Aruba X Photomesh scenery by SyDesigns now available for FSX

Mesh ArubaX is the only satellite image of the island of Aruba (not including the airport) at a resolution of 2 m/pixel which shows the most important places as well as the color contrast of the different water depths, even the coral banks can be seen.

Safe and easy to use, Aruba X offers a friendly and effective remake of Aruba with new photo-meshes. This is, to our knowledge, the only photo-mesh scenery that utilizes satellite imagery to capture Aruba.

The island itself is a location that has plenty for you to fly over and see. From the marina to the beaches and recreation areas, this is a location well worth having with a dedicated scenery package included.

It helps to make sure that this island packed with activity no longer looks so empty and dull. With 2m/pixel carried across the region, this shows you the unique contrast of what Aruba looks like. By capturing the skyscrapers and the city below in intricate detail and accurate placing, this makes it easy to engage with a better design.

Screenshot of SyDesign's Aruba X scenery in FSX
Screenshot of SyDesign's Aruba X scenery in FSX

An Authentic Recreation

The old location looks dull, empty and rather generic. This helps to get around that problem with relative ease, helping to create an exciting and engaging take on the island that finally gives it the detail that it deserves.

If you would like to make sure that your visits to the region of Aruba can be as fun as possible, this is worth installing for sure.

From the new naval traffic heading in and out of the popular marinas and docks to the boats and cruises partying on the seas, this is the perfect take on Aruban life. You’ll also see vehicles belting along the little roads, too, with the birds flying around the beaches to add that extra touch of life and realism to the beach itself.

It’s these little touches that can help make Aruba finally feel more than just a faceless, generic landmass. If you would like to make an improvement over what Aruba portrays by default, this is just what you need.

A fun and charming location, Aruba makes a great place to come and visit via aircraft. Give it the depth and detail that it needs and deserve with Aruba X. As another piece to the SyDesigns puzzle, this should make it easy for you to enjoy rebuilding the world around you.

No longer should you need to come to the barren and empty recreation of Aruba that once existed. Thanks to this photo-mesh, you can add a whole new layer of detail. No more dull and generic textures or vast expanses of emptiness; this repairs all of these typical issues. Now, Aruba can feel a lot more like the real thing does when you fly above.

Includes ship traffic, boats, and cruisers, also includes vehicles crossing the main roads. On the beaches, you will be able to see the birds flying about.

However, if it's freeware you're after, we have a great add-on here that may be of interest.

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