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CEA3 Olds-Didsbury Airport

Olds-Didsbury Airport is located next to Alberta Highway 2A, 4.3 nm south of the Town of Olds, Alberta and 3 nm north of the Town of Didsbury, Alberta, Canada. Requires the latest versions of the following libraries: The Handy Object Library (THE_HANDY_OBJECTS_LIBRARY.ZIP), JB Library (JB_LIBRARY.ZIP), MisterX Library (MISTERX_LIBRARY.ZIP), CDB library (CDB_LIBRARY.ZIP) and OpenSceneryX (OPENSCENERYX.ZIP). The optional file: Tree Lines and Farms North America V2,...

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X-Plane 11 KBTN Britton Municipal Airport

Britton Municipal Airport is a city-owned, public-use airport located two nautical miles northeast of the central business district of Britton, a city in Marshall County, South Dakota, United States. Runway 13/31 is asphalt, while 1/19 is grass (lined by red and white cones). Requires: The Handy Object Library (THE_HANDY_OBJECTS_LIBRARY.ZIP) and OpenSceneryX (OPENSCENERYX.ZIP). Suitable for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. By Fred Schutzman. ...

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Bentley Priory

Bentley Priory is an eighteenth to nineteenth century stately home and deer park in Stanmore on the northern edge of the Greater London area in the London Borough of Harrow. The priory is an Elstree landmark (downwind marker 26 LH). Unzip and place the created folder into X-Plane's 'Custom Scenery' folder. By John Dickinson ...

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CAQ5 Nakusp Airport

Nakusp Airport, is located 1.3 nautical miles north northwest of Nakusp, British Columbia, Canada. This X-Plane scenery features the following: correct lighting, excluded autogen in the downtown area, replaced downtown default autogen with library objects and facades, custom docks, plus the surrounding houses and farms are modeled around the airport. Tested in X-Plane 10.51, suitable for X-Plane 10 and 11. Requires the following library objects: CDB library (CDB_LIBRARY.ZIP), The Handy...

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Orthophoto Scenery: Arizona

Arizona Orthophotos, elevation data, and overlays (roads, autogen, etc.) for X-Plane. Version 1.0. By Forkboy2. Technical Details: Orthophoto Source - USGS (USA_2 server) Elevation Data - 1/3 arc-second DEM from the USGS Orthophoto Resolution - Zoom Level 16 with Zoom Level 17 within 4km of airports Inland and Complex Water Masks - True. Terrain Decals (gritty textures) - True Curv_Tolerance set to 1.0 Overlay data - With permission from alpilotX Created with...

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EGPI Islay Airport

Islay Airport is located 4.5 NM north northwest of Port Ellen on the island of Islay in Argyll and Bute, off the west coast of Scotland. It is a small rural airport owned and maintained by Highlands and Islands Airports Limited. (Wikipedia) EGPI Islay Airport​ In order to preserve the unique appeal of this small Scottish airport no "Lego" scenery was used. Credits: Altair43 - 3d people Jacques Brault - small cottage and bench capnsully - grow grass...

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