Alabeo Cessna 441 Conquest II Released for FSX/P3D

As a major part of the Alabeo line, the Cessna C441 holds a high place in the hearts of many. As a reliable and adaptable aircraft, the Cessna C441 can be used for various different purposes. Now, with the latest update taking this piece of kit to Version 1.2, even more has been improved. If you have used this in the past, and you wondered how the modification has come along, try out the latest version.

This takes an intricate and intelligent approach to giving users a chance to really get to grips with the Cessna range. Thanks to the latest improvements and changes, this mod now boasts one of the most realistic Cessna remakes on the market.

Alabeo Cessna 441 in flight.
Alabeo Cessna 441 in flight.

Improved Integration

Long an important part of the Alabeo brand, this brings improved integration for third-party extras. For example, this makes use of Flight1 GTN 750 and Reality XP GNS530 integration for effect. Although both are sold separately from this system, the improved integration ensures that users can get an even better experience.

The impressive detail and compatibility of these flight tools allows those who already own these pieces to never skip a beat. If you have never used them before, then this might just be the perfect chance to rectify that!

If nothing else, you have access to a fully working Alabeo GNS530 to use. This still allows for strong and reliable integration with the kind of tools that pilots need to fly with full comfort and control.

Moreover, it’s had compatibility improved on a remarkable level when it comes to FSX, FSX – Steam Edition and also P3D 2.5/3.0. This improved compatibility goes some way to ensuring that owners of this product can use it as often as they like. In terms of offering better bang for your buck, this improved compatibility certainly goes some way!

VIDEO: Official Alabeo Preview Video

Greater Realism

Also, the design team have made sure that this now carries a much greater level of realism than it once did. For example, now you get access to a Cold and Dark start option; perfect for those who enjoy a bit more of a challenge. If you don’t like the idea of magically hopping off with everything ready to go, use the Dark start to have to go through the start-up process yourself.

Add in the Stormscope weather radar, too, for FSX users, and you can get a much more realistic experience from the cockpit. It helps to give you that added touch of understanding of the conditions that you are about to fly into, which can be very important for your overall experience.

Realism is not just confined to the features, though. The graphical changes and improvements that have gone into this new model are simply awesome. For example, excellently detailed material shines go a pretty long way to adding a bit more to the overall finish. Add in the nice reflective textures and details like this, and you are left with a design that looks much cooler.

With the new volumetric side-view prop effect that so many mods use, too, you can get a nice view of all this. These extra features are all easily visible if you use the different camera views, allowing you to easily look around and enjoy the view of the world around you.

Stunning 3D virtual cockpit (VC)
?Stunning 3D virtual cockpit (VC)

Another big change graphically was the major improvement carried out on the reflections. Gauges now give off much more authentic reflections, a nice touch that adds an extra layer of reality while also using minimal resources.

Window scratches also shine up when the light reflects, adding another nice little glint into reality. It’s thanks to these little touches of class that this Alabeo piece comes to life, offering something which is a dramatic improvement over what default models offer.

With a fantastically managed 3D model and new textures that go to impressively high resolutions, this ensures a crisp finish. Put all of this together with the new and improved AI and flight control and you have one of the most enjoyable renditions of the C441 out there on the market.

It flies well, looks great, and even pulls off the right sounds when you hit the knobs on the consoles; what more could you ask for?

In terms of a mod, this goes as far as it can within the realms of the software to create an authentic appraisal. If you want to see just how fun this can be, try it out – it’s a refreshingly honest take on a brilliant aircraft.

What’s Included?

  • 5 HD liveries. Each livery is created with love and care to ensure it carries a genuine livery. Based on real-life models, this gives you a nice touch of realism to play with. Fly around and base your flights off your favorite aviation firms with these HD liveries.
  • 1 Blank texture. Get your creative side in order and enjoy a new blank texture that you can manipulate to your hearts content. So long as you have Adobe Photoshop or similar, you can open this up and get your creative juices going!
  • Alabeo GNS530 PDF. Alabeo provide excellent and detailed manuals for their content. With this, you can easily get to grip with this piece of software handles itself.
  • Normal Procedures PDF. A great tool for knowing typical flight procedure, this can help you take off and feel like you’re flying the real thing.
  • Emergency Procedures PDF. All the help that you need to handle yourself in a tight spot.
  • Performance Tables PDF. Great for understanding how your aircraft should be handling itself in the air.
  • Alabeo Avidyne Multifunction Display PDF. A must-read to get used to the more advanced formats and usages of the cockpit.
  • Quick Reference PDF. Great for looking at for terminology, simple learning during the flight or fast troubleshooting.
  • Stormscope PDF. Get to grips with using everyone’s favorite weather radar with this simple guide in an easy to read format.
  • Recommended Settings PDF. The best settings to the get the maximum out of your latest addition.

You can view more information on this product over at the SimShack website here.

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