance, plays a pivotal role in the heart of New York. This mod not only rejuvenates the digital landscape of FS2004 but also serves as a poignant reminder of the historical significance of the site. It offers a unique opportunity for pilots to navigate the bustling airspace of New York while reflecting on the monumental impact of the World Trade Center.

Developer's Note

Dženis Hadži extends his gratitude to the community for their support and encourages constructive feedback and collaboration. Stay tuned for the upcoming WTC V2, anticipated to bring a comprehensive New York update in 2022.

The FS2004 World Trade Center (2021) Scenery mod is not just an add-on; it's a tribute to a landmark that stood as a testament to human endeavor. Soar above this recreated marvel and experience a piece of history in the virtual skies of FS2004.

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Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Screenshots01.06.240 B
coverpic1.png12.22.21971.91 kB
coverpic2.png12.22.211.24 MB
World Trade Center 202101.06.240 B
Nearest airports to WTC.txt12.22.21128 B
WTC 3,4 and 701.06.240 B
SCENERY.dat12.21.21248 B
scenery12.21.210 B
347.BGL12.21.21296.63 kB
347.xml12.21.21590 B
texture12.21.210 B
734_0.bmp12.20.211.33 MB
734_1.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
734_2.bmp12.20.211.33 MB
texture.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_0.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_10.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_11.bmp12.20.21170.73 kB
texture_15.bmp12.20.2110.74 kB
texture_16.bmp12.20.2110.74 kB
texture_17.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_19.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_2.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_20.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_23.bmp12.20.21170.73 kB
texture_24.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_26.bmp12.20.2110.74 kB
texture_27.bmp12.20.2110.73 kB
texture_28.bmp12.20.21341.40 kB
texture_3.bmp12.20.21341.40 kB
texture_33.bmp12.20.211.33 MB
texture_4.bmp12.20.21170.73 kB
texture_5.bmp12.20.21170.73 kB
texture_6.bmp12.20.2142.74 kB
texture_7.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_9.bmp12.20.21170.73 kB
WTC Hub and Performance Arts Center12.21.210 B
SCENERY.dat12.17.21300 B
scenery12.21.210 B
WTC Hub and Performance Arts Center.BGL10.12.21769.29 kB
texture12.21.210 B
WTC Hub and Performance Arts Center_0.bmp10.12.21682.73 kB
texture.bmp10.12.21170.74 kB
texture_0.bmp10.12.21170.74 kB
texture_1.bmp10.12.2185.40 kB
texture_2.bmp10.12.21341.40 kB
texture_3.bmp10.12.21170.74 kB
WTC Memorial12.21.210 B
SCENERY.dat12.21.21252 B
scenery12.21.210 B
Memorial.BGL12.21.212.30 MB
Memorial.xml12.21.21595 B
texture12.21.210 B
Memorial 1_0.bmp12.21.21682.74 kB
Memorial 1_1.bmp12.21.211.33 MB
Memorial 2_0.bmp12.21.21682.74 kB
Memorial 2_1.bmp12.21.211.33 MB
texture.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_0.bmp12.21.21341.40 kB
texture_1.bmp12.21.211.33 MB
texture_10.bmp12.21.2121.40 kB
texture_11.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_12.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_13.bmp12.21.21170.74 kB
texture_14.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_15.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_16.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_17.bmp12.21.211.33 MB
texture_18.bmp12.21.21682.74 kB
texture_2.bmp12.21.2142.74 kB
texture_3.bmp12.21.2121.40 kB
texture_4.bmp12.21.2121.40 kB
texture_6.bmp12.21.21341.40 kB
texture_7.bmp12.21.211.33 MB
texture_8.bmp12.21.21170.74 kB
WTC112.21.210 B
SCENERY.dat12.21.21240 B
scenery12.21.210 B
1wtc.BGL12.20.211.75 MB
texture12.21.210 B
1wtc_0.bmp12.20.21341.40 kB
texture.bmp12.20.212.57 kB
texture_0.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_1.bmp12.20.2142.73 kB
texture_10.bmp12.20.2110.73 kB
texture_11.bmp12.20.211.33 MB
texture_12.bmp12.20.2185.38 kB
texture_13.bmp12.20.2185.38 kB
texture_14.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_15.bmp12.20.21394 B
texture_17.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_18.bmp12.20.2110.73 kB
texture_23.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_25.bmp12.20.21682.74 kB
texture_27.bmp12.20.21341.38 kB
texture_3.bmp12.20.21170.74 kB
texture_4.bmp12.20.21341.40 kB
texture_7.bmp12.20.2142.70 kB
texture_8.bmp12.20.2142.74 kB
readme.txt.txt12.22.211.56 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.02.201.20 kB
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