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Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is a football stadium in Wembley, London, England, which opened in 2007, on the site of the original Wembley Stadium, which was demolished from 2002–2003. This famous VFR landmark can be seen on the crosswind leg of the circuit for Elstree, EGTR runway 26 LH. Unzip and place the created folder into X-Plane's 'Custom Scenery' folder. By John Dickinson. ...

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Long Hangar

This is a long hangar (400 ft X 132 ft) and is an exact sized replica of a military hangar at the Utah National Guard. The author has removed the name on the hangar so it can be used generically. The SketchUp file is included so you can add a name to the top of the hangar. By Fred Schutzmann. ...

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Terminal 5

This terminal is meant for medium to large airports. It features a complex roof and some transparent glass. The SketchUp file is provided for those wishing to retexture or scale the facility. For non-commercial use only. By Fred Schutzman. ...

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Large Passenger Terminal

This is a large 180 feet long passenger terminal suitable for any large scenery project. The terminal also includes automatic night lighting. Made in SketchUp 2016 using photographic textures and converted for X-Plane with Marginal's SketchUp2XPlane utility. By Paul Mort. ...

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The Handy Objects Library

The Handy Objects Library 1.0 was originally created by FlybyGuy on the 10th September 2014.  THE LATEST UPDATE IS 5.81. This library and all the objects included are for personal use only and have been provided free of charge by my good self to enhance your overall enjoyment within the X-Plane community. Please do not use any of the objects or texture files in any commercial context or outside the realms of X-Plane without first asking me. Feel free to use the objects in any of your...

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CDB- Library.  Version 2.4.  Updated on 12/13/2016. This is an original library's objects for XPlane. It's has created by Cami De Bellis.  There are currently more than 6500 items, in 2,33 GB. All textures are in dds format file.  Because I like languages, there are some objects described and named in various languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian of course. But easy-to-understand for everyone. Many items have different sizes, like plants, trees, and...

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3D People Library

3D_people_library. v3.9 Created for X-Plane 10 by David Marshall (dkm) To install: unzip and place in tour Custom Scenery folder Copyright 2015 David Marshall No charge may be made for this software. The library must be installed as supplied. Credits: Archive 3D 3D Warehouse Max Grueter - workers Guewen policeman_lapd Ecelon - Pilots 2.2 added more ground crew 2.3 added LIT texture for ground crew glow sticks 2.4  added mechanic ground crew...

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R2 Scenery Library

​R2_Library for X-Plane.  Version 2 (27.2.2016) Installation UNPACK archive to Custom scenery (it would by looks like this - XPLroot/Custom Scenery/R2_Library) Notes Switch to WINTER TREE textures rename file textures/ to textures/ for example rename file textures/R2_trees-zimni.png to textures/R2_trees.png For summer rename it back. WIND TURBINES is recommended to place by the propeller to the north. The heading is 180. The...

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OpenSceneryX is a collection of X-Plane scenery objects, contributed by various members of the community free-of-charge. The library is growing to become a comprehensive set of high-quality scenery elements for use by any scenery author, reducing the time taken to build a custom scenery package and reducing the load on X-Plane. The library contains many pre-built 3D models including buildings, aircraft and vehicles as well as a large collection of ground markings, ground furniture and...

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FF Library Extended LOD Version

This is the extended-LOD version of FFLibrary. For a given setting of “world detail distance” in the rendering options menu of X-Plane, buildings will appear at a greater distance than in the “regular” version of FFLibary. This will naturally come at a cost in framerate.  Introduction FFLibrary is a scenery library with „German looking“ buildings. I mainly intended it as a resource for my Nürnberg VFR scenery but may use it for other scenery...

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