Fly Away Simulation Announces Concorde Commemorative Flight

Posted on Sun, 19 Oct 2003 00:15:35 GMT
A special multiplayer session will be conducted October 24 by in which participants will fly along with the real British Airways Concorde on its final flight from JFK to Heathrow. For full details on how to take part, click on Read More.

The final flight of the Concorde will take place on October 24th. To commemorate this historical event, a special multiplayer session is being planned at

We will fly the final journey with the real Concorde in real time, departing Kennedy International with her and landing approximately three hours later at Heathrow International. This flight will be flown following, as closely as possible, the exact transatlantic route the Concorde will take. Our goal will be to land at Heathrow in a thirty-minute window surrounding the time of the actual landing.

A special commemorative certificate will be issued to all pilots who successfully complete this flight.

All of us are disappointed that the Concorde will be withdrawn from regular passenger service. The purpose of the flight is to honor the achievement in flight that Concorde has represented for twenty-seven years. As such, all participants in this event are asked to fly the Concorde during the event.

If you do not have the Concorde in your aircraft file, you can select a plane from several options. The FS2000 default Concorde can be transferred to FS9 and used. An excellent Concorde is available in several liveries as freeware. It is called Project Mach 2 and both Gary and Capn Sonic have installed this package and given it rave reviews. Simpler versions of the Concorde (in a futuristic scissor wing design) have been developed by Shigeru Tanaka; look for SST2010.ZIP and SSTNOAM.ZIP in the file library.

The Concorde requires a bit of left seat time in it to fly it well; so if you plan to join the flight, spend some time getting familiar with it so you will be ready.

The exact departure time and runway at KJFK have not been finalized. The information at this point indicates that the last flight will be BA002, returning to Heathrow around 3:30 - 4:00 pm local time on Friday, October 24th. Assuming that's British Summer Time, that's 14:30 - 15:00 GMT. That would make the estimated departure time from KJFK somewhere around 11:00 GMT or 7:00 am local time in New York. Just a guess, the three major television networks begin their morning coverage at 7:00 am. Live coverage of the Concorde departure at that time would seem likely. Check the forum often for updated information as the flight day gets closer.

We hope you will make plans to join us for this special multiplayer flight. It will be a truly historic day.

Jeffrey R. Wrobel (Owner)
Free For All Computer Consultants LLC

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