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Originally posted on Tue, 03 Mar 2009 02:54:32 GMT

NL2000 and NLR reaffirm their collaboration.  NL2000 and NLR (Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory) officially signed this agreement on Friday 16 May 2008. The NLR and NL2000 have exchanged systems and objects for the past four years.

Friday, this was officially reaffirmed in an agreement that will mean that NL2000 gets sponsored with information. In turn, NLR will be able to use NL2000 objects in their simulators, as they have been for some time.

For many fans of flight simulation, this continued alliance will be something to savor. Both teams bring a whole lot to the table and ensure that things will continue to improve and change in the future, ensuring that scenery packages and models will retain their accuracy and their overall level of detail as things go on.

As far as making sure that your skills as a pilot can continue to grow goes, this partnership will be the perfect foil for those who spend a lot time in the Netherlands when flying in simulation due to the huge scope and detail that both companies bring to the table.

About NL2000

NL2000 have been around for ages and in hat time they have produced a whole range of improvements and changes to FSX and other simulators.

Their skills and collaboration abilities have ensured that new projects have spawned constantly, ensuring that releases can continue to carry the same level of efficiency as you would have hoped for at the outset – the quality has never wavered with these guys, and they almost guarantee that you will be able to take in a far more realistic and enjoyable version of the Netherlands.

The days of waiting for new mods to come out that fix the country bit by bit are gone; these are full scenery packages and add-ons that absolutely modify and alter the way that the Netherlands looks. This makes the whole thing come together perfectly, giving you the most representative version of the country possible to fly around in and enjoy.

However, another big change that has been included by NL2000 is their propensity to deliver awesome like tutorials and tips to help you get used to doing things yourself. From modeling and textures to using Gmax, they can show you a wide range of skills and useful tips.

About NLR

The NLR helps NL2000 get their facts right and their services correct by providing a whole range of information, consultation and advice on flight and aerospace. They are the masters of facts and stats and do a huge amount to make Dutch aviation safer and more effective than ever before. They deal with things like air transport and even space travel, creating new theories and plans that can lead to an efficient and safe future for everyone.

It’s the perfect way to create a new, cost-effective future for Dutch aviation and for that reason their input and knowledge is absolutely vital to the growth and development of NL2000 and the scenery packages that they create and release.

This team, then, can be trusted to deliver some of the most factual and enterprising knowledge needed to NL2000 when they are making adjustments and changes to their packages. This allows for things to be as accurate as possible and to ensure that things are being made to the right standard and to the right format, keeping everything in time with one another and maximizing the entire process as much as we can. 

Web site NL2000:

Web Site NLR:

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