Mega Airport Paris Orly Scenery for FSX & FS2004

Paris OrlyThe Mega Airport Paris Orly Scenery was designed by Aerosoft. It comes in CD-ROM media format and is compatible with both Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004. At one time, Orly was the only airport in the beautiful city of Paris. This was obviously before the Charles de Gaulle Airport was built. Even though most of the city’s international traffic travels through the de Gaulle, Orly is still plenty busy and handles most of the area’s domestic flights. In terms of passengers, Orly is France’s second busiest airport.

The Mega Airport Paris Scenery add-on is pretty phenomenal and spot on. It is extremely accurate and very detailed. Pilots will find plenty of airport institutions and buildings. The airport features provided are complete and include things such as docking systems, dynamic and static objects common to a large, international airport.

This add-on is a very good replica of the Orly airport. It is extremely detailed and its institutions accurate. The night and day textures are of high resolution and seasonal ground textures are available. This scenery pack comes with a Visual Docking Guidance System, realistic and accurate navigation aids, for instance ATIS, ILS, NDB and VOR/DME. This add-on is compatible with MyTrafficX (a traffic add-on) and the standard AI traffic. Also included are lots of taxiway and runway signs. Moving traffic can be seen at and around the airport. The software’s manuals come in three languages, English, French and German.

Individuals that want to try their hand at navigating the Paris Orly airport will find that this simulator add-on is the ideal way to do it. Incredibly detailed and designed to scale, this package will give users a pretty authentic experience.

When most people, at least international travelers, think of Paris airports they think of Charles de Gaulle. This, however, that isn’t the only one in town. Orly is the city’s other major airport. It handles a tremendous amount of domestic travel. It thus provides a good and challenging option for simmies.

More information over at SimShack. If it's freeware you're after, this file in the library here is a must-have.

Paris Orly Scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Paris Orly Scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator X

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